Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shit Happens

I always believe this quote:

It's not being pessimistic, but realistic. Seriously.

May you RIP tho you have not even able to see the world. But you are definitely part of it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wishful Thinking.

Only if i'm there.

LFC in SG. The closest they are to Malaysia.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A day in Seremban

  • 1 hour of KTM from MV --> Seremban. Crazy. KTM is bumpy, instable and stinks.
  • They actually got a station called Batang Benar aka "Real Stick". LOL.
  • Beef Noodles, the branch of the one in the Pasar. Brilliant.
  • Seremban pork Siew Pau. Fantastic.
  • Nothing to do. Spend out evening in Jusco. And again, nothing to do there. Literally nothing to do there.
  • Hence, hang around in Starbucks.
  • Went to Carmen's house.
  • Walked her dog.
  • Get h_ _ _ by the dog.
  • Had Burn Crab. Tasty but super pricey.
  • Learnt new skills to eat crab.
  • Ate mantis prawn.
  • Farewell.
  • 45 minutes KTM back to MV.
  • KO.
In conclusion, I will never survive in Seremban. Boredom kills me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Why things can't be crooked abit?

I don't want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

click the pic if you don't know what is this pic.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Malaysia Boleh

It's another day where Malaysia football team telling themselves that they should go out the pitch and enjoy the game. But in another way, they are telling themselves that go out and enjoy being tapao. Tho i am not a fan of any side, but of course i would love to see the National Team do something. At least a goal where they did to Chelsea? Woo...Malaysia Boleh!

But the aching part is still the fact that Michael Owen signed for Man Utd. It's like your ex-girlfriend going out with another guy. Why Rafa? Why don't you consider Owen back to Anfield? But again, i sure hope this move gave Owen every benefit he has to gain back his no.10 in the England squad.

Malaysia Boleh, You'll Never Walk Alone!!! LOL. Have fun in the game guys.

Friday, July 17, 2009

XX -> XY <- XX ???

Okay, alot of people might be thinking what's wrong with me by posting up some random guy's picture and quoted something rather 'deep'. I wanna clarify all ur doubts, I am definitely straight, that picture meant nothing.

The quote was there because i have been hearing that alot lately from people around me, the media, the whatever around me. Things happen for a reason. And i got inspired when i was told by a friend about another friend who was super built now, but the reason behind him being so muscular was because he used to been bully by his peers during his high school years. It's psychology.

Then, this post was definitely inspired when i read this article from The Star today, where there is this sentence mentioned:

"Freud said nothing happens by accident, not even an overboiled egg, Where did that sea of blood came from?"

See, it just popped out again.

Alright, put that aside. I actually wanted to post about this article i read from The Star, very interesting indeed.

It goes, Do we need men?

What if this world only consist of all XX?

Will it be a more interesting world without the XY? Will it be more peaceful? Will the world be more gorgeous?

It was always stereotyped that guys are the dominant species in the earth, and men are loathsome, unhygienic, obsessed with sex, competitive, aggressive, football..... An it somehow indirectly saying that world without men would be a world of smooth-running, war-free, consensual, organized, caring, thoughtful.

But come to think of it, the world does really dominated by the XYs. Let's see.....psychologists, father of psychology, Sigmund Freud, and many more are guys. Then, chefs, Chef Wan (aherm, unfortunately not me), Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen, Jamie Oliver. Artist, Leonardo da Vincci, Picasso, Michaelangelo. Then, singers, late Michael Jackson, Elvis Pressley, Frank Sinatra (btw, did u know that recently Aussie top 100 all time famous singers don't even have a female in that list?)

All these example does not have any intention of being offensive. Nothing to do with gender discrimination.

Hmm, okay, maybe without these ppl, the females also could have someone as famous as them. But i have been very very curious on how this world will be like if it's without any male. Will it be always english tea instead of drinking session? will it be only netball instead of football? will it be skirts instead of slacks? will it be girls bitching around instead of guys going 'yo matcha' ? Will it be a barbie world instead of WWF stone cold steve austin? Will all the buildings in pink instead of blue? Will it be girls generation instead of Backstreet boys?

But yea, don't think girls could survive without guys in this world, and vice versa. See, guys are in this world for a reason. It's always happen for a reason. What say u? If u are interested, u can read it in today's The Star, somewhere in the tv guide section.

Also, special shout out to these 2

*Happy Birthday, Hengli the sailorboy. Hope everything goes smooth sailing.*

*Happy Birthday, Joanna Sara Choong. Don't flirt anymore k, 1 year older, 1 year wiser, heh*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It happens for a reason

Things always happen for a reason.

. . .

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is the most annoying insect in the world, proudly present u cricket the infamous singer.

If you do watch Doraemon, there will be always a scene where that Giant sings in the park and everyone starting to go wtf-mode. Yea, it's the same.

I don't know how there are 1 or 2 sneaked in to my room and they annoyed the hell out of me. For the past few nights!!! Sometimes they seems to be hiding under my bed, but sometimes they seems to hiding behind the cupboard. i move the bed, they shut up abit, then sings again. U know how annoying is that? that "gee gee gee" sound. They thought they are that bunch of hot korean chick band singing Gee. I call them Geelaka!!!! Ish.

I beh tahan till i feel like catching them and stuff them into my radio's speaker and on my radio 24/7. Then, that makes the Geelaka to feel how is it like to be in my shoe. But the thing is, i could spot their location, they are just damn good in hiding.

So, i am damn free till i went to search wikihow. And here are the tips.

  1. Pick an upcoming day during the week where you know your house will be empty except for you. If this is impossible with your schedule, just choose any day and be sure to tell anyone else in your house to be quiet. Also, if you have any pets, try to bring them to a trusted friend's house for a little bit or let them go outside until you are finished. The point is to get the house as quiet as possible.
  2. Listen to their noises to find out where the crickets are hiding in your home. Keep in mind that they usually hide under appliances and furniture. Make sure to go into every part of the house to make sure you know exactly where all of the pests are hiding. When entering a new area of your house, listen the best that you can.
  3. Purchase some commercial insecticide pellets (like those that kill earwigs). They can be found at most regular stores such as Lowe's, Walmart, Target, etc. If the price matters to you, be sure to visit each store to check out prices before purchasing the item. Some stores price things differently than others, as you know.
  4. Place the insecticide pellets where you think the crickets are hiding. Follow the instructions on the item you purchased to make sure you set it up correctly.
I sure hope these steps could bring me back some peaceful sleeps.

damn, i hate crickets.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Okay, i fed up to find the codes.

Click Here to destress urself if u think u are stress.

Good stuff. Funny stuff.

But warning: it may cause disgust effect. It may.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm officially stressed.

Mind is block.

Presentation is next Monday.

Research is in grey matter.

And when i don't wanna think.

Youtube is my best friend.

Now i adore this song alot.

Rmb??? It's in the scene where Sam and Mikaela *muaks muaks* scene. Rmb?

Meaning (taken from Youtube)

Billie Joe Armstrong told Q magazine, "It brings up 21st Century Breakdown in a lot of ways, and the 21 gun-salute for someone that's fallen, but done in an arena rock 'n' roll sort of way.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ads Are Cool Too.

We all need someone to believe in.
To rely on. To trust.

Nothing's more important than being there.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Independent Day

Geez, my days just passed 365 x 22, which means i already survived my 8030 days in this weird place called the earth. And i am more than content with what i live for.

4th of July was the day where i was born back in 1987. Looking back in those days, i feel that it seems like just yesterday. Just too quick. From 120 cm to 130, then 140, 150, 160 and now 17o, and from the tiny 5 kg ending up till the current size which i only will tell if u ask. LOL.

From those days where i always think of 'what toys should i bug my parents to buy for me' to 'what homework i should complete' to 'what formula should i use' to 'what course i should choose' and now 'what's my next move'.

Well, i think i am growing. Okay, in fact thats a fact. But hell yeah, my soul ain't aging, and thats the best damn thing.

But the sad thing is that i think my memory is decaying or it's rather something goes wrong. I remember i actually thought alot yesterday night and wanted to blog about it once i am done with the cilaka ethics paper. But now, it seems like it all went blank and back to zero. So yea, abit the here n there kinda post.

Getting to read Alison's blog, i pretty much inspired to write about changes i went through all these while, i mean the 22 years of my life.

Those were the days:

  1. I was actually Michael the manace back in my kindergarten years and that explains the amount of kindergarten i shifted.
  2. Not a hyperactive child, but i'm very 'active' indeed.
  3. Then i was a shy kid during my late primary and secondary years. Particularly with the girls. LOL.
  4. I try my best to avoid any responsibility to keep me under the comfort zone.
  5. I don't dare to think of what i should do next, at least not the serious thinking.
  6. I keep everything by myself. Less disclosure.
  7. I only have a few close friends but mostly hi bye friends.
  8. I used to be a pretty decent runner, which kinda shows why i used to be a midfielder.
  9. I choose friends, i think that hanging with cool ppl makes me 'cooler'.
  10. I was actually been constrain to go out often. I mean, there are less freedom for me to do whatever i want.
The present:
  1. I ain't a manace anymore, at least i think of the consequences.
  2. I'm still an active person, but not those childish kinda active dude.
  3. I don't consider myself an open but neither shy guy. I'm slow to warm up i guess. It really depends on the people i'm with.
  4. I try to take on challenges whenever there is. At least i'm learning to be responsible, i think..hmmm
  5. I have not disclose this before, but i actually spend some time every night on thinking what's my next move. But of course some tak jadi, but some i did.
  6. Now i tend to be more open to myself. At least i have some close friends that i could share my thoughts with. You ppl know who u are and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  7. Network is growing larger. More nicer friends, more closer friends, in fact, more awesome friends. And again, you ppl know who u are la.
  8. I totally lost my stamina. I don't think it's about my weight, i am suspecting something to do with my heart. Sorry guys if i stay up and not coming back to defense, i'll promise you guys with goals.LOL.
  9. Now i think you don't hang around with cool ppl that makes u cool. It's more like people that bring out the true side of me makes me cool!!! Thank u.
  10. I got more freedom compared to last time but of course too much will cause massive nagging.
But anyway, i'm a grown man.

And Happy Birthday to the great Mike. LOL

and thank you all with the wishes, and the celebration. Tho to be honest, the morning paper did affected my mood abit today. But it's all well now. ;)


Friday, July 3, 2009


This post purely is a 'self-stabbing' post. This proven how much i'm doing for my revisions and thesis.

Well, these are the few that i listen to it and loving it. Rmb Flightless Bird, American Mouth i posted before? It's the same pianist. This dude is hell talented. You ppl should subscribe him in Youtube.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


This morning i found a new neighbor. He is a French and works in a local university.


At the same time.....

Same moment when the French dude moved in.....

I lost my ex-neighbor, Mrs. Tan. It's been long the last time i see her. She was sick and suspect diagnose with cancer. The family didn't want to reveal the truth and remain low profile.

Well, she was and is very friendly since the moment i know her. A very nice & soft spoken lady. In fact, she was very active lass too. I can't describe her anymore....

So, may her soul rest in peace up there.

*a minute of silence.*