Tuesday, June 30, 2009


To the girl that i never forget in every futsal session.

The girl who never eat cheap fishes. The girl who thinks marshmallows sucks (weird). The girl who can eat watermelon for the rest of her life.

The girl who ask for Birthday cards for her birthday. The girl who ask for Birthday song for her birthday. The girl who ask for Birthday wishes on her birthday

The girl who can get lost in the curve for 2 hours. The girls who starting point always start from cheras.

Despite that, she is one of the cutest friend i ever had. And what i say here, she is a really true friend. Best indeed.

I actually have alot of your pics in my phone but this is the best so far i could take. (sorry if u terasa)

Happy 21st Birthday la Kong <3


Wei...How could i forget? Okay, i did not even forgot about this.

It's Alison's 22nd as well.

It all started when Uncle Sam assigned us to sit together back in Form2. I was fortunate enough to be able to sit beside such a friendly girl which make my life not so hard, well i'm shy back in high school.

Then we kinda lost contact since graduation. She left to Taylors and i bumming around before i enter HELP. Somehow she was interested to study psychology and we started to keep back in contact. Then i only realize we do share alot of commonalities and we blame it that both of us are cancerous.

All in all, she is a real good friend. If she is not, i won't even bother to blog about this.

Well, Happy 22nd Birthday. May the best of everything you do in the coming future. <3

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Damn...why people only buy Michael Jackson's album when he is dead?

And every pirated CD stalls in pasar malam is playin his songs.

For business or for tribute???

I'm clueless.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


As most of you all already had know about Michael Jackson's sudden death yesterday. It's a huge lost for the entertainment industry. A great talent with a huge heart.

Well, i must say, so far, i salute 3 Michaels.

1.) I salute former Liverpool striker, Michael Owen. I remember when i started watching football, he was like the God. He was only 17 that time but he already achieve as one of the best striker in England, in fact in the world too. We won trophies with the Reds, named as European Player of the Year, hero of FA Cup final 2000, what more for a young player like him? He is fast, he is accurate, he is a finisher, he is a winner and apart from that, he is humble. Since he left Liverpool, his era has gone. Now he is a gambler, he is unfit, and he is with losers. But yet, i still admire him alot and i sure hope that one day he will return to Liverpool.

2.) Then, it's Michael Jackson. Okay, i wouldn't say i am a big fan of him. Neither i fancy his products, but i do love some of his productions. Grown up in a problematic family, but the strictness of his father brought him to be known the King of Pop. Promoted damn alot of world peace project, but yet he was pull back by the medias. I remembered he was in KL back in 1996 where i was still standard 3. Our school announced to have half day off in a very last minute, just because of his concert was held in Stadium Merdeka which is very near to my primary school. Then, i rmb i performing 'Heal The World' by MJ for IU Day during my interact club days. Since then, Heal The World become one of my favourite songs of all time.

3.) Then, of course the last Michael will be
...............none other than the great Michael Wan!!!!

*May your soul rest in peace, MJ. Appreciate your voice and your talent.*

P/S: FYI, on the night before MJ gone, Farah Fawcett, one of the Angels from the classic Charlie Angels also passed away. RIP.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ignore the previous post, just a moment of frustration while working on my thesis. I'm so not ready for this man.

But anyway, i'll take whatever it comes.

Close file.

Now, whenever i see or talk about this, i really Laugh Out Loud aka LOL. Tho i am not suppose to publish this, but i doubt he will come across my blog. So enjoy this. (shhhh....if any of you ever see him in the future)

This is how cute a couple can be when it is LDR.....awww

Argh!!! Fuck me!!! I thought i'm ready but in fact I'm not at all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bitter Heart

I couldn't resist myself from posting this up. It's just too soothing!!!

Look who's here to that girl who is in love with the DJ (i can't rmb her name!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's Father's Day.

Lemme tell u something about me and my father.

My relationship with my dad isn't a brilliant one. It's not those typical father and son relationship, where the father spent most of his time with the son. We hardly talk, we hardly have a good conversation and we hardly share. Sometimes things that he did, really annoyed me. And sometimes, he is like the torn in my arse, but of course also, that's reciprocal. If you see those dad and son doing sports together, we don't do that. If you see dads yumcha with the son, we don't do that too.

Due to that, i did thought of this question 'Does he love me?'. Okay, being the middle child, i do have that middle child syndrome, i do get siblings jealousy. And i did think that my parents love my sisters more than me, especially my dad. But picking up psychology and also some words of wisdom from the mom, i did have a different perspective.

My dad is not an expressive person, in fact, he doesn't know how to express his own feelings. He does love us but he just don't know how to express it out, or me being not sensitive enough. The way he express his love is not obvious enough for me to feel it, and that leads to this relationship. Despite that, if you think closely again, you do realize something different. Also, he has his bad temper which me could not change that fact but to accept it, now that one he is good in expressing. LOL. However, he has his reason for his temper, which till now i am still 'observing' and 'analyzing'. But it should be something to do with psychoanalytic....it could be...hmm....how interesting is psychology, u tell me.

In spite of that, i deeply do love him inside. But that 'torn in my arse' is still real.;)

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

And Happy Father's Day to all the dad outside. One day i'll be like u.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things that Michael Wan SHOULD know:

  1. Know your priority
  2. Focus on academic
  3. Peaceful mind
  4. Stay tough
  5. Get you darn arse moving

Thats Life - Michael Bublé

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Record breaking!!!

Never in my life i had 3 plates of spaghetti in a row. We had lunch in Louisiana after the usual early-ending-class. Hmm, it's not the Louisiana in your mind where u need passport to reach there. It's a very classic and classy restaurant in Kelana Jaya. Absolutely the perfect place to have a dinner with a date or ur partner. I assume the night view will be even better.

Back to the lunch, we had their promotion of All-you-can-eat spaghetti lunch meal. It comes with a lemon juice, self-service soup of the day and salad, a scoop of ice-cream and REFILLABLE spaghetti. Food wise was okay, not bad at all. Service was decent.

So the guys decided to have a competition but obviously Chun Feng beat us hands down. Okay, we scored equal, but in racing term, he definitely tapao us. Only if the time allow us to stay longer, i can show him that i can beat him with the fourth plate. Ha.

Also, i think it's another record for me for staying away from futsal for 2 weeks. And finally today we had futsal with the girls. Had fun and everyone seems to be enjoying. Also, we played Frisbee as well. Speaking of that, it's another record, we usually play Frisbee (the game) when we went for vacations, but this is the first time we played in KL. Yea, it's cool.

Alright, it's Thursday tmr, and i have not made my appointment with my thesis supervisor, it's getting teruk to kantoi.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iron & Wine

Lum sei yan la!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


It's been a while since the last time i work for AMC. Also, it's been almost 6 months since the last time i work as an usher...it's those tht 'control' the event punya usher....not that RnB singer.

To tell the truth, among all the jobs i worked so far, usher hit the top of the list. Why? lemme tell u why?

  1. It's the easiest job among the rest!!!
  2. No sales involved.
  3. Usually it's in a hotel.
  4. Since it's in a hotel, of course no sun involved.
  5. Lemme rephrase statement 3, usually it is in a high class hotel.
  6. Usually food are provided, wait...usually we can eat good stuffs!!!
  7. Can wear formal, k, main high class...but psssssp....i like to wear formal
  8. Oh, the most important is tht, payment usually is high. BAGUS
Today's conference was kinda amazing. Well, it's about anatomy. Damn, all the doctors from everywhere, okay, mostly from India, they speak alien language. I know nuts what they are talking.

The highlight of the conference was that we manage to watch live knee surgeries all the way from the States i guess. I shall not go into details about the surgeries but i can tell u there are alots of sawing noise, drilling and hammering. But u definitely won't puke, coz there are minimal blood. And i was msging Edmund who was in the opposite position of me:

Bak Guk Teh!!!

Another thing that was entertaining during the work was marking down the names of the doctor-doctors all the way from India. Okay, i mean nothing here, but it's pretty funny.

There are ppl's last name called "Cilakamari"...Wahahahaha....oppss....=X
Other than that, there are a few others that i could not recall at the moment.

But...another thing about them....their slang!!!
They are really india punya india who can speak english. You know, those typical indian slang, with no offense.

For instance:
Usually we pronouce 'Mutusamy'
But they pronounce Mu(low pitch)tu(high pitch)sa(hidden sound)my(low pitch).....u get what i mean?

Ahaha, okay, shall not talk bad about others, karma....karma....

Hmm....okay, karma does exist, but today's karma happens way before i committed the sins.

My day actually started off with a bad day. After dad dropping me and Ed in Le Merridien Hotel, while walking towards i felt like i stepped onto something. Natural reaction, u will just kick and drag ur feet just to get the dirt off. After awhile i did that, i only realize that my whole sole of my leather shoe came off. Dammit, how am i suppose to wear la like that? So i pulled off the whole thing and call my dad to borrow me his black sports shoe. Being the Big Foot of the house, i have to force myself to squeeze my size 11 feet into the 1-size-smaller shoe of my dad's. And it's damn paining.

Now that i still have to tahan for another day with that shoe, i guess by the end of this week, u ppl can just buy me a ballet shoe, definitely can fit in =P

Ha, so long for today, i have to sleep early tonite. Tmr still have to face those 'aliens'.

Adiosa and have a perfect weekend ;)

P/S: Thank you Kong for the paper aite? <3

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tick tock Tick tock

Damn, i really shouldn't be complaining but let me do so, plz.

So many things to do but yet so less time for it.

My thesis is totally invincible to me at the moment.

Things that i really should do:

  1. THESIS -___-
  2. 2 more assignments to go.
  3. I NEED to do some laundry.
  4. I NEED to clean my room.
  5. I should wash the car.
  6. Get a haircut.
  7. Do some shopping (for needs)
  8. renew passport.
  9. collect paycheck.
  10. Apply for internship. (it could have done long time ago, but there are others to consider)
And the thing is, all these things should be done in real soon. Couldn't drag it anymore.

Not to forget that, finals are coming real soon too. A month? fark la.

Work & Decisions, damn. Such is Life (Chuah, 2009)

I should really see it this way:

Journals!!! Bring it on!!!..............haih, cilaka.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Charcoal's 21st.

Today it's the day where everyone should float like a boat.


coz Aunty Jo and Uncle James declare today is sAiLiNg's Day.

Well, lemme recall back abit to commemorate her.

Hmmm....it's all started from Marketing assignment back in HMC. I randomly joined Allison who agrees to group with her and Mandy. So, it's all started from there. Tho i wasn't very close to her that time, but did enjoy working with her. Rmb we got the highest among all Marketing students??? *wink wink

Then, we entered our degree and i only found out that she also doing the same degree too. Still, not that close yet. Until we were grouped for our LLS project which is the visiting of Compasion Home, once again, we worked together.

Since then, being the no-friend me, finally joined in the gang and the friendsip grown deeper since then. The parties, the first group vacation to Tioman, Malacca, PD, Frasers, the sailings, futsals, frisbees, volleyballs, badmintons and so many things more.

As my skipper, the aggressive side of her was shown. The yelling, the scolding, the dulan face.....But she did that all for sake of the crew. Very experienced sailor girl of she.

As a friend, she has done enough to be a true friend. A person where u could trust on. A girl who is so cheerful that kick away all your negative energy. A daughter that made the Ng's proud. A sailor who bring us pride. True friend indeed.

Happy 21st Birthday, Ng Ai Li.

BTW, you should really love everyone of us. We are just a step closer to Hell just to make you happy. ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I seriously hate irresponsible drivers. Fugoff!!!!!!!!


Monday, June 1, 2009


okay okay...time to explain. LOL

my last post definitely not an emo post. And i can assure u i am not emo-ing, definitely not, defense mechanism = zero.

Well, those were just the AHA moment. The lightbulb definitely came in the wrong timing too.

Alright, back to the point of the post. I will just explain line by line since it's not very long too.

Our life is just full of punctuations.
Duh, it says it all. Metaphor. Our life is just like an essay. It comes with lots of punctuations aka piao dian fu hao!!!!!!!!!!!!

At times, there are EXCLAMATION MARKS (!!!)
There are times where our life come to the point where it's very tense. All the troubles, stress, circumstances and whatever it is, we definitely will have to go through it.

At times, there are QUESTION MARKS (???)
There are also times where we are in full of uncertainties. Seeking for some never ending answers. And thinking of all the Hows and Whys. But still did not manage to get the answer eventually.
Sometimes, there are COMMAS too (,)
Sometimes, we have to give ourselves a break too. At least a short one before we continue to move on. Who doesn't need a break anyway?
But it seems like there are only 1 FULL STOP (.)
In the end, no matter what happen in our life, life still move on. It doesn't stop just like that. And the only full stop is when we puff our last breathe.


Talking about 'last puff of our breathe'. I have a question in my mind....a very serious question.

"When do you think the earth will be gone case?"

I personally think that it's goin to 'die' within the next 5 to 10 years.

Just look at the weather. The global warming. Plus now with the haze coming back, wtf. And all the diseases. The world is going crazy!!!!

What say u?