Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Touch My Body






U think i simply put songs for nothing?

The other dude is called Kalat which really irritates me when he started to sing that song.

The 2 dudes keep singing this song to me.....argh!!!! So annoying!!!! Exactly like the video!!!! *puke & puke & puke*

Geez, i guess i better 'touch' their body in order to stop them from frustrating me.


*Anyway, anyone who has this CD from Rock Corner, plz let me know ok? This is the album i mentioned in my previous post. *

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bpsych Futsal Tournament

It's the first time i actually went for a tournament since joining Bpsych. Our team, Action Potential did a great job in it. Everyone in the team and outside the court that cheering for us was fantastic. Bravo everyone although we didn't really won the champion and turn out to be the runner-up but the fun that we had throughout the whole tournament definitely worth more than that. Overall, i am very happy with the outcome. =)

Talk about the journey to final. It seems like we did very well till the very last game.We won all 3 games in the A group stage and scored the most and all 3 clean sheets. Maybe it was because of the draw that we got, but we definitely did not chill out the whole group stage although we said to ourself to save energy. 3-0, 2-0 & 1-0 is the score. Not being Action here, but yeah, got potential mar.

Then we were qualified for the quarter finals and we played against the last team of Group B. We won again with another clean sheet by Ben, 3-0 is the score.

Off to the next round, semi-finals. At least some challenging team to play against. And finally we have concede a goal and we were 1-0 down. But our never give up spirit fought us back to a 3-1 score. Well done lads. Everyone was very excited after the game. Even some of them didn't even realize that we are playin in the finals and still think that we are still in the group stage or quarters.

Finals. We were playing as an underdog. Did not bad actually. I think it's just because that the opponent has the Dean in their team and there's the privilege. =P FAE!!!!! We lost in the end by 3 goals to 1. Thought we could fought back when we equalized (and it's before the Dean enter the court) but time doesn't allow us to do so. But in the end, they were the champion and we enjoyed our every bits. So both teams are winners.

Thank you list.
The Action Potential players:
Jeffrey, did what u had always did. Scored 5 goals throughout the tourney. Made lots of running and all your strategy plan worked out well. Thumbs up for u.
Edmund, another friend who scored 5 goals throughout the tourney. And come to think of it, u scored most of the important goals. Well done.
Kevin, u are crazy today. Why i don't see this performance while we used to play futsal? Somemore got flicks and scored a beauty. Nice one pal.
Darryl, though u did not score a goal, but ur botak probably gave us luck after kissing it. But u did well enough today, with all the runnings and attempts. Good job and sorry bout the finals.
Ben, what can i say? finally found an excellent keeper. 1 word for u, geng!
Betsy, being the only female player in the team, u definitely made other male players crying during the tourney *coughFabiocough*. I can see the determination of urs where u wanna try to shoot better and u force urself eventhough u sprained ur ankle. Very good. Plz consider to play with Pek Wah and Lalitha they all for Bpsych

Hau Ran, really thanks for coming to support us although u were quiet throughout the tourney but we can feel the support there.
Aili, whoa, dengue patient, very touched leh, just recovering and u came to support us. Thank you thank you.
Mandy, glad u came and feel honoured u came too coz u hardly come out with us and now u joined in the crowd and support us. Thanks.
Sharon, sorry bout the early wake up thing la. I really thank you for coming and somemore u didn't eat ur breakfast and lunch other than ur Bites. Oh yeah, thanks for ur Bites, i was actually quite hungry that time or maybe it's butterflies in the stomach.
MingShiu, u betrayed ur papa! But thanks for supporting my team in the finals but Dr.Goh. And u looks darn funny while u kena yellow card...haha. You should be proud of urself to be the first player who kena yellow card.haha.
Ivy, u also got wor. Thanks for the good luck sms.

You peoples are incredible! =)

*pic will upload soon once i got it from Darryl.

Signing off with a very happy mood but a mild headache due to overdo of headers today.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Forgot to blog about this earlier and never intended to do an editing on the previous post, so might as well i just do a 2nd post.

Today there are 2 winners that i have to congratulate.

The first one will be the non-of-my-business, Manchester United who won the European Champions League. Well done United although this words seldom come out from me. But yea, they said it's luck, but win means a win. So Chelsea, you suckers got served. Nice one Didier Drogba and John Terry. hahahaha.

This is highlight of the game. They said there are always consequences for stupidity. And this shows it all. It all started with this pic.

Apparently the black fella in Blue shirt (Drogba aka the diver) had some words with the guy in 15 (Vidic) and he slapped Vidic with the referee right behind him.


Then, every Blue shirt's Chelshit join in the fight and tried to be macho. So it's push here push there. And it leads to the next pic.

In the end, that black guy (Dogba) was sent off, red carded, 1 man down for Chelshit, 10 Chelshit vs 11 United. Kantoi la.

So these pics leads to the next pic.

Man Utd won the Cup.

And sad John Terry and the gaffer cried very manly in the end. With Fergie enjoying the view.

Consequence of stupidity!

The second one that i would congratulate will be non other than David Cook, season 7's American Idol winner. He beat David Archuleta by 12 mils votes...woot! But yea, both Davids were bravo. One of the best finale! And i am still addicted to Cook's Always Be My Baby.

That's about it for today. For real this time. =)

vocab learner

Geez....APFT is not really doin well.

Hmm....i would say my performance is very inconsistant. How la? How would i know whether if my form will be back on Sunday or not? Jeff hurt his leg again and his toe is not doing very well either, hopefully it's not a serious one. Whole team very unorganized. Our Action Potential Futsal Team needs EPST now la...only biopsych students know this...let me rephrase, only biopsych students who pay attention in lecture or did revision =)

But on the bright side, the rest is doin fine. Edmund with his as usual strength and accuracy. Kevin and Darryl are improving and i am not so worry bout the defence although we are still kinda lack of defending. Betsy works very hard to improve her technique and it works....hmm, wonder who's the master of hers...*grins*. Ben, first time playin with him and he is awesome, safe hands in between the post.

Argh, dunno why i have this kiasu spirit la. Have been playing for so many tourneys and i always have this win-or-lose-also-fine attitude. But dunno why i wanted to win this so badly although i don't even know how good is other teams. Sigh, hope luck is on us la.

Enough. Okay, good news, today i learnt a new vocab. Whoa, u definitely will love it.

the vocab is......


meaning = ecstasy.

So next time if u wanna buy ecstasy pills, u don't have to be worry to be caught by the police. U can even do the business infront of them. It's business world anyway.

All u need to do is to tell the seller 'can i have some Methylenedioxymethamphetamine?' Confirm safe =)

Horn signing off here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Three things.

Firstly, sorry Sharon that i ffk u this morning. My bad. But at least i helped u to earn back your 1 buck =P

Second, visited the Dengue patient today. Reminds me of what i had gone through 3 years back. But not as serious as hers. But yea, thank God that i am still alive =). Get well soon, Dengue patient.

Third, thanks alot Jeff. Now at least i know something for our Biopsych instead of zero. I am not saying Dr. Hera is not good, she is very good in fact, just that i am not good, coz i always fall asleep in her class....zzz, my bad again. But Jeff, thanks for ur aura....dunno what kinda aura is it but i did learn something. Hope this could help u to recall what u had learnt too. Now i should learn how to go to your house ; )

So long for now. Horn signing off with a question in his head 'should i watch tonite's Champions League final?'

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Running out of inspiration lately. Really have nothing much to blog about. So i might as well just share this 2 new songs i found out very catchy. MUZ LISTEN!!!!

3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time

3 Doors Down haven't been coming out new songs for so long and yet they did not disappointed us with this great hit. Worth listening.

Next will be Switchfoot's This is Home. Once again, Switchfoot's masterpiece never fail to disappointed us. Another very nice soundtrack from them again, don't mention about A Walk to Remember. It's a soundtrack of Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Geez, i heard it's a very nice show but yet i haven't watch it. Seriously have to watch it before time doesn't allow me to do so soon. But, i haven't even watch the 1st Narnia, is there any sequence??? =(

Okay peepz, i wanna introduce you a few people who are very action but potential. These bunch of people are:

Betsy Yeo Wai Li

Kevin Saw Weng Leong

Edmund Law Wai Ping

Darryl Sien Yiu Ming


Jeffrey Gan Min Chieh

Michael Wan Chee Horn

Why these people are so action but potential?


They are from the Action Potential Futsal Team!!!! Action leh!!!! But wait, they could afford to be action because they have potential!!!! Hahaha =P

Hope u guys could drop by this Sunday 25th of May in SportsCity PJ 1pm to see us in action and prove you all that we have potential to win it!!!! Come ya!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

100th and still counting on

Aloha....have been waiting for me to update rite? sorry la...didn't want to blog la...for what reason? the bloody maths la....62 + 37...u add it up's 99!!!! meaning, it's my 100th post since i started to blog!!!! that's why la...saving the best for my 100th, and also nothing much to update about other than my sucky result and my futsal life.

Man...what can i say? reaching 100th post huh? never really expect this from me cuz i never love writing....but...hmm....this is maybe that why But well, i could include bloggin into my interest list....and i am lovin it. From my very first post, i had said that the main purpose i blog is to share every little bit of my life. Had been bloggin bout my daily life, my thoughts, my expression either anger or emo, songs and movie promo, lame jokes, football and counting on. It's been great to share my stuff with u guys and hope that you do share some of ur stuffs with me too.

So why i love bloggin other than the purpose of sharing stuffs? i guess it's pretty much a releasing stress activity for me. Yeah, sometimes i do blog just to release or express out what i am feeling inside of me that i don't really get to find anyone to turn to. Yupe, it's called attention seeking, but at least i will feel relieved in the end....that's for times. It's not easy or fun to keep everything by yourself tho. Anyway, which blogger is not trying to gain attention through bloggin? If u dare to tell me that.

Yeah, so far i am glad with my blog. So far so good i would say. The spirit is still there. And i will keep up with my work and hopefully to improve my writing skills as well. Well, so far, there are a few posts that are quite well response.'s just a few, the rest are plain crap! The few that i mentioned here are 'Thank You', 'Insomnia', 'Tanzania', 'Lucid Dream', 'Yiruma song promo', 'Backup Plan', 'My Valentine', 'Happiness' and 'Life'. But i will work harder and hopefully i could have enough inspirations to post a nice one in the future. Guess i need some star glazing session....haha.


Back to today, i have spent my whole noon and evening in The Curve today. 20% in Borders, 50% in flee market, 20% in Pizza Hut and 10% for shopping....i mean window shopping =( But i really found a few items that caught my eye in the flee market la, guess i should go back there next week with cash on. Today's 'walking ATM machine' seems broke down, no matter how i press also no money coming out.

So, while the girls of my house went to Body Shop to grab something, i went in to Rock Corner to have a look. And they are playin the same CD i heard back in BV's outlet few weeks back. Few weeks back i already got attracted by that album and today kena 'suduced' again. Really wanted to buy tht album but bo lui (it's no money, not no girl) and it cost 50 bucks!!!! The worst is, it's a compilation by Rock Corner itself, so u won't be able to download it, also doubt u could find it in Pasar Malam....sigh. So, i beg any of u who have this dunno what love song album, which is red in colour and with a few asians' song in it, plz borrow me or burn me a copy okay? If u love me alot, then just get me that album only la....i would appreciate it alot. =D

Oh yeah, Malaysia finally came out with a replacement for their Perodua Kembara. Now it's called Perodua Nautica.....chehwah, sound class-nya. Nautica wei, don't play play wei...not cheap wei their shirt, so don't expect this will be cheap too. But it's nice la. At least Malaysia finally came up with a nice car la. Interior i dunno la, but from exterior, it looks classy la. I would buy tho. And i showed it to a friend of mine and he said it's a darn replica of RAV4, but what u expect la? Malaysia cars are always replicas of others. It's just cut and paste.

How i wish i could be an automotive engineer in Malaysia, as long Proton and Perodua is secure. All i have to do is, 3 steps. 1st: Find all the pictures of every car model. 2nd: Cut out the parts from different cars. 3rd: Paste every single part and match it, then hand it in for approval. So Wala, a brand new car in Malaysia. Not Proton Savvy but Proton Horny. Not Perodua Nautica but Perodua Mikeyka. haha.

So long for now. Have a great day ahead. =)

P/S: Get well soon Aili. And Sharon as well

Monday, May 12, 2008


Ever thought of what's gonna happen to you in the next minute? Some might be, or even thinking of it all the time, but some don't even bother about it, if die in the next minute then die la, no big deal. Well, life is really unpredictable, you really don't know what u gonna get in the next minute, eventhough u think of it or u are not bothered by it.

I am not having any problems here, just that i had watched this movie called 'The Bucket List' few days ago and it's seriously a very inspirational show. It's staring two old folks, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I shall not tell u the story here unless u are not interested to watch the movie then u can msn me about the story. It's a comedic drama kinda show and rated this show 7.7/10. And it suppose to be showing in Malaysia few months back but for unknown reason, they did not show it or they just postponed it, i really have no idea.

Well, after i watching that show, it just suddenly have this inspiration pop up in my mind which is about life. If u do realize, people don't really appreciate their life until they are so close to hellgate. For instance, Mat Rempits won't stop rempiting until they were hit down by some vehicles. Smokers won't stop smoking until the doctors officially announce that their lungs are black. Or the most related to most of us, students don't study hard until they fail certain subjects. Well, the examples only applied to certain peoples. Of course there are peoples prefer to rempit all the way to find the God of death, being a chimney all their life and also there are students are proud for having 'red' colours for their results. Get a life people!

After that show, i really have this idea that what if people pretend that they are a cancer patient and they still have few more months of life. Isn't this way will implicit one's appreciation on their own life. Just like what i said earlier, the closer to death, the more u will appreciate your life. Maybe cancer patient is just too much. But well, my point is, do whatever u feel like doing to perfect your life. Don't regret on what u did on the last breathe of your life. And also appreaciate every moment, everyone and everything you got around you. Once ur time is up, these will be the history and u can't change it anymore. Just like you wanna buy a darn expensive Raoul shirt which left the last piece, if you think you choose the right shirt, the one that suits u the best, pay for it. At least when next time when u wear it and take photos with your friends, people praise you have good taste in clothing. Now, at least u won't regret of buying it although it's darn expensive and u know that u appreciate that chance to grab that nice shirt, who knows maybe if u don't grab it, the one that u dislike the most baught that shirt. And next time if that shirt is out of fashion, at least u could tell ur children or grandchild that u wore one of the hottest fashion shirt before.

People always said that they want a happy life. What's happy life? Happy life seems so abstract. It's the matter how you make your life a happy one. What you could do to make you a happy person. It's not about saying but not doing. If u said u wanna bring joy to others but u are just waiting something happen to u and makes people feel happy about it, how long u could wait? If u are lucky enough, yeah, probably something nice will happen to u without u doing anything. But what if u are not that lucky ones? wait till u die and make your enemy feels happy? that's what bring joy to one's life for u? Hence, go do whatever u need to do to make ur life a fruitful one. If u think that if u ever go skydiving once in ur lifetime, that could make u be the happiest person in the world, go for it then. If u think that you wanna go for a serious relationship with the one that u have been in crush since ur childhood, go for it then. As long u think u made a right choice, whatever circumstances that are trying to stop u from reaching your goal of ur life is not a big deal i guess.

Life is seriously not easy.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


My leg is darn numb rite now. 8 hours of standing and 2 consecutive days of Futsal causes this consequence. I guess i need a pile of hot water to dip for my precious leg or else i gonna lose my leg by tmr. And luckily tmr's jogging session had been postponed, Ha, Alison, this is another reason i ask for it to be postpone. =P

Well, today's work was sucky, as usual. Hate it when there are not much sales and working with some lansi colleague. U think u know best huh? If you really does, how on earth u still end up here with a college student huh? SH. Go back to school la old man. Ahh, feeling better after typing this although i won't be seeing him anymore. Okay, not all colleague are that bad la. There is this Malay girl was darn nice. Although she is very blur but she at least offer to help out. An most importantly, she does do work, not lazy like the rest. Good work Ida and hope u naik pangkat soon. Anyway, i still hate promoter jobs, not my type of job, just because of the $$$ or else i swear i die also don't wanna work this kinda job anymore.

Enough of my pathetic job. Recall back on my last weekdays and geezzzz....i realize i have been playin way too much Futsal this holiday, especially for the past 2 days. But, yesterday's futsal was something special. Heard of swimming in a house? of course....Hmm, heard of Futsal court in a house? never expect this will happen huh. If u do so, plz forgive me la...poor ppl mar. Yeah, basically i had been invited by Afandi for a friendly game with his team in his team-mate's house. Yea, i did not type wrongly, it's really "team-mate's house". Darn, the futsal court is already bigger than my house, what else bout the actual house that he stays? U go imagine how big is it la. Anyway, according to Afandi, that house is belongs to previous Minister of Tourism's house. In the end, It was fun and quite happy with my performance too.

Talking about big houses. I remember this real life joke about my friends back in HMC. It happened 2 years ago where Arun invited me, Kumaran and Leon to his house to play pool. So before we went to his house, we were talking bout his house should be damn big. Anyway, he can afford a pool room, so what u expect? Then he was being humble and told us that nah, it's very small. Fine, after college, we followed him back to his house. Right outside his house, we already could see the huge building. So, we couldn't tahan and told him, 'dude, you call your house small? What about ours? Dog house huh?' He was speechless and just gave us a smile. Well, he is one humble rich kid, which is good. So this joke was quite a hot topic among the gang until the day. The day where we are too semangat to play basketball under the hot sun while waiting for our LAN class. We were sweating like Spongebob (Lame...suppose to be Sponge). So Ka Zhen invited us to his house which is very near to college to take a shower before coming back for our LAN class. Once we reached his house, we were all amazed with that gigantic building. And the always-so-serious Arun sounded, 'I think i stay in a dog house' Everyone was laughing. Then the black-white-black trio being sarcastic and sounded Arun back, 'dei, now u are saying that we stay in a kennel?'. Then everyone was like laughing like nobody's business. Ish, those were the days.

Sharon, bring ur girls along to jog in Kenny Hills la =)

Alright, my hot water is ready, Good day peeps.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Always be My Baby

Listen to both songs. Let me know which version u prefer? I personally love David Cook's. What's ur choice?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today is the most important day of my love. Without this significant day, I don't know where i would end up now. Without her, i won't be the Michael today. She is the one that grow with me. She is the one that supports me whenever i need someone. She supports me physically. She supports me emotionally. She supports me mentally. She supports me psychologically. She is the one that always there for me. She is the one who cover my mistakes. She is the one pointed my weaknesses. She is also the one that built my strengths. She is the one that knows me best. She is the one that i could not live without. She is my guardian. She is my angel. She is my lovely mom.

*Happy 50th Birthday, Mom. Love you lots.*

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Go Yellow

Aiks, 2nd post of the day. Didn't really want to do this but i really really wanna show u this. My friend from the States got himself a pair of sneakers. Check out the sneakers and also the box!!!!! fulamak!!! Classic.


Music intro again. I just finished download Gavin DeGraw's latest album called Gavin DeGraw and i had listen all the songs. It's excellent!!! highly recommended by me. Hear for urself.


Colbie Caillat - Realize

I don't know why, but have been listening to this song recently and it keep playing in my mind repeatedly. But yea, it's a good song. Some of u might think it's country music, it's boring. But it's one of the music that makes you feel good especially you are driving alone. Come to think of it, Colbie Caillat does produce some nice songs for driving. For instance, Bubbly. If i have a chance, i hope she sits in my car everytime i drive. =)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Football Fever

Football season is coming to an end and it's football's peak season now.....every league seems to be so interesting. So i am gonna post about football and some random pics that i took. Sorry for those not-so-fancy football readers. =)

Start off with English Premier League. This year's EPL is one of the most exciting season since 98/99 where the year Man Utd won the treble. Both top 2 teams (Man Utd and Chelsea) fighting for the title while 4 teams (Birmingham, Reading, Fulham and Bolton) are fighting from relegation. And the decider will be all on the very last game here. That's mean there wil be 6 'finals' in the last day of EPL...wooo, nice. This season of EPL are just fantastic although Liverpool did not manage to win anything this season. Every english team was great. Starting of the season, it seems that Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle are convincing enough to win the title. Arsenal faught all the way on the top of the table throughout most of the time. They nearly be the youngest team to win the Premier League but just lack of form in the final few games and now the end up in third place unless Chelsea lost both of their remanining games. There are a few teams that improved in this season. Tottenham, did not perform as well as last season but they won the League Cup and i see bright future for Spurs. Portsmouth, a team that i think improved alot. FA Cup finalist, although i hope Cardiff City could win the FA Cup, and they beat Liverpool in Asia Premier League if u do rmb.

*current standing
1. Man Utd----------84
2. Chelsea-----------81 (1 game in hand)

16. Bolton------------36
17. Fulham-----------33 (goal difference)
18. Reading----------33
19. Birmingham-----32
20. Derby-------------11

(What i hope it will be: Man Utd win the title [coz i am an anti-chelsea fan] and the bottom 5 stay this way. =P)

Now, to a lower league. The English Championship, formally known as Division 1. West Brom faught back to EPL, same goes to Stoke City. Now it's up to Hull City, Bristol City, Crystal Palace and Watford to decide who is the last time to be in EPL next season. But in my opinion, i hope Hull City could do it, coz of Jay Jay Okocha!!!! =)

Enough of English, now Italy Serie A. Almost similiar with EPL, it's either Inter Milan or AS Roma to win the title. But Inter has the advantage in hand. Both team are just 3 points difference. If AS Roma win both remaining games and Inter Milan drop points in the remaining 2 games, then title will hand to AS Roma. Juventus is steadily sit in 3rd spot while Fiorentina and AC Milan will have to fight for the last champions league spot. Wait, Udinese also might have the chance to join Milan and Fiorentina. I don't really follow other leagues compare with EPL, but i do had a glimpse on their standing once a while.

*current standing:
1. Inter Milan---------------81
2. AS Roma------------------78
3. Juventus------------------70
4. AC Milan------------------61
5. Fiorentina-----------------60
6. Udinese--------------------57

Moving on to Espana, Spain's La Liga. Spain is not as interesting as others. Pretty obvious that Real Madrid is goin to win the title this season. Barcelona has been losing points like no one's business which really pissed me coz i really hope they could win the La Liga. But now they might end in 3rd spot instead of 2nd or even the title. Villareal was unexpected challenger, they didn't really performed well past 1 or 2 season. And it's just so sudden that they had overtake far. But shocking of the season will be Valencia. Valencia, 2 times champions league finalist for the past few seasons, La Liga holder few years back, and King's Cup champions for this season and now they might be relegated. I really hope they will not coz i am a fan of them too, hope they could stay in La Liga and comeback for next season.

*current standing:
1. Real Madrid---------------78
2. Villarreal-------------------68
3. Barcelona------------------64
4. Atletico Madrid-----------58

15. Valencia-------------------42
16. Real Zaragoza------------41
17. Osasuna-------------------40
18. Recretivo Huelva--------40
19. Murcia---------------------30

Now, Deutschland aka Germany Bundesliga. Bundesliga always have been the most boring league in my opinion, there are less challenging compare with other leagues. So i also didn't bother much. Whoever win the title is non of my business ( relate my fart business =P). But anyway, still gonna blog about it or else u ppl say i am bias. Yea, yea...Bayern Munich won it again. Bremen, Schalke 04 , Hamburg and Stuttgart unable to chase Bayern this season. Nvm la, since Bayern are so pity last season. But have to give credit to Bayern this season, nah, i think i change to word Bayern to Toni and Ribery. Without both of them, Bayern are nothing for this season.

*current standing:
1. Bayern Munich---------------67
2. Werder Bremen--------------57
3. Schalke 04---------------------55
4. Hamburg SV ------------------51
5. Vfb Stuttgart-------------------51
6. Leverkusen--------------------48
7. Wolfsburg----------------------45

France Ligue 1, 2 horse race with the remaining 2 games. Lyon leading with 2 points ahead of Bordeaux. The only interesting thing about Ligue 1 for this season will be Paris St Germain. Paris St Germain used to be league title and a very strong team in Europe. They used to produced alot of star players BUT now they are same as Valencia of Spain, relegation battle!!! Anf they are more severe than Valencia, they are like 70% goin to be relegated. look at the current table and u will be shock.

*current standing:
1. Lyon--------------------73
2. Bordeaux--------------71
3. Nancy------------------60

14. Monaco--------------44
15. Auxerre--------------44
16. Toulouse------------39
17. Lens------------------39
18. Paris St Germain--39
19. Strasbourg----------35
(note: 14th to 18th used to be on the top side of French League.)

Back to Brittain. Scottish Premier League. It's Celtic and Rangers' league i could say. Both team have been dominating the top 2 spot of Scottish League consistently since N years ago. So, it's also consider as one of those boring league. And if u do notice, there are alot of EPL rejects went to play in Scotland, so this could tell how's the standard la. As for this season, both Celtic and Rangers are still there chasing each other. Celtic is leading with 7 points ahead of Rangers but Rangers have 3 games in hand due to their hard work to UEFA Cup Final. If Rangers grab all full points, they will overtake Celtic and ahead of them by 2 points.

*current standing:
1. Celtic-------------------83 (played 36 games)
2. Rangers----------------76 (played 33 games)

The remaining leagues will be Dutch Eredivisie and Portugal National Liga. PSV Eindhoven most likely to win the Dutch League, but there are still hope for Ajax where it's only 3 points difference. Portugese League, obviously Porto crowned as the winner, it's up to Sporting Lisbon, Benfica and Vitoria SC to chase for the 2nd spot.

As for Champions League, it will be All-English team final. It's Man Utd and Chelsea again. But on that night, i will have a one night stand with Man Utd. Just one night.=)


Now, random pics that i found from today's The Star. Hope it might cheer up some of u. And hope those not-so-fancy-bout- football readers could forgive me for the long long football language post. =)

This is the proper way to smile...everyone follow!

Obese Monkey

Look at the expression, u feel how tasty is that donut?

One day...gimme one day, i will be staying here.

Before i leave, i also wanna send my condolence to Betsy. If u ppl do read this, hope u are paying a tribute to Pebbles and silent for a minute. Don't be too sad yea, Betz. Pebbles will be fine up there. R.I.P Pebbles.

And also R.I.P my grand-aunty from Singapore.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I swear i gotta enjoy my whole coming weekdays. I swear.

Dammit, what's wrong with this holidays? it sucks!!! it really does. Problems are just flooding in everywhere. So many victims out there are being attacked by this 'tsunami'. It's just so by days, problems are just everywhere. Where can i find a place without problem? Let me rephrase, where can we find a place without any problems? Probably we could be as longevity as a turtle if we ever found tht place. How i wish. But yeah, fellow victims...stay strong yea. I don't have to name it here, u know who u ppl are.

My previous post could pretty much tell how's my life lately if u ever notice the length.....1 word.


Sigh. Fark this holiday.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kevin, i salute u.

Sharon, i feel for u.

Whimsical Article, i love u.

It's 2 minutes before the big game of the least for my all time favourite Liverpool. Seriously hope that they could win tonite. I am sacrificing my sleeping time here for this game and it better not a disappointing night. YNWA!

Lately, i just don't like to stay at home. No, there are no family problem or neither any sibling fights. I just feel so darn bored staying at home. In addition, staying at home and rot at home just giving me more time to think. However what i had said was quite a discrepancy. When people asked me out, somehow i don't feel like going out anymore. I don't even know what i want now. dammit.

I think since the whole holiday, yesterday was the most boring day i ever had. The whole day, i could say that i only did 3 things. 3 damn things for the whole day! First, i watched Juno after i woke up. Then spent the whole afternoon listening to my self chosen mp3s but fall asleep in the middle. I literally did nothing but listening to music. Then, went out with Kev at night. See the 3 darn things, how pathetic is it.

As for today, i gonna work the whole day. Hopefully it's not a bored one and hopefully it could keep my mind off. Will blog about it if any interesting things happen later.

Damn, the game is getting very tension...and Riise is taking a free kick outside the penalty box now. Chance...chance!!! Ciaoz ppl. YNWA again