Monday, July 28, 2008


Have u ever thought of hoping to see your future? Do u think seeing your future is a good thing or it's not?

Well, it's just random thought, one of those AHA moment. Wait, AHA moment is not really suitable, because AHA is when u got your answer. I would say it's one of those OYI moment, thought of a question without knowing the real answer. =P

Back to the question, is it good or is it no no? But i bet most of your answer could be 'yes, i would love to see my future' without thinking it's good or bad.

1.) It could be good if we could see our own future, you probably would change or modify your own life. For instance, you seeing yourself begging money for a living, you probably will try to fix it and be more hardworking, if you are able to change what was decided to be. But, i think life like this is kinda boring, to make it sounds bad, it's called lifeless. Everything goes according to the plan. I'm not saying planning is bad, but if everything is plan to be, then your life is kinda like, you are born to plan to die.

2.) It could be bad, like what i had said, your life could be boring. Sometimes, i think life just need some 'surprise', then baru syiok. What i meant 'surprise' here is not something like the 911 incident, maybe a promotion on the next day that you never expected, or maybe finding out someone has a crush on you without your notice? Just something that you never know next.

So, what's your opinion? Good? Bad? i still got no answer for that.

Just to share with you this pic i steal from my friend's faceboook. It's pretty amazing. And it's not photoshoped or something. It was taken on Singapore's National Day Parade.


Well, i bet some or most of you notice that Daughtry did their gig in 1U 2 days ago. Yeap, i did not make it, no $$$ but i would say that this fella produce good music. I kinda love his album, but one of my fav track will be "What About Now". Ha, forget bout all the future craps i had wrote and let's think what about now. =)

Ignore the starting part and enjoy it. =)
Enough for today and i wanna get some rest now. Have been sleeping alot since yesterday evening and i am still tired, i am getting sick soon....real soon.
Good Day peeps.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I got nothing much to blog about today but The Dark Knight is da bomb!!!! Highly recommended. The storyline, the acting, the actions, the visual effects, the twists, the makeups, the soundtracks....basically it's kinda perfect!!! Go watch it and u know what i am talking here. I think it's one of the best blockbuster since last year's Transformers. Just check out what imdb rated this movie........9.5/10!!!!!!!!!!

That's what i wanted to blog today. And u can listen to my current playlist if u want to. nitez and good day. =)

My chart

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sis' Convo

Yes, I had been away for the past 6 days and finally i am back. I won't wanna blog about every single day of my life in Singapore but only on the 22nd of July.

It was the day of my sis' convocation. Me and my younger sister were left at my sis' rented house while the rest went of to University for the convo (only with invitation cards are able to enter, so that's why me and my younger sis was left at the house.) We were told that we can be there by 12pm, so roughly around 10.30am, to be save, we have to leave house and start to take the bus, mrt and the cab to my sis' uni. Oh, for your information, my sis' uni is Nanyang Technology University, and it's right the other end of my sis' house of the small tiny whiny island of Singapore.

So i woke up at around 9 something and get prepared and ready to leave the house with my sis. BUT....but.....but......both of us were locked in the house, wtf. We forgot to take the house key from my sis' room and we locked the room. There is no chance for us to get out from the house without the darn key.

We were locked nicely in the house and looking at the time passing by. Tried to look around the whole house for spare keys but none. Tried every single idea to break the door lock (I mean padlock) but can't. So the only idea left will be calling for the locksmith to rescue us. But, how the heck we could get the locksmith's number? they don't even have a yellowpages in their house. No contacts at all. Tried to call my parents but couldn't get through, and my sis' was prohibited to answer phones while her dean, chancelor and lecturers were giving speech. Luckily we manage to contact my mom and mom gave us my sis' housemate's number. And through her assist, she got the locksmith's number through her friend.

So i called the locksmith and the locksmith came and told me that the padlock was too terror until cannot unlock it and by no choice have to saw off the whole padlock. And that cost me 60 sg dollar. And by the time the locksmith was there, it's already 12.15pm, yes, we were late for 15 mins. And we screwed the Bus and MRT, we took the cab directly to my sis' end (recall back bout the location of NTU and my sis' house i had mentioned above). Once we got the cab, Dammit, stucked in the jam. By the time we reached NTU, it's already 12.45pm, and the cab fees cost me another 22 sg dollars. And YES, WE WERE LATE FOR MY SIS' CONVOCATION!!!! everyone already ready to go home by the time we reached, toot!!!

So, we went there, took a few photos and off for lunch with my relatives who travelled all the way from KL for my sis' convo.

This is one of the few pics i took with my sis. And congrats sis.

After lunch, went to shop around for a new padlock for my sis' house and it cost another 30 sg dollars. So you do the maths on how much i spent on 1 stupid mistake la. Btw, do remember to convert to Malaysia Ringgit.

Settle everything, went home for a quick rest and off to dinner with my cousin who stays over there. After dinner, i cabut off to meet up with Kevin, his friend, Seng Hoe, Christian, Xiong and Lizzie in Orchard Road. Totally forgot bout the time and it's weekday, everything were closed. Darn, should have went to Clarke or Boat Quay rite, Kev? Hang around in Starbucks till 11.45pm and manage to catch the last shuttle bus service to the 24 hours shopping mall with Kev and Seng Hoe. Shop until around 1 something and everyone got tired and off to each one's place.

That pretty much sum up what happen to me in Singapore. The other days was 'well spent' on the roads.

Before signing off, Congratulation once again to Wan Kay Pui for graduating in NTU (2005-2008). Somemore graduate from the very sad 20 ppl in a class' Actuarial Science, very proud of u. So now, the jobs are waiting for you outside, faster go get a job and start to gimme allowance la. Enough vacations!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


If u did read my blog, u probably saw my last post's title called 'cilaka betul horney'. I guess i can't run away from this nickname. Why i said so? enlarge the pics and focus on ai, betz, KevinS, Poison Ivy, Sharon, Uncle Sam, wei wen....see who's the dark and who's the bright side (i don't mean good and bad, i mean evil and kind =D)

Anyway, i am not complaining anything here, i honestly really seriously don't mind u calling me my nickname. But i have to make it clear here, u can call me Horny, but i am not horny. =)

Those were taken during my Birthday. Talking bout Birthday, Happy 19th Birthday to Joanna Choong Wai Mun and Ng Heng Li. Hope you (Jo) did enjoy the celebration yesterday night and hope you (Heng) had fun this morning =)

And i realize that ppl who born on 17th of July don't like people to sing birthday song to them. I don't know this could be generalize onot but my these 2 frens are the same. First, Jo doesn't want or allow us to sing birthday song during Murni. Then, Hengli doesn't want us to sing in MongKok cafe while he bottoms up his gigantic milk tea. =(

That's all folks. Rmb, i am not horny ok?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cilaka betul horney

Michael says (1:28 AM):
i got ur pic in my phone
Sharon says (1:28 AM):
what pic!!!!
Michael says (1:29 AM):
pic la
Sharon says (1:29 AM):
nice or not one
Michael says (1:29 AM):
u think leh?
Sharon says (1:32 AM):
Michael says (1:33 AM):
Sharon says (1:33 AM):
Michael says (1:34 AM):
u really believe huh
Sharon says (1:34 AM):
oh you con me la now!
Michael says (1:34 AM):
can u think again what phone am i using?
Sharon says (1:35 AM):
Sharon says (1:35 AM):
cilaka betul horney

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One week...two weeks....three weeks....yeah, it's been three weeks since the last time i played futsal.

Well, today's futsal was great. I thought i will just slumber throughout the game because i was so sleepy this morning and i slept quite late yesterday. But, it was the other way round, i think i am more semangat than what i expected. However, today's futsal was more competitive, thanks to Kevin's suggestion on losers belanja drinks. I guess we all should do this everytime we play futsal although today there are someone over-competitive and kinda pissed the rest off. But yea, i do see it works la and i am looking foward to bring in 2 teams for next Bpsych tourney, hoho.... coughkevustillowemedrinkcough.....

After futsal, we went to New Paris SS2 for lunch and off we head home. Once i step into my room, i straight away drop into my bed and sleep. Anyway, i love to sleep after sports. It will makes me feel fresher after i wake up. Woke up at around 5 something, shower and off to work. As usual, work has been boring, but at least i got butterflies to cut this time. 4 hours to cut pathetic. And there are no customers for the first 2 hours because i think i have been repeating playing the song 'Bye, bye' by Mariah Carey. Probably ppl comes in and thought that i am asking them to 'bye bye'. See the impact of Mariah Carey!!! but i hope it's the impact of the song la. If it's really the impact of Mariah Carey, what if i play the song 'Touch My Body'??? whoa...banyak rugi!

So yea, that's what i have been doin today. Why nothing interesting seems to appear in my life?

Monday, July 14, 2008


If anyone of you had been chattin with me in msn, u do notice that my display pic has been using this pic for some while. This is my late dog and her name is called Doggy (yea, i know it's not really that creative).

I didn't took many picture with her while she was still here. And i think this is the only pic i have her posing. And apparently this picture has been MIA for sometimes. I found it recently in my sisters' room after they had been searching all the old pictures to make an video. So i faster grab it from them and scan it to my comp.

You ask me if i do miss her?? Yes i do. Ever since her death, my parent doesn't really allow us to keep a pet because they said the feeling of sadness was really hard when they are dead. But i don't really agree with them, at least i let them rest in peace and not seeing them laying breathless on the roadside. But yea, seeing ur own pet dying in front of your eyes is really not what you want to see.

Let me say, she and my family really are fate to be together. I actually can't really afford to buy myself a dog even though i am a pet lover. Also, being impossible that my parent will buy me a dog because they just being not a pet lover. So, i also never expect to get to own a pet at home since i was small.

But, she choose to be part of my family. There was one day way back while i was standard 2, it has been raining cats and dogs, cows and bulls or whatever u wanna call it, in short, it's storm, during the evening. And just nice that it was the time where my dad need to fetch me and my sister back from Kuen Ching1. After my mom opened the gate for my dad to reverse that car, this cute little brown thing ran into the Wan's resident. Since it was raining heavily, my parent allowed her to stay for awhile until the rain stops. Once the rain stops, my mom open the gate for her to leave and go back to her owner, but she refuse. She didn't go out from the gate at all. Even my dad carried her out to the road, she run back into my house.

As for me, of course i take advantage la. I tried to convince my parent to keep her. At first they don't really allow, because it's unfair to keep other people's dog. But in the end, my persuasion skills got them to change their mind and we kept her. Of course with condition which was we have to give back to the owner if they do come and look for her. So yea, that's how she turn to be part of my family. And bout her came naturally. U know, u seeing a male stranger, u call them uncle and u see a female stranger, u call them aunty. So u see a dog, u don't go call them 'hey, dog'...i bet those kind one will call them ' hey, doggy doggy.....' and those evil one will call them 'hey, biatch ( if it's a female dog)'. So being the kind one, i have been keep calling her doggy so end up we just call her Doggy in the end.

Remembering there was once, she jumped out from the grill outside my house and fall into the drain and being washed out my the water and end up in the pond near my house. She has been lost for 2 or 3 days. I was really upset that time and my parent kinda gave up and think that she was really gone. But i was in denial la, i told myself that she was somewhere out there and waiting for us. So every morning, i asked my mom to fetch me around my housing area to search for her.

One day, me and my mom stopped by the pond and have look because my mom actually was quite worry that she might be seeing her body in the pond. While we were looking through the fence, we heard her barking at us from the opposite side of the pond, which is a jungle. My mom couldn't or don't know how to rescue her out form there and obviously you don't ask an 8 years olf boy to run into the jungle to rescue her. So my mom went home to wae my dad up to go rescue her. In the end, my dad went into the jungle and brought her back. Ever since then, she just loves my dad and ignore my mom because she thinks that my mom doesn't want to rescue her after seeing her barking for help.

She has been with us for 7 years and she died from aging when i was form 2. Remembering that night was really sucky. Seeing her slowly couldn't move, slowly loosing out her voice, slowly breathing and slowly closing her eyes was one of the worst moment i had in my life.

So basically that's how she came and how she goes. But i do still miss her alot and i feel like having a pet at home. At least a teman for my grandfather coz i do realize he used to love her too when she was still around.

I confirm gonna get myself a dog when i have my own house in the future.

I damn lazy to update la. Especially how blogger treat me. So my update will be.....

I went to Malacca on Thursday......and it was fun.

Check my, aili and Sharon's facebook for photos la.

Ahaha, short and understandable =)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bday post.

*Update with pics, some only...*

Since it's finally holiday for me....yea, officially a freeman here....i shall update what i had promised in my earlier post before everything gonna be accumulated into a whole long one.

Okay, this year's birthday was the craziest among my 21 years of life. First, i had a great bunch of friends throwing a surprise celebration for me, as in really surprise until u could see my O.O face. Then, my childhood friends gave me another surprise celebration the night before my birthday. Then, me myself throwing a party back to everyone at the very tense timing (Final exams period). Then, parents said wanna bring us to Cherating for a small family trip cum my celebration, but tak jadi due to unforeseen reason.

The surprise celebration i kinda blog about it clearly in my previous post. So i shall move on to 'that night'. At first i never really intend to bother about my birthday. But come to think of it, how many 21st Birthday i could have in my life? Only if i am able to turn 0 years since 4th of July 2008. So i didn't really wanna have a huge party or something coz 1.) i need to study!!! i really did, hmm....abit 2.) i don't wanna trouble my family too much on the preparations and 3.) my house also couldn't really fit in that many people. Hence, it's just a small gathering i would say.

So basically tht night was enjoyable. And i hope those who did attend my 'Stress Relieve 101 class' had a great night as well. And of course i wanna thanks those who did came and celebrate with me and those who wished me. Thank you banyak banyak sekali.

So, that night was just another party la. U know, ppl come, ppl eat, ppl talk, ppl laugh....those kinda thing i shall let pics to tell it all la.

This cake is called MachaMacha. Was bought by Xiong and Christian on the night before my birthday. It written, Happy Birthday Horny -_-. Guess i can't runaway from this nickname forever. And from what they told me, the waiter from that bakery shop asked them, 'You sure it's horny and not honey?' What's this????

I hired a clown on my birthday!!!! =)

With my lovely family. =)

With the bunch of great people in my life. (Edmund and Christopher wasn't in the photo)

That's basically about it for my Birthday.

Now, move back to last Sunday, PSY 205 eve. I went to a Futsal Tournament in Bangsar. It's a memorial for Dr. Thayalan cum opening ceremony of Futsal court at Bangsar Sports Complex, invitational tournemant. Sounds canggih rite? In short, it's just another tournemant. My team didn't expect to win anything after getting news of other teams which are bloody good, power, terror!!! But during the captains' briefing, i heard the winners run away with 800bucks!!! runner-up 500 bucks!!! and 3rd place with 300bucks!!! somemore got fair-play award!!! Everyone was suddenly motivated. So my team unexpectedly did quite well, we beat one of the strongest nicely, draw with another 2 power team. Basically, my team was one of the weakest team among the 9 teams. We almost qualify and guarentee with the 300 bucks, but in the end we were too pressure and lost in the last game of the group match which was the darn decider game. But yea, not that bad after all, at least my team tried our best. But i can see every teams play based on extrinsic reward. 800 bucks wei, we pay 70 bucks and in return with 800 bucks, earn back 730 bucks wei. But yea, great experience and the most importantly, BANGSAR FINALLY GOT THEIR FUTSAL COURT!!!! AND IT'S VERY VERY NICE TO PLAY!!! PITCH ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! but they broke my dream to own my very first futsal court in Bangsar =(.

Oh yea, another funny incident on that day. Most of my teammates are not from Bangsar, and they know nothing about Bangsar Sports Complex. So being a born to be in Bangsar, i am the one who always answer their questions 'Where is the toilet dude?' So, if those who came to my party, if u remember who is Christopher (the guy who is tall and tan and with a girl), HE...apparently ask me that question and i being kind enough to bring him to the toilet (nah, actually i also need to use the washroom that time). He suddenly apologize to me that he couldn't stay any longer for my party because he needs to go to the airport that night. So to make things up, while both of us are peeing (u know, those guys' toilet where guys used to stand there facing the wall kinda thing...go imagine urself), this fella suddenly sang a birthday song for me, WHILE PEEING. How crazy my friends can be??? =D

Anyway, my main point of this post is that i have a great bunch of friends and i am very happy with this friendship. You people are excellent and u know who u ppl are. =) Thanks for playin such an important role in my life. Cehwah, sounds like i gonna die soon. Choi! But yea, u know what i mean la.

Shall blog about Malacca after this. Blogger has been hating me since forever. Gonna post the pics soon.

Btw, this post cost me days to complete. Yea i know i suck =P

Monday, July 7, 2008

Finally, still early

This is something different from Fergie. Listen to it =)

Anyway, to my readers, i gonna post bout that nite and yesterday's tourney once i am done with my finals. It's gonna be a long post i guess and hopefully upload pic service will be working.

As for now, intro music only la. Very fast only mar, Aili hor??? =P

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Everyday reading all the biology jargon is seriously killing me. I know nuts on what is Basal Ganglia and bla bla bla....

So, while i fed up reading my Kalat textbook, i picked up my Malaysia Today where i took it from World Of Sport while i was working last Saturday. While flipping it, i saw this intro article by the C.E.O of Malaysia Today, the editor is quite cute tho....hehe. The titles written 'Just Cool It, Relax, Take It Easy...'

Roughly sum up the article, the article was talking about young people nowadays to succumb with mental illness is increasing especially with all the life pressures to cope with. Special thanks to deadlines after deadlines, development of technology, relationship to juggle, personal affairs to manage and also to some of them have to handle their financial issues. See, how people's brain can handle all these? Note to the future psychologists...happy onot? lol.

So, i guess most of my readers here are exactly having the same situation like me. One word, STRESS!!!! Stress with our preperations for finals, stress with your work, and stress and stress...

But yea, being very kind of me, I am offering u a way to run out from this situation. Seriously no point forcing yourself to study if what u are studying is not goin in to your Hippocampus. You are really pressuring ur Hippocampus and causing it to be so tight that everything seems like not goin in. So it's about time to relax yourself and for ur Hippocampus' sake. Give it a break.

So basically what i can offer make yourself available this coming Friday night (4th of July). I am throwing a small party on that night. And you people are invited to my party. It's the best time for everyone gather around in my house and chill around. It also will be perfect for your Hippocampus. So yea, plz do come to my party, at least for ur Hippocampus' sake alright? You won't want your Hippocampus not working at this age huh....don't you??? Ah, Btw, Hippocampus is for the function of your memory.

So the details will be......

Occasion: Party la, what else???
Date: 4th of July 2008
Time: Around 8/9....and will finish once i see everyone with a big smile on their face..... Will serve abit foods tho.....
Venue: My House....nope, not goin to put up my address here. Bet most of you know where i stays. If not, i bet you all have my number...a sms won't cost that much. I don't want some stranger end up my house and asking for my life. But if u really don't know....a hint, it's in Bangsar.
Agenda: U really think i gonna tell u??? Nah, basically, it can consider as a small gathering and everyone chill around. Probably will go out for yum cha after that. Cause i still have a grandfather who need to it depends on how high he could go that day...=P

Plz come ok??? and leave a comment or juz sms me to let me know you are ready to give your Hippocampus a second chance ok????