Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Wan Kay Wan. May what u hope for will be fulfilled. I will be always at ur back.

Friday, November 28, 2008


*Pics removed, ask if u want*

By ending this post....i wanna ask,


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tony & May

OMG, how could i?

Geez, today is my parent's 25th anniversary and i almost forgot.

While on the way to 'yumcha' with the gang in Pelita, my mom called and telling me that they are going out for dinner and ask if i gonna join or not. I somemore said i gonna settle my own dinner. Until i was told to find myself a screwdriver (screw myself la). Then i realize today it's their anniversary. Bad bad me.

Eventually i decided to go home and we had dinner.


Happy Anniversary Tony & May!!!!

Oh yeah, if they weren't together by now, i probably is a rich brat or a guy who speaks 'sawa dee ka' =P
Assesment with Ms Winnie wasn't that scary after all =)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Master of Legends

Who Who Who????? very tempting leh!!!!!

The only drawback is tht it's freaking 2 days before my finals....sigh....but still tempting....Ian Rush wei!!!!!

Here for more info...

Itu lah...go? no go? go la if ada teman. So siapa?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Humphrey Dumpty

This post is dedicated to a very brave friend of mine or us. I really don't have the guts to do free falling but he sure got balls.

Pic description:

Basically this friend surely love freedom so much. And he literally 'feels' it.

The banner says it all, "Fly and Feel Freedom!"

A better illustration:

Well i don't know this friend of mine misinterpret or what? He was standing at the position where the red stick man is standing in the pic. He was putting up the banner and he just got too excited with the quote. "Fly and Feel Freedom" wei, don't play play. This stand is actually for flying fox purpose, where people will fly from one end to the other end and feel the freedom.

I don't know what he was thinking but yeah....fiew (do tht for 10 secs).........bam (and this for 1 sec)!!!! There goes Humphrey Dumpty great free fall. Geez, i feel the pain bro. U know, snail and shell ^^. LOL.

Careful next time la dude. How many cat lives you have? and considering your coughagecough.....

Good Week ahead!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who wanna feel my biceps???

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm worried...

I want to get 'you' outta my eyes!!!!!!

This is addictive:

Ooooo ooooO ~~~~~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Aduhai....if u people do not know by now, recession hits back!!!

If u do not know what is recession, basically recession is "a period of reduced economic activity",

It's seriously not a very good timing for recession to hit us right now, at least for me. Usually it hits us for 1 or 2 years or more. Logically, recession means economic crisis, and economic crisis increases jobless soul. Job losing rate also increase incredibly. I had a mother-son day out today and we have been talking about this recession. She told me that apparently Citibank group had sack 50,000 of their workers. See that amount?!?!?! And imagine if this recession continues for another 1 or 2 years, how am i gonna get my job???

Worry arises......=(

Hence, i thought of revise abit on recession and i goggled 'how to survive in recession'....

1st. Minimize your spending. Buy only necessities. Save money at the tightest time. No more pampering yourself with luxuries. No more branded stuffs if u can't really afford.

2nd. Clear off all your debt if you do have any. Learn to live on less money than your earn. Those who don't really earning their own money, just don't overspend your parents' money. Considering they are the one who suffer more than we do.

3rd. Find a niche. There are still things that need others assistance. For instance, people still need to see a doctor if they are ill. People still need to buy raw foods to cook at home. Tech Noobies still need tech savvy to fix their computer to do their work. Hence, start to pick up with some alternative skills. At least for a backup.

4th. Work harder. Those who are worrying of receiving the boot from your boss, be proactive and work even harder to prove that you are indispensable. Those who are worry to be jobless grad, work harder with ur academic or your EQ, people nowadays are realistic. No one will approach you if u don't have the treasure they want.

5th. Continue study. Since it's darn hard to get a job at this moment, why don't you continue your further studies? As if you got the result la. Or maybe pick up some alternative short courses to improve yourself, at least you have a wider choice of job, and of course if u can afford la.

6th. Start to earn your own money. You know that to be jobless rate is increasing and unluckily you might be one of the victim. Start to earn some pennies from now onwards. There's always some part time job for you to earn some living. Earn and save. At least you won't go utterly depressed when you are really unlucky after your grad.

7th. Start to send your CVs. As in start to send your CVs to sugar papas and sugar mamas. Who knows you are lucky enough to get one who are not much time left? Oh, with the power of technology, you can send your CVs through internet. If interested, (for fellas) & (for fellis).

8th. Learn to meditate. Learn to meditate like Buddha. Get yourself to other world and come back when recession is over. Whatabout that.

Geez, really have to start to think about my future.

Who say techno cannot be nice? Btw, it's trance.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

It kills.

Everyone who already know what happened to me yesterday might be wondering why i did not blog about my significant day? Well, it's already the past, not a need to talk about. But it's one of the experience. And i would say i have been unlucky lately. Let's hope the jinx is farking off soon.

Since i am not goin to talk about it. Hence, let's talk about what's goin around?

If you ppl do read the papers, u probably might know about this zookeeper from Sarawak committed suicide in Singapore Zoo. If u do not know about it, check out yourself.

In summary, basically this Sarawakian, Nordin Montong, 36 years old who is a contract worker in Singapore Zoo jumped over the moat and provoked 3 white tigers in the zoo. The tigers attacked him and bite his neck and that's all for his life.

Geez, i'm already unlucky but i dunno this fella is unlucky or stupid. Okay, i pity him for his death, so i shall not call him stupid, he is running out of his mind at the moment.

I can't find the picture of it but i youtubed white tiger and i found this.

Then i start to youtube on how dangerous of other animals when they attack. See for yourself if u dare. See for urself. Strongly advised not to view if you are really scare of bloods...


And this is for you Kevin Saw, learn to laugh!!!!!!

Ciaoz and thanks to those who are concern ytd. =)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


You, changing mind; like a girl, changing clothes....

Geez, this song has been so catchy that i have been repeating it over and over again.

Katy Perry's songs are quite amusing. Good for happy mood. And somehow i unconsciously link her to Mika. See the similarities rite?? rite??

Random...or not so random....i hate SPSS, i hate quantitative methods, i hate qualitative methods, i hate numbers. No such thing as beautiful mind. sigh.


*~~~u're hot n u're cold, u're yes then u're no, u're in and u're out, u're up and u're down, u're wrong when it's right, it's black and it's white, we fight we breakup, we kiss we make up.~~~*

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's 75%...

And it's time for some creativity for survival. =)

Yes! finally able to fix my iTunes. The revival of song machine!!! Thumbs up.

While browsing iTunes Store, i spotted this new series called "Legend of the Seeker" and i youtubed it. It seems pretty awesome. Most important is that the girl seems hot/panas. And girls, psssp.....that guy quite good looking too, u must check out his body in the show ....woot

Bridget Regan & Craig Horner

Here's the trailer, enjoy.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Man's ego

'A man with ego is a man that will not learn from his mistakes'

This quote was trigger from one of my msn list.

I totally agree with it. But 'A woman with ego is a woman that will not learn from her mistakes' is also quite true.

Nowadays, there's no more thing called gender differences. What man can do, woman can do it. In fact, there are certain things that woman can do but man can't do it. =/

How many female get to study back to the past? And how easy you could name a female president right now? Not hard huh?

Aiks, point going away from me. My point is, man don't necessary have to be ego, i would say it's because this term was being stereotyped, hence, all the man out there tend to act this way. Tenacity? Remembering a friend came to ask me this question, "Does all the guys do not like others to advice them?" ^^ My answer was 'depends', 'depends on the ego of the guy'. See, if no ego = accept advice, accept advice = learn from mistake, hence, no ego = learn from mistake.

I also don't know what i wanted to say edi. You go figure it out.

Till then, ciaoz. =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's 50%...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Aduhai....dunno what to update la since i have been doin the same old thing over and over again for the past few days. Nothing to talk about la.

Maybe this.

Happy Birthday Betsy Jie Jie!!!!!

You have been great! May all your dreamS come true!!! =)

That's all, ciaoz.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh Mama....i mean Obama

A whole new world.

Congrats!!!! Be a man and do the right thing!!!!!


Seminar was ok apart from the attendence. Anyway, effort was there.

Futsal was so so. Did superbly well at first but performance slowly dropped and still can't find the reason. I felt something on my left ankle. =(

Damn 7 long never go Murni!

and i'm damn 7 tired with loads of task are incomplete.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Murphy's Law

I couldn't resist myself from bloggin bout this.

MURPHY'S LAW!!!!! what the fuck?!?!

Murphy's law means worst things comes to you on the worst timing. Worst things. Worst timing. How bad can u expect?

Last few weeks i have been complaining that this Murphy strike me with his law. Coz it's the busiest period and my cilaka comp break down. First, slow internet. Then, no internet. Then, have to reformat comp. Then, cannot on comp. Then, have to change motherboard. Then, have to reformat again. And yet, 4 bloody assignments are on my way. Fark.

But everything seems under control. So i shouldn't make any noise.

But what the fuck! This Murphy's law strike my friend. And i would say it's 10 times worst than mine. See the difference between elephant and a rabbit? that different!

First, my best friend who are studying in the UK, his dad who are still in KL and have been staying alone got into stroke and admitted into the hospital. And it was actually happen in one of the mamak in Bangsar. He already darn worried and planning to come back to see his dad.

I got that news a day after it happen which was yesterday. Today, i was chattin with my friend and he told me that he felt and broke his fibula. His leg is in a cast right now and awaiting for operation tmr. And due to that, he could not travel back to see his dad. And he did not even tell his parents bout his accident. I'm pretty sure that he is in haywire right now.

Bad things really know how to choose timing huh??? Ain't it???

Well, hope the dad is recovering well and his operation is fine.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Pleasure, Your Pressure.

My title said it all.

My pleasure, your pressure.

Well, it's just a random light bulb that pop up in my mind. Whether it's good or bad, i don't really care.

When you treat someone nice, but the other one do not appreciate what u have done. Instead, they back stab you. Should you be angry on he or she? Should you go over and give he or she a bitch slap? Or should you even hope for something in return? I think the best way is the honor them with a phrase, 'My pleasure'.

It's not Sun tzu's strategy of war, it's Horn's theory of victory. chehwah, sounds so canggih. I think that when u think you had did enough for others, you already consider victory. Maybe only if the others appreciate what you had done, that's glory or pride i would say. Hence, when you did something good enough, it's your pleasure. But if others do not appreciate what you had done, it's their pressure, coz guilt and other negative stuffs will be pondering upon them.

I'm not angry or complaining about anything. This is purely random. In fact, it's subconscious??? The phrase 'My pleasure, Your pressure' seriously just popped up in my mind when i woke up this morning. I have no idea what does this suppose to mean, but yea, it just POPPED up. Whoa, how nice if every morning there is a new thing just popped up like that. Then probably before i grad, new theories keep popping up from my head. Then probably before 30, all these thoughts popped up from my mind every morning made me the next president of Malaysia. Then maybe all smartness idea just popped up like that and help me to built a rocket to fly to Mars. Chehwah, how nice it could be?

Geez, enough of dreaming. Here is a song that have been in my playing list for the past few days. Old song, but fabulous. Super love it.

Enrique Iglesias feat Alsou - You're My Number One

And this Alsou girl is HAWT!!!!

Have a great week ahead peeps! =D My pleasure.