Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Time is flying, Life is short.

This is something probably everyone know about it. Just a glimpse, u see urself grow a feet taller; just a blink of your eyes, u realize the number increased when u deduct the current year with ur D.O.B. By the time u keep blinking your eyes, you probably realize it's about time for ur life. Come to think about it, it's pretty scary tho, especially when there are no warning sign on it.

This feeling started since when i was form 2. Remember during the time, suddenly got a news passing around the school saying that one of my friend's mother passed away after slipped in the kitchen. Imagine that my friend was only 14 and his younger bro is only 5, and they already lost one of the best feeling of all, mother love.

Then, this year. Andrew Yap. Didn't really get to know him better. But imagine u playin futsal with him and 2 weeks after that, what u heard is that all his friends are attending his funeral. 2 weeks before, he was a guy who can run more than you; but 2 weeks later, his fingers wanna move also can't.

Last month, my parents got a news from my relatives saying that my aunt (dad's cousin) got into coma. Though i don't really have any idea which aunt is this, but definitely not what i hope how she end up now. Now, all our relatives are trying their best to save her from coma and hopefully by hundred chances, she able to grab that one hope out thr.

Last week, heard that a friend's father passed away. Similar case as Andrew Yap, dropped, coma, heaven. Then, my guest who couldn't turn up because another sudden tradegy, uncle passed away.

Then, yesterday's dinner. Sister suddenly came down and called me in a serious face. It's already being stereotyped that she gonna kena me when she gave her serious face. But this stereotype prove it wrong, she stared at me for a few seconds and told me that my nanny passed away that evening. I was really shock at the moment. Of course we have been hearing that she has gotten weaker by days. And i remember that my family visited her on the next day i came back from Singapore. She seems okay to me, just that she is freaking skinny, and u can imagine that she could be blown away by the wind if u do see her. It was 3 weeks ago, and within these 21 days, things happened so fast, in fact, shits happened.

I don't wanna go into details on how close our relationship, but i must tell u that she raised me up. I just felt that i owe her alot and i don't remembered i repay her anything. I am really sad about this.

Appreciate, guys.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Haven't been doin much in this Sunday morning, but typical Sunday, start up with a very slow pace. So i have been checking mails, blogs, musics and Youtubing....and little bit of TV. So it's a slow peaceful morning.

My titles said it all. I have caught into 2 movies recently. 2 movies that i think might not be another disappointing one like Zohan.

First will be Death Race. Don't know bout the synopsis or any idea what's this movie is about. But of course it's some car racing action drama kinda movie. And i had reviews from friends that it's worthwhile watching it. Might wanna watch it this coming week before classes re-torture. Here is the trailer if u interested to know what is it about.

'The rules are simple, there are no rules'...whoa, terror!!!

Another movie that i think i definitely will watch will be Dance of The Dragon. It's not out yet, but 4th of Sept ain't far away from now. It's a movie bout dance, martial arts & love...and it's starring a bunch of Asians who are Fann Wong, Jang Hyuk and Jason Scott Lee....what u expect from that? And the soundtracks seems attracting, i got a feeling that i will download it...okay, let say through the trailer, already 70% i will download it. So, here goes the trailer.

So, anyone interested to watch with me? Bookings are open starting from now. =D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

--- This Long!

What a way to start up a day!!!!

Why i can't just show abit of patience?!?!

Maybe if i waited, it just won't end up this way!!!


Though of happily start up my day with a session of Futsal. Packed up everything and getting ready to kick some ball today. While waiting for Kevin who stucked in the jam, i was tempted by the nasi lemak in the table. Don't scold me 'u stupid, eat nasi lemak before futsal!' because i did not intended to eat it with the sambal. So, i took a few scoop of nasi...just a few and i think it's less than 5. I starting to feel something in my throat. U know the feeling? it's like someone wanna kill u but don't wanna kill right away...maybe injured u kaw kaw....

Basically, there is a fishbone stucked on my throat. As in the fishbone gone in to my throat (well, it's the 2 thing beside the throat, which i dunno what is it named). Don't ask me why the heck i ate a few scoop of rice and i got choke by a fishbone, i really only ate the rice!!!! And that bloody fishbone is about this length ___. Imagine that! And the timing ngam ngam Kev arrived to pick me up for futsal. Let him waited outside for a while and end up did not go. Sorry yea bro.

So instead of futsal, i end up in Pantai Hospital. Sad case. First the doc sprayed something to numb my throat. Then, waited for 10 minutes till the medicine functioning. Then, the doc came back in again and told me 'Hopefully i can help u to get it out'. In my mind i was thinking "WTF do u mean hopefully, u suppose to say 'don't worry, i will get it out!!!'" So i opened my big mouth, lay my tongue out, and the doctor insert some apparatus into my mouth and within a few seconds, wala...the bone is out. The doctor somemore told me that for my case, it's only 30% of chances that able to take the bone out, that makes me feel so much luckier.

So basically there goes my day. Luckily with friends around since then, it made my day not as bad as it suppose to be. Honestly, i was freaking scared when i was waiting for the doc. I scared that the bone just can't be removed. I scared that it might hurt my throat and i can't speak anymore. U know, the scare feeling.

To those that i had ffk this morning, i am really sorry bout that. I will try to make things up one day to repay the not-so-fun futsal session, assuming it could be more fun if i am there la =P...hehe.

Oh yeah, to those questions that i wrote on top, i was refering to 'if i waited for Kev for another minute, i might not get into this 'fish bone action pack drama'. If my sleep waited (FYI, it's raining ytd morning and it's damn nice to sleep), meaning i ffk the guys for futsal and sleep at home, i might not kena poke by the stupid bone.

Lesson of the day, be patient and good things will come ahead. =)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh Women

Have been reading a new local male magazine, Clive where i bought it last Saturday for the purpose to burn up time during working. And i read this article was rather interesting.

It's called A Brief Guide To Modern Women. Well, they categorized it into 5 types of women. From appearances to behavior patterns.

1. The Feisty Manager
"She's very well educated and definitely knows what she wants. She's always full of interesting opinions and not afraid to make them known. At work, she excels with firm and purposeful way of doing things, and takes no nonsense from anyone - pretty much like a hot military commander with a strategy to win the war!"

(Ganas but confident)

2. The Wordly Woman
"This is the advanturous woman who's been all over the world, and experienced the finer things in life througout her journeys. So, instead of coming back like a tired backpacker, she's now a woman full of interesting trivia as she's picked up a whole lot of grace, taste and worldly charm from places that you only read about."

(Unpredictable yet interesting)

3. The Smooth Talker
"The quest for knowledge is the key lifelong quest for this type of woman. Because of this, she can easily get into any conversation, on just about anything and be an absolute joy to talk to. Best of all, you know she's not faking it as she knows her facts and has the grit and wisdom of a real intellect."


4. The New Age Tom Boy
"Forget what mom told you about tom boys. The ones that you may meet in this new millennium doesn't wear hand me downs from her dad. In fact, chances are that she's gorgeous and dresses very well, yet she could easily be one of the boys because she loves fast cars, football, shoot 'em ups and Play Station!"

(Easy going and wow!)

5. The Two-Face Trickster
"This is someone that you definitely need to spend time with regularly because otherwise, you'll only get to see perhaps only a small part of what she's all about. By day, she's may be an efficient and responsible professional. But at night, it may just be no-holds-barred partying, great laughs and a whole lot of fun-filled moments as she knows how to have a good time!"

(Unpredictable and fun to explore)

So ladies, which category you consider urself are in??? =)

But do remember this:

And while spending my time on the magazine, i was searching some old cds that i have and i found Backstreet Boys. And i realize that some of their infamous songs are quite nice tho. And i remember i used to be influence to rock and anti boy-band quite sometimes ago. And i used to call them Backside Boys. =P

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aiyo...forgot to nominate ppl to do the tag yesterday because i was rushing off.

So ppl that i nominate will be.......

Michael Wan!!!!

Lol...really!!! i really wanna do it again because it's really easy to sum up the whole post instead of writing a bunch.

  1. Decantar is a pub, not a place for coffee.
  2. I have a crying baby friend who will be leaving soon.
  3. I have a bunch of 'supporting' friends when someone got drunk. These are the things they said "more, more, i want more pictures"(when my friend was vomiting), "you drink like a girl!", "MCB, people laughing at u"
  4. I am thinking if one day i will be leaving all my friends here, will i be crying during farewell.
  5. I had 2 consecutive night with alcohol.
  6. I kinda know my alcohol limit. Not goin to tell u, might be dangerous...hehe.
  7. I did another sin yesterday. WTF
  8. Tonite will be Lee Chong Wei's night!!! confirm.
  9. If Lee Chong Wei win tonite, i will call him my Godfather....Kai Ye!!!
  10. Wasn't happy with Liverpool's performance yesterday although they won.

Should i tag? who knows maybe i tag myself again....lol....so don't bother.

Good day ppl. =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Didn't wanted to do this 'tag' at first but come to think of it, it could sum up what i wanted to blog yesterday. So kinda save up my time and cut short the post. Smart.............

  1. I think i am having insomnia.
  2. I love Digi's working environment.
  3. I had put Digi in my where-to-look-for-job-after-graduate list.
  4. Yesterday's event job was the best event job i had done so far, although there are quite a numbers of unsporting people (give face only call them people)
  5. Working people is not really mature after all.
  6. I had Nando's and 1901 for lunch and Tony Roma's + freeflow beer for dinner yesterday =D
  7. I think Lee Chong Wei will make Malaysia proud tmr.
  8. I 'took' a water gun that cost 140 bucks!!!
  9. I feel like cooking one day, one day.
  10. I got hyper that EPL starting tonite!!! YNWA!!!

That's all folks! Adios...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Super full, sinful and dead tired

Hence, post postponed to some other time.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Innocent Sharon

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Why aunties so nice one????

I have been thinking on that question for the whole work session.

Well, the aunties i mentioned was my 2 colleagues that i have been working with. They are Aunty Veronica and Aunty KahKim.

I must tell u these 2 aunties are very cute. Especially both of them fighting/ arguing/ teasing with each other. I saw it live once, super childish!!! but cute la for 2 lady in their 50s doing that.

What i meant fighting/ arguing/ teasing on each other is in a good way la. U know, frens tease frens, frens spank...i mean whack frens, frens argue with frens. So basically both of them are very fren fren lar, and it's within few months and they get to be that close. But yea, seeing each other like almost everyday, how to be not close?

But yea, both of them are very nice. Remembering Aunty Veronica used to sms me a Bday wish on my Bday. And i did not tell her bout my bday and also did not give any reason to take leave on that day. But she just somehow knows my Bday. So sweet of her. And last Saturday, she msged me and the sms goes like this: "A belated birthday gift. Nothing big but am sure u could use it. :-) ur prepaid no is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX." So nice right? That's why, why aunty so nice one?

Then, Aunty KahKim, she just joined Whimsical Articles not long ago. I guess about 3 or 4 months ago. And i hardly talk to her because i usually don't work with her. Either i work alone at night and say bye to her or i work on Saturday with Joanna and Aunty Veronica. But she seems nice lar. And guess what? today i just realize that i forgot to take leave on this friday for another job, and i tried to call the rest of the part timers whether they could replace my shift and none of them could able to do so, and Aunty KahKim was the last person that came into my mind to look for because her husband reluctant to let her to work at night, especially friday. But i tried my luck and she said give her some time cause she is still outside and will get back to me. About an hour later, she came in holding an ice cream and telling me that she will replace me on friday night, but in a err....rude way? but i guess it's not her intention la...it's like those aunty look...saying 'i take over ur shift la' and gimme the scary look, imagine urself la. But later she said 'take' and handing me the ice cream she holding. Whoa, New Zealand Natural Ice Cream somemore wei....Again, why aunty so nice one?

U aunties rock!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, they are just another typical aunty, not HOT AUNTIES, ahem aili LOL

So long!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stink Stings

Whoa...few minutes earlier i was saying i got nothing to blog about but now padahal double posting edi.

But the inspiration was purely from a 'talk cock' session with fellow Kevin.

kevinS - says (9:29 PM): scorpio ma
kevinS - says (9:29 PM): lolz
kevinS - says (9:30 PM): holds grudges

Michael says (9:30 PM): lol
Michael says (9:30 PM): scorpions don't have hands to hold grudges lor
Michael says (9:30 PM): they only stink!!!
kevinS - says (9:30 PM): it's sting la
kevinS - says (9:30 PM): ass
Michael says (9:30 PM): opps
Michael says (9:30 PM): haha

opps Kevin, didn't meant to say u stinks...lol

So ppl, Kevin don't stink....he stings =P

Use ur brain

This morning i on my comp and thought it's time to update myself, so i click on 'sign in' --> 'new post' and waited....

5 mins gone.....

30 mins gone......

1 hour gone.....

and i still see the same old white box without anything on it.....then i went off to have a rink with the guys and my dad off the comp.....i guess i seriously got nothing to update on myself.

Sometimes i think back again, why do i complain i am too busy when there are things for me to do? but in the end i complain bout i am too lifeless when there is nothing for me to do? Why sometimes i don't feel like staying at home but sometimes i just feel 'antisocial'? What is this call ar? Not satisfy with my current life? or what? Ha.


Put that aside. Since there are nothing to update on myself, i should just talk about current issues. Well, ppl who do read the papers, u probably will read the article bout Federal Territory PAS Youth called for cancellation of Avril Lavigne's concert. Yea, if u do not know this, Avril will be in the town doing her gig!

I really it's really stupid for PAS Youth to think that “rock and punk is not suitable for the young generation and especially so during Merdeka month. So meaning to say that rock and punk is degrading the youths nowadays and we should have more Negaraku concert in order to build patriotism in Malaysia? So does PAS Youth means youths that should be Patriotic And Stupid???? Or these people thinks that we, the young generation should stick with Nursery Rhythm and the older generation to listen to Panic At The Disco?

Well, luckily someone sounded bout the comment they gave. And it goes like this.

Malaysian Artistes’ Association's Freddie Fernandez: PAS Youth should really take a good look at themselves and examine whether what they are doing is correct.

“Their narrow-mindedness will definitely not get the support of the rakyat. They are always looking at the world through blinkers. They cannot see any other point of view except theirs.”

Exactly Fernandez, gimme a high 5 or maybe a double high 5.

Well, i normally don't really like to talk about politics. Or u could say that i don't even bother much on Malaysia's politic. Malaysia's politic is getting more like a drama...where u don't need to buffer to watch. But they are talking bout cancellation of Avril's concert!!! which totally does not make sense at all. They are worried that younger generation's mind got condemned by rock and punk, but i think seems like younger generations can think wiser than them.

Wait, i just thought of this. Maybe they are thinking that rock and punk are bad but Rap are perfect!!! =P.....younger generations need some 50 cent, some Eminem, some lyrics that singing F*** ur mom, ur dad, ur uncle, ur aunty???

Enough of ranting, yea, i know this post sounds abit racist here. But i am just telling the truth. Fernandez said PAS Youth was trying to impose their narrow values on the country, forgetting that Malaysia is a multicultural nation.

Kev, why do we fall in love with the same???? sigh....how la how? u teach me how?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What goes around comes around

Think before u say something

Think before u act


Tuesday, August 5, 2008



Well, that's not english, it's mahjong language. Yea, played my very first game of mahjong yesterday night at Wen's. I found out it's slightly easier than poker but i am still suck in it. All i know is if it's matching, then must shout Pong or Gong. Still no idea on how to count the points, master, practice with me more next time aite?

Anyway, mahjong is really need to use alot of brain juice. I salute those aunties that could gossip around while playing mahjong. And mahjong really eat up the time very fast. Now i know how the heck my sis' housemates could play mahjong till 8 in the morning.

Oh yeah, just to add in something here if u do 'revise' my post. I read the papers today and one of the article was saying Hornbills are getting rare in Malaysia. Yeah, if u don't know what is Hornbills, do wiki it, and Hornbills do not related to CheeHorn, they are not my abang or neither kakak and they don't go around to collect bills. =) So the reason they are slowly disappearing in Malaysia is because they are running out of resources to survive. And these birds could fly miles away, so thats why....so if u don't want these pretty little birds to get lost from Malaysia, plz pass the msg around. Save CheeHorn....opps.....i mean Hornbills.

Alright, signing off now.....Pong!!!! =D

Monday, August 4, 2008


*Updated with the sneaker's photos*

I notice i have been posting pointless post lately. And each post will end up with a video. But no matter how, i still wanna share this video i found in Youtube. BoyceAvenue, damn power!!! must see ok?

Anyway, i am thinking of getting a new pair of shoe. My choice is either Nike or Puma. Adidas is kinda out of my option where i think they are not creating anything new. The colour didn't really caught my eye. So it's Nike or Puma i guess. And i was browsing through the net on these 2 brands, i made myself a custom made Puma sneaker. Well, of course i could not buy it la where it said that there are no Puma online store in my area. Even it does, i doubt i have the $$$ to buy it la. But yea, anyone with some good taste wanna shop sneaker with me?

Well, i wanted to show u the Puma sneaker that i had made but sadly, Blogger doesn't allow me to do so. So plz beg Blogger to let me to upload the pic if u want to see. LOL. Nah, i will update it when i able to upload.

Alright, will stop here and off from house. Cheers!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beijing Ni Hao

It's 5 days to Beijing Olympic 2008. I am really looking forward for the game tho. Although i am not a fan of all the events but i personally love to watch diving, cycling track, swimming, synchronized swimming, volleyball and none other than football. Too bad i don't see any hope for Malaysia in this Olympic, only if there are squash in Olympics, but too bad, maybe badminton still have slightly chance, see that small little dot of light there? Well, just hope that the host, China didn't disappoint us.

And yeah, the promo for the Beijing Olympic 08 was quite interesting tho, i kinda like it. See it for urself.

Since i am already talking about sports, i gonna talk about some football here. U can stop right here if u are not interested.

Well, football season gonna starts like in about 2 weeks time. So it will be back to epl weekends and champions league weekday soon. Obviously i am hoping for Liverpool to have a great season ahead. They already did quite well in the pre-season games so far, hopefully it's a momentum builder for the season. Though so far it seems okay for the team, but this season's transfer transaction wasn't really convincing enough, at least for me.

Transfer in:
Robbie Keane (20 million) - well, obviously i am happy enough for this signing, have been a fan of him and thinks he suits the team.
David Ngog - An unknown youngster who believe to have a bright future for France. And after i saw his debut game with his fabulous goal, i really think he is a good bargain.
Philipp Degen - Heard promising news from him few years back but since he went to Germany, no news at him at all. So hopefully he don't turn up to be a fluke.
Andrea Dossena - First Italian to play for Liverpool. But i am kinda skeptical on this signing where i still think Rafa shouldn't sell off Riise.
Diego Cavalieri - I have no idea why Rafa bought another keeper where we have Charles Itandje and David Martin who are good enough to cover Pepe Reina. Not too happy with this signing.

Transfer Out:
Peter Crouch - Of course i am not happy with this. Crouch has been the 2nd best striker in the squad after Fernando Torres. Where could u find a striker who is 6 feet 7 that could score with a bicycle kick?
Harry Kewell - One of my fav player of all time. Pace, dribbles, passing, crosses, scores and skills. Where could you replace someone with those? Give up of his injury hit? Give him chance and time. Now confirm his future is gone.
John Arne Riise - I don't know is it a tradition or what in Liverpool. One mistake and you sell him off. Recall back all his thunderbolt goals, what he did for us during the champions league. Damn.
Scott Carson - well, understandable. He got great future ahead and can't afford anymore bench warming. This is excusable.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Update 020808

Geez....haven't been updating my blog for sometime. Not that i don't want to update bute really nothing to update about. Even if i do update, it would be 'Today, i went to work.' over and over again. So i don't bother to do so. But anyway, working was okay la.

Anyway, i watched Journey to The Center of The Earth 3D yesterday. It was not worth bloody 17 bucks at all. No, don't get con by the 3D thingy. Yes, it's 3D, u know, where u have to wear that wow-so-cool glasses and watch the movie in the cinema. But i must tell you that it's not worth watching. First, the whole storyline is so predictable. Second, the movie only last less than 1 and a half hour. The only thing that pay back on the flaws is the actress of the movie. I think she is quite hawt. Present you Anita Briem!!! =)

On a random side note, i feel like goin to the beach. Any beach will do. Why KL no beaches but bitches? LOL. But ya wert, my friends are having summer break so it should be summer mood wert. Yea i know, everyday is summer day in Malaysia.

Anyway, this post is for the sake of updating. Yea, i'm lifeless, that's why i am saying i want something special (if u did notice my status in facebook earlier)