Thursday, December 31, 2009

Say Bye to the zero zero!

It's down to one and half hour to the end of 2009 and once again, i'm here bloggin bout the most common posts. The recap of the year of 2009.

Basically, to cut short the crap, this whole year been pretty normal. It's been up and down, well, no one's could always stay up there neither to kept way behind others.

Lemme see....honestly, this year has been very much devoted to thesis and i am very glad that
it's over. And let's hope results gonna be an awesome one, and so do u. (* note the word devoted and the amount of links located in this paragraph).

Hmmm...apart from that, another highlight of the year for me would be the Krabi trip, especially with the 3 others blokes who play an important role in part of my life. Of course, the others are significant to me too. But another point that made it a highlight is the time we spent was priceless. We have not actualy spent a time together for 8 years due to different locations that we were at and also it was the first trip we had and probably might be the last where some of us already starting to work.

Other than these two major event, i can't seems to recall much. Unless given me a whole day to do some feedback. But it seems times flies. It seems like it was 2008 yesterday.

As for 2010, i guess it gonna be pretty different. It probably would be a drastic change for me. Other than spending one third of the year in uni, i guess it's about time for me to step out to the working force. And i am very eager to find out how is it like. But of course as for now, have fun first.

This is it!

So long 2009.

Happy New Year to all.

Have a blessed 2010!

Mike Horn signing off. Ciaoz!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas.

To all my reader,

Merry Christmas to all. Hope everyone of u have a blessed one with your beloved ones. And with the Christmas lights shine upon your future and everything goes smooth sailing!

Merry Christmas once again!

Your Truly,
Mike Horn

Thursday, December 24, 2009

This and that & Merry Christmas

It's the post-prom season where most of the people will be busy uploading pics and some of them checking it out. Well, i'm one of those who is checking it out. But i came across a friend's status and it stated this :

老人家是很可爱的。。。在电话说一样。。。当着你面有可以说不同的版本。。。 但千万别质疑他们喔。。。祝大家平安夜快乐!!^^

Direct translation:
Old folks are cute, they said one thing through the phone, but a different version story in front of you, but do not questioned them. Wish everyone Merry Christmas Eve!! ^^

Then it came across my mind about the old man of my house. Well, not referring to dad (usually old man refers to ur own dad), i'm referring to my dad's dad.

The old man that used to be and the old man currently are quite different. His story can change from zero to hero. In other word, he is just unpredictable nowadays. I guess it's worst than a girl's emotion. He can be good mood now, and bad mood later. He loves to eat rice now, but refuse to eat rice later. He claims sick now, but healthy later. So it's very contradict on all his behaviors. Guess it's a sign of Alzheimer, but he could be very conscious at times.

It's like u think u know him well, but suddenly, u think 'nah, that's not how it is suppose to be'. That same goes to people around you. You probably think that u know a person well, but out of sudden, u might see the other side of his/hers'. Hence, i think consistency in knowing someone is the solution.

Don't think anyone will ever get to know someone good enough if they stop the effort. Those who know me before, by here i mean back in primary or secondary school, u guys probably think i'm a quiet guy, but it could be a different view from those who know me since graduate school. At least some already disagree with me being 'quiet' and 'good boy'.

Let say those in relationship, err...can't really rmb how tht line is, but it is something goes like this. "Love is blind, marriage is an eye opener". Agree with it! at least some of them are like that. Should have do a research on how often does a couple argue before and after marriage. Solution? Consistency it is.

Well, this post actually was influenced by my observation of my grandfather. He was so happy this afternoon, but seems to turn into another person in the evening. Then, the facebook status ignites the idea.

Anyway, gotta go prepare for dinner now.

Wish everyone a blessed Christmas aite! Cya real soon!

Adios amigos!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



And everyday write off a brand new thing of our life.

Monday, December 21, 2009


What? Now Brittany Murphy from '8 Mile'? It's abit too much for this year rite?


November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009

You are sheer pretty.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Wow fantastic. Spent the whole afternoon to watch National Geographic. It was boring but it was interesting. LOL. Very contradict huh? But what i mean is that it's boring to stay at home alone but National Geographic is quite cool.

As for yesterday, hiking was okay. Love the place but hate the crowd. It's like QingMing to me. And this is what we call, People Mountain People Sea.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


After 20 years, the tigers finally bite. Malaysia Boleh?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Viva la Gloria


Although there's exhaustion, fatigue and defects,

But you all are still alive,

and fought till the end.

Well done, my soldiers!

Friday, December 11, 2009

What would Christmas be like?

Well, not so what would Christmas be like? More like how would this year's Christmas be like?

I remember i was working on last year's Christmas then a drink with Ivy. The year before, i was in Cameron Highland. What would this year be? I won't be around, but i'm looking forward what would it be......hmmm.....................................

A hot female Mraz singing Christmas song in Mraz style. Woots

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Haha. I guess thesis defense wasn't that jialat after all.

Was quite pleasant with the comments that i got. Out of my expectation.

And now thesis 2 is officially done. What's next?

Finals? What's that?

Does this how they rationale 'Save the best for last'?

Like now, 'the best' aka Thesis is done, no more motivation to study for finals. Tho already expecting a tough call from IO, but...just don't feel like reading it.

Whatever it is, i will try not to enter the exam hall in blank minded.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Jialat

Geez, it's one hour and thirty minutes to my thesis defense.

And i'm damn sleepy right now.

Regret staying up late yesterday night.


Oh jialat.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Unusual Research

Geez. I realize all the research topics that my course offered were quite boring. Everything seems to be replicating from past researches. Social learning theory la, evolution theory la, social cognitive theory la....etc's nothing new!

Why can't we were able to do free topic?

Just look at what other researchers did? They are coming out with new ideas, not like us replicating researches that had been done.

See how 'smart' are these researches?

Women with bigger breasts found to be smarter. T-test, p<0.05


Boob-staring good for men. Chi-square, p<0.05

How on earth people can come out with these research idea huh? What's their research objective? What's the implication of these? Hmmmmmm.....................

(*P/S: those stat analysis was pure crap, i came up with it based on my own knowledge in stats, assuming their research design is what i am thinking. LOL)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have strong neck, rawr!

"it's out of alignment". That's what he said.


Went for a checkup for my neck ache. What the doctor said was me having not enough sleep. Which causes the muscle 'alignment' out of tune. In other words, my muscles are very tense.

When he said that to me, this came up in my mind. "Am i really that stress?" Tho i did went through a few sleepless night, and stayed up that late, but i think it's biological clock screwed coz i work at night and sleep in the noon. So, sleep is still there. Tense? nah....don't think so.

But anyway, out of everything that he said to me, only one was significant to me, which is......

"this is not cause by you playing football"


Monday, November 30, 2009


Let us learn the word 'homemade' today. English class abit ar.


[hohm-meyd] Show IPA
1. made or prepared at home, locally, or by the maker's own efforts: The restaurant's pastry is homemade. Breakfast at the farmhouse always meant homemade preserves.
2. made in one's own country; domestic: I prefer a homemade car to one of those foreign models.
3. made, contrived, or assembled by oneself; not professionally made or done; amateurish: the plain look of homemade furniture.

1650–60; home + made

Well, this is not purely random. I was having my family dinner cum younger sister's birthday celebration. Then this manager of the cafeteria was explaining the dishes to a foreign customer while me and my siblings was taking our food. When comes to the dishes of 'kampung style fried rice', this manager translated it as 'homemade fried rice'. That was embarrass enough, but he further explains what does 'homemade' means. This is a rough line what he said.

"This is homemade fried rice"

"Homemade means ladies get married and stay at home to cook"

*pointing at a waitress* "This lady is not married, so she cannot cook homemade fried rice"

Then i can sense the coldness and a few chirps of the crows. As a Malaysian, how embarrassing was that, especially working in a hotel, fulamak.

Tho it's quite malu, but my family had a real laugh at this throughout the whole dinner.

The kits.

I feel like doin this after shopping in Al-Ikhsan. Top 10 fav national kit for 2010.

«10» Serbia away

«9» Brazil home

«8» Spain home

«7» Tunisia home

«6» Australia home

«5» Germany home

«4» Ghana Away

«3» France home

«2» USA home

«1» Russia home

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Auf Wiedersehen

I have been late for 15 days. But i think tributes are not necessary have to be done when something happen, things can be done when u want to, anytime.

As those who follow sports, you might know that a tragic just happened 2 weeks back. German national goalkeeper, Robert Enke lost his life by committing suicide. It's really sad to hear that news, even worst after knew his story.

Enke was one of the late boomer that only establish himself in the national team at the age of 29. FYI, he left at the age of 32. Having different stint at various clubs such as Carl Zeiss Jena, Moenchengladbach, Barcelona, Fenerbahce and Tenerife before he settled down in Hannover96 in 2004. Earning his captain armband and impressed German National Coach, Joachim Leow. He was then about to guarantee himself as the first choice man-between-the post and definitely will be called up for next year's World Cup.

Just when the highlight of his career was about to begin, a huge burden hit on his shoulder. He and his wife, Teresa lost their daughter in 2007 who suffer from heart birth defect. Since then, he suffered from serious depression. Eventhough, Enke, being a pet lover, who has 8 dogs, 2 cats and a horse, as well involved in animal right campaign, the lost of his daughther kept haunting him. Due to that, he drove his car to a train crossing station and waited for the train before he was run over by the train.

Sometimes, even being a psych student, i still don't really understand why do ppl give up their live so easily, especially this case. All these while i do have some issue with the Germans, due to the fact that a couple of them are sheer arrogant, namely Oliver Kahn. Since he was retired, i do put hope for Enke or Hildebrand who is MIA. Being at that stage of achievement, Enke probably still can't reach his security needs through the Maslow Hierachy of need. Or probably, his security needs just taken away in sudden, that probably lead his to lost his mind. But it's seriously a waste, such a talent, such a dad, such a human but is resting in peace up there right now.

May you R.I.P, Auf Wiedersehen, Enke.

"This can and must not be true. Robert was such a great bloke. I don't know how I will tell my wife. She is very good friend's with Robert's wife. I feel for his family." - Kevin Kuranyi -

“Robert Enke will never come back to this stadium where he conquered our hearts, you were a number one in the real sense of the word. This is why our hearts are so heavy.” - Martin Kind -

“For him fairness was always an important part of life. His death is an immense loss. We will miss him, as a first class sportsman and an extraordinary man." - Joachim Leow -

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do you smell what I'm cooking?


This 'ah' is totally different from yesterday night's 'ah'

It's a sign of relieved. LOL

Yes, u're right! A whole huge burden was totally rubbed off my shoulder. Thesis is done! Next up, thesis defense, but who cares anymore? some talk cock skills could just easily get it over.

But let's talk bout thesis! Well, the process was awesomely awful! But it's sure relieved when it was done. Especially printing out the whole stack of words, u just can't seems to get it over. And while having 8am class earlier, you just can't wait to throw the 2 documents into the submission box.

But NOW, it's all over. RAWR

Nevertheless, just gotta thank God that it's over.

Thank you all my friends who gave moral support throughout both thesis 1 and 2.

Thank you my parents who keep telling me 'keep it up' and 'how many words left?'

Thank you my younger sister who borrowed me her laptop to do my thesis in my room.

Thank you those who helped me with my data collection.

Thank you coffee who keep me awake to work on my thesis. Now i only start to appreciate coffee.

Thank you those cold nights that i went through. *sarcastic

Thank you Dr. Rotter and Dr. Eleanor help allowing me to use the scale and also being so generous by posting me the article.

Thank you my co-marker who gave a tip or two.

Thank you my supervisor, Ms. Siew Ju Li for being so helpful throughout both theses. Without her, i can't get my scale. Without her, i might got convinced to change my topic which could cause a huge havoc. And of course, without her, i don't even have a supervisor. Ha.

But the person that i have to specially thank her and i want to specifically name it out is my dear friend Mandy Kok. Seriously appreciate what she had done for me or perhaps not only me, and i'm one of THEM. Don't think i will even get through this without all her helps. SPSS la, proofreading la, design la, APA la, citations la, data analysis la and etc etc. She sacrificed all her time just to help me or us throughout these while. Not like she got nothing to do, but she just did it. Hence, u deserve a special shout out here, Mandy Kok. I just couldn't think of how to repay ur kindness.

Oh, last but not least! thank you facebook, youtube, skysports, footytube, blogger, msn, gmail chat, and, without you all, my biological clock won't get screwed!

But anyway, arrivederci thesis!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The last till it's Monday

Geez, time is going tick tock without even asking your permission. I'm getting abit paranoid because my motivation definitely hasn't arrived yet.

Even though every single minute could/might inspire me to write a few words for my thesis, but i do still spend some time to check my blog here and then. But everytime i see the latest post, or rather previous post from now on, it ain't help me to push myself till next monday. Not at all.

Hence, the lyric that i always found strength came into my mind. Again, not to be surprise, it's from the song 'You'll Never Walk Alone', Ha.

"Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart"

To all who are fighting with time for thesis, all the best, remember to walk on and may the strength be with you. cheers.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Am i Busy?

Am i busy? Yes i am. Am i busy? No i am not. Am i busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? Yes perhaps i am. Am i Busy? Nah i don't think so. Am i Busy? I am not sure. Am i Busy? Hell yeah. Am i Busy? Hell No. Am i Busy? You tell me. Am i Busy? Yes i am. Am i Busy? No i am not. Am i Busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? i think so. Am i Busy? i don't think so. Am i Busy? dunno. Am i Busy? duh. Am i Busy? not. Am i Busy? yes no. Am i Busy? damn busy. Am i Busy? damn free. Am i Busy? damn i dunno. Am i Busy? Yes i am. Am i Busy? No i am not. Am i Busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? Yes perhaps i am. Am i Busy? Nah i don't think so. Am i Busy? I am not sure. Am i Busy? Hell yeah. Am i Busy? Hell No. Am i Busy? You tell me. Am i busy? Yes i am. Am i busy? No i am not. Am i busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? Yes perhaps i am. Am i Busy? duh. Am i Busy? not. Am i Busy? yes no. Am i Busy? damn busy. Am i Busy? damn free. Am i Busy? damn i dunno. Am i Busy? Hell yeah. Am i Busy? Hell No. Am i Busy? You tell me. Am i Busy? Yes i am. Am i Busy? No i ain't. Am i Busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? i think so. Am i Busy? i don't think so. Am i Busy? dunno. Am i Busy? Yes perhaps i am. Am i Busy? Nah i don't think so. Am i Busy? I am not sure. Am i Busy? Hell yeah. Am i Busy? Hell No. Am i Busy? You tell me. Am i Busy? Yes i am. Am i Busy? No i am not. Am i Busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? i think so. Am i Busy? i don't think so. Am i Busy? dunno. Am i Busy? duh. Am i Busy? not. Am i Busy? yes no. Am i Busy? damn busy. Am i Busy? damn free. Am i Busy? damn i dunno. Am i busy? Yes i am. Am i busy? No i am not. Am i busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? Yes perhaps i am. Am i Busy? Nah i don't think so. Am i Busy? I am not sure. Am i Busy? Hell yeah. Am i Busy? Hell No. Am i Busy? You tell me. Am i Busy? duh. Am i Busy? not. Am i Busy? yes no. Am i Busy? damn busy. Am i Busy? damn free. Am i Busy? damn i dunno. Am i Busy? Hell yeah. Am i Busy? Hell No. Am i Busy? You tell me. Am i Busy? Yes i am. Am i Busy? No i am not. Am i Busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? damn busy. Am i Busy? damn free. Am i Busy? damn i dunno. Am i Busy? Hell yeah. Am i Busy? Hell No. Am i Busy? You tell me. Am i Busy? Yes i am. Am i Busy? No i am not. Am i Busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? i think so. Am i Busy? i don't think so. Am i Busy? dunno.Am i Busy? Yes perhaps i am. Am i Busy? Nah i don't think so. Am i Busy? I am not sure. Am i Busy? Hell yeah. Am i Busy? Hell No. Am i Busy? You tell me. Am i Busy? Yes i am. Am i Busy? No i am not. Am i Busy? Maybe. Am i Busy? i think so. Am i Busy? maybe. Am i Busy? i don't think i am. Am i Busy? dunno. Am i busy? Hell yeah i am. Am i busy? No i ain't.

Damn! Am i Busy?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Soul or a Soldier?



Thursday, November 5, 2009

The result:

We won but not good enough to qualify. But definitely effort was there. By far, today's game was probably one the best game throughout the league. Well done lads.

As for now, it's time for a lengthy rest for me and my injuries. I have been reflecting abit on this league, and i realize it's not so healthy for me after all. 2 ankle injuries with a spine injury since the first game, nope, definitely not a good one for my future. Hence, it's time to give myself a break. No competitive football and ONLY purely for fun.

Bye from now. YNWA!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Game starting in an hour time. And i'm feeling abit nervous. Definitely there are some butterflies in my stomach. Hope it all went well later. It's do-or-die and make-or-break.

I will update later when i got back to see how it goes. Gan Cheong!

Friday, October 30, 2009


What a day. As i already told myself that i want to stay away from home today although both ankle was real sore from yesterday's game, and i did it. Basically i gave myself a break today and i sure missed this kinda break.

But anyway, today can be consider as movie day for me. Watched 2 movies in a day.

First, watched Law Abiding Citizen with the uni gang. It was pretty awesome show. The mastermind of the movie is sure genius. When i was watching that movie, in my mind it's Scorfield vs Clyde. I don't wanna spoil the fun and shall let you ppl to experience the show. Awesome.

Then when i got home, i si beh tahan to see the stack of shirts left un-ironed. I decided to finally iron my own shirts but as usual, reason i don't like to iron my own shirt is because it's boring cause you do the same steps over and over again. That iron is quite heavy and i'm lazy to do some work out. It's boring if there is not other thing you could do besides ironing the shirt. Hence, i chose one of the movie i downloaded ages ago to entertain myself while ironing my shirts. I chose The Wrestler.

Well, this movie could be a boring movie but yet it could be an interesting movie too. Throughout the movie, i kept seeing fights over fights and i thought that's it. But the movie illustrate how important acceptance play a role in our life. Likewise some people said that they don't care how people see them, but deep inside, i'm pretty sure they want that acceptance too. For the character here, he just don't found any acceptance from his surrounding apart from wrestling. Hence, he don't even bother of his life and went back to where he feel he is part of the world. I'm sure everyone want to be accepted.

Go watch these movie if you feels like it, it's worth watching.

As for now, adiosa peeps.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

inner talk

There are a few phrases just running in my mind over the week.

"am i able to go through this smoothly?"

"it's not the first time, just move on"

"to work? to master?"

"i better be quick"

"gotta do something"

"buck up guys!"

"why luck always not there?"

"i gotta feeling"

*can confirm it's not emo, but just the thoughts that running over my mind*

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Land


Friday, October 23, 2009

PuuPuu (According to FB)

Geez, so many things to update but yet so less time to do so. It's been an long long week and perhaps even longer than i expected for the coming week too. If you do realize, blog has been quite dead since 5th of October (it's already the 23rd), a video posting with 2 uber short post. Not that i don't want to, but the timing just not right. When i feel like updating, there's time constraint; when i have the little bit of time, i don't feel like blogging.

Well, lemme reverse back abit. It all goes back to last Saturday. It was HELP Sailing Club's very first (izit consider first?) sailing event, HUC Goes Sailing!. It all went awesome, which explains my 1st from the list on my previous post. Throughout organizing the whole event, circumstances come, circumstances goes. The process is exactly like how u sail a boat! When u sail the boat out, u don't always expect there's wind for you to sail, and when there's no wind, it could be very frustrated cause things just don't go ur way, but if you be patient abit, the wind apparently will come and we can go smooth sailing again. When things doesn't go your way or it is stopping you from what you want, it could be very frustrating. Again, when ur boat couldn't catch any wind to sail, it doesn't mean u just wait there and pray for wind to come, okay, sometimes luck play a part, but you have to do some manoeuvre to try to catch the wind and get back on track. Luckily i have all the committee to do that manoeuvre that made it such a success. Good job and that explain the 2nd item from previous post.

The rest of the story of the event, will let selected pictures to give you a better idea on how success it was.

The main sail.

Somehow i love this picture, the sky is nice and the water doesn't look that dirty anymore.

Love the sky of that day. The clouds looks peaceful.

The crew of Rapscallion

The crew of Aili's platu

The crew of Vincent's platu.

The crew of Skybird.

And the full crew of the whole event! Awesome people.

My infamous speech. LOL. With everyone cheers with me with an empty glasses. Cheers!

Last but not least, how could we left out the most important people for the whole event? I literally can specify who they are.
(L-R: Aili, Ivy, Min Huei, Fariz, Mike; Kevin missing from the picture)
Finally we have our own club shirt. Yay!

Looking at all these pictures plus those in facebook, it really gave a great memory. The success of the whole event really gave me the sense of acheivement which explains the 3rd items of previous post; and that feeling is always fantastic (4th item of previous post).

That pretty much sums up everything about the event. Bravo!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Apart from that, i wanna blog abit about my futsal life lately. I am pretty sure i did mention before that i need to be slightly more aggressive or assertiveness. Not so sure bout assertiveness, but i think my aggressive level is generally increasing. That's what i observed. Not too sure if that's good or bad, but i guess i need to find the balance in it. People knowing me says that i'm a big man with a soft heart. But this soft side of me is moving, but towards where, i'm not sure.

We had a futsal league game on Wednesday, it was our 2nd lost in 4 games, but my 1st lost in 3 games. It all went pretty tension throughout the game where our team need maximum points to secure for knockout stage, where oponent is still struggling down there. To cut short the story, there is an arseho was being a real pain in the arse throughout the game; confronted players, confronted opponent's fans, confronted referee. Well, he is just a real pathetic guy who thinks everyone is going against him. And to cut the crap, i just could not take the fella's behavior and i myself commited a misconduct behavior and it all caused a whole lots of trouble to everyone. Don't know if it's because of the tension game that cause me adrenalin rush and triggers the fuse to cut short, or it's me myself that is changing. I sure hope it's not because of me. But those who did involved in that incident, i offer my sincere apology.

Speaking of that, another incident that showed my aggressiveness change. I'm not trying to show any hero behavior or what, but i found it funny. I came very close to stood up for a poor fella who got whack by a barbarian. The great thing is, everyone in class was literally starring at the incident and not doing anything. But in the end of the day, i only realize i was deceived. LOL.

Alright, gotta get myself to sleep now. Wish Action Potential luck for tmr's tourney. Fellow AP, let's roll.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

  1. Awesome
  2. Good job
  3. Sense of achievement
  4. Fantastic

Friday, October 16, 2009

I really hate things are in a mess, but somehow not everything you like goes to your way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't really have much time to update, but will do so when i am able to spare an hour to update. But before that, share this awesome song by Michael Wan....opps, i mean Michael Buble. Really awesome.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rap it up

Damn, a week really goes pass easily. But at least i think it was a pretty awesome week.

It starts off with my supervisor's generosity saved my arse. Helpful advice with handful of assistance. At least it ain't as stressful as how i thought it could be compare to last week. Honestly speaking, last week i was pretty paranoid.

Greenlight from Mr. Loh for our (HELP Sailing Club)'s pre-proposal on the upcoming event. Soon to be announced but it's a good start ahead.

Despite some technical error, somehow i had made a wise decision to call up NASOM's GM to check on the progress. Only manage to found out they did not received my email and now permission seems ot be on our way.

A family reunion on Mid-Autumn Festival will never be as awesome compare to any other thing. Mom haven't been cooking that much food since CNY. Oh, Happy Mid-Auntumn Festival peeps.

What more to finish the week by having a gathering with the friends and family? Couldn't ask for more. I always love to host some sort of party or gathering, despite it could be quite tiring, but i just enjoy the companion with the people i love. Honestly, i could see myself doing this quite alot in the future, eventhough when i have m own family. I just love that feeling.

That sums up my brilliant week, and it's time to get serious with work in this coming week. Well, by the time i post this post, it's already THE WEEK. It's all out or screw myself moment. I gotta get serious this time (bad goal setting), *hmmm...that wasn't the first time i said that....but i'm really gonna be serious....*well, neither that was the first time saying it. Whatever la, I'll do whatever i am suppose to do and get it done nicely.

*neither the last sentence has not come out from me before too.......RAWR!

Before ending it, I have been caught by this song's kinda cute.

men, men, men, men, menly men, men................

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Forgive You

This is really meaningful video i wanna share here. Life lesson material.

*As much i wanna talk more about this, but i have to put that on hold cause i'm running late for uni before Betsy going to gimme 10 missed calls and honk the whole Jalan Pudina. LOL*

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Man, creativity is just brilliant!!!!

Attention, we're going for record!!!! LOL

And if you do realize, everything do have a process.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rise & Fall

It's astonishing huh? Do you even realize this?

Lies are so much easier than truth. Some people think they don't know how to lie, but some surviving in the world of lies. It's so much easier to fall for other people's lies instead of believing other people's truth. For instance, i believe everyone definitely have times when no matter how hard they tried to explain the truth but no one just believe, and just an easy lie and get you out of all the bullshits.

It's same as what wise man said, it gets u a day to turn bad but it gets u years to be good. Pretty amazing huh? People tend to drop easily instead of raising up. Get into all the negative energy without their conscious, but yet they need assist to bring them back to the positive, or at least to the neutral.

Well, back to the main point, the previous paragraph was just some add-on. I was actually being very curious why people tend to not believe the truth and instead got convinced with lies. Is this related to trust issues? or it's the matter of maturity, still could not differentiate between black and white? But i believe there are people who are mature enough to handle other stuffs also might fall into this mystery, so shouldn't be the matter of maturity. Or maybe like what people used to say, only if you can see what the other sees, then you only will believe them, but when people telling you a lie, u usually don't see what they see, hence fall into their trap? What say u?

Good nights. My supervisor hebat!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kids nowadays.

Every married couple surely will share this same thought, at least most of it. "A baby will definitely enlighten the family". Why say so? Because they are just damn cute when they do stupid things, again, at least it looks stupid to us. But their cuteness definitely made that wide smile on your face. Especially when they dance. Kids nowadays no longer listen to 'Ba Ba Black Sheep'. They prefer Boom Boom Pow over nursery rhythms.

For instance:

Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the fur....the kids are going further.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies, check this booty out.

Babies nowadays really a big fan of Beyonce huh?

And they go for Armin van Buuren too. Techno style. Do the shuffle babe.

And Salsa too, Sexy.

Ahhh, see these kids, stress also reduce abit la. LOL

Thursday, September 24, 2009

sweet victory

It's really not cool to injured my another leg right now. Bad timing.

But today was a sweet victory.

- - - - -

Apart from that, i finally see some light for my thesis. Slightly little light. Not much, but i see hope.

But before that, i need to play the bad guy role. How?


Monday, September 21, 2009

Shout-out to all my muslim readers,

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri"

- Mike Horn -

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gotta get-get, Gotta get-get

Boom Boom Pow

It's been a tiring day. Don't know how was my mood goes, but it's pretty much up and down. Woke up and hang around here and there, then I went to college to meet Dr. M to discuss on the scale that i will be using for my thesis. Guess what?

Boom Boom Pow

His scale is not validated, and i need to validate it for him. And there goes all the trouble. Meaning to say, i am pretty screwed. Gone case. I don't wanna talk about it. Can't point finger to anyone.

Boom Boom Pow

Then i was in MV with mom to do some grocery. Already damn tired in the end, almost wanna fall asleep and leg was pain through yesterday's futsal. Was pretty much relieved when we are about to leave. Then.

Boom Boom Pow

Outside was raining cats and dogs. Jam. urgh. Finally got back home, wanted to rest for a while. Then...

Boom Boom Pow

Got an unusual call. It was Thava and she asked me about my result for Thesis 1.

Boom Boom Pow

I only get to know that result is out.

Boom Boom Pow

Quite reluctant to check the grade initially but in the due to need some information through the net, might as well check it also la.

Boom Boom Pow

It seems like i did fine for my thesis 1. Satisfied but could be better i guess. But it was a real relief.

Boom Boom Pow

Obviously u see alot of 'Boom Boom Pows' in my post. Well, after seeing Dr.M and before grocery in MV. I went to a place called Wisma Academy in PJ. It was Universal Music's office. I was told earlier that i had won a Black Eyed Peas exclusive t-shirt with a pass to meet-&-greet the Peas. Woot.

Boom Boom Pow

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lights on, NO.


- I actually quite scare if driving a car with 'Fuel Warning' lights on in the middle of the hill under the heavy rain. -


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Come to Daddy!!!

Dreaming and Hoping. =D

Nike Tiempo Mystic

Nike R10 Cara

What a beauty huh?!?!?! =S

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I dunno why i have this weird feelings. Like what The Saturdays sang in the song Issue, "Me and my heart we got issues, don't know if i should hate you or miss you". But it's the love hate thing.

Okay, it's not exactly my heart but it's the remaining semester i have in college. I don't know if i should love it or i should hate it. Obviously, i would love to start to work and earn some money. But at the same time, i know i surely gonna miss uni life. That's the contradict there. sigh. But again, i don't know if i'm ready to leave uni and also don't know if i'm ready to enter workforce. Damn, wasted the intern opportunity to try out.

Then the past few nights, i couldn't have a soundly sleep. It took me few hours of rolling around before i'm able get into stage 1 of NREM. Then i think there might be a few reasons.

  1. There is a possibility of the influence of the people surrounding me. People around me seems to be graduated and already starting to work or started to work. Somehow, you would wanna feel to be part of them. It's the in group out group thing.
  2. Then, it probably could be also people around you is graduating. Yea, you, if you think i am referring to you. You also tend to want to be like them and not being left out behind.
  3. Then, it probably could be i'm getting bored with studies. But that the same thing people who started work said "I'm getting bored with my job".
  4. Also, it could be the subjects that i am taking currently. Industrial Organizational and Career Guidance are all about our future in the workforce. Which indirectly kicking us out from uni.
  5. Also, it could be me having to wonder alot on me in the workforce in the future, which pretty much excites me.
  6. But, i'm not sure if i'm ready for it cause with the recession now and not much of working experience, there is alot of doubts to get a good job.
  7. And also, when i first start to get my first wage, it means it's the first step to take on responsibilities. Note the S.
  8. I don't know how much do i have to change before i can consider ready to face the working force.
Haha, but like what i always said. I'll see step walk step la. =)

Friday, September 4, 2009

잘가요 내사랑

Pssspppp.....i got good stuff to share.

P/S: sorry to tell, i don't provide tissues.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The climb

You have any idea who is this dude??? Some of you might and some of you might not. His name is Alain Robert aka Spiderman. The infamous french who have a great passion in climbing high buildings with ONLY his bare hands.

I have recently read his latest climb on our Petronas Twin-Tower. If i not mistaken, it's the 2nd attempt of him since the last round where he was caught by the officers it's the 3rd attempt since 1997 and 2007 where he was caught and freed by the officers. Tho what he has done is illegal, but i really salute his passion, he really got balls.

Apart from that, i think we really should learn from this dude. The motivation and determination he has is totally immense. Tell me, have u ever gave up on doing something all these while? I'm sure you had, even you are not conscious about it, but i can quite sure you or we had those moment before.

Of course I'm pretty sure same goes to Alain, but imagine when he was climbing the building. Climbing the building just with his bare hands and no strings attached. First, all he need is his arm strength, slightlypull out from giving in, bye bye....phiewwwwwwwww, piak! Secondly, his mind have to be totally focus on what he is doing, if he saw someone through the windows doing i-shall-not-go-into-detail and lose focus, again....phiewwwwwwwww, piak! Third, the patience, patience lead to a calm mind; if he doesn't have the patience to go to the top of the building, eventually he might just give up in the middle of the building, if no one were there to save him, in the end, he still have to phiewwwwwwwww, piak!

It's not easy for one to push till the max. Somehow while reading this article, Kenneth just popped up in my mind, with his Choo-choo train story in our Human Motivation class. Where how the train be motivated to continue the journey despite no matter what circumstances to reach to the top of the hill (also top of the lecture hall for Mr. Kenneth).

This post is purely for my salute towards this bloke, but somehow......I'm pretty determine for this coming semester. Can't wait to finish the course and start another chapter of my life, tho that only gonna happen after 7 months. But nvm, it's the climb.

Monday, August 31, 2009

This song have been hooked in my mind and it kept playing in it. I know it's already playing in the radio for quite sometimes but even before that, i think it is a good song.

Apart from the song, i found out this aussie chic is quite attractive too. HAHA.

I think at certain angle, she looks like Nicole Kidman, but also looks like Scarlett Johansson. Opps, btw, she is Lenka Kripac. LOL


Okay okay, enough of her. It's Merdeka Day today, also Holi Day!!! we declare merdeka, but tmr no more merdeka for me. LOL. Crap. Alright, lets talk about our dear Malaysia.

Already spent my 22 years of life in this country, sometimes it looks cool but sometimes it looks pathetic. But anyway, i'm still a Malaysian, and still proud of it.

What's cool?
  1. We are a multicultural country. (despite racism is quite common too)
  2. We have mamak stalls for bonding. That's how it work for 1 Malaysia. LOL
  3. We have beautiful sight seeing spots, which some of them are yet to be discovered.
  4. We have our tallest tower for quite some years before that taiwanese or chinese tower over took it.
  5. We have our own local cars, which help out alot on transportation for not so rich ppl.
  6. We owns Air Asia, which also helps alot of ppl to discover the world outside. And also my recent Krabi trip.
  7. We have our unique language. You know LAH.
What's not?
  1. The politics -__-
  2. The bribaries
  3. The weather
  4. The TRAFFIC!!!
  5. The polutions
  6. The security
  7. And the recent riots.
Apart from that, i could proudly say that i'm a Malaysian. But all in all, okay lah, nothing is perfect anyway.

Happy Merdeka!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malaysia Did It Again!

Whoa, I can't believe Malaysia can be so champion.

Champion on disappointing their respectively citizens. Seriously.

Last year, Justin Timberlake planned to come to KL for a fantastic performance. But it canceled coz can't-rmb-what-shit excuse by the government. SO, JT ended up in Sydney or Indonesia.

Then, Beyonce wanted to come too. But her attire are always too skimpy, even with a fully covered shirt or dress. So tak jadi.

Yet another dissapointment. My all time fav Liverpool, did not travel to Malaysia for their pre-season game, because they are sponsored by Carlsberg. What nonsense is this?

And recently, if you do aware, PAS Youth claimed that Michael Learns To Rock's concert is festival of sin. They wanted to call for cancelation. Tell me what nonsense is this? If you do know who is Michael Learns to Rock, i assume you all do, they are Michael "learns" to "rock", but their songs are fooking sentimental. Ain't Michael Learns to Hard Rock or Metal Rock. How could that be a sin at the first place. And is MLTR even looks inproper to you? Can't fooking see a chest hair of any of the member, which part consider as a sin TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN???

"Konsert ini adalah suatu penghinaan besar kepada negara Malaysia dan umat Islam yang sedang menyambut bulan Ramadhan al Mubarak kini.

Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat sekali lagi mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya jemaah menteri yang membuat keputusan ini. Dimana ia adalah suatu tindakan yang kurang ajar dan penghinaan besar terhadap ummat Islam di Malaysia."

Read here for more info.

Dudes, you guys don't rock too hard, not enough of clothing wei. Too sinful for you guys to be in Malaysia. (opps, i think i saw some chest hair there)