Thursday, February 28, 2008

God bless U

Just up from a very peaceful nap....and here am i for a quick post.

Yes! it's officially 1 down....what I mean by here?...officially 1 subject's assignment is down....meaning?....left my PSY 201, PSY204 and PSY 209 to go....meaning? 4 bucket of water, 1 is empty....meaning? 4 balls, 1 dropped....meaning? 4th scale of stress level reduced to 3......meaning? bonus 1 hour of leisure instead of none.....whatever example that could make u clear.... it's pretty much tells that i am slightly relieved .

Yes, thank you girls for getting the job done....i really feel guilty that i did not contribute much other than 'contributing' papers and inks =P.... Sorry for my tidak apa attitude ok? Mandy, don't blame urself for what 'miscommunication' or whatever u trying to blame urself....u did a great job on it =) =)....u know, i know ...can lah.....Betsy, thnx for the effort, even waking up early in the morning is not ur culture =P.....Sharon, thnx for the reminder smses, if not probably everyone will not moving. As for thank myself giving morale support to u girls while i watching u girls doin the job at the

As for mind just keep repeating Kin You's singing......

"Tell Laura 'I love her'~~~Tell Laura 'I need her'~~~"

I better go off now to find out why.....Laura here i come!

Good luck with you people who still have that 4 bucket of water , who still have 4 balls, who still at 4th stage of stress level and who still haven't get their bonus 1 hour.....and also to people who are sitting for their papers, assignments and stuffs.....God bless U!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


This morning while i flip through The Star (as usual, my newspaper reading is always starting from the back), i saw this picture....

Arsenal's striker Eduardo's horrifying injury

somehow it reminds me of some other similar cases in the football world.

Djibril Ciise's broken bone when he was a Liverpool player

Another injury from Djibril Cisse, now this is scary.

Ahh....anyway, the main point i gonna say is "do be careful to all the sportsman and sportswoman out there. Injury is part of the sports culture, it's impossible that u won't injured yourself if u do play sports often and u certainly can't avoid it when it really comes to it. So, try to take care of yourself and opponent and let it be a fair play sports world."

Anyway, i was checking out my facebook this morning and i saw this invitation. Tiësto’s Elements of Life World Tour!!!! 9th of May 2008, 2 days in PD!!! I wanna go!!! it's like Tiesto!!!! Ferry Corsten!!! although my all time fav is Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk, but Tiesto is one of the legend. See how lar, if i am able to earn enough money by then, then i will think about it coz i don't expect the ticket price gonna be cheap.

Good day!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Bucket List

This post is mainly to 1.) let u all know how busy am i 2.) remind myself things that i need and want to do 3.) update *friends who hardly see me around . By what i meaning here is after my mid terms which are ending on the 1st of March. Throughout this coming week will be a no life week where i 'think' it's gonna be study, study and study due to the fact that i screwed my paper today.

Things i need to do:

  1. Obviously clearing off my assignments (lab reports, experiments trial, counseling triads, content analysis, experiments, surveys....)
  2. Getting all my shirts ironed ( as some of u might notice that i have been wearing alot of jerseys lately =P)
  3. Wash car
  4. Try not to flunk my semester and wait for my semester end.
  5. And yeah...some work out...have been eating/drinking way too much sweety foods/drinks lately due to stress/depression

Things i want to do:

  1. Form a Bpsych Futsal team and hopefully to join for sports carnival.
  2. Clubbin
  3. Chocolate Fondue?
  4. Movies ( Step Up2, The Bucket List, 27 Dresses, Redline, Shutter, Over her dead body, Martian Kid......anyone?)
  5. Spend time with Christian who will be back for Easter Holz and of course get to know Sayuri better since couldn't talk much to her since her last visit.
  6. Do revision every week, at least once because learnt my lesson.
  7. Any other ways that could reduce or balance up my stress level.

I am just gonna write out what comes into my mind because i expect it could be a long wait for my next post.

Try Subang rojak...opposite Hassan's....NICE

Try to listen Explosion in the Sky, recommended by Wen, thumbs up.

Oh yeah, adios amigo Arun, have fun in Melbourne.

Well done Liverpool by beating Inter Milan but u sucks by losing to Barnsley.

Cross my fingers for my next 2 papers.

Of couse i can't miss this out, well done girls, u all know who u are =). Not bad at all with our last minute

Last one.....or recent, while i am watching my football thru video streaming....the guy who screen the game changed the channel to a porn channel during half time.....-___-

As for now, i really have to get my counseling logbook done or else i am KANTOI

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Switch it On

Plz switch on the On button for me.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


One word with three letters to decribe me now:

F.A.N !!!

not supporter's fan...and it's cantonese's fan....FAN!!! u know?

i am feeling so farking stupid that i think i made too much mistakes....see the word 'much' instead of 'many'???

And it's really not a perfect time to be in this situation.....seriously NO.....hell lots of things to be worry......argh!!!! Fark!!!!

speechless.....very speechless now


Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

This post is dedicated to my sweetheart, Laura....

Thank you for spending your Valentine's Day with me and i am glad to be with you too. I know that u wanted to see me since last month but i refused and now i feel very regret. Sorry, it's my bad. But at least we meet up today, on this very special day. I am looking foward to know you better =)

Today, went for class early in the morning. Slept for the whole 3 hours in the lecture hall just to save some energy for my date, Laura. Straight after class, brought my Laura to a very quiet place and both of us could feel the atmosphere. Both of us starring at each other and she is kinda shy. She did not talk to me but we are communicating through looking at each other. This is what i call heart to heart talk. From the 'conversation' we had, i learn alot of things from her, i see the beauty of her, inside out. Love is in the air.

After about 1 hour in that quiet place, i brought her along to have lunch with my friends. I don't let down my friends just because of my girlfriend, you know? So she tagged along with me and sat quietly with my bunch of friends. After that, i told her that i am very tired today, but i would like to spend my Valentine with her. So she decided to follow me to my house instead of going out for movies or other activities. Hence, i brought her back to my place and even to my room. I told her that i gonna have a nap and she said she will wait for me in my table. After an hour, when i half awake, i saw her looking at me but i pretend to sleep for another 30 minutes. And i figured out that she is a very patient person, she waited for me while i am having my nap and she even waited for me to meet up since last month. What can i say about her?

Since I don't wanna make Valentine day as a special day, because if u love a person, u don't only love him/her on that day, you love him/her everyday. So i decided not to go out with her. Therefore, i wanna take the opportunity to blog about this now and yet she is still sitting in my table waiting for me. I think i need to get to know her more in depth, because she is just so important to me. Sometimes when i feel lonely, she will just keep me busy and forget about the loneliness. I am planning to have a serious relationship with her at least for the next 2 months. Let's see how does it goes.

Argh, i just love her too much till i forgot to introduce her to you all. My Valentine's name is Laura E. Berk =)

What??? Valentine suppose to be happy wert?? least i see the smile from u. Hahaha....Happy Valentine's Day =D

Okay, off to my candle lights dinner with my LAURA!!! Ciaoz

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Year

Press the rewind button


Thursday (Chu Yi @ First day of CNY)
It was a long an tiring day on the first day of CNY. Woke up kinda late due to the stay up during CNY eve. Well, it's about lunch time when i was awake. So, first thing i did was to greet my parents and then we had lunch together. I didn't even have a proper breakfast. I can say that i didn't even have my breakfast. After lunch, all the works starts from that moment. It's first day of CNY, and normally we will have a family reunion dinner (mother side) at my house. But usually, not all the aunties and uncle could make it on the first day. But this year was exceptional, everyone were here. Therefore, extra works need to be done. But after all, although it certainly was alot of works but it was fun, especially when receiving those red red envolope shape....with cash in's called Angpau duh. Joke of that day: My grandfather gave me angpauS within every 15 minutes!!!! Don't know should i consider this as a joke or not. Since my grandfather is getting older and blurrer, he eventually forgot that he gave us (me and my siblings) angpau and he gave us again after 15 minutes. It's a very bad sign for an old man like him or maybe he is just too excited to give out angpaus.

Friday (Chu Er @ 2nd Day of CNY)
Once again....woke up very late. After lunch, we visited my aunt's place (father side) near VI. My aunt is not married and don't think she gonna, so no "business" After that, wanted to go watch movie with my family in Cinneleisure but too bad, tickets sold out.....zzz. Boring Chu Er.

Saturday (Chu Shan @ 3rd Day of CNY)
Since it's Saturday, we couldn't do any visitation in the morning because have to wait for my grandfather from his dialysis session. Therefore, visitations started at noon. Went to my aunt's house (mother side) in Kepong. She purposely bought us some dim sums since she injured her arm and couldn't cook for us like previous years. This time, we already had met each other on the first day of CNY, therefore, 'business' After my aunt's house, my parents suggested to go to a temple in Jenjarom, Klang. It's a very beautiful temple but it's very very crowded place due to it's popularity. Wanted to go to Tanjung Sepat for seafood but it was too late and might as well go to Carey Island for dinner, but service was too bad and we decided to leave. Then my mom suggested to go to Williams for supper since it's already so late. But when we reached there, William is not working. So we simply find a restraurant nearby to settle our dinner.

Sunday (Chu Shi @ 4th day of CNY)
Went to another temple in Jalan Ampang, it's just next to Nikko Hotel. This time is to pray. Then simply had our lunch in KLCC before visitations started. After lunch, we headed to Cheras to visit (bai nian) my god-grandparents. Sometimes, visiting the older generation is kinda frustrating, u see. They are all about questions and u kinda can guess what's they wanted to ask. It's either career or marraige. My God-father is in the States. Actually my God-father is my father's childhood friend and in coincidence, their surname is 'Wan' too....and it's exactly the same in chinese '尹‘ not ‘温’or whatever it sounds like. But it's actually complicated....we (me and my younger sis) used to called him 'kai ye' since we were small, but i have another 'kai ye' in China and my sis has her own 'kai ye' in KL too. So sometimes i also get confussed, but who cares? i got 2 'kai ye-s' means i got double love. After Cheras, went for dinner in SS2 before heading home. Then, my guests guests (Kev, Betsy & Aili). They hang around for a while and we went for midnight movie, CJ7. Hmmm....i wouldn't say CJ7 is a hit or what. It's not the best CNY movie i had seen. And it's definitely not the best Stephen Chow production i had seen. Overall, it was just fine....there are laughing scenes (abit only lar) and there are touching scenes and some moral values la. But the hit of the movie is the girl who acted as the teacher in that movie.....Wow is the word.

Monday (Chu Ooo @ 5th day of CNY)
Back to normal life. Meaning? workloads and studies. Rushed my group's ERB before heading to college. And as usual, still figuring out what's the reason am i doing in the lecture hall. After class, went to bai nian with's really for the sake of bai nian ok....not the And with Sharon failing with her counseling skills....we went to Kev's open hse without Aili. So, Kev's open house was kinda happening, it's knda crowded but he claimed that it's consider less people compare to previous u can imagine how is it like. We makan-sit-makan-angpau then we balik. Then Sharon came to my hse for 2nd round till she KO.

As u can see from my post, CNY seems to be like all about foods, angpau, and foods again......but the real point of CNY is all about REUNION.

Will update soon....really soon....
As for now, i am off to college....=_=
Happy CNY once again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gong Xi Fatt Choy

Just a quick post before i am off to somewhere which i still dunno where.....

Happy Chinese New Year people and hope the year of rat brings you happiness and harmony. As they said, the rat is the smartest among the other 12 animals who joined the race and that's why the rat came in first. Therefore, hope everyone is as smart as the rat. No matter anyone of you having any trouble or circumstances, do the smart choice and i am sure nothing will stop u from doing what u want. So, let the year of rat rock your year!!!

Gong Xi Fatt Choy!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Yeap...i know....they (Swtichfoot) just came down to KL recently. But this is one of my all time favourite.

Switchfoot - You

There's always something in the way
There's always something getting through
but it's not me
it's You, it's You

sometimes ignorance rings true
but hope is not in what i know
it's not in
it's in You, it's in You

it's all i know
it's all i know
it's all i know
i find peace when i'm confused
i find hope when i'm let down
not in me ... me
in You
it's in you

i hope to lose myself for good
i hope to find it in the end
not in me ... me
in You
in You
in You

it's all i know
it's all i know
it's all i know
in You
in You
its in You
its in You

there's always something in the way
there's always something getting through
but it's not me
it's You
it's You
it's You ....

I guess u all can guess what is the meaning of this song. It's pretty easy to comprehend tho. If u don't? The 'You' in this lyric stand for God. So i guess this song basically is dedicated to God lar....Although i am not realy that religious, but i really like this line:

"sometimes ignorance rings true
but hope is not in what i know
it's not in
it's in You, it's in You"

Monday, February 4, 2008

Dumb and Dumberer

U know what? i had read Aili's latest post regarding the female student of HELP was nabbed after she withdrawn her money from the ATM machine (ignore the DVDs part la) and i kinda agree with what she had said. Why ppl choose to steal, rob or snatch instead of earning their own money?Very nice of u Aili who pray for world peace. God gave them hands to make this world beautiful but not to do all this dirty job. Even people who work for DBKL have a cleaner hands.

I have to say that Malaysia's security ain't getting any better after all. It's getting worst day by day. Don't even mention about all this steal, rob and's consider a small matter coz we can see all these news everyday. But what more about kidnapping and killing toddler and cases that u hardly hear 10 years back? Even worst, ppl start to have demonstration here and's not even our culture.

These ppl are stupid or what? since i think they are stupid....let me share some really stupid cases that i had talked with a bunch of friends today. This is from Darryl. There was a case of robbery in 7-11 back in DJ. And this smart ass robber pulled out his parang and went into the shop. As a normal human, when u see someone pulling out their parang and run into the shop, definitely u will scare your ass out and u even might pee on your pants. So the staff over there had the same situaltion la and he knows that what the robber wants. In coincidence, the cashier machine was open that time. He quickly told the robber to take all the money he got over there and leave him alone. But, where got robber that obedient? The robber point to the staff with his parang and shouted to the staff........."Dunhill Red"......=_=......the staff told the robber: "take the money, take the money"....but the robber said: "Dunhill Red"......=_=.....then the staff asked again: "You sure u don't want the money?"....The robber replied: " Faster, faster...."Dunhill Red"". Isn't the robber stupid? He prefered cigarettes instead of cash. He could actually take the money and buy the "Dunhill Red" on the spot if he is that

Sigh....don't blame the robber, u can't expect someone to be perfect. No one are perfect. Someone are just born to be stupid. But someone are born to be stupid but they at least work hard to live their stupid life. But someone who are born to be smart but chose to live in a stupid that's what we call DUNGU....i still remember the formula my Kemahiran Hidup teacher back in secondary school.

Bodoh + Malas = Dungu.
translation: Stupid + Lazy = Fool

So u want to be a fool? or u want to be stupid? or u want to be the bright star who contribute something to this world???


Sunday, February 3, 2008


Today, the guilty feeling of mine sudden raised. I wasn't helping much on the house chores while rest of my family member (excluded my sis who still stuck in the small island called Singapura). So the semangat of guilty brought me up to do something today.

At least, i did half of the CNY deco of the hse. Then lazing around, watch abit of Atonement while pretending to helping out. Then saw my poor dad painting the gate outside under the hot sun, i, the 'hao sun zhai' =D went out to help out abit la. Then i used the remaining paint to paint the rusty rack we had dumped in the front porch. While i was painting that piece of metal, i could heard the conversation of my newly-shifted-in neighbour who are 2 house away from mine. Eh...not my fault u know, apparently i think the kids of my neighbour is having their chinese tuition outside the house. I did not went out and check out lah....but somehow i could hear the sound of kids running around and cycling as well, but at the same time, kids learning from teacher as i have no idea what happen over there la.

But the main point i wanna say is that I think i am the one who need that chinese tuition more than the kids. I don't know how old is the kids but i assume they are around 6 to 7 years old because from their tuition class, u can tell it's a 'chinese for dummies' class....aiks, so mean i am. But i assume that after few months, those kids' could actually gimme that 'chinese for dummies' class. Alright, put that aside, why i said i need the chinese tuition more than the kids. Recently i tried my very best to write in chinese and i can say it's horrible....absoloutly rubbish....some of u will find out why i said so very soon and some of u already knew about it. Another point was proven was during the karaoke session during Boon Woei's birthday. I hardly could read some of the chinese lyrics....i mean really...i seriously had give back everything to Ms Gan and Yeoh Bee Bee aka my chinese teachers back in KC1 and CHS. But no matter how bad is my chinese, not to say my chinese is bad, it's just detering, i still will rememeber this sentence.


Somemore i still remember my god-father suggested me to go over to China to work after i graduate, he said that China is now developing very fast and it's a good opportunity to earn some big bucks over there....But woot??? me to China??? speechless....but who knows la...Jackie Chan went to Hollywood without knowing what is the meaning of Rush Hour and now he could give a speech in English infront of the stage of Kodak Theatre.

我是华人,我会讲华语 ok?