Saturday, March 29, 2008

First Colloquium

Today was my debut for Colloquium presentation since i stepped into Bpsych. I told myself not to be nervous, not to be scare....or maybe i have nothing need to be worry about since i had passed my mock presentation yesterday. But probably due to my kiasu-ness...i was abit nervous before my presentation. I mean few minutes before the presentation.

I reached college around 8 this morning and i can see some of my course mates dressed up so smart and some of them are so confident with their coming presentation. least i am not that worry at that moment. I was still chilling around, joking with my friends and doing other things that are nothing related to my own presentation. The who-cares-when-i-passed-my-mock thinking repeated in my mind. I am still not worry on my own presentation, even when i attended the first presentation which kena cucuk with questions. After the first 2 sessions i went, then i was finally off to meet up my group members to rehearse once before my presentation to come. By the way, well done session 2 presenter 2. Okay, after the practice, i am still steady. I am even taking the time to play Street Fighters in Min Huei's laptop =).

But, when we were walking down to the venue of my presentation, my heartbeat starting to pacing up. My face starting to feel the heat. I am starting to worry i might embarrassed myself during my presentation. I am starting to worry that i might stone in front of 100 audiences. I am starting to worry that i will be kena cucuk with tons of questions by the judge and audiences.

Time had come. I had no choice but to face it. I be the first one who went into the room. Then i try to look around for familiar faces that they had promise they will come and support me ....hmm....'support'. So while my group members setting up the projector, i was standing in front and looking at the around 100 faces, some familiar and some dunno-come-from-which-planet audiences. Fine, presentation started. Engloon my group member started before passing it to me. When it's my turn....i saw my supporters wei....holding up banner somemore. Ok la, i was not as nervous as before. Then i look clearly what where written in the banner. Guess what? 'Go! Horny!' i least they are showing their supportiveness. So i continue with my presentation and it goes well until i mentioned that my group did a PILOT TEST.....when i read out loud that 2 words, i couldn't resist to look at Kev's face. And from his reaction...i laughed again..somehow it spoilt my presentation. I am lost for a while. However, i get back well to cover up my public speaking mistakes which is don't look at bad audience when you think u might be distracted. Lol.

Fine, after i presented my part and pass the floor to the other group members of mine...i was relieved. I stand at the side while waiting hard for the presentation to come to an end. BUT....i saw my fans at the back again. They take out their banner again. But this time, it written 'FUIT, HORNY!' (fuit means fark u in thai =P) I can't control myself and laughed again. Only if this is not a formal thing...i probably will run to the back and give my 'supporters' the boot in their arse. Then, during Q&A, i wasn't really paying attention because i knew that the brainy group members of mine will do the job for me...hehe. So once again i was playing with my supporters...guess what? My supporters was trying to take a pic of me. At that moment, i really wanted to give him a pose for the shot. But seeing so many ppl infront of me, i just chickened out. So i did a funny face for him. Lol....But yeah, i knew thats just u ppl's 'effort trying to destress me'. Thanks for those ppl that was there to support me.

After my presentation, we off to Old Klang road for Old Kopitiam, then off to Yuen's Steambot in Sunway for dinner aka celebration. Food was not bad, chicken wings was instant (instant as in they will just fly away within 20 secs), and of course company was fun. And now i am bloated. So i guess i gonna stop here and have a nice nice nice sleep since i think i am sleep deprived. So gnitez ppl and have a nice weekend.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Today was the day where my deepest fear in my coll life so far. What is my deepest fear? To present eye to eye with Ms Winnie (my lecturer). Why am i scare of her? Because of her aura...u will never know what's u gonna get from her next. But....phew....i conquer with her and see who breaks the eye contact...and in the end....i won (she broke the eye contact because she has to do some typing...haha =P)

But yeah, today i was really worried of my mock presentation with Ms Winnie. In addition, i was so sleepy before the presentation, and also my group's last minute work or changes that makes me even scarier. But fortunately, the luck went to my way...everything was fine accept for Q&A....but i am who cares about tmr's Colloquium? i passed my mock!!! HA HA HA

After mock, me and a group of college mates hang around and as usual, talking roosters with each other. Then, we are off to Winnie's class. Not to mentioned that we have 2 assignments to hand in today and also a mock presentation to prepare and a PowerPoint slide to be ready for the mock. So i guess everyone did not manage to have a great sleep or even did not sleep at all. You can see so many dead fishes in the Auditorium room. As for me, i am still very high...but the 2 fella sitting beside me during the lecture was even higher.....they were like dancing all lecture long. I even suspect they had Ecstasy pills....their head were keep nodding and nodding...can u get the picture? it's like u go clubbing, ppl nod their head along with the music. And i think this music describe it the best.

When i look at my left.......

Then, to my right......

I don't have a video cam to take down their footage....but u know what i mean by 'nod your head'...basically, they are fishing.....=)

Hmm....okay, assignments period is about to end soon, but finals is like 2 weeks from, no break for anyone up for group study?

Alright, before i gonna stop this post....i want to teach you all 2 vocabs.

First, will be the word of 'Gay'...

What is the defination of Gay? According to, there 2 main meaning of Gay is

1.) Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry. Example: I feel gay because you made my day.
2.) A homosexual person, esp. a male. Example: Bill is a gay, he loves men.

The 2nd vocab that i wanna teach is 'Happiness'

According to again...

Happiness is the quality or state of being happy. Example: The couple found the happiness of their life since they had been together. all learn the 2 vocabs that i taught u all today??


Still no????

To make it easier for u to comprehend....

This is a very gay Gay couple walking down the street and this is what i called Happiness

For more....check this and this.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Better in Time

As some of u all know the song Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, it's kinda sad for the title called bleeding love. But this is of her songs from her debut album called Spirit.

Leona Lewis - Better in Time

Better in Time sounds much more optimistic =)

Monday, March 24, 2008

By starting this post...i wanna warn u all, i mean Man Utd fans....shuddup....i don't wanna hear anything about football at the moment. grrrr

Okay, back to the post. *take deep breathe*. Alright, yesterday was a sad day. I stayed at home to watch some F1, but Hamilton lost. Then, went to watch f***b**l at night, but the team i supported lost. However, the company with frens was nice. Frens here i meant Kev, Ed, HauRan, Fai, Danny and of course Christian Chia and Sayuri aka Ah Choi (haha, Sayuri, i know u do read my blog Konichiwa!!! and plz say hi at the side chatbox if u do see this). And yeah, i found a nice spot to go watch f***b**l which is Bangsar McD. Seriously love it although no wide screen and bad sound system. But you could actually enjoy fries instead of magee goreng. You can enjoy a better quality coffee instead of teh tarik. But of course, i have to pay extra compare with ur 1 ringgit teh tarik. And i am lovin McSaver!!! =D I'm Lovin it.

A random post here. This is wanted by aili ng:

Michael says : u better keep ur words
ai: since when i don't?
Michael: can u tell me how many times u ffk?
ai: where got!
ai: lol.. k lah, maybe once, or twice.. maybe 3 or 4..haha
Michael: 1,2 ffk ur fren....3,4 ffk again....5,6 still ffk......7,8 let them wait...9,10, that's aili
ai: got or not?!
Michael: haha, no least u tell ppl before hand. I hate ppl ffk without telling.
ai: i where got never tell?! but haih yar..aili's nature lah! sorry!
Michael: Yala, i said u at least got tell mar ...haha...but i still like that poem i made
ai: go blog about it lah!
Michael: u said 1 ar
ai: then i don have to explain that i ffk... then ppl will know that's it's my nature!

So ppl, forgive her la if she ever ffk u all.....u know la....aili's nature mar..

Today's weather was so pissing me off. At 2 when i was walking to take a bus to KPD, it's so darn hot. But at 6 which was the time i finished my lecture, it was raining like cats and dogs or probably cheetahs and forced me to waited for about an hour before i actually can go home. But no, when i am able to walk to the bus stop, i can actually see the heavy traffic at the side...and there goes another 30 mins to stuck in the huge jam. So i reached home at around 7.30. Sigh, regret that i did not skip class, if not i probably will be at home by 5. I also can see Sharon's dulan face when we reached main block car park.haha. chill la Sharon, although i know u stays way further than me.=)

Alright will stop here, tmr is my first time conducting readers...plz support ok? Ciaoz to cut consent forms. sien.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


It's been a hectic season, i guess some of you are still going thru, some might be ending soon or even some haven't even start yet....but at least i am still in the first option. So just to ease or distress some of you, watch these clips that i had found....

It's some clips of some dance movie that i think it's freaking awesome. And i bet u people watched before You Got Served, Honey, Stomp the Yard, Step Up, Step Up 2 The it's some dance scenes from these movie. So, Enjoy!


Stomp the Yard:

Step up:

Step up 2 The Street:

You Got Served:

If you asked me which is the best? Hands down on You Got Served final dance =)

You tell me which is the best for u. And pump it up ok? ppl...semangat abit!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rio Celeste

Everyone have been saying that they shouldn't be blogging but yet they still end up doin do i =P

But it's just a quick one

Have you ever heard of volcano? nah.....dumb question. But, let me show u a pic.....This is a picture of Tenorio Volcano in Costa Rica.

It seems just another ordinary mountain that u always see in your Geography book. Or probably our very own Mount Kinabalu is even nicer than this. But if u get to know this mountain nicely, there is a priceless treasure in it.........

There is this river in this mountain and they named it as Rio Celeste. Reason? Because if i not mistaken, Rio Celeste's translation to english is called Light Blue River. This river is so special where the water is in light blue...i mean as in really light blue. Not those sungai that u see in Malaysia where most of it is brown in most also err.....light brown?

Look at that environment!!

It's literally light blue!!!


One of the place to go before i die.

Just like Heaven!!!

See, sometimes u can't judge something by the look. If u look at things more in depth, u actually could find the treasure in it.=) Just like humans, don't judge a book by it's cover. U probably will find the cantik or gaya of others if u get to know them better. Cheers!

*Actually this post suppose to be yesterday night post, but since isn't working for me, so i have to delay it to today =)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Michael says (2:08 AM):
lost ur 203 text huh

Poison Ivy- i lost/misplace my 203 textbook..argh ><- says (2:09 AM): i think so

Poison Ivy- i lost/misplace my 203 textbook..argh ><- says (2:09 AM): cant find it'

Poison Ivy- i lost/misplace my 203 textbook..argh ><- says (2:09 AM): its like it hated me and ran away

Poison Ivy- i lost/misplace my 203 textbook..argh ><- says (2:09 AM): ur laura ran away

Michael says (2:09 AM):
haha...coz my laura is not les

Michael says (2:09 AM):

Poison Ivy- i lost/misplace my 203 textbook..argh ><- says (2:09 AM): i treat her so well

Poison Ivy- i lost/misplace my 203 textbook..argh ><- says (2:10 AM): but in the end she pick u over me

See, this is what u get if u always see ur girlfriend/boyfriend everyday...your girlfriend/boyfriend tend to get bored and run away from u. =P

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Australian Grand Prix 2008

Look at that!!! Look at that!!!

Provisional race classification from the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park in Melbourne on Sunday:

1. Lewis Hamilton (Britain) McLaren 1:34:50.616
2. Nick Heidfeld (Germany) BMW Sauber +00:05.478
3. Nico Rosberg (Germany) Williams - Toyota 00:08.163
4. Fernando Alonso (Spain) Renault 00:17.181
5. Heikki Kovalainen (Finland) McLaren 00:18.014
6. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil) Honda 00:52.453
7. Kazuki Nakajima (Japan) Williams - Toyota 1 lap

8r. Sebastien Bourdais (France) Toro Rosso - Ferrari 3 laps
9r. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) Ferrari 5 laps
r. Robert Kubica (Poland) BMW Sauber 11 laps
r. Timo Glock (Germany) Toyota 15 laps
r. Takuma Sato (Japan) Super Aguri - Honda 26 laps
r. Nelsinho Piquet (Brazil) Renault 28 laps
r. Felipe Massa (Brazil) Ferrari 29 laps
r. David Coulthard (Britain) RedBull - Renault 33 laps
r. Jarno Trulli (Italy) Toyota 39 laps
r. Adrian Sutil (Germany) Force India - Ferrari 50 laps
r. Mark Webber (Australia) RedBull - Renault 56 laps
r. Jenson Button (Britain) Honda 57 laps
r. Anthony Davidson (Britain) Super Aguri - Honda 57 laps
r. Sebastian Vettel (Germany) Toro Rosso - Ferrari 58 laps
r. Giancarlo Fisichella (Italy) Force India - Ferrari 58 laps

(rank: r = retired, nc = not classified)

Fastest Lap: Heikki Kovalainen, 1:27.418, lap 43.

Hmmm.....interesting. But yeah, congrats on ur first win of the season, Lewis!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I take back what i had said 3 post earlier....I AM GETTING CRAZY WITH ALL THESE ASSIGNMENTSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Damn!!! next week gonna be a killing week.....for me lar. So many things to do's like day by day.....monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and satuday & sunday.....can someone just use your knife, parang or whatever u want to stab me? don't worry, u won't get caught....i will leave a note written 'it's an accident'. As long u stab me, your job is done and you may leave.

Sorry, i know it's lame...told u, i am goin crazy.

But....somehow i kinda enjoy working in a group...certain groups....groups who are supportive....groups who are able to tolerate....groups who really work as a GROUP. =D i don't know your style.....but i kinda prefer this certain groups....where u are able to work and in the same time spending your time with ur group members, bonding with each other and probably have fun after job is done.

What else?? what else??.......shyt......everything in my mind is just ASSignments, ASSignments and ASSignments......cham life wei.

Seriously i need to get a life, i add in something in my mind....not really add in just pop up in my mind.....and it is ....

I wanna eat Pizza!!!! =)

Anyway, thanks Ivy, Kevin, Darryl for the good job on our posters....i doubt Maz and Lalitha will read my blog...but still...appreciate their job. And terima kasih banyak banyak Kev & Sharon Kong kong kong for staying so late at my place to finish up our counseling triad and the damn annoying script.

As for now, ciaoz and all the best to u all.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Favor from U

I need a great favor from any of you out there.....if you are able to help me

If you peeps have any idea or info on the course of product/industrial design.....plz let me know =)

Recommend me the best place to pursue this course in Malaysia.

Thank you in advance. =)

Go or no go?

Lab report, lab report, lab report................


As i told Jeff that i gonna blog about yoohoo Jeff....

So basically it's like this ....

Both of us are just sick of paying for training. Doesn't make sense at all man....Players are suppose to be get paid for training, but what the heck, we are paying to go for training. Actually not really that we pay then only get to train. But it's like every session we need to pay for the court rental. And the problem is, they choose night and weekends....which is double up from the normal price which also double wtf for us.

It's fine that we rent a court and play with each other and learn each other's game. But, can't they just use better timing? Class in the morning, academic stuff need to be done in the noon? fine...reasonable. Student mar....alright. But can't u just get a public field to train on first instead of week in week out paying 15 bucks for the darn rental? Can u imagine this? 1 week once or twice training, average 10 bucks per session....and tournament is like next u do the maths....I think by the time we go for tourney, everyone already pokai (no money) and where got mood to play?

And honestly speaking, the chances to win is only err....2/10....i am not being lansi here or saying they suck big time, but i have seen other teams and they are way much better. So, do u expect us to keep paying to lose the tourney? (hopefully it's not, and better not). Just like what Jeff said, playing for the team is all about intrinsic reward, which is to win, to be the champion. But now seems like it's sucking the reward out of us....semangat is really going down.

Mike: So Jeff, u goin tmr?
Jeff: i already pokai edi....
Mike: Yeah, me too...feel like skipping man
Jeff: I can't afford to pay anymore for all these
Mike: Yeah, me u skipping too?
Jeff: I really don't know man....let me msg XXX
Mike: Okay, u skip i skip ok?
Jeff: haha.....i had msged XXX and i said i can't pay for these anymore, way over my budget.
Mike: yeah man...finally someone speak up!!! i am with u!!!
Jeff: Yeah...i want to win....but not by going thru's like paying for intrinsic reward.
Mike: Yeah. I support u, it's like Opposition against
Jeff: haha
(rough conversation, couldn't save the conversation due to msn problem)

So should i go or shouldn't i go? I really want to be in the team, the opportunity is there for me to grab and i am kinda confident that if i do commited, first team shouldn't be a problem, that's what i see so far....but it's just some little circumstances that is pulling me back....from today till tourney, i bet it's goin to be another 3 or 4 more session. U are right man Jeff, way over my budget too, my father don't print money how?


Lab report, lab report, lab report.......

Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's your day.

It's your day girls or women out there!!! It's International Women's Day!!!

Basically IWD is a celebration for women lar....and it's a day for men to express their love to the women around them. So girls, women, ladies, aunties, grandmas out there, I love you all...

Alright, back to my life. can i describe myself now? can't conform with the rest? being too laid back? or don't even concern about my future? i don't know man....basically, everyone around me are getting crazy and crazier due to assignmentssss, but i don't seems to get crazy YET other than trial runs are kinda terrifying. So i am also kinda confused with myself but not crazy yet...It seems like i don't know what i want...i will see how it goes in the following weeks. At least some pressure that could motivate me.

Actually i got nothing better to write BUT, i saw this news occurred in Wellington. It's not because of it's IWD, and as a guy, i also kinda embarrassed to see this. Apparently there is this husband fall asleep while watching the romantic PS I Love You with his wife. The wife was so mad and left him in the cinema and she drove the car back home. The husband was sleeping in the cinema until the wife went back to the cinema to wake him up at 3 a.m. Woot??? Very 'good' husband...indeed. Haih *close my face*

Opps...i am seriously late for training now...i really gotta go...if there is anything interesting come up i will update it tonite...if

Oh yeah, before i's International Women's Day, it's also your day WAN KAY PUI!!!!

Happy Birthday WAN KAY PUI....if u do see this, yeah, you are OLD!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I was very close to blog yesterday night...i mean mentally lar....but physically telling me that i should not. I was dead tired yesterday. Why? Coz of 2 years without any physical training and today's training was just ...i could say it's a very minor training compare with what i had before. But, it's an embarassing one. Why? because HELP is just too pathetic and they don't even have a proper field for players to train. So...we have to jog around the whole carpark where everyone looking at us and laugh out loud.

Anyway, today when i woke up.....Ouch!!! Whole body has been aching, from neck to toes and it's due to the 5 laps of running + 1 laps of walking + 2 hours of Futsal. Yet, i still have to do my field trip today. So, no choice, i went to college to meet up with the members and then head to AC to do our survey. Survey has been fine, everything was smooth...why? almost every of us met our friends there and through networking, everything goes okay lar. But in conclusion, to get 100 smokers is just as easy as how u eat rice, don't even mention 60. And yes, what else we found today? AC is belongs to Dato Chua Soi Lek!!!! Our ex-Health Minister!!! If u know what happened to him, u know what i mean la =P

After field trip, sent Ivy & Maz back, me and Kevin decided to go watch movie since there is nothing much to do today and tmr is off day. At first we wanted to watch Step Up 2: The Street, BUT...we were late for like 30 minutes so the next screening will be at 11pm. Of course we don't want lar, what both of us can do from 5 to 11? Shopping? pool? bowling?Dating also don't take up so long lar....zzz. So we choose another movie, Vantage Point and i could say Vantage Point is da bomb!!! Seriously very nice!!! It's something different as in their plot and all the suspense...i bet u will be very syiok if u watch it urself. I highly recommend.

A little bit to share over here before i call it a day. Do u really believe that people around u see things clearer than urself??? I got this from alot ppl recently...Whatever u do or whatever changes in you, you are not the first person who notice it but the people around you, either ur friends or family. Our eyes are always projecting outside instead of inside. We see things in front of us, we can't see our own self with our own pair of eyes unless there is a mirror place infront of u but we see ourselves with our mind. And i believe that eyes is more efficient than our mind. You always have to take time to know yourself through your mind. But when u look at others with ur eyes, sometimes it just take up a few seconds for u to see everything crystal clear. I don't know how to describe la, but sometimes what people said something about you, you should take it into account. Just like if u whack a thief who stole foods from you because the thief haven't been eating for days. You probably will think from the inside that the thief deserve some whacking from you because the thief is stealing food from you. But outsiders will probably think that it's not appropriate for u to whack the thief because the theif has a valid reason and we should pity the thief instead of giving the theif some hitting. So when people around you tells you that u are not being rational because you are just thinking of revenge and you think that you are still right. But morally speaking, what was said by the people around you was true and mayb you think of it again, you are really not being rational. Hence, what people around you see things clearer than u. Don't you think so? I really have to take those words that i got into account and try to get things right.

As for now, good night!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Before and After Marriage

Before Marriage:

He: Yes. At last, it was so hard to wait.
She: Do you want me to leave?
He: NO! Don't even think about it.
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course! Over and over!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: NO! Why are you even asking?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Every chance I get!
She: Will you hit me?
He: Are you crazy! I'm not that kind of person!
She: Can I trust you?
He: Yes.
She: Darling!

After Marriage:Now read this from bottom to top. =)

Credits to YM

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Yes!!!......But 'Oh No'!!!

Firstly, i screwed both my paper today....yes....totally SCREWED!!!

Was suppose to study yesterday but just don't have that mood to study.....sigh.....yesterday i just don't feel like study although i tried but just can't i went to play computer game. Then my sis came out from her room and asked me.

Sis: Woi, don't you have exams tmr?
Me: Yes.......
Sis: So what u doing here?
Me: Playing.....
Sis: Go study lar...look at the clock (that time was 2 am)
Me: Don't feel like mood.
Sis: Don't wanna study then go sleep lar!
Me: Also don't feel like sleeping....
Sis: Then what u wanna do?
Me: Play....
Sis: -__-

Mom: How's today's paper?
Me: Dead

See the consequences?

Had my 203 paper this morning and i slept 3 to 4 times for the darn 100 MCQs...not even in the mood to check my answers after finishing....but i was really bad i could no point talking bout it.

After that paper, went to have lunch at Bangsar Lucky Garden with the bunch of coursemates. Then 'plan' to have group study at my hse since it's the end up some of them sleeping in my living room....some of them reading FHM in my room....but got SOME of them really study lar....I myself also end up kicking my tennis ball in my room....sigh. Thought counselling should be common sense everyone chill only.

Then....when exams started....SHYT!!! dunno how to's freaking hard!!! So i think i screwed another paper for today.

But since it's already finished, i don't wanna talk about it more....tiada tuju (no point).

So after exam, we all went down to Klang for dinner. Darryl introduces us a restraurant to eat 'TauFu Gang'. It tastes like Shark Fin soup but instead of using shark fin, they replace it with TauFu. It was ok la, but i actually had this in Brickfields. Of course we had seafoods as well, it's Klang wert...

After that, Kin You told us....'Guys, the night is still young' we initially plan to go to watch movie. Went to MV but it was darn long we went to pee and we got free parking just for a Since movie tak jadi, we decided to go to Murni's for a drink. Called Aili, picked and off to Murni's. We 'social loafing' for a while then everyone head back to their own house. And i bet 1st thing everyone will do is to jump into their bed to sleep. As for me, i also want to dive into my bed and have a really good sleep.

Before i go off, just wanna take this column to wish our The Brain aka Ivy...

Happy Birthday girl....hope u have a great one....may u have a great year ahead and best wishes.

And yeah, *Kev, u better watch out, how dare u scold my Laura =S
*Aili, no!!! u ain't gonna steal my Laura from me.

"Why am i so happy where i screwed 2 papers today?" Hmmmmm