Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Heard of Mouth-and-Foot Disease?

Wiki it!

I guess i am having it now. =(

Hmm....i am not dying la. It's just that i have tons of ulcers in my mouth right now and it is really painful. Can't really open my mouth tho. Ouch.

And actually i don't have foot disease lar. It's just that i twisted my left ankle on Monday during Futsal. And i think it's one of the most serious injury i had for the past few years. I think la coz i can't recall any that is as pain as this.

Hence, i got Mouth-and-Foot Disease. Ouch

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hmm...wanted to post this since last friday but connection failed me and then my motherboard failed me. Oh wait, i broke the new record with 1 year 1 motherboard. crazy.

So this is what i inteded to post last week....but considering now i am bloggin in the shop....opps....shhh....the connection is way faster than my house....and hence, picture post!!!! =)

So this is what we did last friday.

it start of with here:

Then here for lunch:

My Elephant, nope, they don't serve elephants....

Then, off to here:

Digital Mall, PJ

Next stop:

MPH Warehouse sales in PJ

Darn alot of books wei!!!!

But we also end up here:

*Well, this one i gonna write more on how we ended up here coz i think it's so darn cute. Basically our intention was to go to MPH Warehouse sales, but u know, when thr are warehouse sales, normally it would cause a huge jam outside the place, at least slow moving. So we stucked in the turtle walk, sudden someone from behind shouted: OMG, ZARA SALES!!!!....ZARA!!!ZARA!!!ZARA!!!ZARA!!!ZARA!!! Waliauweh (read aili's post).........-__-'''. Hence we used collaborative negotiation style and here we go.

ZARA Warehouse sales

Ha, Aili finally grows =P

Nice rite? hehe....too bad.

After that, here is where i spent the rest of the day.

It's also the exact place where i am typing here. =)

That's for now.


When you walk, through a storm...

Hold you head up high....

And don't be afraid of the dark......

At the end, of the storm...

It's a golden sky.....

And the sweet silver song of a lark.....

Walk on through the wind...

Walk on through the rain...

Tho your dream be tossed and blown....

Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart....

And you'll never walk alone....

You'll never, ever walk alone....

Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart....

And you'll never walk alone....

You'll never, ever walk alone....

This is the lyric had been my mind for the past few hours.....

Yesh, Liverpool finally beat Chelshit in Stamford Bridge....meaning, they are top of the table currently.

But somehow the lyric does significant to me lately....

It's going to be a stressful week....and i know that...

And it's about time to take things seriously....time to abolish the 'why so serious' mindset.....time to kick out the 'tidak-apa' spirit.

Probably gonna be darn stressful...and it's not only me.....since the rest can do it, why not me? I ain't stupid anyway.

Chehwah,'s just some words of self motivation.

Hence, it kicks off right here....nil - nil....rawr!!!!!!

YNWA. aiks, ankle hurts.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Sigh...connection failed again.

Nevertheless....Happy Birthday my buddy Kev.

TWENTY F....4.....opps....1 year older edi. Faster get a wife!!!! lol

Well, best wishes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flying Naan

Hey ppl, i just bought a frisbee last week. So i am calling for u ppl to play with me. =)

Frisbee is not a human n dog game. U play with humans!!! You still can shout "fetch, fetch" who. =P

Okay, those who dunno what is it about, check the video out.

And don't think that Frisbee is a game where u just throw and fetch. It's not as easy as u thought. Now this is what i call a game of Frisbee:

So anyone interested? Anytime!!! =D

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy ppl do crazy things

Ppl said that when ppl are stress, they tend to do crazy things.

For instance, you have been sitting in McDonalds to study for your exam for 6 hours, stress level increasing hour by hour. Hence, crazy stuff tend to come out. Just like converting a playlist to something about you.

So, this is the outcome:

A better in time, a river flows in you, we shall live high; rocks tumbling down, no fear, we shall stop the rocks. Even 4 elements of wind, water, fire and earth could not stop me. As i believe i will be taking the next plane home and that is the ticket way back into love. But you reject my love, as i would just say goodbye my lover. Worry no more, as you'll never walk alone. Bye bye for now. Even it's a sad ending, my heart comprise nothing but you, totally sell out and no room for anyone anymore. As i turn back and walk to my room, take up the guitar at the corner of the room, i can't hold anymore, as tears drops on my guitar. The sensation is so bad, it burn through my heart. You get it all wrong, you got it all bad, it's ok, i forgive and forget, as flames burn my soul, i regain a new soul just like phoenix rises from the ashes......I'm yours all over again.

I don't know i shall say it's creative or crazy. This fella certainly got some potential in composing, or maybe music therapy.

After 6 hours of dooming in McD and 5 cups of Sprite, we off to Sushi King for dinner. And once again, crazy ppl do crazy things. There are so many restaurant out there but we choose the longest queue one. And we were fighting for our sushis. But it was syiok and full. *burp

Good night, Good Luck.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jialat!!!! Both of my mid papers are screwed. Gonna be the worst of the worst. =(

Sunday, October 12, 2008


My PC sucks big time and Streamyx sucks ever bigger!!!

But lucky u, Mandy. Made complaints and just in time to recover my internet to blog bout u!

Well, Mandy Freud...Kok i mean. Happy 20th and stay happy aite? You have been a great friend and i want you to have all the best. cheers! =)

Another Octobies, Ben the goalie. Tho i doubt he will read my blog in fact he hardly even come online! But still, Happy 21st and keep your hands save as usual! =)

Wanted to post both of ur pics but my first line tells it all. Back to complain!

Good luck peep.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Having to hear others' 'knowing me' presentation brings me to reflect on my life. Having to hear so many people who gone through such a hard life, i really appreciate what i had right now. I shall not take things for granted from now onwards! cheers.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The X & Y

It's nice to have a family outing. Well, get up 'early' in the morning and straight off we go to Sepang. You ppl might think what do we do in Sepang? Sending ppl off? Visit our KLIA? Go fly aeroplane?

Ha, actually we didn't really went to Sepang, but it's very near Sepang. It's a place called Tanjung Sepat to be specific. It's actually a small town, nothing much to do there. We just driving around there and hunting for Dragon fruit. Of course our first stop was to eat! Went to this restaurant called Restaurant Lover Bridge for seafood. Yea, the name sounds dodgy, but nearby that place, there is a bridge was known as the Lover Bridge by the villagers. Fried Noodles with crab was yummy but unfortunately they are out of stock for 'He Po', it's a kind of grayfish, or also known as 'peeing prawn' to some of u, but it's so much bigger than that.

Here's a view from the restaurant, bear with the tilting coz it took me ages to upload the pic then only realize i did not rotate it. So i am just too lazy to wait for another ages to upload the pic. So it's a tree house built facing the sea.

After the delicious lunch, we off to jalan-jalan cari dragon. I mean Dragon fruit. It's so common over there, almost every few mins you could see stalls selling it. My mom also got a couple dozens of it for quite a reasonable price. In fact, it's very cheap and huge.

*suppose to upload the tons of dragon fruits, but as usual, my cacat connection failed me big time, so imagine the red dragon fruits over here*

After mom bought enough of dragons, we call it a day and head back Pudina.

On a side note, this is how XX treat XY

XX: We are going for 'dating', you wanna join us or not?
XY: Nah, i got something on, Anyway, it's your girls day-out. You ppl have fun la.
XX: Ah, i see. Thought of looking for someone to carry our bags.
XY: -__-'''

(Missed calls from XX, so XY called back)
XY: Sorry, so what's up?
XX: Thought of taking advantage over you. We waited for bus for so long but still can't get a bus.
XY: So you want me to fetch you all to bla bla bla izit? -__-'''

FYI, the name of XX and XY is purely from genetics.

*the conversation is not exactly how it was la, but the meaning is somewhere there. But it was farny, that's why i post. =)

MZB. Good day.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Your Name

Interesting...interesting....ever thought of what is ur name's motive? Now, i initally wanted to 'search for mediator experts' but...once again, my hands never failed to get gatal and my eyes never failed to get banyak. So i clicked on my IE and Yahoo popped up, and saw this in the front page 'Wanna know what's your name's Numerology?'

So i clicked on it and did the test.

Guess what's the Numerology of my name?

I used Michael Wan Chee Horn and my destiny number is 9

What your Destiny Number means for you:

1 is determined, autonomous, and self-reliant
2 is loyal, tactful, and analytical
3 is passionate, positive, and fun-loving
4 is sensible, traditional, and serious
5 is bold, temperamental, and sensual
6 is responsible, cautious, and domestic
7 is spiritual, unconventional, and somewhat reclusive
8 is money-oriented, assured, and authoritative
9 is versatile, compassionate, and worldly
11 is enlightened, deep, and high-strung
22 is ambitious, a global planner, and motivated

then clicked on the link and found this.

Destiny Number 9
With a Destiny number of 9 you are meant to bring charity, beauty, art, romance and perfection into the world. By living a life filled with generosity, a kindness of spirit, compassion, forgiveness and understanding you will be rewarded with ultimate happiness and a wealth of gifts from life. You should live your life with the goal of making even the most ordinary things in life lovely and full of beauty.

I'm beauty??? Nah, i prefer to be call handsome. =)

So, if u interested to know your destiny number, have a try. But, it's just a myth la.

Love Story - Taylor Swift

Lovin it!

Good Day peeps. Btw, Keane finally scores, phew!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dot dot dot

Well guys, initially i plan to open up my teh tarik challenge till Thursday but i already had a winner/winners here.

So, What is always behind a psychologist????

The answer is: Backside = BackPsych !!!!

Yea, some of u already showing this -___-

But i am not the only lame one that came up with this because there are lame one that able to guess. =D

So the winner is..............................

Mandy Kok Mun Yee with her answer for Back "Psych"

Congrats for being lame 1!!! Come claim your teh tarik from me next time!!! =)

Hmm....actually Ng Aili also get it correct, but the answer i wanted wasn't ASS but backside because i am not so rude after all. But since u get it 3/4 correct, i will reward you parpadum next time. =)

Well, winner and half winner, you guys should be 'proud' to get it right because there are only 4 contestants! =P

Ha, that's official closing ceremony for Mike's Teh Tarik Challenge.

Back to what-i-did entry.

Played futsal with the guys yesterday night and was proudly being trashed. Why i said 'proudly' because we were 8-0 down and we chased up till a not-so-huge gap. Well, they had Ben to protect their goal. And we felt so guilty for injuring Ben's fingers, but playing against him is seriously pain in the arse.

Stress record:
Event: Playing against Ben
Stress Signal: Emotional - Low self-esteem
Physically - Soft leg in front of him
Cognitive - Learned Self-Helpless theory
Resolved, how it was overcome (if it was overcome): Could be resolved when futsal session was over, but not fully resolved because the aftermath is still there. If it was overcome, i will tell Buffon to hand me his position. =)

Well, i guess this is quite common in a few guy's blog. So, Strike 3!!!! Kin You, you can officially/ honourly hand in your 'Mr. Fong' title to out dearly, Mr. Darryl Sien. So Kin You, no more worries of us calling you Mr. Fong, cause u already got the new generation to take up your title. Let us know when is the Handing-In Ceremony.

Today....hmm, i have been typing quite long edi, so to cut it short. Mamma Mia! in the noon and Connought Pasar Malam with the other 3 PMs. Mamma Mia bagus and Mint Pearl Tea also bagus.

Ciaoz. And Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.