Monday, June 30, 2008

Where to start for this post?

Rewind it to yesterday night la. I was chatting around in msn and Sharon interupted and asked me for a date her since it's her birthday today. Being mean me, i straight away turn her down....ouch! But...but....wait, on. - to be continue -

After that, went in to the room and look see look see on my textbook and off to the big game. Chris, Xiong and Ming was late because they were watching Vantage Point till they forgot bout the time. And while i called them bout it, the TV already showing the teams' anthem. So, once Chris picked me up and we go to Centrepoint in BU to meet up with other kaki bolas. We missed out the first 10 minutes of the game but luckily it's still scoreless. When we reached Banana Leaf Restaurant, fulamak....the crowd was crazy!!! I estimate at least 300 to 400 football freaks were there. There were ppl with red (Spain) and also in white (Germany), as for me, of course i am in my Liverpool kit which somehow could relate it to Spain. So the atmosphere was there, perfect. The game was awesome, very lively game, and the outcome was even fabulous. Spain beat Germany in the end with the score of 1-0, and of course, Fernando Torres was once again the hero for the big game. Everything was thumbs up, the only drawbacks will be sitting beside a guy who was a chimney, not to mentioned he was sucking the cigarette that i hate the most, SK. Another drawback will be, on the way home to Bandar Sri Damansara and Bangsar, it's full of Mat Rempits in the streets, and embarrassingly, they were rempiting with Spain's flag. Never see them to be so patriotic for our own country. So basically, the monday started with something good. Viva Espana!!!

The champs

The hero of the night - Fernando Torres (LIVERPOOL)

Aww, sorry germans, maybe next one...not =P

Viva Espana!!!

After the game, head home and straight away i fall into my bed. Slept until this morning. Woke up and had a quick bath and off to MidValley. Okay, back to the story where Sharon asked me to 'date' her today. I rejected her because it suppose to be a surprise celebration for her and i am part of the plan. So i conned her that someone already dated me and she was too late for it. See, i am not so mean after all rite??? So everyone was in Sushi King and waited for the arrival of the Birthday Girl. But dang, she already suspected something is goin on before we gave her a real shock. But yea, she was super happy, even she was assigned with assignment by Dr Ong Wei Wen.

After lunch, Priscilla brought in Birthday cake and we all sang the Bday song for her as loud as possible. Every customer in Sushi King were looking at us. As usual, she made her wish, blow the candles and cut the cake. Few minutes later, Priscilla brought in another cake. In my mind, i was thinking, wth, another cake? misunderstood or what? thought that Kev assigned me the task the get the cake, but why someone bought another cake again? So i had been conformed and i sang along too. And i HELPED TO CLEAR OFF THE PLATES IN FRONT OF SHARON SO THAT THE CAKE CAN PUT RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. But, something wasn't right because no matter how i clear off the plates in front of her, Aili just gonna put it back the mess. Ok la, fine...and i still continue to sing the birthday song when the cake was located in the middle of the table. But somehow in the middle of the song, everyone changed the lyrics into "Happy Birthday to Michael", i was shocked. So i looked at the cake and i saw my name!!!! touched u know? It's actually another surprise celebration for my birthday as well.

Geez, i never had any surprise birthday celebration in my 21 years minus 4 days lor. I gotta say u people are just awesome!!!! This sweet memory surely gonna kept in heart forever. I promise this for sure. I didn't know i have friends with such creative. Put me into the plan to con Sharon but padahal i was being conned too. Ha, psychologist!!! Wait, i guess i gotta list down everyone's name so that next time u all can test on me whether i got break my promise onot. So the friends i mentioned here are Aili, Betsy, Sharon, Mandy, Kevin, Boon Woei, Ivy, Priscilla, Wen, Sam, Min Huei and Ben the goalie. And yea, thanks Aili for coming up with all these.

Back to what we did after Sushi King. We went to watch Made of Honor. But while waiting for the movie which was about an hour, my very creative friends came up with something to kena the birthday girl and be-earlied birthday boy. Both of us were forced to wear the birthday cap (u know, the con lookalike cap with the word HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it) and walk around MidValley. U can imagine it's something like a parade with the king and queen on the street, with the birthday song surrounded on them....imagine urself. Then, we were brought to MidValley's CenterPoint, and we were surrounded by them in the middle of the mall and they sang birthday song once again. I am not testing ur imagination, but yea, u can imagine everyone in the mall, passerby, ppl from the top, ppl who work there, yeah, everyone, starring at u. The even syiok part was there are someone actually trying to take picture of us. Ahh....paiseh la....but it was fun. See...this is what u get when u have such creative friends. =)

At night, went to Aili's house for steambot for the dunno how many times per day celebration for Sharon and also Han Fong. Hang around there and chit chating around and tada...back home to continue my post.

So to sum up, it's been a very happy day for me. =)

I guess this post is way too wordy. Guess i gotta stop here....

But before that, gonna dedicate this remaining to the 2 birthday girls.

Firstly, Sharon Kong Kong Kong...take it as a present, i gave u a name. =). You had just turn 20 this year. I must say, u really had changed alot, in and out, since the first time i know u and i mean in positive way. It's really been my honor to have u as a friend, this is coming out from the bottom of my heart. So, Happy Birthday to the girl who came out with 'Go jump river la u', 'cilaka', and the girl who ask for handmade cards for her birthday and not to mentioned, the girl who can do the RM1 songkok trick.

Next, Happy Birthday Alison Woon Ming Shiu!!!! The girl who sat beside me during form 2. And of course the girl who shares quite alot of commonality with me =). Must be Cancer...must be. lol. Alright, happy birthday and happy 21st!!!! And thanks for the party the other night. Stay strong as u always did alrite? cheers!!!

Okay, time to sign off now. And it's time to listen to Piece of Love!!! =D

Oh yeah, i actually forgot to warn u that this will be a long wordy post. But nah nah....too late, by the time u see this, i bet u had at least read 70% of the post....hehe. Will upload some other photos bout today when i got it from Sharon. =)

Good Day!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spain's nite

It's another typical Sunday where i spent the whole day at home apart from dinner. Wait, spent the whole morning in my bed and spent the whole noon in the couch. How sad it could be? But well, sometimes it's nice to stay at home =)

Tonite it's the nite!!!! Hmm, i mean tmr's morning is the morning!!! It's the time where Euro comes to an end!!!! And hopefully it's Spain's nite!!!! And hopefully, Germany won't be as lucky as previous rounds.

Oh yeah, Horn is stucked in dilemma again...I was invited to form a team and participate in a futsal tourney next Sunday (6th of July). Was invited by my childhood kaki bola back in SMBB and according to him, it's a testimonial tournement for his uncle which i have no idea who is it. It's super tempting and getting players is not an issue at all. Although i kinda know that there are quite a few strong teams taking part in that tourney but still it's very tempting and i don't hope to miss out the chance. BUT, i will be having my finals on 7th of July!!!! which is the day after the tournement, also is the paper where i kinda screwed up big time for my mid term. Somemore i have been very excited bout this since long time ago until i found out the actual date yesterday. Cilaka la (Kong, 2008). Should i or shouldn't i????

As for now, time to study! =(

Friday, June 27, 2008

Quick Recap

Wednesday - Not in a very nice mood after receiving my Social Psych mid term result, kinda screwed up. But Get Smart and bowling get me slightly better. Btw, Anne Hathaway is hot!!!

Thursday - Visited the doc. Attended my very last lecture of the semester. Off to futsal with frens. Met Chris since April and things change in such a short period. Mamak and Euro 08 session at night...ehem, i mean morning, Spain won once again and ready to kick the german's ass this Sunday.

Friday - Replacement tutorial at 10 but i arrived at 10.30. Studied abit with Sharon and off to lunch with the rest. Joanna joined in while passed me the shop key. Went home for a short nap and off to work. Talked to supervisor and found out extra kaching next month. woo!

Thats about it for a quick recap for past few days.

Read Boon Woei's latest post where he claimed that he is a bad driver. But i guess i am not so ok driver after all. I did not check the temperature meter last Saturday and drove all the way back to my house from work with the meter in H (Hot). Got home...sssssss.....water leaking from the car and can feel the water is boiling in there too. There goes the car and no car to use for 3 days. Once i got back the car on Thursday, there goes my very first summon -__-. And today, i dunno it's my fault or that toot's fault. I was coming out from my parking slot and from far actually already can spot my car coming out. If u are a smart or pass ur license driver, u know that u need to slow down. But what the heck, this toot driving a CRV, speed up all the way and honked and cut me while i was about to drive my car off. Seriously a big toot!!! I was so angry with that toot and i did something unethical which i doubt that toot saw it. And somehow i got the urge to tailgate that toot. But of course didn't la, how a Saga get to chase a 4WD CRV? Also both of us went to different direction. Cis, let it be la. (anyway, u can subsitute any vulgar words that u had learnt so far with the word toot)

But, yeah...proven i am a bad driver. Muz learn, muz learn.

Before i stop, DAUGHTRY ON 26TH OF JULY!!!! AVRIL ON AUGUST!!!! Shit, money plz come to papa!!!

Alright, have a nice weekends.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Believe by Blessid Union of Souls

Walk blindly to the light and reach out for his hand

Don't ask any questions and don't try to understand

Open up your mind and then open up your heart

And you will see that you and me aren't very far apart'

Cause I believe that love is the answer

I believe that love will find the way

Violence is spread worldwide and there are families on the street

And we sell drugs to children now oh why can't we just see

That all we do is eliminate our future with the things we do today

Money is our incentive now so that makes it okay

But I believe that love is the answer

I believe that love will find the way

I believe that love is the answerI believe that love will find the way

I've been seeing Lisa now for a little over a year

She said she's never been so happy but Lisa lives in fear

That one day daddy's gonna find out she's in love

With a ****** from the streets

Oh how he would lose it then but she's still here with me'

Cause she believes that love will see it through

And one day he'll understand

And he'll see me as a person not just a black man'

Cause I believe that love is the answer

I believe that love will find the way

I believe I believe I believe I believe that love is the answer

I believe that love will find the way

Love will find the way

Love will find the way

Love will find the way

Please love find the way

Please love find the way

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ah Long

They said one should never borrow money from loan shark....

because you have to pay ur ass off to clear up all the debts....

and with the extra interest that making your life even screw up....

or else they will just come and bug ur life forever.....


I never listen....

I borrow my working time from the Sleep Ah Long (loan shark)....

It's only 2 days....

And i have to pay it off now.....

with the extra interest as well.....

If not it will be life threatening....

And i can die in 21.....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

About You Now

I always heard this song in The Curve's weekend flea market and i found it very nice. But i don't have the guts to go over to ask the DJ on the song title. And i don't remember hearing any of this track in the radio either. But just now was browsing through some website and what a coincidence, just by one click and Wala...found it! Quickly on my LimeWire and download it. See, this is what i have been doing while everyone is rushing for assignmentS. Michael O Michael!!!

Listen to light up ur own mood =)

About You Now - Sugababes

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jo, that's abit the 'kua jiong'!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Counselor Mike

A quick post!


Just had a conversation with my mom and she told me that Aunty Lee (her friend aka my ex-schoolmate's mom) visited her today.

She somehow calculated my future....Fuiyoh! According to her calculation which i have no idea how she calculated, my future career has to deal with person, more or less in the counseling field (don't laugh Kev & Sharon). So bingo! She said i picked up the right course! Somemore she said it would be even brighter if i could pursue spiritual or positive psychology...that would be even greater. From what my mother always followed (spiritual or positive psych), i already feel it's kinda deep. Being very shallow me, it's kinda scary *jaw dropping*

Anyway, i found it very interesting.....hmm.....spiritual psychologist.....hmm....Counselor Mike.....hmm.....interesting interesting

Ha....back to ASS....ass....ass....assignment. Geez, suddenly feel so happy to predict my future but talk about assignment, it's totally turn off.

Good Luck peeps!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wanted to blog yesterday but i dunno why i didn't...forgot? fingers can't move? blogspot not working? anything la....i just didn't blog yesterday.

Anyway, back to history abit. Yesterday = Father's Day. Wanted to wish him early in the morning but he was still sleeping. Well, don't wanna kacau him then. Then, mom was away to the market i guess. Meaning, no car to use. So i decided to walk to the sailors' house, it's only 15 minutes walk *wink to the sailor*. Anyway, yesterday was my 2nd attempt on sailing and it was racing day. Geez, sounds scary huh? But yea, newcomers luck. According to the pros, they hardly can win the other pros in the other boat, but eventually we came in 1st twice and 2nd once. So yalah, thts y they are happy.

Apart from that, finally get the chance to wish my dad after that. Went home, grab a shower and off to dinner. Went to The Ship in Uptown. They shown a huge banner saying 'Best steak in the town' outside their restaurant. It was ok la, but seems like i prefer San Fran Steakhouse's. But yea, The Ship just being The Ship. Overall, the food was nice but service kinda cacat coz the aunties who dressed up like sailor seriously need some manners class.

After dinner, i don't know why my parents suddenly feel so young. They suggested to go yumcha....what? Fine, there goes another part of my salary. What to do? they raise me up for this. So we brought him to Secret Recipe in Pusat Damansara. Reach there bout 9.30 and ordered our drinks. And what the heck! once our drink arrived, the waiter told us tht they gonna close shop early today and which will be 15 minutes from then. Crazy ar!! But we don't really bother bout that since i have the consumer's right and they suppose to close shop at 10.30 instead.

So that's pretty much how i spent my Sunday. Anyhow, Happy be-lated Father's Day to all the fathers out there.

As for today, it's juz another Monday where class starts at 8 and end at 10. Then, back to home and study abit with Jeff. And i found out that my social psych assignment kinda kantoi abit. Well, it's assignments, don't play play anymore.

20 journals in 7 days! Fark!

Pills pills pills = sleep sleep sleep = no journals reading = no assignments starting = fark fark fark

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Dang...haven't been feeling really well for the past few days. Physically and mentally.

Apart from futsal on thursday, everythings seems hmm....not nice. Futsal on thursday was fun, and it's quite a good workout after 3 weeks without exercises. And it's great that there are more ppl starting to pick up futsal, yes la, next time it's much more easier for me to organize 1.

But, after futsal, i get abit uneasy at night. Slightly fever. And my darn bloody throat has been sore. So, i sacrificed to see how Germany lost to Croatia that night =D.

The whole friday haven't been recovering from that night. Felt so light that day. Tried to start my assignment but was just too tired. The worst thing was, my physical already quite bad case, somemore got a bad news that made my mental even worst. Did damn bad in my mid term paper for biopsychology. Totally dissapointed with the score. totally! Somemore i can say that the paper was consider quite easy if u did study. And i feel that i could get better than what i got rite now. Sigh....'siong'. Guess i need hell lots of effort to buck up for my finals and assignment if i want a better score compare with my 1st semester. C'mon!

Recovered today but throat is still paining. Went to work. Curi tulang abit with Jo. Listen Jason Mraz. Met a new colleague, Naqib, very nice fella. Back home and rest.

Oh yeah, i have been staying with cavemen lately. My whole family have been 'fasting' lately. They haven't been eating other than fruit juice. And, they slept like dunno how many hours. Somemore, they don't watch TV, PC or radio or anything that have radiation. i kena scold when i on the TV in my parent's room =(. WTF. Well, this is part of the program that my mom learnt back in a health camp and since everyone is at home (sis got back from SG, younger sis is the most nothing-to-do at home, parents memang at home most of the time), she decided to torture her whole family (except me...tsktsktsk).

Alrite, gonna get my ass off here. So long and all the best in u ppl's coming week.

aite...before that, have a laugh on this.

Sharon says (9:49 PM):
Michael says (9:49 PM):
*wave back*

Sharon says (9:49 PM):

Michael says (9:49 PM):

Sharon says (9:50 PM):
the ceiling and fan!
Michael says (9:50 PM):
*thumbs up*

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How much sleep do we actually need?

6.5 to 7.5 hours!!!

According to this article that i read, it said that people who sleep less than 6.5 hours or more than 8 hours doesn't live as long as those who have 6.5- 7.5

Geez...that's scary. For me, either i sleep less than 6 hours (3 hours for due dates and examinaiton period) or more than 8 hours (10 hours when i am lifeless). Damn, i guess i need some change here.

Come to think of what Priscilla & Wen said during tutorial, Pris mentioned that 'Men are the head while women are the neck that supports the head'. But Wen said that 'Men are the head while women are the neck that always control the head'. Funny. Both of them got their point, but i think it depands on how the women it is. Every men of course would love that their spouse or partner to be the backbone of them. Who doesn't? Even women confirm will say YES to that. Anyway, relationship is all about reciprocal process. There is no such thing as who control who. If the men ever goin thru being control by the women, then i guess they are either blind or they are goin thru the statement of 'Love is blind and marriage open their eyes.' Correct me if i am wrong.

Enough for today. Enjoy my lunch in Sushi King today (darn long didn't eat jap food). And looking foward for tmr's Futsal session with the mates.

I guess for me, no music = no life.


Gracia España...Excellent start for the campaign. I hope it's just the start of it. Bravo Villa and livin la vida loca.!!!
Spain 4 - 1 Russia

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I give up!! I GIVE UP!!

bloody is not helping. Pics couldn't be uploaded...only a few of it...=(

It's football madness now, Holland easily beat Italy yesterday and i am looking foward to see the Spaniards tonite. =D

Anyway, nothing much to blog about. I have been hooked by American Boy by Estelle. *nod my head with the beat*

American Boy (Ft. Kanye West) - Estelle ft Kanye West

Saturday, June 7, 2008

*Edited with pic...s....*

It was the first time goin sailing today after knowing the sailor for dunno how long. I expect to be quite an easy job la coz all these while i only have been seeing pics of sailors sitting on the boat. But it was as challenging as you think. U think pulling sheet/shit/shyt/sit (dunno how to spell la, it's strings la) is an easy job? It's all about teamwork man...1 not working, others can't do much. Well, it was fun after all.

It's 4 hours to Euro 2008. And it's 36 hours to social psych paper and of course i haven't do anything on it yet. So which 1 should i choose? To watch Czech vs Switzerland in 4 hours time? or to study gung ho for my social psych? I don't wanna make a decision now. Coz even if i decide to study, eventually i will end up shouting for the Czechs. Self regulation, self regulation.....

As i mentioned earlier that i will upload some pics of the Bpsych Futsal Tourney. There you ppl go. Enjoy.

Bpsych Closed Futsal Tourney Part 1...



Aiks, not working for me at the moment again.


sorry for the potong stim, will do it once coorporate with me.
Fed up. U guys feel free to check out the pics from my facebook only la....will constantly update. link here

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I don't know what's the feeling now? It's just unwell.....

Probably due to the lack of sleep lately....

or maybe the it's the exam period....

or maybe it's due to the procrastination of movie review....

or dunno la.....

just lost of interest in anything.

Argh....i need a session of futsal to kick all this unwell feeling out form me....

Stop bugging my life dude.

Anyway, i learnt something funny today....thnx to Wen the Smurf....

If someone call you 'brother' that annoys u....there is a proper way to react to that.

For instance, 'What the heck u doin here, brother!'

I am not goin to tell u here....u want to know the answer, msg in in msn only la....hehe

Lastly, Happy Birthday Aili...Hope u enjoy every bits of ur Bday. Stay happy always.

And oh yeah....u look great today =)


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am stuDYING!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sleepy Horn

Damn....i have been sleeping way too much lately. I rmb reading Sharon's post where she said sleeping too much will cost u to be stupid. I don't wanna be STUPID!!!

I sleep at night....
I sleep in the morning.....
I sleep in the noon, sometimes.....
I sleep in the lecture.....
I sleep while working.....
I sleep while watching TV.....
I wanna sleep while I'm outside.....
Not to mention, I slept while studying.....
But luckily i did not sleep while driving.....yet.....

Dammit...can someone plz wake me up? I don't know why i am just so sleepy!!! Argh!!!

It's like 3 days to my mid-term paper....i can't afford to sleep so much again....sigh.

Just like yesterday, i slept until 9.50 am where i have to work at 10.
Then, wanted to fall asleep while workin alone and there are no customers.
After that, went home to have a shower but wanted to sleep again while waiting to meet up with Kev in The Curve.
Keep yawning while lepaking in The Curve.
Felt so sleepy + dizzy + hungry while we were lost in Kepong.
When reached Wings Cafe where Li Ling is working, finally i don't feel like sleeping coz finally there are foods!!!!
But, after finished my food and we were chattin, i start to feel sleepy again.
Then, Kev sent me back to Cinneleisure to collect my car, i faster speed home because i wanna sleep.
See...i have been in sleepy mood the whole day.....How can lar!!!!

Wake up!!! Sleepy Horn!!! Guess i need some exercise to psych up myself.

Alrite....will stop here with this sleepy post...hope u ppl did not fall asleep while reading it.

Oh yea, if u ppl ever see me sleeping in the lecture....plz do whatever u could to wake me up. =)

And listen to this song....i bet most of u alread listen to Bye Bye by Mariah Carey....but this remix version with JayZ is awesome. Hope u ppl enjoy it!

Bye Bye-RMX (ft. Jay-Z) - Mariah Carey