Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcoming 2008

Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter have come to an end, although it's always been summer in Malaysia. But my main point here is that we are reaching to the very end of 2007. Time does really flies, or maybe time teleports. Seems like few weeks had passed but actually 1 month bid farewell to another and there goes another 1 year, yet i really still can't believe that.

Yes, i know it's 1 or 2 days early for me to post this. But i will not be around for the next few days and no Internet attach for me. Hence, yeah.

So's been an up and down 2007 for me. Good things involved and shits happened too. First of all, i would say that i found a bunch of great, fabulous and true friends. thank you one by one again....just 1 big THANK YOU will people know who you are. You people have been really important to me.....i feel like we are one 'big' family...when i am in trouble, you people are always there for me....same goes with the others. So hope this friendship will stay strong forever. As to my friends who had been grow up with me all these guys are great, although it's hard for us to meet up often but you guys are still the best....and you guys know who you are too.

Studies.....darn!!!! there goes my year 1 in Bpsych. 2 years to go and probably turning to a year 2 student in few days time....hopefuly....keep my fingers cross. But honestly speaking, although i stressed out throughout the whole year 1, but i could say i enjoy doin it more than HMC and of course DMA. I learnt more things compare with the times back in HMC and DMA. There are certain subjects that are cool but also some that i don't know why am i doin it. But nevermind, probably i will know later.....yea...very later.

My life. Definitely more interesting compare to previous years. Of course i have to give credits to the friends and family around me. But as i said, there are ups and downs. Those up moments i definitely will keep it in my memories and those down moments i hope i had learn from it and keep them away from me walking into 2008.

Comes to Michael how can you forget about football??? lol....nah, u can skip this part if u are not interested. Football for me this year....had decrease duh.....=( .....My stamina had gone down but vision improved i guess....i guess only lar. Liverpool of 2007....built a strong team after lose out the Champions League trophy....and the major highlight of it will be the record signing of Fernando Torres on my b'day...double cheers. Okay enough enough.....guess no one will be interested to read

I guess it's all about it for 2007....and yeah, 2008's new year resolution....will tell abit and keep some for myself...personal stuff ;P

  1. Stop procrastinating. yeah, i found myself procrastinating alot throughout the years. So, sorry in advance facebook, friendster, and probably blogspot too. Try not to waste too much time in unnecessary things and focus on things that i suppose to do.
  2. Be more organized. Plan everything ahead so that i won't be LOST.
  3. Spend more time with friends. Of course not forgetting my family.
  4. Enjoy my life more. Try to keep myself happy more than emo. emo....Emo is not good. Why emo when u can choose to be happy? What the heck. Do more meaningful things such as Mentor Malaysia (hopefully manage to get in). Enjoy my life? how could i forget about football again? lol.....Increase more futsal session, i don't mind football as well....take note peeps that futsal or football.
  5. Work harder and play harder....=) Work harder to survive from year harder to cure my procrastination harder to stay a healthy harder to maintain the harder to keep myself harder to enjoy my life. If i do acheive all above....probably i gonna be darn stress....therefore i also need to PLAY HARDER!!!!
That's my new year resolution, what about yours?.....hopefully i could acheive it and so do u if u do have any....reminds me if u see i am running out of track....;)i need to be a new Michael Wan Chee Horn just like a pheonix rising from the ashes (Saw,2007)

Okay.....i see alot of people or megazines and papers had their top 10 list of 2007....and i don't wanna be so left out....therefore i made Horn's 2007 top 10 list as well (mainly entertainment).

Horn's 2007 Top 10 Movie List:
  1. Transformers
  2. Stardust
  3. Click
  4. Rush Hour 3
  5. I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry
  6. The Pursuit of Happyness
  7. Dreamgirls
  8. Knocked Up
  9. License to Wedding
  10. Disturbia

Horn's 2007 Top 10 Album List:

  1. Futuresex/Lovesong - Justin Timberlake
  2. 10 years - Armin van Buuren
  3. Call Me Irresponsible - Michael Buble
  4. First Love - Yiruma
  5. Dream Out Loud - OneRepublic
  6. Transformers OST : The Score - Steve Jablonsky
  7. The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne
  8. It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Maroon 5
  9. Life in Cartoon - Mika
  10. Infinity on High - Fallout Boys

Horn's 2007 Top 10 Song List:

  1. My Love - Justin Timberlake
  2. Through Her Eyes - Dream Theater
  3. When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne
  4. River Flows in You - Yiruma
  5. Apologize - OneRepublic
  6. What Goes Around Comes Around - Justin Timberlake
  7. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
  8. The Way I Are - Timbaland ft Keri Hilson & D.O.E
  9. Everything - Michael Buble
  10. Maria - Kim Ah-Joong

Here is the songs i got from imeem...list from 10 to 1:

Horn's 2007 Top 5 FM List:

  5. Light & Easy
Horn's Top 10 Website List:
I guess i better get i will stop right here....till we meet in 2008!!! Love ya!!! Happy New Year/2008!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Phew.....just finished watching Liverpool vs Derby County....and it's really a 'phew' for me....a last minute goal from Stevie G brought Liverpool to a 2-1 victory in Boxing Day.....and i escape a lunch from Kevin....*ngekngekngek*

*Father Christmas is a Scouser. And his name's Steven, not Santa*

Enough of football....back to what i had done today/yesterday.

As we know that it's Boxing Day, and from what i know, Boxing Day is the day where people give out gifts to employees, the poor and the people from the lower social class. Hence, me (the poor) gave myself a gift, which is a clean

I chatted with Betsy this morning and i told her that i'm very boring and roting at home. She told me to find something to do, but i think and think also have no idea what to do....the max also probably get back to sleep. Then i look back on the pictures in my comp and saw this folder written "horn's room" and i click on it and saw this pic:

And come to think of it, the hard work i had done to my room and now, just few months passed by my room become :

So i decided to spend my day to clean up my room. The worker give himself a gift on Boxing Day....;P

While during the process:

1.) i tidied up the books.

The on leaves and the retirees

2.) I found my new addiction. Oh, i start smoking cigarettes. Yeah, i am very stress during exam periods. I need something to relax....

7 packs wei!!!!






It's only Dentyne. Smoke over my dead body lar.

And finally Tada....back to the clean and tidiness of horn's room

On the other hand, i rewarded myself before i started I watched Dreamgirls today. Yeah, i know i am already very outdated. But i could tell u that i love this movie alot. Well done Bill Condon!!! Bravo....and who say those movies who won alot of awards are boring? Love the story, love the music and of course love Beyonce!!!! lol. I think i will watch it again before my semester starts.

*Fame Comes And Goes, Stars Rise And Fall, But Dreams Live Forever*

Wokay, better ciaoz first.....tmr gotta get rid of the fried chicken according to Kevin.....meaning going out to sweat abit lar....BADMINTON!!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa died for your MasterCard

Apa ini???? What is this!!!! 什么!!!

I read this from yahoo news and how could this fella blame others like no one's mother give a damn. This is the story, read urself:

BREMERTON, Wash. - Art Conrad has an issue with the commercialism of Christmas, and his protest has gone way beyond just shunning the malls or turning off his television. The Bremerton resident nailed Santa Claus to a 15-foot crucifix in front of his house.

"Santa has been perverted from who he started out to be," Conrad said. "Now he's the person being used by corporations to get us to buy more stuff."

A photo of the crucified Santa adorns his Christmas cards, with the message "Santa died for your MasterCard."

The display is also Conrad's way of poking fun at political correctness. He believes people don't express their feelings because they're afraid of what other people might think.

His neighbors found the will to express their feelings this past week. Some were offended but many were just curious.

Jake Tally walked by on Friday and chuckled, but didn't pretend to understand the message.
"I don't really know what to think. I know it's about God but Santa has nothing to do with it," he told the Kitsap Sun newspaper.

I think this guy must be gone broke after buying christmas presents for his children. Or maybe he has some childhood psychological disorder where he still could solve it. Or maybe he is jealous that his child loves santa more than him.....ish, Shut up lar dude.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas's just another day for me.....MS, i do agree with u....Xmas is just another fancy name for me....

As i mentioned in last post....i don't really celebrate Christmas but i do have the Christmas mood there.

For this year, it was the first time i went to a church on Christmas. Just came back from Ivy's church few hours was not bad. Something really special because her church is a Cantonese Christian Church in somewhere Jalan Ipoh. And it was the first time i listened to Cantonese version of Christmas songs.....fuiyoh, tell u it's really hard to translate it to cantonese wei, although i could read chinese. After all the worship and praying, we (me & Kev) had some snacks over there and we left (p/s: Ivy. thanks for the cookies although don't have my name on it, lol). Suppose to cari Betsy for lunch after that but couldn't contact her and we don't even know where is her new church, so we balik rumah lar. So that's why i am sitting here to blog.

So what i like about Christmas!

I like presents of course.

I like party, duh

I like Christmas deco

what else what else......hmmm

Ahh....i know.....I love Christmas songs

I do adore Christmas songs compare to other festivals' songs. it. It's more lively compare with others. And yea....if u guys don't know about this band called Trans Siberian Orchestra, u all should go search for it....It's something special, rock + orchestra Christmas songs.....fuiyoh!!! Thumbs up. Will post some down here.

And WHY Malaysia don't have this thing called synchronized Christmas lights thingy? i saw one from Yahoo and search for a couple of it in's really cool!!! and yea....they used Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas songs....double thumbs up.

That's about it i guess, if anything special i will update tonite, if not then like this lar

Synchronized Christmas Lights:

Trans Siberian Orchestra:

And some funny Christmas song:

Merry Merry Christmas to Everyone. Ho Ho Ho!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and i could say that this is the first time i will be around in KL to celebrate Christmas for the past few i wonder how would it be

Hopefully it's not a lonely Christmas....

So just a quick shoutout to everyone

Wish this Christmas Eve brings you the gift of happiness , health, love and joy. May the Christmas lights enlighten your Christmas and hope u got what u want from Santa. Merry Christmas Peeps !!!

p/s: Thank you Betsy for your Christmas Gift, it's the only present i got for this chirstmas.....=)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

3rd post of the day!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing much for this post actually.....just came back from dinner in Hyatt to celebrate my dad's 54th birthday.

So just a shoutout......


Past 8 days.

Woohoo.....the semangat of bloggin is back....err....never been dead either....just that have been quite busy and tired for the past few days. As i said earlier, a LONG POST will be coming but the lazy-ness of me asked me to try to make it short....yea....'short'.

Okay...let's see what i have been doing for the past few days.....

12th of Dec (Wednesday)
Had my very last and dead paper which is 106 at 2. Tried not too come out early and did it. Once clock strikes 4, my self-esteem level increasing just like bull run and i guess not just me but everyone. Straight after the paper, we (psych gang) went to LookOutPoint. Spend about 2 hours to find our way to that place and i can say this 'SimpleLife' 's blog is not making our life simple....first, what leng zhai leng luis? bollocks lar...then Akira mountain? bollocks....totally get us lost, as in very lost. Luckily we managed to contact Richard and his cousin gave us the right direction. And we made it there but no sunset for us....darn! However, it end up quite fun....foodwise was ok ok only lar....but scenery was nice...we missed out the sunset view but at least the night view was there. Peeps who never been there, u should go....especially those couple....thats all. (Aiks, really no one blog about this. coz me to waste some space here)

13th of Dec (Thursday)
Nothin much on this day but still out for the whole day. Futsal in the morning but it was a terrible one....everyone ffk...sigh....hate that! But at least finally met up with Alex but that **stard said he will be goin to UK...darn. After futsal, makan with Kevin in SS2 and went home straight. But, mana tau, once reached home, my sister asked me to bath and go watch movie....fine, go only lar. Another brother and sisters outing, we watched 'Enchanted'. It was not bad but couldn't say it is the best.....was okay lar.....cartoon world transfer into least something special.

14th of Dec (Friday)
As planned, me, Kevin and Betsy went to Bukit Tinggi. Suppose to be 4 people but 'someone' ffk last And i also must apologise that i overslept and cause them to wait for me outside my house....sorry sorry. Before heading to Bukit Tinggi, we went to Setapak to eat 'One ton Mee' as breakfast. We reached there around 11.30am and it was cooling and not cooling....meaning, the weather was cooling at times and hot at times. So we visited the French Village first, then Japanese Garden and Rabbit Farm as the last stop. Overall it was quite relaxing lar...but Rabbit farm is quite dead...rabbits are not running around in the garden anymore and we saw 2 dead rabbits when we just reached there. Around 3, we left Bukit Tinggi and we went to Sunway Pyramid to have our lunch in Subway before the main event, Battle of the Bands 2007. BOB was not as bad as i expected, at first it was not that crowded, as usual, Malaysian timing is always err.....1 hour behind. It start off with some so called VIP bands, it sounds terrible, BUT, the Aunties from some non-profit organization pulled it off. They are more semangat than any of the youngsters down the stage. As for the battle, some of the bands was not bad....i could remember a few good ones which is Bus Co., Maria Margarita and The Rushers. Hannah Tan, Kenny Sia and a fella called James who looks like William was the judge of the night......they are not harsh at no drama. But the bomb of the night was performance by Estranged, a local band. They rock the stage and they rock the crowds with their 'Itu Kamu' ....go download!!! fantastic malays song. Msg me if u want the song. The funny part of the night was the anouncement of the result. When we (me, Kev and Betz) heard the host, Liang anounced that the winner of this year Battle of the Bands was The Color ( some malay band who Sembahyang all the way) * not being racist here but really u can't seems to listen to what they are singing.....we straight away went off with the heck a band who sang ' Alhamdulilah' all the way could actually win this thing?....fine, then we went off to AC to have our dinner and send Betz home after that. On the way back to my house, Betz called and she said the winner wasn't The Color, it was Bus Co. (which we supported that night coz it was Betz's friend's band) and The Color won the jingle for Mr. Potato.....phew...that's more like it.

15th of Dec (Saturday)
As usual, have to work in the noon. After work, went to Jiin's BBQ party with my colleague Joanna. Party was not too bad, food was awesome, meet up with some ex-hmc fellas and made some new friends. And i must say i have to learn how to treat drunk people. A friend of mine was about to drunk that night and she was starting to talk nonsense....then starting to hit ppl like nobody's mother cares.....geez. When u asked her 'are u drunk?' she said 'no'....u ask her 'did u drink?', she said 'no'....apa ni? i have to send my drunk friend home because i am the one who asked her to i prayed that she won't slap me or do anything to me on the way back....and luckily i was safe.....phew.

16th - 19th Dec (Sunday - Wednesday)
On these days, i went to Cameron Highland for family trip. It's more like a annual trip to Cameron coz i have been there almost every Christmas for the past few years. However this time i could say it was worth going....although i have visited almost every places in Cameron but this time is the in cooling. Weather have been on and off drizzling and once it rains, it only last no more than 10 mins. So overall it was not that bad. According to the Hotel's temperature machine, the lowest temperature of these few days are around 15 to 18 it is consider very cold for MALAYSIA. We spent most of our time in farms, markets and Sweet Potato But i still missed the cold air. Couldn't adapt back to the KL weather once i got back. Ok lar....made it short.

Okay, pics section:

1. Look Out Point (ask from me if u want a better quality pic of LookOutPoint of visit my facebook for it.)

KL before 7

The day KL is being attack by UFO

Not!...not goin to happen....coz KLites shines...

Group Pic of the night ( L-R clockwise: Muah, Kevin, Ivy, BoonWoei, Mandy, Priscilla, Aili, Betsy & Sharon)

2. Bukit Tinggi (Some with Kevin and Battle of the Bands is with him)

Entrance of French Village

1 day trip in


Betsy trying to be Giselle...see the birds and rats are on their way?

The lift that could send u down to Hell

No pics for Jiin's party

Cameron......haven't upload....might post some of it some other day...MAYBE.

So that's all for now i guess....Have a nice day.

Horn signing off.

I'm back
not dead yet
soon updating
loads of things
3.30 in the morning
football starting
and i'm leaving

See the rhythem there?

Friday, December 14, 2007

I guess i won't be blogging this few days....

But do expect a long post soon.....many things to share with....but not now...

Tired....nitez peeps.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Someone plz save my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few hours back, i was working in the shop and it was so peaceful.....

Now, i am back home and my house was so not peaceful!!!!!!

I am not suppose to stay up here and blog at this time. I should have been downstair and errmmm....kap lui? at this moment.....haha...coz my sister is having her so called birthday cum graduation party downstair. And yet i am still up here lar....mui mui zhai doesn't suits me lar....haha....opss....i just realise my sis do read my

Argh.....noisy noisy noisy......and hungry hungry guess i gotta go down and get some food since they are busy talking instead of eating....huahuahua.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Lucid Dream

I had a very interesting and weird dream yesterday.

I guess most of the psych students had know or must know what is Lucid Dream. For those who are non-psych peeps, Lucid Dream is a kinda dream where u actually directing ur own dream, yeah, u control ur dream. I bet most of us had this before.

So my dream was like this...........

Out of no where, i already in the middle of a marathon race. I don't know what happened earlier, but the race was about to end, roughly around 500m. And the race was in a mountain and u actually can see the ocean from there.

When i noticed i was in the race, i was already in 4th place. The first 2 runners were quite far away from me. I was playing catch up with the 3rd runner and i could remember the 3rd runner was a guy from my primary school who used to be quite good in running, Michael Tseng. I used to be quite close with this Michael T fella until he went to Australia after primary six. So it's been 8 years from now i never contact him. So 1st weird thing happened here.

Why i say this is a Lucid Dream is because i actually told myself that i must run faster to chase Michael T. So i actually go passed Michael T but the gap was still very's very very meaning to say that i can't slow down. So i told myself again not to slow down.

Both of us was running , running and running, chasing, chasing and chasing and finally both of us end up in with the 1st two runners. Then i found out that one of the 1st two runner was my best friend, Alex who already well known in running back in primary school again. So this time the challange increased....2 more runners to chase. I couldn't see or remember who was the other runner. But that's not important....back to the race. So 4 of us was running closely to each other. The gap wasn't even 1 full step away.

In the end, i somehow end up in 4th place again. But it was really a tight race. Literally very tight. All 4 of us was like few cm away from each other. So Alex came 1st, Anoymous 2nd, Michael T 3rd and Michael Horn 4th. After passing the finishing line, all 4 of us was resting at the side la....and to see who is the 5th runner and so on.

And Guess what? Guess who was the 5th runner? Surprisingly, the 5th runner was a girl, she is tan and she was wearing a pair of shades. The 5th runner was Ng Aili!!!!! wow....from primary school people and end up college friend. Another weird thing here. So she was quite far away from the 6th runner and she rested with 4 of us at the side lar.

And Guess what again? Who did i saw? Who came 6th???? Whoa....Mandy Kok wei!!!! and i can actually remember she was wearing a shirt with the number 5 on it. Whoa....another college mates.

So she rested with us lar....then i heard the sound 'ring ring ring'. It's was my housephone ringing annoying. i was asking myself who on earth would call so early...i wanna stay in my dreamland to check out who came 7th and so on lar.....but that blardy phone keep ringing and no one actually bother to pick it i have no choice but to go out form my room to pick up lor and i told myself i gonna kill the fella who just woke me up....padahal it was my course i'm not goin to kill him lar.... Basically the dream ended lar.....i tried to go back into it but cannot lar.

Hmm.....i was wondering what does this dream meant after i woke up....Why i was in the middle of a race? Why my long lost friend was in there? Why my best friend was there? Why Aili and Mandy was there too? Why the race track is somewhere in the mountain where can see the ocean? There are no Sticks and Square stuffs is the meaning of this dream leh? Anyone any idea???

Okay....just to share something interesting here....i guess i gotta go study my 103 first....maybe i could find some clues of this dream....hehe

Alright peeps....tht's all from now....have a nice day!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Songs promo again.

If u any of u guys have the habit of listening to music while studying, KEEP MY BLOG ON AND STUDY!!!!

And piano piece lovers, i bet u will love it coz I'M LOVIN IT'


Monday, December 3, 2007


D.O.N.E!!! it's done finally!!! I really craped my lab report out for the whole night ytd....yea....all night long....

Who say that we are more busy when we are having our exams? U let me know....

Things to do before 12th of December:

  1. Lab Report (done)
  2. Study for PSY 103
  3. Study for PSY 106
  4. Refill Dentyne

Things to do after 12th of December:

  1. Main kaw kaw
  2. Futsal kaw kaw
  3. Meet up with Rangga (14th)
  4. Meet up with Alex before he leaves(it's a must)
  5. BBQ at Jiin's
  7. Watch tons of movies
  8. Vacation
  9. Singapore with cousin (maybe)
  10. Shopping (target: flip-flop, jacket, belt)
  11. Work
  12. Christmas!!!
  13. Count down!!!!

See the difference? So tell me, which one is more busy? lol

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Have u ever have this feeling where u know that u need to get things done but u are just chilling and lazing around?

That is what i am going through now!!!!!

Lab report due monday and yet i am chilling around with the 'worry feeling' in my mind. Let me rephrase, i am worry with my lab report but yet i am chilling around. I know it's already damn late for me to start my lab report but i just don't know what to do. Just don't feel like doin it, feel like giving up on it. No momentum at all. Is this what they call self-helplessness?

I have journals
I have 'resources'
I have advices from friends

But i still not working on it....sigh...=(


[ What a bad way to kick off a new month...=(...]

Friday, November 30, 2007

Thank You

I really shouldn't blog at this's less than a day for MC100 finals and yet i am still 1/4 of my revision.But, i guess i need a short break while getting back to work.

Went to college for group study this morning, Well, like what Aili said, we have learned more things from these few hours compare to the past 14 weeks in GARCIA's class. At least not that blur...err...correct more zero anymore. Really have to thank Mandy Freud for her effort on tutoring us although i know we are bad students (no semangat).

After group study and lunch, i was tag along to CF's last meeting. I can tell u the semangat of the club is damm power. Hehe...something very funny here....i was late for the CF meeting and guess what? i was having some business in the i could hear BETSY singing or mayb u guys call it worship....whoa, tell u i could feel the semangat before i enter the room...enough for it, i shouldn't talk about it but i just feel it's quite funny.

First time attending CF meeting and it's their last CF meeting of the year. I could say that these bunch of ppl are really great. I could see everyone love each others. Love is in the room. Yea...I love u. Ppl are being so grateful to God, their friends, the club, the supports....etc. Hence i should call it thanksgiving post for today.

Thank you my friends who always there when i was in the dark (in times of
Thank you my parents who bring me to this world. Without you guys, i might still looking at u people from up there.
Thank you my sisters who always help me out when i am in trouble, always support me whenever i am down. Although i really hate it when both of u girls together to 'bully' me. But still love ya.
Thank you Aili for all the wake up calls...haha...not just for that....and of course for being such a special friend to me.
Thank you
3 heng dais (Christian, Alex & Xiong) who are always be there for me for the past 14 years.
Thank you Kev for teaching me to become a more mature person....and a great friend indeed.
Thank you Mandy once again who make me from zero to 'hero' (not yet hero lar) for 106...and of course a very good friend as well.
Thank you Betsy for being such a nice friend and a very caring friend indeed....oh yea and thank you for ur be-early-ed christmas present.
Thank you Boon Woei for ur lame jokes that makes me laugh all the time....Dude....think in a positive way ok....proud to be ur friend.
Thank you Sharon for being such a cute friend of mine although u looks blur at times. ...and thanks for ur prayer.
Thank you Ivy for all your couraging words...a true friend.
Thank you Jiin for always there helping me out ...that's what friends are for.
Thank you Leon and Kumaran who never forget me when there are futsal sessions.
Thank you Carroll for ur teaching in Public Speakinig Class...Loads of fun....
Thank you Football for being part of my life.
Thank you Liverpool who is still the best football club.
Thank you Malaysia for still being the potato between Thailand and Singapore.
Thank you Bangsar who raise me up.
Thank you everyone.

Lastly. those who need luck (u know who u are).....GOOD LUCK!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Free promoting

Visit here to enjoy a touching speech

(i still have the copy in my comp =)...)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just came back from coll after passing my notes to Kam and sorry dude if u do read this...i was late. Hope u do well in your exams. And yea...i actually drove to college today and i have the debut luck lar because when i reached Jalan Kasar (not that generous to pay HELP la), the rest of the cars already got their summons...nyeknyeknyek...

I really have to work on my lab report which is due next monday (*note: tmr commemorative speech and Saturday MC100 finals). But i really not motivated to do anything lar. Haven't even write my manuscript for my speech tmr. Did little on methods for lab report, and nil for MC100 final preperation. Walauweh...can die edi lar (have been using this quite often lately). PLUS....i am seriously damm worry with my 106.....really really scare wei....i don't wanna fail any paper for my year 1 wei....err...or throughout my whole course. Sei lar.....anyone can motivate me???plzzz :p ......if continue to be like can i be a 'successful psychologist'??? lol

Whoa...letting u all know my problems....might cause u guys go crazy something might relax ur mind recent playlist.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Rmb few post back where i am so confuse to choose either child psychologist or sports psychologist? i finally made up my mind.....and my decision is to become a:

Successful Psychologist!!!

(Wong, 2007)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gary Mac


Wanted to blog ytd but was back quite late...and lazy to upload pics and decided to sleep instead of blogging.

Alright...yesterday morning went to college for Psychology Colloquium. And it causes me kinda worried where i actually have to do that say like next sem or in a couple of months. It suppose to be easy because i see most of the presenters went out and talk about their researches....but when i see some presenters were ummm here and umm there....i can imagine if i am doin tht on the next colloquium....sigh....hopefully it won't happen to me.....cross fingers.

Enough of Colloquium. Went to work at noon and as usual it was a boring one. Rmb i said tht i made a Rm 700+ sales previously, haih....this week was so pathetic...6 bucks....i stay there for 2 hours also can earn more money than the shop After work, i went to 1U with Kevin because it was Flyfm's 2nd anniversary celebration and we decide to go and check out. Just reached there and stepped down from the car, we already could hear Jungle Jerry spinning his tracks. And when we reached the stage, we manage to catch the crews of Flyfm doing their Thriller dance....and u seriously must see how Phat Fabes shakes his 6 in 1

After that 'thriller'....we are getting bored and annoyed. So we went up to The Padang (futsal court in 1U) to watch Liverpool vs Newcastle. It took us about 15 minutes to find The Padang....maybe some bad directions provided by Leon...basically we have to go right to the top floor from Parkson AND go out to the car park AND find the lift AND go 1 floor up again. At first we don't know whether we could get in because it's Liverpool Supporters Club Malaysia's gathering and there are a VIP came over who is GARY MCALLISTER MBE !!!!!!!!!! So we tried our luck to go in and luckily we went in to watch the game with Gary McAllister @ Gary Mac. And i could tell u the atmosphere was chanting, scream for joy when Liverpool scores, activities such as score predictions, and lucky draw.

What can i say about Gary Mac!!! he is one of the players i respected alot. A very inspirational sportsman. He was awarded as best sportsmanship award and later named as a Member of the Order of the British Empire for services to football. Why i respect him so much is because u could feel the impact he gave to the team when he plays. Although he was very old when he joined Liverpool, the effort he gave in could not be questioned. Seriously....he could do more running than other youngster....and u must consider his age where he was 35 when he joined Liverpool and average age for footballers to hang up their boots is around 32. Other than football, he is a family man...loving husband...after leaving Liverpool, he was a player manager for Coventry city....but about 1 or 2 years, he quit his job to take care of his late wife who had breast cancer and died last fact he quit Liverpool because he wanted to take care of his family. Salutes

Here are some pics i took ytd....aiks....unfortunately i did not manage to take photo with him although he did pass by me ( just 5 steps away!!!)while he is on the phone....damn!

Sorry for the bad pics, anyone wanna buy me a cam? lol

Alright, that's all for today i guess...i really have to start my lab report, my preperation for 2 speeches and prepare for my finals.....sigh......i can die edi la..............

this could pretty much describe my situation now.







Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just a quick post's 12.45 A.M. now and just got back from Williams after 'welcoming' back my mom from Singapore. It has been more than 3 months i haven't been to Williams and the foods there are still thumbs up. Had my favourite Garlic Olive Seafood Spaghetti and Garlic Cheese Naan plus Ribena Special....fabulous!!! So i am really bloated now and as u all know when u are full u will feel i am sleeeeeepy now. BUT i still have to do my presentation evaluation for my Public Speaking class. That's why i said it's just gonna be a quick post.

Just a quick recap on what happened today....basically nothing special...went to college at 12 to attend a presentation on US visa (in fact i was force to). Then i had a group study session with the psych gang (have to highlight here). Much more productive compare to the 1st session although i still very very blur in psy 106. Eventually we study, discuss, joke and of course eat....thanks Freud for ur Freud Fries. I think i seriously need to spend more time on revising 106 or else i am a dead man....finger cross.

Alright, my eyes are telling to stop right here. So i guess thats all for today....errr...or yesterday. Screw the evaluation thingy....will do it before class.....adios.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How on earth that people can be this smart????

Just in case u can't see what these 3 girls are doing....[L-R: holding a microscope, taking picture, measuring with a measure tape] u imagine what it suppose to mean lar.

When i saw this photo i was like WTF (dropped jaw) .....these people are seriously darn smart and creative we actually need to design a toilet to attract people to 'visit' it? It also gave me an idea of drawing Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the toilet bowl.....if u know what is 'Bomb Tokyo' means.....;p .But seriously, this Mr. Smarty Pant (the designer) must be a really ham sap (horny)

Anyway, if i had chose to take up Interior design 2 years back, i might be the one who are doing these kinda things, designing houses, rooms, companies, complexes, toilets???.....etc. But well, i end up in Bpsych now and not regreting it. I know i might earn big bucks if i end up as an interior designer and also could be so proud to let others know that 'i had design this place, i had design that place'. I am not saying that Psychology is a better field compare to Interior design, it's totally different field. I do love interior stuffs but i guess helping others is my so called policy and that's what a psychologist do. We help others when they are facing i am really that Sports psychologist? Child Psychologist? i can't answer u that by now. Child psychology is something like my dream where i want to own my own orpanage....but sports psychology is my interest. So u let me know u choose ur career based on ur interest or dream?

Horn buzzing off.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Just wanna add in a very inspirational quote before i call it a day.

"Anyone who is determined to get over his obstacles can reach his goals"

Julio Gonzalez Ferreira, 2007

A quote i bet sports lover might have saw it from today's Sunday Star. Julio Gonzalez Ferreira, former Paraguay national team striker who had lost his arm after a car accident two years ago. Now he is back and determine that he could end his career by doing something that bring him his happiness, football. Although he is not playing for some top side clubs....but at least he is enjoying to do what he is doin now.

Hail Julio Gonzalez Ferreira!!!

Yum Cha

It's another typical Sunday where i normally chill at home.....Listening to my Michael Buble's Call Me Irresponsible album to match the u can imagine how's my typical sunday lar.

Okay, morning, mom and sister went back to Singapore.....sent them off and came back and sleepzzz again....hehe....then woke up for breakfast cum lunch.

Then i am stuck infront of my computer and reading blogs.....zzz....and guess what....i spotted a place should be a very happening place to 'yum cha'....thanks to Alison's blog. Anyone heard of where is Look-Out Point??? Darn....seriously have to go there one day....anyone? Food wise i really have no idea how is it like....according to my friend there is a mamak stall there, 1 western cuisine there and maybe a few i guess u can choose ur options depend on the thickness of ur wallet lar....BUT....the food is seriously not the matter after's the ENVIRONMENT!!!!!!!

Check these pics out: (oppss.....i 'stole' it from other blogs.....and Alison's too....u don't mind huh)

U actually can see the whole KL from Look-Out Point

Sunset (

Before night...the lights....

This is what i called KLites.....(credits to i have to cite?lol)

Sooo.....anyone wanna go Yum Cha??? hehe

Saturday, November 17, 2007

RM 727.80

Fuiyoh!!!! i was so proud of myself today.....i actually made the largest sales throughout my working days.....u can read my previous post where i describe how pathetic is the shop i am working now.

RM 727.80 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the amount!!!

just by myself!!!!! ha....proud of it lar..... (like it's really my contribution...cheh!)

Okay....out to yum cha with friends long folks.

Nitez peep!

1 minute silence plz........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

This is a trubute to.......A RAT!!!

haha....darn...lately my hse has been attacked by a rat. My bread is gone, my biscuits are gone, my Istant Ramen is gone, my watermelon is gone....walauweh!!!!

Okay first never thought of killing it....juz wanted to catch it and bring he or she back to his or her house. But mana parents suspected the rat bite my sister's EAR!!! feel the chills?? i think if that was cause by that rat...that rat must own by Mike Tyson. So, my dad can't take it anymore.....and he bought the rat gum to set up a trap ytd nite.

I had suspect the rat is ready for action ytd night after i watched Eragon...i heard some spooky sounds come out from my storeroom lar...went in, nothing. Fine, went up and sleep.

BUT, this morning when i woke up. My dad told me that the rat had die. Dunno why. Normally gum only will stick that rat and not letting it run away but i guess this rat is too hungry or what...maybe it ate the gum and die from food poisoning. Sorry no pictures....i was still sleeping while my dad burried the rat.

So.....Mouse hunt, mission

Alright, thats something interesting happened in my hse...and i better get moving. Have to go to work now....bye guys and have a nice weekend.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Through her eyes - Dream Theater

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ha Ha Ha


what the heck rite?

Females out there.....does 'HO HO HO' sound offensive to u all?

Rmb next time....santa don't go 'HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS!''s 'HA HA HA, MERRY CHRISTMAS!'

maybe one day there are 'CHOY CHOY CHOY, CHOI SAN DOU!' (meaning God of wealth arrive in chinese)

Something goin wrong with me recently......Help!!!!!

I haven't been having a real nice sleep for the past few days.....seriously don't know why?

It's like my mind can't even rest when i lay down on my bed. Many thoughts have been disturbing my mind. I have been keep thinking of something, someone or even small little stuff that i don't even have to think about it. And it's not stuff that making me worry....just dunno how to tell lar....reflecting la. And this could happen for hours....and the worst part is....if i suddenly awake after falling asleep....normally ppl will easily get into sleep again rite? ...but it's not for me....i have to roll over and over again and to get into sleep. Why can't i just do all those thinking during day? Why have to kacau my sleep lar? this what they called Insomnia? Plz lar....i need good rest la!!!!!!!

Now i very no more semangat to continue off to sleep.


p/s : to my fren aili....all the best for ur sailing comeback in a week time to celebrate ur victory with us....u go girl!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Wanted to blog this evening and just nice i open my blog, i got a call....'Eh, wanna go yum cha or not? Now' okay lar....since i am quite free so went out to Devi's with our dai lou Kevin and Aili. Had some fine conversation there but private and

Okay, as i said ytd, i am gonna talk about Haka Dance today. It's Haka.....not hakka aite. Recently i have been looking at some video clips from Youtube and somehow i came into this rugby video where the NZ all blacks doin their tradition Haka dance before the game. I can tell u it's really powerful and maybe some of you might see it as scary.

Well, Haka is a tradition dance from the Maori of New Zealand. They said the meaning of this dance is to tell your enemy that you are ready for challenge and showing no mercy. Just look at the clip down there....see how loud they energetic the whole team when performing that dance. Seriously a very good way to psych up the team although they looks like a bunch of clowns. But who cares....when u have the spirit in the team, we defo have the better chance to win. Once u win, who give a damn on what u had did before ur glory? But of course if u lose, it's quite embarrassing.

Juz see it urself:

If u are thinking why they are saying Gambateh gambateh....ha....u are wrong. They are saying Ka Mate not they looks like japanese to u? lol

If u think this vid is too scary for this then.


if still not taking away ur scary feeling....look at this:

You know what? i guess next time before my exams....i should do this infront of the Mate ka mate ka mate!!!

But still, the best way to psych up a team spirit is the song of 'You'll Never Walk Alone'....haha.....not being bias lar....although i am a Liverpool fan, but this song seriously give me some semangat everytime i listen to it. I remember i attended an in-house seminar few months back where this local sport psychologist who claim that he works with national shuttlers. He said one of the way he try to maintain the spirit of Malaysia national team is by asking them to sing this song 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Okay, enough said....or else u guys will be saying it's Michael and his Liverpool....haha. i aam quite psych i guess i should go do my in-house seminar review and do some reading.

YNWA peeps!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ignore the 2 post earlier that i said i hv no semangat to fact i have many things to

Aiks....wanted to talk about Haka Dance today but decided to save it for tmr. Have attended hell lots of presentation today since 10 to 6. 10 to 12 - Public Speaking, 12 to 2 - dunno-what-is-it presentation by Dr. John Addy Garcia and 4 to 6 - MC100 presentation. But i found out some of the topics of those presentation was quite interesting (mostly from public speaking class....ignore Dr. John's) and therefore i decided to share some with u guys.

Do u guys actually believe that Alien does exist? according to the speaker, she said Alien does exist. There was a case where 16 kids saw the Aliens 'visited' them just beside their school. Those 16 kids were interviewed individually and each of them gave the exactly same details of the Aliens. The other reason for u guys to believe that Aliens do exist is the crop circles. They believe that crop circles are some signs that the Aliens trying to tell us. I thought Aliens only exist in Hollywood....mana tau this presentation was quite persuasive enough to convince me.

Here are some pics of crop circles, no pics of Aliens (u guys probably won't read my post if i show u the pics of Aliens):

Crop circles taken from UK

How Aliens 'design' crop circles

They are even better than Picasso

Evidence to proof Aliens does exist

Anyway if u don't believe Aliens does exist....check out this page....look at that display pic....Alien does exist...haha...... (no offence Sharon)

Just a short one, another presentation that caught my mind is on working while study. Do u guys actually think it's a good idea to work part time while study? From what the speaker said, we learn experiences and explore the industry if we do work while study. It does make sense for me tho. Alot of undergraduates don't even get a job after they graduate although they have flying colours for their cert. But they are just lack of the experience and they don't even know how is the reality world works. U guys let me know is this true.

And yea...can anyone tell me since when Paul van Dyk and Armin van Buuren came to Malaysia this year? Darn......just missed it. C'mon! Paul van Dyk = World No.1 DJ and Armin van Buuren = World No.2 DJ......No hard feelings Tiesto! Although i am not a clubber, but i do admit i appreciate Trance music. damn damn damn!

Alright, before leaving....try to enjoy this performance by's my fav performance...he is freaking talented....why Melbourne but not KL?....sigh

Adios guys.

Monday, November 12, 2007


What am i doin?

It's not even end of semester yet and i am thinking of vacation. It's not even end of my 1st year and i am already thinking of goin overseas to study.
It's not even end of my finals and i am already thinking of enjoying futsal sessions with friends.

Is it because i am way too free when there are no assignments to do? lol....wth rite.

Anyway i have been looking around on places that are attractive and i found a place to be my top 3 list:
  1. Mauritius
  2. Italy

It's Tanzania.....not tarzan island. It's somewhere in East Africa and beside Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Zambia and Rwanda.'s a small country but u will be amazed when i show u the pics.

There u go:

Prison Island just off Zanzibar

Nungwi, Zanzibar

Zanzibar Beach, Tanzania

Sunset over Zanzibar

Mount Kilimanjaro

Half way to Mount Kilimanjaro

Sebrad vees Ngorongoros

Sunrise over the Serengeti

Zanzibar - Stone Town

Tempting huh. There are beaches, mountains, cities and forest....ha....perfecto.....paradise.

Mungu Ibariki Afrika!!!...............(meaning God Bless Africa)

Oh yea....mungu ibariki SPM students!!! and of course my sister. Love ya.

Horn signing off now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Okay...not really that semangat to blog today....but trying to keep the blogging i will just share some songs over here.

I don't actually listen to japanese or korean songs....the last one i listen was Because Im your Girl by Kiss....but recently i am really into this song called Your Colour by BoA where one of my friend introduced it to me. It's a sad but really nice song. Try it yourself.

i don't know what is she singing about, but i juz love the music

here is the lyrics:
watashi tepanyaki mitshubishi
sashimi teriyaki unagi
suzuki yamaha yokohama
toshiba aiwa konichiwa
nakata inamoto kawaguchi
tamagochi toshiba honda
tokyo sizuoka sapporo
kenji nagasaki hiroshima
sushi soba ramen
[Repeat Chorus x2]

If u actually read the 'lyric'.....GOTCHA!!! I already told u i don't even know what is she singing about.....haha

Okay enough for it...ignore the lyric, the song is seriously nice.

Alright, enough for sad songs....this will lighten up abit.

Jimmy Eat World's Feeling Lucky!!!!! Fun lyric for u there u go.....just click on the play's free.

oh's just the preview of it....if u interested in the songs...msg me in msn...

that's all folks. Have a nice week!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another boring working Saturday for me. Stucked in Whimsical Articles since 2 to 7 (4-7 alone). For those who didn't know that i am working...yea i am working at this shop called Whimsical Articles in Bangsar Village every saturday. So i went into the shop at 2.05 and i straight away got this question from my colleague. 'Eh Mike, u study psychology rite?' and i stone there for few seconds and i answer 'yeah'. then she straight away asked me to pscyh her because she feel so emo. So her problem is she fell in love to a guy who is leaving soon. I was like shyt, how can i help u? i don't even hv this kind of experience and i can't even settle mine' i just trying to be a good listener. Hopefully she feels better after expressing out her problems with me.....if she does, i think i can charge her for the so called 'session'

But anyway i do know how bad is it to love someone that u scare things might not end up how u want it to be. Why do u have to love someone until it makes u feel so 'fan'? isn't love suppose to be a happy thing?sigh...problems are always there.

Enough for all this shyt.....bad for my health and emotion. so let's talk about ytd. So ytd was fun but tiring (thats the reason i skip bloggin for 1 day....ish....simply findin excuse only). Was out for the whole day ytd, class at 8 till 11.30. Then, straight away to Cineleisure with Aili, Mandy, Sharon, BoonWoei and Amanda. Had lunch at 1920 cafe and just in time for our movie, STARDUST!

Stardust! seriously recommended. Worth spending 2 hours to watch this movie. i give 7/10!!! i seems to forget when was the last movie was as good as Stardust since Never Ending Story. And i guess most of them who went to watch this movie ytd will use the quote of the day in their blog or msn personal msg: 'What do stars do? We Shine!' Don't wanna talk much on the movie since it's unethical for me to tell u the whole story.....thanks me wei GSC, Cathay n TGV....;)

Alright, after movie....lepak around for awhile and we went back home. I said we....but I ...went back home and grap my keys and straight to work. So i spend another unproductive 4 hours in WA (Whimsical Articles) fact i fall asleep while working. Can u imagine a shop who only have 3 sales for 1 wholoe day? and it's still surviving for about 2 years. omg.

okay, it's few minutes to Liverpool vs Fulham....i better ciaoz and sing my 'you will never walk alone'

So, Michael Horn signing off for now.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Festival of Light

Nothing much to post today

Just to wish all the hindus out there Happy Deepavali!!!

May the Festival of Light bring everyone a bright year ahead.

Okay, let me share something random...this is what we could find in Malaysia. 4 types of indians in Malaysia:

The true indian

The modern indian

The Westernize Indian

The lost identity indian

Sorry for the colorful post....who cares since it's festival of light, it suppose to be colorful.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's a tiring day although did not do much.....woke up quite late today since it's my off day and straight away followed mom to KLCC to get her so called organic hair color products in Isetan....and wow....they even sell organic underwear!!!! i wonder what's the difference after wearing that.

okay okay enough for that.....

So, lately i have been watching quite alot of downloaded movies, especially these 2 goes the list:

  1. Reign Over Me

  2. License to Wed

  3. Bridge to Terabithia

I found out that all these 3 movies are actually quite meaningful tho....really could learn great values from it. Let say Reign Over Me, it's talking about how a guy go through his life after losing his family from 911 incident. For me, i would say that what they are tring to let us know is that we all, as a friend, relative or sibling have to support those who are in needed and for those who gone through all sorts of drama should keep walking on.

License to Wed....walau...for couples, lovers, fall-in-lovers, u guys seriously have to watch this's just so real! Not the best comedy i've seen but u could learn stuff from before marriage....not going to tell much, just let u guys to see it urself.

Bridge to Terabithia....boring...zzz....thought it would be something like Narnia or Eragon but end up just full of imagination and fantasy. BUT after watching it....i would say that friendship is really a treasure for one's my ya!

Okay la....don't wanna talk too much on movies...seems so boring and don't get me wrong...i am not a movie critic.

Before i ciaoz....let me share this video with u guys....Connie Talbot....if u know her, u know how talented is she....if u don't, u will know now.

Bye peeps!

8-0 is what i could type at this time (5.30 a.m.)

Liverpool 8-0 Besiktas

Hope are alive!

Morning and Nitez for me.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Welcome to Red's World

Hey pplz.....finally getting myself a blog, although i know that i won't be updating it quite frequent. But yeah, welcome to my world.

Why Blog?

Thanks to Ng Aili-LAH who kinda influenced me to start up this blog......was reading her blog and from her blog it links to other friends' blog and i found out it's a meaningful thing to do so because it's all about tada!

Alright pplz, enjoy! YNWA @ you'll never walk alone