Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chilling @ Frasers.

As i always said, days that are out of the city is always the best damn thing. Third year 1st sem just ended not long ago, i just got home yesterday from class trip and it's my 4th trip with the coursemates with Frasers Hill this time.

It all started with some grocery shopping. Well, not really some, but it's alot, and didn't expect grocery shopping could be that tiring. And i still can't get over the con job from tht indian boy who con me at least 7 bucks from 10 sweet potatoes and 1 cucumber. darn.

Trolley left: Team Mike & Kev Trolley right: Team Ivy & Joyce
Look, who's the winner? Battle of the sexes. Obvious winner.

The receipt of grocceries. Look at that length!

Our trip start off with Jalan Ipoh's Dim Sum for our brunch. Then off we go up to Frasers. The road going up to Frasers wasn't pleasure, it's going round and round, some of the friends felt drousiness and some even vomited. However, there was a very beautiful lake at the foot of the hill, it's absoloutly pretty. We reached to the guard house right before they gonna close the gate, what i say here is literally ngam ngam they wanna close the gate. Then, we continue with the curvy road up to Frasers. But i enjoy the air and the wind with the car window winded down.

The beautiful lake. Love the scenery there.

The map of Frasers.

We stayed at Pines Resort and the apartment was satisfying.
  1. 3 bedrooms, 2 beds each that can sleep 2 person per bed.
  2. 1 huge living room, that can have plenty of fun activities such as Bridges aka aunty's game, Bluff, Uno, Pictionary and lots of lame jokes.
  3. 2 balconies for star gazing and some introspection.
  4. A kitchen that helped us to survive from hunger.
  5. 3 toilets that kept every refresh.
  6. Uncountable step of stairs to train ur leg muscles.
We spent the whole remaining day in the apartment and have our own activity, and also spaghetti plus Maggi noodles as dinner. Okay, we are not that no life la, we went out to the garden to play Frisbee, and it's always fun to play Frisbee especially with a bunch of what-i-call-friends. We also played Mafia later at midnight. Oh yeah, i also saw a shooting star from the balcony, but not as lucky as Kevin who saw 2.

The living room where all the activities held.

A view from the balcony.

The 2nd day, we finally decided to get our 'bottom' (inside joke) out of the apartment. Initially thought of going out to play archery, but the place is under construction. Well, in fact everywhere is renovating in Frasers Hill. So we being spontaneous and took a detour to the waterfall which is 4 km down from the peak, can't remember the name tho. It's great exercising by walking in to the jungle before reaching the waterfall. Like what they called in chinese 'bitter first, sweet in the end'. The air was also very fresh and the water are chilling. BEST!

Later at night, we had BBQ. It was pretty cool and funny too. Seeing our pathetic Dorry fish not cooking under the fire for more than 45 mins. Also the movement of everyone when the potatoes are about to take off from the fire. From BBQ, end up using the electic stove to cook. However, the foods were ichiban!!! Especially the prawns, luckily did not save that for the next day for Maggie noodles. Too bad i don't have the pics to upload here. But sooner, those pics definitely will be up in FB.

Well, that's about it for the trip. We had lunch in Ulu Yam on the way back to KL, which i think we kena conned. Thats all.

Comments about the trip, well, definitely enjoy it, every single moment. Well, it's been my honor to know these bunch of people, every single of u are great. I love every single moment spent with you guys up there, and of course down here too. Time spending away from the city is awesome, but time spending with the ppl i love is priceless. Thank you everyone of u, and the trips will never end =D

Saturday, April 25, 2009

2nd chance.

They said everyone deserve a second chance, and i absolutely agree with that.

Have been very free the whole noon, hence, Youtube service is always the best way to burn your lifeless day.

Paul Potts get his second chance to boast up his career in singing, and this year we have Susan Boyle's voice that are goodness-gracious-me that made her so famous these days.

But this video really portrait what we call second chance deserved.

In terms of darkness, u shine and brighten the surrouding. Cehwah, sounds familiar, hahaha.

Then, i saw another video on The-Phenomenon-turned-fatty, aka the all time best striker, Ronaldo from Brazil.

He's still fat, but he seems like back to scoring in Brazil, i do hope to see him in World Cup 2010.

But yea, all these videos are pointing out to the value of don't kill someone off with ur assumptions. There's always something good behind someone. You don't like certain thing doesn't mean they are useless to you. Let say, if you don't like this pink pants, it doesn't mean it's useless to you. When one day IF you were robbed even with all ur clothes off, see how important is that pink pants to you now.

Be open, ppl.

Have a great weekend, ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

No papers, life still goes on.

I have been very outdated with movies and i watched Ip Man yesterday. Storyline was so so, but the action was terrific. How on earth that someone can fight as good as Donnie Yen. Especially that 1 vs 10 scene, the speed of his punches, super amazing wei. Donnie Yen's acting was super macho, but sometimes when he smile is abit kiddy. But when he fights is seriously mou dak teng ar. Only if everyone knows Weng Chun, everyone will feel so much secure when we go out. The funny thing about the dvd that i watched, Ip Man is translated as leaf man, Ip sifu as leaf master. LOL.

The Donnie Yen's version, banyak macho wei.

The real Ip Man. Yeng. LOL

Apart from Ip Man, A&W root beer is absoloutly hebat. It's been ages since my last visit to A&W. I'm craving for another root beer float soon.

Well, the post is going nowhere, well, in conclusion, my 2 days post-examination are well spent with friends. =)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Only if everyone starting to think

What's with this society? I always have this 'whoa' feeling when i read the theory of tabula rasa (meaning, humans are born in a blank slate), and i always thought that there's natural inborn talent when we are born.

But what the heck is wrong with certain people where their pure blank slate are polluted with darkness, as dark as those ink where we used to write in chinese caligraphy.

I was damn stress today, okay, not really damn stress la, but abit stress and got the verge of playing futsal. So i asked my friend to organize a futsal session at night, that was 4.10pm and FYI, the office in Bangsar Sports Complex close at 4.30pm. So he has 20 minutes to organize, and we tried our best to gather 10 people. So we called one of our primary school friend who used to be from the same secondary as well to play with us, knowing that he also shows the same level of passion of football just like us, he will definitely join us. So he travelled all the way down from Setapak by LRT and me picking him up for futsal in BANGSAR. FYI, i remember that it took 1 hour to travel from Bangsar to Wangsa Maju when i was in TARc moment.

So we played and it was great as usual.

Then i decided not to join my friends for dinner and head home. To study. LOL. So he had to follow me and i sent him back the Bangsar LRT. So he reached Wangsa Maju LRT, i was walking back to his rented house somewhere there. He felt that he was being stalked, so he walked faster and end up running. He slipped with his slippers on and a guy end up chasing him and hit him with a helmet, and kick him a few times before robbing him.

Having studied forensic in the noon, if i ever catch the robber, i would put him into interrogation room and give him a nice COERCED-COMPLIANT interview. Then, obviously i would very love to give him an AVERSIVE THERAPY. Then lastly, send him into a MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON. Force him to become a transveittes in there and crying every night looking at the mirror with a huge hole in his buttocks.

Well, that's not really my point, just expressing my anger towards these sakais. Somemore I was talking to Ivy and Aili about security this evening. Saying that this world is no longer safe, every corner could have at least 1 bad guy. Damn.

But i really felt sorry for him to experience such an awful incident. Hope he's well and nothing serious with his injury.

ming [leave out all the rest]+[injured, hp n 100 bucks gone!!!]+[time to focus n concentrate]

Okay, i shall go back to revision on my forensic psych and hope one day all my hard work tonite will serve those innocents justice. Remember my name, u filty animal.

On a side note, Happy Birthday Cheryl Lee.

Hope you have a great one although going through examinations. But yea, stay happy and continue to retain ur lame queen title. LOL

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flowers for a Ghost - Thriving Ivory

Just for ur own laughter (if u think it is lar).

I was actually asking for my sister to be my next kin on organ donor earlier.

Great, i am degrading myself. But as long can put the smile on ur face, still worth it la.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


i told myself to stop youtube posting, but i just couldn't resist myself from sharing this song.

Thriving Ivory - Flowers for a Ghost

I could not find the embedded song coz it's a very very new song from a new band. But if u think it's nice and u want it, u can ask from me ;)

Good day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

20 years and justice is still not served. May the 96 R.I.P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Lost

It's all started with 'impossible'

0 mins: 2 teams walked out from the tunnel of Stamford Bridge with the previous score of Chelsea 3 : 1 Liverpool

19 mins: Fabio Aurelio scored the first goal of the game (Chelsea 0 : 1 Liverpool) [Agg : 3 : 2]

28 mins: Ivanovic fouled Alonso in the box, Alonso converted the penalty (Chelsea 0 : 2 Liverpool) [Agg: 3 : 3]

52 mins: Drogba was lucky to made the last touch, Reina flopped (Chelsea 1 : 2 Liverpool) [Agg: 4 : 3]

57 mins: Alex thumped in a superb freekick (Chelsea 2 : 2 Liverpool) [Agg: 5 : 3]

76 mins: Lampard made Liverpool impossible to come back, they need 3 goals in 15 mins (Chelsea 3 : 2 Liverpool) [Agg: 6 : 3]

81 mins: Lucas in Gerrard's place scored 6th goal of the game, 2 goals to chase (Chelsea 3 : 3 Liverpool) [Agg: 6 : 4]

82 mins: Kuyt headed in and all hopes were back, 1 goal to qualify (Chelsea 3 : 4 Liverpool) [Agg: 6 : 5]

89 mins: Lost focus from the defenders, Lampard kills off the game (Chelsea 4 : 4 Liverpool) [Agg: 7 : 5]

Although Liverpool lost, but i'm definitely proud of their display, their fighting spirit is remarkable.

All the best to the people who will be sitting for their first paper tmr, nothing is impossible. YNWA. =D

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I think i know why i'm here again.


I just can't get my arse to stick on the chair, with eyes wide open, facing the notes infront of me. I just can't do it. Yupe, sorry Nike, i just can't do it. I tried to tell myself, it's only for the few days, after that, it's all mine to enjoy. But with that thinking, it doesn't seems working at all. Everything had been filtered except for the word 'enjoy'. Argh.

Hence, i end up here watching videos instead.

This video i found here was one of my favourite Top Gear (Motor Sports programme) video. It's pretty amazing to see how ppl modify the cars to something else, macam transformers. They usually shows how fast is this or that car, or all the fantastic performance of the cars. But for this episode, it's about modifying the car into a boat. What's more interesting is, they are challenging each other for a race to cross a river.

I can't stop laughing whenever i saw the ending. It proves that size does not matter. Wahahaha. And Aili, you can just ignore the last conversation of the video. ;P

Oh yeah, one more thing. The first time i saw this video on TV was also during the time i was studying for my finals 1/2 year(s) back. Oh my, what a coincidence.

Kla, kla. I know i know. You people must be kept scolding me gently or harshly to ask me to go back to study. Kla, listen to you ppl la. Adios Amigos.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Talking about how love affects self esteem.

Credits to Uncle Sam who promote the vid. =)

Friday, April 10, 2009

We need Motivation to start something.

But we need Determination to succeed it.

As for now, i seriously need that determination.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Monday, April 6, 2009

People just have to know their own responsible.

Plz do the right thing that you are suppose to do.

If it's not ur thing, plz don't give a damn about it.

I meant, if it's not ur thing, plz don't put ur hand into it.

Well, for me, i should learn to take up responsible.

At least be initiative.


Not my type of food

With no disrespect. I totally dislike the tradition of QingMing.

I dislike the joss stick.

I dislike the crowd.

Then, i hate the joss sticksssss again.

In conclusion, i dislike this day.

But dear MahMah, Gua Gong & Gua Mah, u ppl will always in my heart. But i still dislike QingMing.

Now, i think because of the smoke, my eye-redness are back. Dammit.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lucid Dream II

I had a weird dream yesterday. It's almost similar with what i dreamed 2 years back. But not fully similar but it's sports.

So the dream was something like that. I don't know how i was following our National squad to participate in the Olympics....yea, u hear that right, OLYMPICS. Don't play play. I remember clearly that i was in that Malaysia national team jacket, the one in yellow with black stripes. But what i am doing there? i have no idea. I thought i was one of the admin or maybe the psychologist la, maybe....but i wasn't doing anything but just follow the team.

Then, out of sudden, i was sitting with the Malaysia national weight lifting team and watching the weight lifter to do their stunt. And dunno after how many contestant, the manager of the national team asked me to give a try. I was shocked. Out of sudden, he (the manager) asked me to give a try? during the OLYMPICS? in front of so many audiences? in front of numerous media coverage? You gotta kidding me!!! (Gan, 2009)

Somehow i have the courage and i went up there and gave a try. I was damn cool, show no sign of nervousness. Went up there, not even in those sexy tight-tight shirt where those weight lifter usually wear, and i bent down, hold tight onto the bar, put in all my strength, and i lifted it to my shoulder length, and slowly i pushed myself to lift it up.

Once i lifted it up, i get the applause from the audience, chehwah. But the lagi best part is, i remained cool all the time even with the applause i get. I get back to my seat, and familiar faces sat beside me, they congrats me, i remained damn cool, macam Ben. Then the funniest thing is, i won the silver medal for the event!!!! The lagi proud moment is, i was the only Malaysian won a medal in the OLYMPICS. But yet, i still remain cool. No expression. Chehwah, don't u think u can see the Ben's reaction there? LOL.

Then, i was waken up by the 'i feel good' ringtone.

I don't know what does this dream suppose to mean, but i tried to google it. According to dream interpretation:

To dream that you are playing a sport, signifies the learning of rules, talents, and the achieving of your goals. It also highlights the importance of cooperation, harmony, and teamwork. You need to be more of a "sport". Alternatively, it represents your attitudes about sex as an aggressive act.

To dream that you are watching a sports competition, represents two opposing viewpoints or conflicting opinions.

I'll go for the latter one. ;)

Just something to share, have a nice weekend peeps.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Insaf & Maaf

I have been real naughty this year.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



First accident on the first day of April, yea, April fool's day.

Really wtf.

Imagine this, going on a straight road in a housing area, towards to the petrol station to pump air. the straight roads got left turnings also right turnings, and the petrol station is on my right turning. Heading there, this car came out from the junction, but not fully out, but still out. Obviously i have to avoid to the side abit so i won't go straight to the car. But i turned my sterling, the car does not move, and bang!!! hit the front side of tht lady's kelisa.

Stop, admit my wrong, she also knew she got abit wrong, so she just accepted my compensation and ciaoz.

Wtf rite? How can ppl be so childish? Don't you know there's always a limit? Think before you take action, seriously think wisely la. Think.

Dammit, it suppose to be kena fool also cannot get angry, but u tell me how?

Gotcha Kevin Saw and Teng Hau Ran!!!! Happy April's Fool!!!

Fact of Myth?