Wednesday, December 31, 2008

08 --> 09

Hmmm, it's the time that everyone goes 'OMG, time flies' kinda moment. Yupe, it's already the end of 2008. It's gonna be a brand new 2009, well, it's just saying, but i honestly think that it's just another day or another year going. So what you people gonna do?

To sum up my 2008, it's a bittersweet one. (tried my best to recall the order)

1.) Sweet Valentine with Laura - Yupe, another Valentine alone. Okay, to make it not so pathetic, spent with Laura.
2.) First Colloquium - First Psychology Colloquium, tho the day itself wasn't that scary after all, but the process was torturing. But the day itself was sibeh gao siao.
3.) Tioman trip - My very first trip with the college mates.
4.) Runners-up for Bpsych Tourney - Fought hard for Action Potential Team to get our very first medal, tho it's runner-up, but we shall see the coming year. MORE NEURONS!!!!
5.) Assignment nights - Nights without sleeping to complete assignments and that was crazy. But i think WE are getting used to it oledi. Tho it's darn unhealthy, but like this baru show that we got 'uni life' mar =P
6.) Catching up with the bros in July and another in Dec - Chris and Xiong was back on July and had some great time with them, and Alex is still in KL and gotta spend some time with him before he got his PR in Melbourne.
7.) My Birthday - A memorable birthday for this year. 2 celebrations, 1 was be-earlied and another on the exact day. Be-earlied was crazy, it was a surprise celebration indeed and formed a marching band in MV. Exact date was normal, spending my birthday with people who i treasure is priceless.
8.) Malacca one day trip - Yupe, the momentum did not stop, another trip on the next semester break. This time to the city of history, Malacca. Satay Celup was still the best.
9.) Sis convo and hell lots of advanture - yupe, sister finally grad from NTU and if u recall, me and my sis was locked in the house during her convo =(
10.) Mahjong - Very first Mahjong session and i suck big time.
11.) Choked by ikan bilis - Dunno to laugh or not to laugh, this proven size does not matter.
12.) My cooking - had my very first cooking session, with the menu of lamb stew, cheese maccaroni, potato and ham soup plus french loaf. Not too bad for a first timer. =) Chef Wan on the making aside of the gayish side.
13.) Nanny passed away - Well, nanny who brought me up since i was small passed away and i do still think of her sometimes.
14.) Pangkor Merdeka Race 2008 - 20 hours of sailing with WindQuest. Hell lots of experience. Well done Horn, but sorry to tell got people broke your record.
15.) Driving up to Malacca - Went down to Malacca for the 2nd time of the year but this time I'm the driver. First long distance driving and it was cool. Oh yea, and this time was with my fellow Chinamen relatives.
16.) Picking up on sailing and frisbee - Involved in new sport this year, Sailing & Frisbee. And still miles away to buck up.
17.) Car kena tow - Geez, this is a secret i have kept from my parents till now. Yeah, my car was towed by some too-free-and-dunno-what-to-do DBKL. Well, i admit, it's mostly my fault. Defense mechanism 'ON'
18.) Learnt non-human language - It's important okay. What i meant here is i finally learn something on SPSS aka non-human language. Somehow, psychologist need to feel like an alien.
19.) PD - We skipped Bpsych Prom Nite and off to PD. Loads of fun and especially our very first Frisbee game. Bagus!
20.) Attracted - Was aherm, hitted by someone who God gave them balls but they prefer to play with bats. Cilaka & disaster.
21.) Enter Casino - Went to Genting for the first time since 1999 and legally entered casino for the first time. Still a virgin before mah.
22.) East Coast Trip - What more by ending the year with a relaxing vacation to the east coast? Thumbs up.


Last year i did wrote some resolutions in my blog. But i'm not going to do so this year, not that i am not looking foward for a change, but 'change' is a very easy word to spell it out, but not that easy to carry it out. Some example on my last year's resolution, stop procrastination, HA, yea rite, 'stop procrastination' kononnya. Be more organized, did i? Yilek. Spend more time with friends, okay, acceptable. Enjoy my life, very vague, dunno how to answer. Work harder and play harder, Allah, i only fullfil the player harder rather than the work harder la. Sometimes i do think that i do take things for granted, sometimes la.

Hence, like what typical chinese said, 'see step, walk step', basically spontaneous la, whatever it comes, shall try to take whatever it is la. Read back on what i wrote last year makes me felt so naive, 'i need to be a new Michael Wan Chee Horn just like a pheonix rising from the ashes (Saw,2007)' LOL, *laughing at myself.

But i saw this from the newspaper. 5 things that you wish for 2009, anything. So i shall do this as a tag. EVERYONE IS TAGGED.

5 things:

  1. End of recession.
  2. World with less smokers. I realize it's getting worse and worst.
  3. New prime minister, a better system.
  4. Screw all Mat Rempits.
  5. Good things come to me. Ahaha, of course cannot everything also think of the others mar.
Till then 2008, Let's Welcome 2009!!!!

Happy New Year People!!!!!!

Waiting For The World To Change - John Mayer

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm back. Yupe, i am back from my vacation.

It's abit adventurous where initial destination was actually Cameron Highlands again but decision haven't really made till the day before. Since i used the word again earlier, i guess we are bored of Cameron, so we decided to take it off from the list and left, Kuantan, Cherating and Terengganu. Dad had booked all three places but yet to confirm, woot. He said, 'wherever it's nice, there we go'. But of course takkan go all the way to Kuantan then check Cherating then Terengganu then back to Kuantan rite? So we chose Kuantan. Mainly because that the hotel that my dad booked in Cherating left those that is not beach side, so kinda pointless and Terengganu was kinda too far.

While on the journey up to Kuantan, calls from hotels kept ringing and we canceled one by one. But on the way up to Kuantan, we still try our luck to book some better hotels, hence we almost stop at every hotel to check out if there's room available. But as expected, hardly to find any rooms at peak season. But hey, it's Monsoon...:S In the end, we found one which is so much better than the initially booked one. It's called De Rhu Beach Resort if i not mistaken and it has the largest swimming pool in east coast, that's what they claim.

Caught this while on the way.

Part of the view of De Rhu

The view

Well, that's basically what we did on the first day apart from the seafood dinner =)

2nd day:
Dad was getting young and wanna bring us back to where we used to ate years back which was in Chukai. It's in Cherating which is further up from Kuantan. But somehow we ended up in Kuala Terengganu. We stopped by on the roadside to buy Lemang and Satar (something like Otak-otak) and it does taste really good....mmMMMmmm. We went to Awana Kijal, Terengganu to have a look and it's awesomely fantastic. The view, the environment, the beach, the sand plus the strong waves, the windy just like heaven. Regret we did not convince dad to not cancel off the rooms there considering it's not that far from Kuantan after all.

The whole stretch of Lemang and Satar

The Lemang and Satar

The sky, the waves....this is what i call beach!!! I just love this pic.

Of course cannot miss out 'attach yourself in a piece of paper' (Wong, 2008)

Watching live Batik painting in Awana.

At night we went for shopping in East Coast Mall, Kuantan Town. Then balik tidur.

The last day:
We chilled around in the hotel and try to used up the time we have before we check out. After we checked out, we went to buy Keropok Lekor where we used to love it few years back. It never changed and it's still the best. Then, it's another 5 hours journey back to the busy town, KL.

This is the Lekor stall. banyak bagus.

We had coconut, Satar and lots of Lekor.

What more makes me even happier when i saw this in the newspaper????

So that's basically an update on what i did for the past few days. =D

Now this is an inside joke:

What is Horlick + Milo + Kopi + Teh?????


Oh yea, and i found it funny when i see Kuantan's car number plate. I love to link them.

These are the usual ones:
1. CBS =
2. CBT =
3. CBW =
3. CBY =

Ha, so long for now. Many more to go. FullStop.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I just don't think i gonna blog later ( i mean after i wake up), hence, a quick one will do before i go to sleep.

I have been lazy to send cards this year, so i thought i might as well just send e-cards, but i also lazy to go one by one. So, i might as well send a mass Christmas greetings over here? ain't technology awesome? Ayo....

To All:

Well, Wishing you people out there a Blessed Christmas, May all your dreams come true. Unhealthy ones turns healthy, Unhappy ones turn happy, stupid ones turn smart, bad ones turn good, emo ones turn carefree, single ones turn couple, short ones turn tall, fat ones turn fit, not straight ones turn straight, jobless turn busy soul, employee turns employer, undergrad turn fresh grad, ugly ones turn pretty, ugly ones turn handsome, uncoolness ones turn yengness, in conclusion, negative ones turn positive la =) May the Christmas spirit brings you all love, joy, hope and peace.

Merry Christmas!!! =)

Your buddy,
Mike =D

* This Christmas, i have to spend my christmas working in the shop. But i found out one thing. I do enjoy wishing people Merry Christmas =) Really!!! You try to wish a stranger Merry Christmas, u can feel what i feel...haha. But another thing, now i know what is called last minute Christmas shopping. I just broke another record workign in the shop edi, now it's 3k plus!!!!

Till then, you people have fun aiyaite =O...Ho Ho Ho...

I think this is damn cool, hence i autoplay it. MUST listen aite, Christmas ROCK!!!

12 Days Of Christmas - Relient K

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


What's smile meant to you? Is smile that important? Or is smile the best way for you to escape from trouble?

This is just a random thought while i was working in the shop alone the whole night. People walks in and people walks out. Some are friendly and some are cold. But i just dislike that when people walk in and you smile at them while greeting them but they seems don't give a damn about it. It makes you feel abit dumb. Nothing really wrong, cause it's their right after all. But is it really that hard to smile???

Lemme teach you how to smile people, for those who dunno how to smile.
  1. close your mouth with both lips touching each other.
  2. then, slowly lift up both of your cheek (coz if u lift up one, it will turn to be a lansi smile).
  3. next, hold it right there even u feel that your cheek gonna go cramp.
  4. then, you are half way there and u already did a grin.
  5. now, slowly relax your lower lip and separate it from the upper lip.
  6. But, remember it's only the lip, not the teeth.
  7. tada! u just did a successful smiley face.

So it's isn't that hard to smile after all right? (well, based on horn's 7 step smiley tip)

Thus, why can't people just give a smile? I personally think smile is darn important, not only to jaga your own image, but also for the world peace. They said smile is the best way to escape from trouble. For instance, you did something wrong and you know that you have to apologize to opponent. If you just went infront of their face and apologize with a stone face, what would you think the opponent will think? BUT, if you apologize with a smile, at least people will feel the sincerity, at least. Or eventhough you don't feel like layaning someone, but you feel bad to being so darn direct, just smile and i guess you could escape from it.

But of course above statement doesn't apply to all. For instance, Kin You, no hard feelings ok. I seriously dislike what your friend did during futsal. His smile really can't bring him escape from his trouble. Humor is humor, but i think his humor is humiliating, which is over the limit. I think KK is just too patient or else no matter how he smile, i'm am sure he will kena a bitchslap, at least.

Well, if u had watch The Day The Earth Stood Still, Aliens invaded the Earth and try to save the Earth from humans because humans are humiliating each other and destroying the earth. Why? because there are people out there just lack of smile. Hence the world is lack of peace. A smile a day, keep the aliens away!!!

And and and....okay, this post is getting very unorganized. Well, it's blog, not a darn essay. Okay, back to my point, Smile can keep ourselves healthy as well. As we all know that, the more you smile, or even laugh, u tend to exercise your heart, hence, the more you smile, the healthier heart you can get. And another one, i guess stroke is quite common with most of you. But you might not know how a person is attack by stroke. Well, if u see the word STROKE, all you have to remember is the first 3 letter. S.T.R, S = Ask the individual to SMILE. T = Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE. R= Ask him or her to RAISE both Arms. This is some resources i got from some foward mail.

But another point of view, you smile just for the sake of covering up your trouble. People might say it's suppressing your emotions, repression, denial and so on. But i think, even you have any sad or bad things in your mind, the more you smile to people, the more u receive back a smile, either a normal one or a sweet one, in the end, somehow you tend to think positively.

Well people, why don't we smile? Why not let smile to overcome your problem? Why don't you smile to make a peaceful world?

If they could smile, why not you????

Ain't we all are cool that we are able to smile???

Smile =D