Monday, September 29, 2008


I feel like quit working in the shop!!!!

I'm so tooting pissed. As if it's my fault! Cilaka!

I did whatever u ppl asked me to do, in fact i think i help your ass off quite sometimes.

Toot................!!! I hate ppl simply blame me with things that i did not do, especially it's their own mistake.

And i seriously hope that u are not blaming me for the other mistake, if you do, toot yourself! I am not even suppose to get involved! I'm blardy innocent!

And kiddo!!! Be a man and do the right thing dude. You are really a fool!!!!


This explains it all:

Michael: Hello, do you mind to replace me work this coming Wednesday night? I got something to do.
XXX: Errr.....i can't la. I got replacement class.....
Michael: (already knew it's a lie) what? replacement class at 6?
XXX: Errr....yea, class at 4 till 6.30.
Michael: (grey heart ar!) oh okay then, bye.

Then i think think!!!!! It's Wednesday!!!! It's 1st of October!!!!! It's 1st day of Hari Raya!!!! It's a bloody public holiday!!!! What tooting replacement class you got wor??? Maaf Zahid Batin lar!!! Wanna lie also give a better excuse la kiddo!!! I really hope u do blog hop.

Sometimes i really think that i shouldn't be that soft hearted. I shouldn't please ppl tht easily. Sometimes i really need to stand up for myself and not keeping everything by myself. Although i know that i really don't hope to make any fuss about it by keeping silent, but i think that sometimes i really need to sound out what i think and not to please the rest that much.

Somehow letting it out here makes me feel so much better. Ahhh

Well, tht's history. So, screw it.

Well, ppl or coursemates nowadays are getting crazy. Everyone seems sasau......It pretty tells it all with the updates of their blog. Well, it's because they got inspired, and that's why they blog anyway. So in conclusion, the more assignment you are facing, the more inspiration you got. There are deep thoughts, there are anger, there are not-so-lighten, there are also lame ones or to sounds better, it is called dry humor wor....

So for instance:

Sharon's personal msg: what to present T_____T

The conversation:
Michael: how to do the wheel???? (Refering to Emotions Wheel, Assignment)
After 10 mins.....
Sharon: just turn it round and round lor.
Michael: Present this tmr....I am Sharon Kong, and i am a lame person, for instance....
Michael: Michael: how to do the wheel????
Sharon: just turn it round and round lor.

Michael: -__-

How cool are psychology students rite? Yea, they are cool.

Before i signing off, give you an IQ question......hint, it's pure illogical, L rated.

What is always at the back of a Psychologist????

Hehe....those who get correct, 1 teh tarik! =)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yes, Liverpool just beat Everton again in the Merseyside Derby. Those who follow EPL, football or be specific, Liverpool know how important is this game. How intense is it for this derby game. To tell you, it's like Anwar vs Najib, that's how intense it could be.

In the end, Liverpool beat Everton nicely with 2 goals to nil, with Fernando Torres scoring both goals. And the game also ending with a red card as usual, coz it's just too intense between these two rival club. 8 red cards in teh past 8 meetings.

Torres the hero again. Ain't toffee just nice to eat?

The odd one. See the difference? This guy really do has some guts here. Knowing himself is sitting in Goodison Park (Everton's home ground) instead of Anfield (Liverpool's home ground).

Alright, enough of football here. Tonite is the night! It's Singapore's very first Formula1 GP, and it's F1's very first night race!!! How cool can it be to race at night? It's official legal race i am saying, not those Mat Rempits go rempit around at night and meeting those abang to bring them to behind the bars. I am looking foward to see that. And Massa is leading the poll tonite with Hamilton and Raikonen respectively. But my bet will be on Hamilton.

Aiks, just realize everyone is waiting for me for dinner, i shall...i mean i need to stop now.

Have a great Sunday and happy watching F1 tonite, Happy ready to sleep, Happy welcoming Monday, and Happy knowing yourself. =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Talking back on yesterday, happy-happy handed in ERB and movie review then off to 1U to social loafing (lepaking). Had our lunch at Wong Kok and crap gile over there. Then we off for a movie.

Connected!!! I mean Connected is the name of the show. It's starring Louis Koo (the well-known hong kee among the girls back in standard 6), this girl called Barbie....woot and few other Hong Kees. But that bad girl from the show is hawt!!! too bad i don't know what's her name, those who had watched and know her name, plz be generous.

So basically it's a nice show with suspense and 7L jokes....i mean lame jokes. I think it's worth watching compare with Zohan. i still can't believe everyone was being so amazed by the 7L Zohan. Still haven't get over it because i can't believe it was came up by Adam Sandler. Anyway, those who got convinced by me to watch this show, a pre-warning to u is that there are scenes that are quite fake. So if u like flawless movie, don't even think about it okay?

Now back to today, basically what happened today was.......was.......pathetic. =( Woke up quite late and flip through the papers. Then went out of my room and on my comp. There goes my day. Check out few things and dilly dally here and there, then only start my Knowing yourself assignment. At first i thought Q&A only wert, what so hard? But i end up spending the whole afternoon/evening trying to asnwer the questions. Of course, i did tangan gatal here and there la. I think i got punggungache through doing assignment edi.

Then i am off to The Curve for dinner with the family. Had dinner in this restaurant called Firemen restaurant. It's right opposite Kim Gary to be specific. I would say dinner sucks. It's korean BBQ tho, but the food over there can 'never get any tastier'. Food - Bad (for me la), Service - So so, Health - farking unhealthy!!! They used lard instead of oil/butter, cilaka punya orang. Then, jalan-jalan for a while and balik rumah buat kerja rumah.

Anyway, it's unhealthy to knowing yourself!!!! i mean it's unhealthy to do knowing yourself assignment. We are still student, why want us to write eulogy??? Very sad one u know??? U think it's very fun to die ar???

Before ciaoz, a lame statement i got here. Well, not from me, i am not lame. No, i am not.

Is it difficult to be assertive in most situations? What do you believe people are going to think of you when you act assertively for your own benefit?
Perception of people will always think otherwise, even though the objective could be entirely good from our part. I guess the first three letter of the word assertive says it all, not being entirely positive, and yet it manage to get the job done most of the time.

Don't get it? okay i help u DRAW the picture.

Perception of people will always think otherwise, even though the objective could be entirely good from our part. I guess the first three letter of the word assertive says it all, not being entirely positive, and yet it manage to get the job done most of the time.

Still don't get it? Well, u see the screen in front of you? move ur head towards there and try to create the sound 'bang'. Then read the statement again, probably might help.

So long for now. =D

sorry for being so tee i you (i really don't hope it would a ffect my academic)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Serious Shit

I hate crows la....stupid crows.....

I just hate them for turning my car into a light blue Dalmatian. Everytime i come back from work i definitely need to clean my car. It's just plain annoying. FYI, what i meant light blue Dalmatian is my light blue Proton Saga with full of white spots (poops)

Another FYI, Bangsar ain't as high class as u think, it's a place with full of shits....i mean bird shits....i mean crows and pigeons shit. And especially Lucky Garden. Now i know why most of the Toto shops located in Lucky Garden. Coz it's LUCKY!!!! especially u walking down the street of LUCKY Garden and 'Something' or 'Gold' or 'Prosperity'or 'Luck' falls on ur head, sure kena 4D lar. that i am taking Conflict Theory as my elective, this subject tend to open my eyes and see the conflicts around. See, the situation i mentioned above, there goes another conflict. We humans just hate crows, especially they shit on ur car. If unlucky, they shit on u. But we humans hate to kill either. So this is the conflict, we don't want the crows to be there, the crows don't want to move their arse either. We (humans) don't wanna spoil the environment, they (crows) won't leave. They (crows) refuse to move, we (humans) feel like shooting them (crows). We (humans) shoot them (crows), they (crows) sad. They (crows) not being shot, we (humans) sad.

The biggest problem is.....We (humans) can't negotiate with them (crows)!!!

So how this conflict can be solved leh??? huh? huh? Franklin????

Anyway, i am still in Port Klang and u guys already in Pangkor. =(

Friday, September 19, 2008

High Emo, Low Intelligence!!!!

(Morais, 2008)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This song is superb, the video is adorable. Enjoy!

Letter to Cleo - I Want You To Want Me.

I want you to want me.

I need you to need me.

Id love you to love me.

Im beggin you to beg me.

I want you to want me.

I need you to need me.

Id love you to love me.

Ill shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand-new shirt.

Ill get home early from work if you say that you love me.

Didnt i, didnt i, didnt I see you cryin?

Oh, didnt i, didnt i, didnt I see you cryin?

Feelin all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin.

Oh, didnt i, didnt i, didnt I see you cryin?

I want you to want me.

I need you to need me.

Id love you to love me.

Im beggin you to beg me.

Ill shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand-new shirt.

Ill get home early from work if you say that you love me.

Didnt i, didnt i, didnt I see you cryin?

Oh, didnt i, didnt i, didnt I see you cryin?

Feelin all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin.

Oh, didnt i, didnt i, didnt I see you cryin?

Feelin all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin.

Oh, didnt i, didnt i, didnt I see you cryin?

I want you to want me.

I need you to need me.

Id love you to love me.

Im beggin you to beg me.

I want you to want me.

I want you to want me.

I want you to want me.

I want you to want me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Watched Money Not Enough 2 yesterday after class. And how true it is that people tend to forget bout love when comes to money.

1 question. Do u think love leads to wealth or wealth leads to love?

It's a very subjective question i would say.

I see there are ppl got wealthy with the love surrounding them. Also see there are people who love after get wealthy.

Love leads to wealth. This is what my parent always reminded me. When u love each other, u tend to be able to do things smoothly, especially with the support of each other. Hence, there are a higher possibility that u could get the wealth. In another way to perceive this, you could ask yourself why there are poor people that are much more happier than those rich ones? Who is the wealthier one when comes to happiness? Of course there are rich people who live in a happier life. But my point is, as long u don't put money above happiness in your priorities, your life is consider as wealthy as Roman Abramovich, Abu Dhabi, Robert Kok or whoever it is.

As for Wealth leads to Love. U might think it's untrue after reading the last paragraph. But u think again, who doesn't want to give their beloved ones an easy life? who? Don't tell me that u don't wanna give part of your salary to your parents? Don't tell me that you don't wanna buy the best toy or send your children to the best school? Don't tell me you don't wanna bring your girlfriend or wife to the most romantic restraurant for a night? All these pretty say it all that somehow wealth also can lead us to love.

But as for my family, i would say that wealth leads to love, in a bad way. Not refering to my siblings nor my parents, but my extended family. Not many people knows about this anyway and no big deal on revealing. I would say that my extended family members are seriously bastards and bitches. They are definitely not those elder generation that i would respect on. They are those kinda ppl that 'when u are rich, they come to you; when u are having problem, u go fark yourself'. Even on how they treat the elderly, when they have money, they treat you nicely just like a God; but when they aren't, they don't even care to take care of you. It's exactly how it portrait in that movie.

Thus people, learn to love your money, use it wisely and show others u are how lovely. =)

Tonite it's Liverpool vs Man Utd. A tip: If you love your money (learn to lover your money), put your bet on Liverpool (usee it wisely). Then win back the money and belanja others to eat (show others u are how lovely) =P

*i was jjk okay? betting is bad.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today while driving back from Malacca, i saw this appear on the radio of my car while i was playing with my modulator. Hence i took this down during red light.

Don't know why, i got the kantoi feeling these few days. It's coming.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some interesting tips on gender differences i had found through a friend's blog. Especially this quote she got there:

"There are differences in the habits, the thinking patterns, the behaviour, emotions, intelligence.... everything lah! But despite the differences, men still fall for women and women still fall for men. And then they "discover" the differences in the partner and started to freak out (Woon, 2008)."

Well, it's pretty good say of Alison. Girls, speak up! Guys, observe and learn. I do admit most of the guys are not really sensitive when comes to read girls' mind. But couldn't solely blaming on guys for that, coz there are girls who really can keep things by themselves, so, there are no chance for guys to 'sense' it. But, also we guys can't blame them on that, coz it's been stereotyped that guys are ego, and once a guy's ego was tested, there goes the problem and there goes the relationship, hence, some of them chose not to speak up and living in denial world.
Enough of that.

Recently, i found it the football world is goin very stupid. Especially with those takeovers, directors & inner politics. For instance, these SHeikhs from Abu Dummy...opps...i mean Abu Dhaby United Group taking over Man City out of sudden and telling others that 'they can eat anyone for breakfast now'. Here hijack other ppl's bid and there hijacking another like no one's business.
Then, resignation of Newcastle's ex-manager is serious a big joke. Directors not supporting the manager that are trying to help the team but only thinking bout the kaching. When they see the $$$, they don't really care who is the devil and who is the angel. Intended to sell off players without manager's notice, recruiting staff tht couldn't work with the manager. Full of bollocks la. What makes a perfect team? Of course a team that has full support from each other. From the directors to the manager, the manager to the coaches, the coaches to the players and of course the players to the fans. That makes a perfect team. I bet not only football team, but ANY team also needs that. I absoloutly do not believe that there are a team that could lead by a persembahan satu orang...nope...not a chance. Well, my main point is not about football anyway, it's all about trust. How well u can trust someone that u think u can give and receive the support.
Before i call it a day, i gonna sign off with this OMG pic.

Well, actually i rmb i still got things to blog about, but i really can't rmb what is that anymore. Oh, Insomnia strikes back again. I think i need to seek for doctor edi. Horn signing off with dead legs.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


New semester just started and i already seeing the pressure is falling down. And sadly i still can't decide to go for Conflict Theory or Human Services. But honestly, i admit that i am very bad when comes to make a decision which is obviously not a very good thing. Probably i am not born to be a pure leader.

These few days have been hanging around with my fellow chinamen/women really made me to reflect on myself. Especially talking to my kai ye (God Father), how he describe his life, from nothing to something, it's pretty impressive at times. This is probably he already reached the Erikson's 7th (Generavity) and 8th stage (Ego Integrity). Well, basically my elder generation's relationship is very complicated., This one dunno which mother lah, that one dunno which father lah, then end up all brothers....

So from what i acknowledge, my kai ye, meaning my grandfather's 4th little brother were separated by their parents since he was still in his mom's stomach. So from there onwards, my kai ye and my grandfather didn't get the chance to meet each other. So, my kai ye hates his father, my grandfather hates his mother. Since my kai ye was 13, he already started to earn his own living. Then dunno how he did it, he earn himself to be some minister in China, now he's retired and having a good life. One thing he is grateful to his dad is that his dad left a one big bucket of bird nest for him when he was young and he claims that because of tht, he got so smart and thus he end up like this.

That makes me think back on what achievement i had in my 21 years of life. I count and count, i really don't see much achievement i gain so far. And that's really pathetic. And this pathetic feeling makes me confusing. And this confusing feeling makes me depressing. And this depressing feeling makes me reflecting. And hopefully this reflecting feeling makes me enlightening.

Geez, i really need to start to think of my future. Or i shoud say i really need to start to work on my future.

The starting line of the sprint starts here.

Good day, Off, Horn.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweet n sour**

At first i really reluctant to do a posting at this time. But come to think of it, i might not be able to blog for the next few days or even weeks. Tell u at the end of the post...hehe...main suspense. =P

Well back from Pangkor yesterday night (Monday). It was a great experience, sweet and sour i would say. The sweet part would be, how often u get a chance to do these kinda thing? As in sailing up/ 'cruising' to Pangkor all the way from Port Klang. Then u get to see fireworks from the yacht. And stars are all over the sky for the past few nights. Weather was okay, no rain no storm no shits. 2 free luxurious dinners plus a cheap ride of Great Big Mable.

The sour part will be....20 hours of sailing is freaking borin, lemme rephrase, 20 hours of cruising is freaking darn borin.Sailing without wind is honestly seriously very frustrating. Seeing other boats pass by your boat is very depressing. Tried thousand times to on my phone but it's not working after it went 'swimming'. Cannot contact the outside world is also very pathetic. Seeing friends stayin on the opposite island is also very sad. Cannot complete the race also make me feel no sense of achievement (but at that time, i didn't feel like having any 'achievement'). Waiting for a delayed bus is so sien. Sitting on a reckless driver is so ball-dropping (this adjective only apply to males).

*Despite the sour part, sailing is a very fun activity/sport. You people should try it then only u can taste what i had tasted. I mean the sweet taste. =)*

Basically that's Pangkor. And thanks Aili for all the arrangements. =)

Today, also sweet and sour. Thought of staying at home to chill since already been away for the past few days. Padahal, i just remember that i obligated to clean up my room. So, i on my comp and try to upload Pangkor's pic to my facebook but it took me the whole day. So that's the sour part. The sweet part of today was....i uploaded 1 pic into my facebook album -__-'''

Well, why i said i might not being able to blog for the next few days or next few weeks is because my kai ye and kai ma from China coming to visit Malaysia and they will be staying at my place. And i think they are bringing one whole kampung of ppl to my house. According to my mom, she said that my kai ma wants me to be the tour guide for them. Geez...ppl that know me gotta know that i only lepak in Bangsar, what more be a tour guide?

来来来,这个是Bangsar, 就是马来西亚!!!很好玩!!! =D