Monday, August 31, 2009

This song have been hooked in my mind and it kept playing in it. I know it's already playing in the radio for quite sometimes but even before that, i think it is a good song.

Apart from the song, i found out this aussie chic is quite attractive too. HAHA.

I think at certain angle, she looks like Nicole Kidman, but also looks like Scarlett Johansson. Opps, btw, she is Lenka Kripac. LOL


Okay okay, enough of her. It's Merdeka Day today, also Holi Day!!! we declare merdeka, but tmr no more merdeka for me. LOL. Crap. Alright, lets talk about our dear Malaysia.

Already spent my 22 years of life in this country, sometimes it looks cool but sometimes it looks pathetic. But anyway, i'm still a Malaysian, and still proud of it.

What's cool?
  1. We are a multicultural country. (despite racism is quite common too)
  2. We have mamak stalls for bonding. That's how it work for 1 Malaysia. LOL
  3. We have beautiful sight seeing spots, which some of them are yet to be discovered.
  4. We have our tallest tower for quite some years before that taiwanese or chinese tower over took it.
  5. We have our own local cars, which help out alot on transportation for not so rich ppl.
  6. We owns Air Asia, which also helps alot of ppl to discover the world outside. And also my recent Krabi trip.
  7. We have our unique language. You know LAH.
What's not?
  1. The politics -__-
  2. The bribaries
  3. The weather
  4. The TRAFFIC!!!
  5. The polutions
  6. The security
  7. And the recent riots.
Apart from that, i could proudly say that i'm a Malaysian. But all in all, okay lah, nothing is perfect anyway.

Happy Merdeka!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malaysia Did It Again!

Whoa, I can't believe Malaysia can be so champion.

Champion on disappointing their respectively citizens. Seriously.

Last year, Justin Timberlake planned to come to KL for a fantastic performance. But it canceled coz can't-rmb-what-shit excuse by the government. SO, JT ended up in Sydney or Indonesia.

Then, Beyonce wanted to come too. But her attire are always too skimpy, even with a fully covered shirt or dress. So tak jadi.

Yet another dissapointment. My all time fav Liverpool, did not travel to Malaysia for their pre-season game, because they are sponsored by Carlsberg. What nonsense is this?

And recently, if you do aware, PAS Youth claimed that Michael Learns To Rock's concert is festival of sin. They wanted to call for cancelation. Tell me what nonsense is this? If you do know who is Michael Learns to Rock, i assume you all do, they are Michael "learns" to "rock", but their songs are fooking sentimental. Ain't Michael Learns to Hard Rock or Metal Rock. How could that be a sin at the first place. And is MLTR even looks inproper to you? Can't fooking see a chest hair of any of the member, which part consider as a sin TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN???

"Konsert ini adalah suatu penghinaan besar kepada negara Malaysia dan umat Islam yang sedang menyambut bulan Ramadhan al Mubarak kini.

Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat sekali lagi mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya jemaah menteri yang membuat keputusan ini. Dimana ia adalah suatu tindakan yang kurang ajar dan penghinaan besar terhadap ummat Islam di Malaysia."

Read here for more info.

Dudes, you guys don't rock too hard, not enough of clothing wei. Too sinful for you guys to be in Malaysia. (opps, i think i saw some chest hair there)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Whoever is this 孙楠 dude, but his version of The Moon Represent My Heart definitely touched my heart.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Sawadee Kab!!! As some already knew and some might not know, i just got back from Krabi, Thailand yesterday. It was awesome and most adventurous trip so far. Absolutely love it.

It was my first trip with the 3 dudes (childhood friends), so i hope those who complain that my money issue for not traveling far with them could understand this. Promise a fantastic trip with u guys soon, at least before we grad.

Back to the trip, not gonna go into details. I used the word advanterous coz it's mmg advanterous. -___-. Why said so? coz we learnt to ride a motorbike without a motorbike license, and almost got into a serious accident. Then, cyling in the middle of night without any street lights in some kampung roads. Cruising under a storm. Kayakking in the middle of the sea. Riding on the only male elephant.

But i enjoying every single bit. Thanks guys for the company.

Things i realize on Thailand:
  1. Ppl in Thailand are pretty decent manner.
  2. The way a thai speaks are kinda feminine.
  3. Drivers in Thailand are ridiculous crazy. Krabi drift in making!
  4. The chillis are extremely hot and spicy!!!
  5. Couldn't differentiate who is chic or cock.
  6. Thais could make a great soprano, due to their accent.
  7. There are seats specially for monks in the airport.
  8. Krabi ain't very big, you literally can bumped into people in anywhere.
  9. I never love advertisment as much as i do in Thailand.
  10. I pretty love thai food. Especially tht se-quit (Squid). LOL
All in all, I enjoyed alot. Pics gonna be up in FB soon. As ppl said, pics tells it all.

Way a go guys and more to come. Now back to some serious business.

Happy Holidays peeps!!!


Friday, August 14, 2009


To all my fellow futsal kakis who read my blog (guys & girls, pro or no-pro):

Plz tell me what is the most important thing to have a perfect futsal court. The pitch? The size? The venue? The ventilation?

Gimme some opinion, will appreciate it if u could leave some suggestion in my cbox.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Long post = long day

It's been a long day for me. Well, what i meant 'day' for me does not count the AM. LOL.

Woke up at 11 today, and as usual, the alarm rang at 9. So yea, i'm part of the unhealthy teens who skipped their breakfast. BUT, the day started off from then.

Task 1! Send Aili to KL Sentral.

Then, off back home for a quick lunch.

Then, officially become a tour guide of the day. Oh, i didn't mention about my fellow China relatives aka my Godfather's family are in the town. This time, they bought me a Cina phone that literally very Cina, also can be known as Ah Beng phone. I swear i will never bring that phone out to anywhere, not that i show no gratitude, but those who saw they definitely will understand. But yea, xie xie la. But yea, main point is they are here and this time i strongly insist i alcohol free.

So, i have to pick up the other relatives in the town with my Godfather and headed to the first stop which is the National Mosque. Honestly speaking, i have not been to our National Mosque, know nothing about this mosque as well too.

Then, next stop was the Merdeka Square. But.....unfortunately, it rained heavily few minutes after they reached there. So they only managed to snap a few pics and off we go.

On the way back, the rain gets heavy and slow down. So i decided to bring them to the National Monument since it seems drizzling. Thought the power of umbrella could save up some time to go around KL, but once we got there, it rains heavily again. Once again, a few snaps will do.

So i decided to bring them back home for tea before resuming the le-tour de Kuala Lumpur since the weather ain't behaving. So, i managed to rest for a while; while they lim teh in the dining hall.

When the rains stopped at around evening, the journey started again. This time, it's time for our Agung's palace. But before that, we went a detour to my grandfather's place nearby Victoria Institute, at least show my Godfather where his brother used to stay. Then, zoom to the palace. Well, again, it's the first time for me to actually got down and go up close to the palace's gate. Don't be shock if i tell you that i'm a KL boy. But i can't imagine if that Agung is single and stays in that crib, that's pretty lifeless, even if he has 10 wives, it's still too big.

Last stop before heading back for dinner, i brought them to Tian Hou Temple. And this was a request from them because they are from Hainan and there's a Hainan Association in the temple. But all in all, i think the design structure of the temple is pretty amazing, a nice view of KL too, but again, unfortunately the haze was so ****ed up.

They spent quite long in the temple and hence we were late for dinner where there are other uncles were waiting for us at my place. The thing is, me and my mom suppose to go pick my sis up from her coll at Setapak. That leave us only manage to have 15 minutes of dinner. So, it's off to Setapak this time.

Fetched sis, got back, then, the relatives who stays in the town wanted to get back to their hotel. Again, Ahmad bin Wan on duty again. Not to mention that i turned down Ed, HauRan & Kin You's invitation for GiJoe and 1 hour of futsal with Pek Wah. So, i sent them back, and rushed back to PJ for my remaining 1 hour of futsal. Oh, pretty proud with my record, this was my 5th hour of futsal in this week and more to come i guess.

After futsal, i only managed to chill down with a cup of super diabetic but tasty three layer tea.

Weel, despite it was a long day, i pretty enjoyed it. Well, it's holiday, better not to waste it. But also, it's pity that i could not make it with the guys for GiJoe and my 6th hour of futsal.

Oh yeah, spending time with my Godfather also get to know alot of unrevealed family politics. Wahaha.

Monday, August 10, 2009



Finally thesis proposal is done.

Finally freedom is here. (temp)

Finally Streamyx behave.

Finally i can online.

Damn, finally!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sir Bobby Robson

1933 - 2009