Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour @ 69 Point

First of all, apologize to those who wasted most of their time in the car yesterday night. It was a bad planning from me with unexpected circumstances.

It's Earth Hour yesterday. Well, obviously we are such an environment friendly bunch of people, we did turn off our lights, but we did not stayed at home =P. We planned to go to this place called Lookout Point where we could see the view of the city of KL. I thought it was a good idea where we could actually bonding bonding while seeing the beauty of lights (lights off & lights on).

However, it's not what we expected. The jam was horrible!!! It's because of the amount of people going up there and also the people that parked beside the road to see the view. My last visit was 2 years ago, that place was still unknown and it's pretty cool to hang out over there. But yesterday was full of humans, the jam, the people is totally a turn off. We have 4 cars going up. Only 2 cars (6 humans) end up to the place where 1 car made a U-turn back down and another was lost. So sorry for the other 2 cars that did not manage to make it up there, at least 1 car did not starved from food and another got super nice car to sit. LOL.

Anyway, those 2 cars that manage to made it already late for the off light session. On the half way up to the hill, we already can see the lights are off. But when we reached to the top, we realized that other than Twin Tower and KL Tower, it seems the same!!! ish.

During Earth Hour.







After 9.30

Since the pity ppl can't get up to Lookout Point, hence we meet them down there and off to Steambot at XXX Restaurant (i can't remember the name of the restaurant, Hau ran?). Then only realize we are damn stupid to go to Lookout Point instead of this Steambot Restaurant. This Steambot Restautant is on a roof top of a complex where it's tall enough to see the exact same view from Lookout Point. Haih, bad move.


Come to think of it, the main purpose of Earth Hour was to save to environment. But then is one hour enough? Okay, it could be a raise awareness but i think people have to come up with something to save this world. I'm so sick with the hot weather, especially in Malaysia, and also i am very pity with those Aussies. Smart people could try to set up this system in their house. You know, those plug in key then everything operate and if not everything is off? Those hotel system? I think every house should have those kinda system, now that's environmental friendly.

Oh yeah, and Starbucks actually gave out 20% discount during that one hour yesterday!!!

So much for Earth Hour....ahh choo.....i think i am down to flu edi, damn. Bye Bye for now.

Have a great weekend peep. =D

P.S: sorry to inform you that u are mildly deceived because the pictures were taken with different setting of my camera. WAHAHAHA =P

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Looking at my previous post, i remember blogging about my top 3 list on place to visit. With 1.) Mauritius 2.) Italy and 3.) Tanzania.

Forget bout the list and remember this (eh, so familiar one this sentence, LOL)

Now my list is:

  1. Mauritius
  2. Tanzania
  3. Guam
Forget about Italy, i realize i am not so fancy about cities.

Guam is the new member of the list. I remember watching one of the korean drama which was shoot in Guam, can't rmb the title, but when i see the scenario, i was like 'WOW' (not barking)

How cool is it to have a flag that have coconut tree and a sail boat.

But the real cool thins about Guam is that this tinny winy island who are such a heaven. According to Wikipedia, Guam is known to be in Oceania. But, u come to see the map, it's no where near Aussie, how could that be Oceania? They also claim it's somewhere near Hawaii, but it's no where near America too. The closest it can be is South East Asia, but they weren't known as a country in South East Asia. So let it be with it lonesome island la. And it's a good thing tho because u don't have neighbor to fight with, all u have to do is live with a relax lifestyle =D

Just take a look at the beach over there. Okay, it's almost the same as Tanzania, but i think island like this sure has alot to explore. Not much of facilities but a beauty ocean is more than enough. Maybe i should consider my after retirement life huh? heh.

And the best damn thing is this







So long fo Guam. And remember to turn off ur lights tonight. =D OFF

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weather can be predicted,

But we can't control it.

Emotions can't be predited,

But we could control it.

How nice is life? =D

(Law, 2009)

Knock You Down

Knock You Down feat Kanye West & Ne-Yo - Keri Hilson

Lyric is just too long, u got Keri's part, u have Kanye's part and u also have NeYo's part. too long. But here is the chorus:

Sometimes love comes around
(love comes around)
and it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
(love comes around)
and it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(knocks you down)

I was just wondering, does love always knock you down? It's a '?' in my mind.

If u wanna see the video, u can click on here. Keri Hilson is hawt-kuchi-mama!!!

Horn signing off for the day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bravo ppl,

Well done.

Group effect!!!

Totally impressed.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009




Monday, March 23, 2009


This Saturday is the day. It's the day to support the Earth Hour. Don't know what is it about? Let my Mister all the way from Korea to explain to you ppl:

Convincing enough? Even no, just turn off the light for the sake of conform with the rest. LOL. I already raised my hand for this project same goes to my family. You people should really do so too.

But actually i got some other plan. I was thinking why not we could come out and watch how Malaysia off their lights. And the best thing is, i am sure it would be a 'wah~~~' moment when everyone on back their lights. So i was thinking, why not we come out and find a nice spot where we could see the whole city and bonding-bonding with each other for that hour and enjoy the beauty of lights??? What say you?

Oh remember to turn off your lights before you come out =)

Friday, March 20, 2009

U're the judge.

This clip memang is hilarious. There are others funny but abit obscene, so i should deal with the clip i found from Andrew. But, that line just gave me an aha moment.

Don't judge too quickly, we won't.

Totally agree with 'don't judge too quickly. People do have mistakes, and people do change, except for the Mat Rempits. Judging a person too quickly just kill the other person off. You might run away with the golden opportunity if u judge something too quickly, if the case is negative.

Don't tell me you people did not do this in your entire life. I did too. Sometimes i do judge people too quickly. People i used to dislike, end up giving me a different perception. People who i think is 'whoa, idol!', end up disappointing me. Situation that i see no hope end up a light, situation that i see got prospect end up dim. Things that think i can't end up success, things that i think i can end up not the result i wanted it to be.

Judging is easy. But analyzing ain't.

It's not an emo post, it's not possesed by ghost writer, but it's a life lesson. =)

Go to Hell MP.

What kinda world are we even living?

I just saw an email from my fren from overseas saying that one of my fren got beaten up by a bunch of @E%$@#$@%^$* Mat Rempits last night in Kelana Jaya. He is still alive but a few broken tooth and bruises ain't a pleasant thing. Next time if we see any of these Mat Rempits, we shall show no mercy and play bowling with them. As u see, the more u hit them down, u get a strike. Even if u don't hit them all down on your first attempt, go back and try again to get a spare. This people seriously should go down to hell and explore hell, then write a book and tell the humans how hell looks like, since they are such a bunch of nothing-better-to-do-and-screw-ppl's-life-with-their-'canggih'-motor.

This earth is just full of interesting ppl. Does even aliens do that to their fellow aliens?

Btw, if any of you fancy healthy food, and heard of go vegetarian to stay healthy? But just cannot tahan to eat only vegetables. You ppl can pay a visit to this restaurant called Bestopia is Kuchai Lama for their vegetarian food. Eat before vege spagetti? eat before vege curry laksa? Food is perfectly fine. Price is perfectly reasonable. Place is perfectly comfortable. =) + *wink wink*

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

*Fun, Ally Fun

This is Ally Fun.

I do her the whole noon.

Eh!!!! i mean i made her this afternoon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


What more to end my Saturday with this??? =D

Walk on!!! Walk on!!! YNWA.

What a week

That's Sharon. That's the friend that i proudly named her as Lamer 2 days ago. And she is eating her Roti Telur.

Back to the post.

Damn, last week has been a very hectic week. Stress is the word to describe us. Us as in my fellow course mates.

Discussions, discussions and discussions. Assignments, assignments and assignments. It's driving us crazy. And it's not been a very good week for me. Stress strikes in. Guilt strikes in too. And also patience are testing me too. People said that emerging adults should sleep at least 6 hours per day. And i guess it wasn't the case for me for the past few days. Oh wait, come to think about it. I slept 6 hours in 2 days. Seriously not an healthy lifestyle. That was just about the sleeping hours, food that i have been eating ain't any better as well. Sien with fast foods, seriously. Even when i asked my mom to tapao dinner for me last night, smarty pants her bought me KFC, i felt like puking after eating just a piece of it.

Healthy? Not.

These are the kawan that keep me awake the whole night.
(L-R): Ginseng (just love my mom la), my Roselle with Honey, all time fav Tehcino
(Hidden pic): My playlist and Ice Mentos Gum


There was a morning when i was having my breakfast with my mom (*i have been a bad bad son lately, i seldom spent time with mama especially breakfast), she suddenly screamed when she opened the dining room's window. She spotted on of the stick at the back moved itself. Then she looked down and she saw this :

Hmm, just in case those dirty minded of u. That's not threesome. Cats don't do threesome, not that i know, and i can't imagine that. Heh. A mother Cat just gave birth to 3 newly born kitten. They are as small as my palm, and they were swimming at the floor, barely can meow. Tho their colour looks ugly plus issues that i had with cats, they looks adorable.

Oh yeah, might as well continue random-ing. I spotted a hot chic while on my way to college on Friday. Need not to ask her name, she called Audi Ay Siq'ss and she is a beauty. Couldn't resist myself to snap it. Notice that sign board, if u don't know where is it, it's the hill coming down from BSC to HELP. Usually i will just free my gear and let it roll. But i was on my 2nd gear to go down from a hill. Don't mentioned the speed and sorry for the marching band i formed. But who cares?

It's Saturday, and finally the week is coming to an end. All dues had passed. The next hectic one will be 2 weeks from now. I shall enjoy my weekends before starting to hit the weeks. And yesterday's night was the best sleep i ever had. And tonite i will be out to watch the ever-big-most-important game of the season. It's do it or lost it for Liverpool. And of course i choose the bird over the devil.


Before i get my buttocks out of here, those of you have been thinking why i was so random to talk about Sharon at the starting. Hahaha, don't get me wrong. This pic tells it all.




Was having our yumcha session after our rather interesting eating disorder lecture. While everyone was enjoying eating their food, suddenly 'piak!!!'......a newly fresh poop was born. Right in front of Jeff. You can imagine his stone face and end up not eating his remaining portion of rice. When i wanna take that pic of the poop, Sharon appear herself in the pic. Hehehe. Bet you ppl did not notice the poop if you waren't in that yumcha session. Ha.

As for now, i shall clean up my room. It's been way too messy.

Have a great weekend. So long for now. =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Talking about Technology

Geez, you ppl must see this. World with mobile huh? What else can human create? *Salute*

Why i love it???
  • camera function cum...
  • phone cum...
  • watch cum...
  • additional info about the book (woot, i don't have to read journals anymore) cum...
  • info of product...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Msg Failed



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a mess. Everything is a mess.

Monday, March 9, 2009


How i wish i am here


But not HERE


Sunday, March 8, 2009


"Practice makes perfect"


Today's result:

1, 2, 1

Not bad not bad.

Other than that? it's good to see improvement.

Saturday, March 7, 2009



"Black is seriously a bad idea, black significant to bad luck, hence, it's a bad bad idea"

Ha, u know who i am referring la . =X

I don't know why, last week was pretty stressful for me. At least i feel the stress. But the thing is, i only have 1 major assignment due last week, but there are course mates that had 2 or 3 major assignments to be complete.

So, i don't know what does that suppose to mean, but i will try harder for coming week.

i just thought of a theme for Action Potential. This gonna be a good one.

"Challenge the best, and dominate the rest"

Fulamak, damn motivating rite?

That indon, bring it on. =P *realize it's not so safe to write full name, and u ppl know who am i referring.*

I'm so bloated now since the dinner.

Anyway, just in case i don't blog tmr,

Happy Birthday Wan Kay Pui. Tho at times u are pain the ass, but still love ya.

And, Happy Women's Day to all XXs out there.

~ The End ~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to swear

Today i am damn pissed............In fact, i am actually damn FUCKING PISSED!!! argh

It's definitely not my day, and that's for sure.

Early in the morning, i woke up at 8.30 am and i thought i was 30 mins late for class. But in fact, my class is actually at 9. I tend to forget all the timing lately. Another similar case happen just 2 days ago. I was suppose to go sailing and suppose to meet up at 10 in Aili's house. I woke up at 9, and i thought i was late for forensic group meeting which was suppose to be on Friday 9 am.

-___- Fuck.

Then, i was damn freaking tired that my mind just couldn't work at all for the entire day. Fuck.

Then, i had my pasta tapao from HP which i haven't ate for quite sometime. But it was too filling for me and i don't feel good after that. I suppose to love it k. Fuck.

Then the worse of the worst. My damn car broke down in the middle of the fucking road. Jalan Bangsar to be exact. It was raining fucking cats and dogs, and that fucking road was flooded. U know the first left turning after Bangsar LRT. My fucking car caught into the water in that turning, but it was before i turn in because that junction is just fucking flooded with water!!! so i tried to avoid the water and drove the right then only cut back in to make the turning, but the fucking water was juz too high. Hence, engine died and i don't dare to fire the engine anymore. Imagine this, it's fucking raining heavily outside, and the car broke down in the middle of a 3 lane road and also in the middle of the fucking water. Then in just few minutes, there was this Van also caught in the water and it broke down too, and he is on my right side, and we smile at each other. So, still imagine this, 3 lane with 2 cars broke down side by side and another lane was flooded with water, how bad is the traffic could it be? U go imagine it. And i think i shouted tons of FUCK in the car cause i don't know what i should do before my dad came to rescue. And also luckily there was this kind indian dude came and give a hand to push the car to the side. Thank you. But the most fucking annoyed me was those that fucking horn me. Okay, i know stop in the middle of the road is purely my fault, but be considerate abit you fuckers. I am not asking any fucking help from you guys but can't you fuckers be empathetic? Fuck off wei. So, dad came, pushed the car to the side, went ot seek for mechanic's help, waited the engine dry, start the car with crossed fingers and finally it moved. Fuck.

Got home, realize that sis was caught in the LRT, where there's some technical problem with it. Suppose to be back by 6 but she end up be home at 9. She called home, and dad decided to fetch her from any station that she caught into and i tag along just in case anything happen. But the town was just fucking jam, and by the time we caught in the jam, she already got back to Bangsar. And seriously fuck the what, i was caught in the jam for sometime. Fuck

Today was seriously a bad bad day.

Note the usual fark was replaced with fuck in this post. It shows how pissed am i.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Aiyuh, my line mmg cacat till cannot upload big size picture here.

Hence, words will do.

Happy Birthday Ivy Choong!!!! U've been great and everything will be great for u too.

I shall tease at u for being older for another 4 months...hehe.

*see the colour, specially dedicated to u one k.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


  • 500,000 bucks for a bag! =D (no pic)


  • ETF (overall 2nd) tiring but experience.


  • trial run =(

Following days:

  • Stupid assignment
  • Forensic Assessment
  • Lab Experiment
On the side note, Aileen Wuornos is actually damn evil. Psychotic!!!! Chi Sin!!!! Kills, lie & no remorse at all. Fulamak.