Monday, April 28, 2008

Tioman....uhhh one is updating bout Tioman, everyone is busy with working, gaming, sailing, CFing, getting inspirations and packing back to east Malaysia....geez, i guess i should be more initiative and blog about it. =)

Everyone happily packed their stuff and departure from PuduRaya at 11p.m. At first, everyone was happily chit chattin in the bus. Then, slowly, one by one, everyone starting to fall asleep. But i gonna curse here...Fark the bus driver man....seriously a dangerous's DANGEROUS not reckless. I bet the bus driver went 130/140 kmph all the way...and that farker is trying to do some Malaysia Drift or what. But in other hand, i should salute that farker...ppl drift with Skyline, he drift with Transnational....hebat! So, the journey cut short to 4 and half hour and we reached there about late 4 a.m. ...hang around in a mamak for like 2 hours and off to the Jetty in Mersing.

Actually, the second sentence of 21/4 can bring it forward to here. So, i continue la....we took 2 hours of ferry and finally reached Salang Beach, Tioman. Once we step in into our room, everyone went to have a 'nap' then lunch and only realized someone don't eat ikan bilis =P. Basically, the first day of the trip was a free day for everyone. Ah...dinner at Salang Beach Resort! nice......out of my expectation tho, foods were delicious, fish were fresh and tasty...OoooO....drooling edi.

2nd day of the trip was da bomb. We went island hoping and snorkeling. Went to 3 places....the first one was....err......err....*trying very hard*.....err....can't rmb the name...someone plz help me here. Basically, we get to go snorkeling in the sea and look at gorgeous fishes and beautiful corals. After that, off we go to Monkey island ( if i not mistaken the name). We spent the most time over here. Camwhore gile and loads of fun. Then lastly we went to Marine Park (huahuahua...this time i am sure it's the name). Marine Park....sad place. Basically, Marine Park is some area with lots of fishes for tourist to feed them with bread!!!'s bread!!! but some stupid fish over there are too greedy, bread is not enough for them to fill up their stomach, they prefer my foot. I guess they are just bored with breads and want something new here.....Human feet tambah gula satu! I am saying here that i got bitten by a darn bloody fish, and somehow i become the fish dentist, the tooth stucked in my feet.'s painful 1 leh...not ant bites leh...till now i still feel the pain =(

Last day of the trip, everyone carried a very heavy heart and walk to the Jetty and forced to be sent home by the Ferry.

Note for the ppl tht have been together in this trip:
Straight to the point, thank you peoples for sharing the fun time in Tioman with people have been excellent... this would be an unforgettable trip in my life. These sweet memories already had been carved in my's heart not brain. Just wanna let u guys know that u ppl are the best! Hope we could have more trips in coming days. =D

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Monday, April 21, 2008

Sweat not -__-

This will be a quick post before i head off for shower. Currently, i am freaking sweaty and stinky but still sitting in front my screen and blog. Why so desperate? Coz i probably won't be bloggin for another 4 more days. But anyway, feel so nice after sweating (futsal) and now i shall wait for another 10 more hours before heading for Tiomam, that would be even syiok-er =D.

Today's futsal was not bad, it was fun, and probably most of us scored a hat-trick...sorry Kev and Kin You, have to left both of u out. There are pics but will be uploaded in my facebook once i got it from our photographer, Darryl aka botak, not....

Well, i don't know why, suddenly i feel like playing any sports now. football la, badminton la, basketball la, Rock climbing la, tennis la, and yeah...FRISBEE!!! and so on....probably what kinda sports u mention to me, i probably will say yes....except for....ballet? =P i realize i haven't start packing for Tioman...=P....i guess i gotta ciaoz first.

So, peeps who are having their holz, Happy Holidays.
Those who are still having their classes, Happy Studying.
Those who are working, Happy Working.
Those who stone at home, Happy Stoning.
As for now, i shall have my Happy Bathing. =)

Good day!

Oh yeah, how could i forget about this??? before i press the 'publish post' button, i shall wish the birthday boy, Kin You....Happy Birthday, one year older one year wiser....BUT, stay lame! we just love it =P

And, another birthday boy to be...Jeffrey Gan!!! I won't be in KL tmr, so Happy Be-earliered Birthday!!! Hope u have fun in Sabah...especially with the presence of would be a even better birthday celebration for u. Cheers!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Woohoo....finally some fresh air to breathe....feel so relieved after months of restless life. Although i know that i did quite bad in my finals...but yeah, at the moment i really don't wanna think about it =)

It's ngam ngam 48 hours from now to departing to it's a big yeah here. I guess i gonna stay at home tmr and chill around. Mom and sis are off to Singapore this morning, so won't be seeing them till next Thursday night...maybe. So it will be a father and son Sunday.=)

Don't know what to blog, all my mind is about Tioman which haven't yea, gonna blog about it after i come back la.... but yeah, main point of the post is 'I FEEL RELIEVED' =D

And no offense to those who still have paper on monday yeah? I am really, those who have paper on Monday but still reading my post instead of studying =P.....ALL THE BEST.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Banyak Curang

My PM for my msn at this time....'fark fark FUCK!!!!!! argh!!!!'

wei wen says (11:41 PM):

Michael says (11:51 PM):

Michael says (11:51 PM):
being a very bad gf

wei wen says (11:52 PM):
yeah. that whore.
Michael says (11:52 PM):
Michael says (11:52 PM): dare u say my gf as whore
Michael says (11:52 PM):

wei wen says (11:53 PM):
cos alot of ppl are "doing" her
wei wen says (11:53 PM):

Michael says (11:53 PM):

wei wen says (11:53 PM):
banyak curang

Michael says (11:54 PM):

Michael says (11:54 PM):
i shall save this and blog about this
wei wen says (11:56 PM):
ahaha. she's even bi. mae said she's gonna do laura tomorrow
Michael says (11:56 PM):


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dean O Dean

Today i almost met a car accident near my house....erm, not really amost la, the chances are there la. It happened when i was on my way back home after working. I was 30 seconds away from home and coming down from Bangsar Shopping Center. As people who knows where i stays, i need to pass by BSC's car park exit. i was going slow and suddenly, there was this black INOVA came out from BSC car park without looking both way and drive straight to Jalan Maarof....Luckily i able to brake my car and let the black INOVA go first. So....phew......

Wait.......forget to tell you how the driver looks like.....It's a male driver, around mid 40s, chinese, black hair with side parting, babyface.......
Sounds familiar to you?

Yes, it's him.....Dr. Goh Chee Leong!!!!

Dean of my department, The Taiko of Bpsych!!!

P/S: btw, it's not the first time i almost hit him, the last time was my dad =P

Friday, April 11, 2008


Instructions: Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. What is the show you hope to watch now?
Definitely, Maybe.

2. Given the chance, what special ability/power would you like to have?

3. What do you think of your brother(s)/sister(s)?
Elder sis - fierce but kind
Younger sis - quite but nice

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
The dream REALLY come true.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Yes i do.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
Life....(even more after Andrew's case)

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Half in the bank and half for charity.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Yes if i assure she is the right one.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Cute, innocent n carefree.

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
No specific requirement as long she treats me well and able to share my thoughts with.

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
Lansi punya orang.

13. What is your ambition?
A successful psychologist. =P

14. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Of course i want people to point out to me. Seriously don't mind even it might sounds like scolding.

15. What do you think is the most important in your life?
People around me and health.

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?

17. What is the thing that you really want now?
A fun and relax time in Tioman.

18. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
The determination of me. I always think that i did not push myself to acheive something.

19. Is there anything that you have done which you regret?
Like duh.

20. Are you hungry right now?
As for now, yeah..(I'm in the lab now and i did not eat anything since 8 ytd nite)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Footprints in the Sand

My brain is overflow with contents i read from the journals for my lab report. Cola.....Memory.....Taste And i used the word 'overflow' because all these things just reached the limit and flowing out from my brain...

So, no point for me to continue reading...pointless. So i took my time off and went youtubing. It started with finding video for the highlight of yesterday's fantastic match. Then, somehow i saw the Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love video at the side and it reminds me of searching for 'Better in Time' which i have been listening to it for the past few weeks. So i typed 'Leona Lewis'...and the list popped out. I saw another video of her's called 'Footprints in the Sand' where Aili asked me to listen to it few minutes back. So i clicked on it and.....and.....sobs.....see for urself la:

I....I....yeah....I cried.....T.T

The video is so touching.....the song is so hebat.....The lyric is so meaningful....

The second attempt of 'Because I'm Your Girl - Kiss' did not made me cry...But this does cause my tears. to get back to work with such an emo feeling now? Blaming myself for 'banyak mata'.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

God Bless

This post is dedicated to someone that i barely know but i had met him a few times. Some of you might even know who is this someone. Yesterday i had a glimpse on Min Huei's latest post which was also dedicated to this someone.

The person i mentioned here is Andrew Yap. A decent guy i just played futsal with 2 weeks ago. Although i had played with him a few times, maybe 3 or 4 times, but the impression he gave me was good enough for me to post this. I only played futsal with him so the Andrew in my mind is that he is a great player. A talented humble player. A decent sportsman. And of course a well built bloke. I hardly play in the same team with him or i could say that i hardly talk to him. But, in my impression, he is a very quiet person. Honestly i can't even recognize it's him that was in this accident until my friend told me few minutes back. I even had a conversation with Darryl about this today, and i didn't realize it's the same person that i just met 2 weeks ago.

"Andrew Yap, may you rest in peace in Heaven. We refuse to mourn your death but celebrate your life. "

"As for people who are still alive. Plz plz do appreciate your life. Appreciate the people around you. Appreciate the love u got. Appreciate every opportunities that are up there for you to grab. Appreciate the contribution of Andrew. May one day that people around you celebrate your life instead of mourning. Peace."

Monday, April 7, 2008

Prettiest Memory

Ever heard of this indo hit? If u don't, plz do so...really nice

Samson - Kenangan Terindah

Plz click here for a better version. Really plz do so.
Click here for a even better version. =P

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Today i went to Nilai Memorial Park with my family for Qing Ming Festival. Basically, i went to visit both side of my grandparents (except my father side's grandfather) I never love to go this kinda places, not that i am afraid of seeing 'things' but it's just that the area is always smokey. I really hate the smokes from the joss sticks and joss papers. Personally i think it's really polluting the air and there don't need for us to do all these. It's all about myth. And i doubt that if u burn a joss stick, your ancestors gonna eat it. Doesn't make sense at all. However, since it's a sign of respect to our ancestors, i will just conform only la. Impossible for me to say 'Oh, you guys go ahead, i don't wanna pollute the air.'

So, while everyone was praying, i was observing the tomb stones and people around there. (i did pray ok? but just a quick one) But one incident that catch my eye was really a sad one. There is this lady carrying a baby (max i will give the baby to be 1 or 1 and half years old) and standing in front of the tomb stone. The this lady told the baby, 'bai bai (pray) to mama, pray for mama to bless you from Heaven'. Ouch is the word when i heard what the lady said to the baby. My eyes wasn't wet but my heart definitely yes. Suddenly i feel so lucky that my parents are still with me till now, although i know that there will be the day. But really people, appreciate people around you that are always there to love u. Go think of it.

Just now was happened during my 'visitation' to my father's mother. Now back to my mom's side. My mom's side was even worst, it's smokey and hot!!! It's literally in an open space graveyard. But as usual, we went there to clean the grave, offered food and also burn the joss papers. And grandfather has Alain Delon's boot wei (although it written Alan Nilon instead), and my grandmother has Vincci shoe leh (although it was written Vinccy instead). I laugh when i saw that and i think one of my auntie gave me a look and trying to tell me to be respect...opps. Bad bad me. But the point is that i think all these joss papers are really not necessary to do so. It's really waste of money and polluting the air. The earth is not hot enough? I mean the sign of respect suppose to be in your heart not by burning things. But myth, what to do?

Okay, now i shall go and study my Laura. Or else no tong sui for me tmr or make things even worst, i might get a karate chop from Ivy Choong Li Li.


Saturday, April 5, 2008


Finally i am back to my weekend part time job. After 1 month of on leave, the shop had changed abit and that's makes me unfamiliar with the place. Make things even worst, i worked alone today. Meaning no colleague to do the job for me. But basically, the changes was the clearance sales on old magazines but it's confusing , u see...

Anyhow, today i broke my previous record. I made another largest amount of profit for the shop where i am working. There u go...the record:


Hail the best employee!!! =P...Lansi-nya this fella..

Although today's work was kinda ...kinda...borin as usual la...but it's interesting as well. Interesting as in there are 2 'interesting' customers that i had served. The first interesting customer or rather weird customer was a Chinese feminine guy. He came into the shop and asked me 'Boy, you all sell scrapbook ar??' (in half canto half English). Then i also answer in half canto half English la...'Hai lah, we sell scrapbooks.'...Then, he came close me and put his hand on my shoulder and asked 'So this scrapbook dim 1 ar??...That's already made me think there is something wrong here. But as a shop assistant, i have to explain la...'oh, basically, scrapbooking is gam yong geh...bla bla bla.'. Then, he keep asking me the same question which was 'so scrapbook must start off with an album la..?'. The more he asked the same question, the more he came closer, and the more i running off to get a new album to show him. The more album i introduce to him, the more expensive it was and the '0.o' look in his face getting more obvious. Then he finally cannot stand with the price i am showing him and he asked 'actually scrapbook mm sai that guai album hor? cheap cheap can also hor?'. Then i just smile and said 'depends on individual lor'...He asked 'so where got sell cheaper albums ar? u know ar?' ...Obviously i faster said 'NO'...what if i said 'yes' then he asked me to bring him there...k*nt*i lor. After that, that guy just walked off and i stayed in the shop happily ever after.

Oh yeah yeah, while i serving that weird customer, i saw this bald white was running outside the shop a few times. He looks like got chase by loan sharks. After the weird customer went off not long ago, this bald white man run into the shop and asked for Birthday cards. So i showed him all the cards that we are selling. He was just in a hurry and he randomly took one of the card without looking at the price. So he took a card set which consist of 2 6x6 cards with envelopes and it cost 12 bucks!!! So when i was writing the receipt then he only realize there are 2 cards in it and he started to write the card. He was searching for pen and he even search my pencil case for the suitable pen for him to write on it. In the end, the whole table was in a mess la...fine, forgive him. But i was wondering what's wrong with him? Do he have to be that rush? His hand was shaking while writing the card and eventually he dumped 1 of the card that he thinks that his writing was ugly (with pencil). So there goes his 6 bucks. After he done with his second attempt, he left in relief but still in a hurry. So i checked out what he wrote in his first attempt, and it written like this ' Dearest Jaan, *an ugly smiley face*, You make me very happy. Have a great Birthday. Lots of Love Your Father' Then i only realize that card is for the daughter....But, but, but....why in a rush? Ahahaha....gotcha si botak....must be forgot about your own daughter's Birthday!!! haha. I wonder what will my children do in the future if i am like that botak....hmmmm. Actually i have the picture of the card but my cable is with SOMEONE (To the one who got my cable, I want my cable back!!!!).

Okay, enough for today........

Now, the remaining part of my post is a real life story i heard from a friend in UK. You people are refrain to continue to read my post if u think u are not open enough. It's 18 SX and i know most of my readers are 18 and above. adverse action will be taken against you if u choose to opt out form reading this post....huahuaha.

So...wanna ask u what comes into your mind when i mention the word 'desperate'?

Are guys who go clubbing because they want to hit on a girl and get a one night stand consider as desperate?

Or a girl put a tag on herself and written 'come and get me'. Is this consider desperate to u?

Tell you guys what is call desperate.

This a story where my friend told me few days back when we were yum cha-ing in Murni.

It happened last December where one of my best friend, Alex from Aussie went over to UK to visit another of my best friend, Christian. i will just use their initial for this story. So, if u were my friend C obviously u feel touched rite? And obviously u will spend ur time with A. So C spent alot of time bringing A to visit places in UK. So one day, they took a train and stopped at Victoria Station. Both of them were darn hungry at that time so they decided to eat in some cafe nearby. After they sat down and ordered their foods, C felt something wrong with his stomach. Basically he was having stomach ache he excuse himself and ran to the toilet in Victoria Station.

So he rush into the toilet and faster do his business la. So i guess he was playing with his phone while doing his business. The toilet was so quiet and i think the whole toilet can heard the sound of bombs away. Hehe...exaggerate abit here. So back to the story. Then, there is this guy rushed in to the toilet and ran into one of the cubical which was right beside C's. That guy was even worst than C, he very 'business minded' la...all he thinks was his 'business' time is money for him he ran into the cubical and slam the door. C was shocked and stoned for a while. Then, a magazine drooped to the floor and C had a glimpse through the gap of each cubical. Guess what he saw? Yeah, it's a magazine...but it's a porn magazine. OMG.....

Then....guess what C saw?

See for yourself.

Ignore the's from C's hp. So it's a 3gp format and i have to download the trial version of converter to convert it to share with u guys.

So i guess that shadow tells what 'business' is tht guy doin. Don't pretend Innocent, i know u know. You are old enough to know Birds and Bees. =P

So ur answer still the same with the 2 questions i asked above?

P/S: Although i don't think u, Chris will read my blog or maybe once in a blue moon...The gap is not for u to take video of's for people to pass the tissue to the next

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today is not April Fool's Day for fact, today is April Fooling Me Day.....Why i said so? because for the first time Futsal have been torturing me so much. Ah, in other word, today is Futsal Marathon Day for me.

So the first session of Futsal started at 11 which was with my coursemates. It was fun, everyone was slumber and just trying to enjoy the game. It's a one hour game, and it's still alright for me. Just that my left ankle are kinda pain...but i already get used to it since it's a long term injury of mine. Only if Darryl brought his camera, i should had posted some pictures of it. But too bad.

After futsal, went to have lunch with Boon Leng and Jeff before heading home to have some rest. But it was already quite late for me to have a nice shower and rest. When i reached home it's already 3 o'clock and i have another futsal session at 4. So i decided not to shower and have a quick rest, had a quick nap with the stinky odor. But i overslept, and my friend Christian was waiting for me outside my hse. I'm sorry, my bad. The second session was really tiring. Everyone was like so good and u can't affort to slumber and not to mentioned, it's a 2 hour non-stop session. The game was quite tension where there are a few scenes that people could just start upa fight. So, seeing everyone was playing so good, i have to buck up myself la. So i went gung ho all the way. In the end, i end up injuring my left wrist which was injured 2 weeks ago, my left hip and also my long term injury which was my left ankle cameback. After that futsal, i was already half dead.

So now u know why i said today it's April Fooling Me Day. It suppose that i wanna take these few days off for some rest after the past few hectic weeks. But i end up injuring myself although it's not some major injury. Sigh......But it was fun doin what i like to do la =)

Happy April Not Fooling You Day to all of u!!!!