Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Man, creativity is just brilliant!!!!

Attention, we're going for record!!!! LOL

And if you do realize, everything do have a process.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rise & Fall

It's astonishing huh? Do you even realize this?

Lies are so much easier than truth. Some people think they don't know how to lie, but some surviving in the world of lies. It's so much easier to fall for other people's lies instead of believing other people's truth. For instance, i believe everyone definitely have times when no matter how hard they tried to explain the truth but no one just believe, and just an easy lie and get you out of all the bullshits.

It's same as what wise man said, it gets u a day to turn bad but it gets u years to be good. Pretty amazing huh? People tend to drop easily instead of raising up. Get into all the negative energy without their conscious, but yet they need assist to bring them back to the positive, or at least to the neutral.

Well, back to the main point, the previous paragraph was just some add-on. I was actually being very curious why people tend to not believe the truth and instead got convinced with lies. Is this related to trust issues? or it's the matter of maturity, still could not differentiate between black and white? But i believe there are people who are mature enough to handle other stuffs also might fall into this mystery, so shouldn't be the matter of maturity. Or maybe like what people used to say, only if you can see what the other sees, then you only will believe them, but when people telling you a lie, u usually don't see what they see, hence fall into their trap? What say u?

Good nights. My supervisor hebat!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kids nowadays.

Every married couple surely will share this same thought, at least most of it. "A baby will definitely enlighten the family". Why say so? Because they are just damn cute when they do stupid things, again, at least it looks stupid to us. But their cuteness definitely made that wide smile on your face. Especially when they dance. Kids nowadays no longer listen to 'Ba Ba Black Sheep'. They prefer Boom Boom Pow over nursery rhythms.

For instance:

Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the fur....the kids are going further.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies, check this booty out.

Babies nowadays really a big fan of Beyonce huh?

And they go for Armin van Buuren too. Techno style. Do the shuffle babe.

And Salsa too, Sexy.

Ahhh, see these kids, stress also reduce abit la. LOL

Thursday, September 24, 2009

sweet victory

It's really not cool to injured my another leg right now. Bad timing.

But today was a sweet victory.

- - - - -

Apart from that, i finally see some light for my thesis. Slightly little light. Not much, but i see hope.

But before that, i need to play the bad guy role. How?


Monday, September 21, 2009

Shout-out to all my muslim readers,

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri"

- Mike Horn -

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gotta get-get, Gotta get-get

Boom Boom Pow

It's been a tiring day. Don't know how was my mood goes, but it's pretty much up and down. Woke up and hang around here and there, then I went to college to meet Dr. M to discuss on the scale that i will be using for my thesis. Guess what?

Boom Boom Pow

His scale is not validated, and i need to validate it for him. And there goes all the trouble. Meaning to say, i am pretty screwed. Gone case. I don't wanna talk about it. Can't point finger to anyone.

Boom Boom Pow

Then i was in MV with mom to do some grocery. Already damn tired in the end, almost wanna fall asleep and leg was pain through yesterday's futsal. Was pretty much relieved when we are about to leave. Then.

Boom Boom Pow

Outside was raining cats and dogs. Jam. urgh. Finally got back home, wanted to rest for a while. Then...

Boom Boom Pow

Got an unusual call. It was Thava and she asked me about my result for Thesis 1.

Boom Boom Pow

I only get to know that result is out.

Boom Boom Pow

Quite reluctant to check the grade initially but in the due to need some information through the net, might as well check it also la.

Boom Boom Pow

It seems like i did fine for my thesis 1. Satisfied but could be better i guess. But it was a real relief.

Boom Boom Pow

Obviously u see alot of 'Boom Boom Pows' in my post. Well, after seeing Dr.M and before grocery in MV. I went to a place called Wisma Academy in PJ. It was Universal Music's office. I was told earlier that i had won a Black Eyed Peas exclusive t-shirt with a pass to meet-&-greet the Peas. Woot.

Boom Boom Pow

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lights on, NO.


- I actually quite scare if driving a car with 'Fuel Warning' lights on in the middle of the hill under the heavy rain. -


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Come to Daddy!!!

Dreaming and Hoping. =D

Nike Tiempo Mystic

Nike R10 Cara

What a beauty huh?!?!?! =S

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I dunno why i have this weird feelings. Like what The Saturdays sang in the song Issue, "Me and my heart we got issues, don't know if i should hate you or miss you". But it's the love hate thing.

Okay, it's not exactly my heart but it's the remaining semester i have in college. I don't know if i should love it or i should hate it. Obviously, i would love to start to work and earn some money. But at the same time, i know i surely gonna miss uni life. That's the contradict there. sigh. But again, i don't know if i'm ready to leave uni and also don't know if i'm ready to enter workforce. Damn, wasted the intern opportunity to try out.

Then the past few nights, i couldn't have a soundly sleep. It took me few hours of rolling around before i'm able get into stage 1 of NREM. Then i think there might be a few reasons.

  1. There is a possibility of the influence of the people surrounding me. People around me seems to be graduated and already starting to work or started to work. Somehow, you would wanna feel to be part of them. It's the in group out group thing.
  2. Then, it probably could be also people around you is graduating. Yea, you, if you think i am referring to you. You also tend to want to be like them and not being left out behind.
  3. Then, it probably could be i'm getting bored with studies. But that the same thing people who started work said "I'm getting bored with my job".
  4. Also, it could be the subjects that i am taking currently. Industrial Organizational and Career Guidance are all about our future in the workforce. Which indirectly kicking us out from uni.
  5. Also, it could be me having to wonder alot on me in the workforce in the future, which pretty much excites me.
  6. But, i'm not sure if i'm ready for it cause with the recession now and not much of working experience, there is alot of doubts to get a good job.
  7. And also, when i first start to get my first wage, it means it's the first step to take on responsibilities. Note the S.
  8. I don't know how much do i have to change before i can consider ready to face the working force.
Haha, but like what i always said. I'll see step walk step la. =)

Friday, September 4, 2009

잘가요 내사랑

Pssspppp.....i got good stuff to share.

P/S: sorry to tell, i don't provide tissues.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The climb

You have any idea who is this dude??? Some of you might and some of you might not. His name is Alain Robert aka Spiderman. The infamous french who have a great passion in climbing high buildings with ONLY his bare hands.

I have recently read his latest climb on our Petronas Twin-Tower. If i not mistaken, it's the 2nd attempt of him since the last round where he was caught by the officers it's the 3rd attempt since 1997 and 2007 where he was caught and freed by the officers. Tho what he has done is illegal, but i really salute his passion, he really got balls.

Apart from that, i think we really should learn from this dude. The motivation and determination he has is totally immense. Tell me, have u ever gave up on doing something all these while? I'm sure you had, even you are not conscious about it, but i can quite sure you or we had those moment before.

Of course I'm pretty sure same goes to Alain, but imagine when he was climbing the building. Climbing the building just with his bare hands and no strings attached. First, all he need is his arm strength, slightlypull out from giving in, bye bye....phiewwwwwwwww, piak! Secondly, his mind have to be totally focus on what he is doing, if he saw someone through the windows doing i-shall-not-go-into-detail and lose focus, again....phiewwwwwwwww, piak! Third, the patience, patience lead to a calm mind; if he doesn't have the patience to go to the top of the building, eventually he might just give up in the middle of the building, if no one were there to save him, in the end, he still have to phiewwwwwwwww, piak!

It's not easy for one to push till the max. Somehow while reading this article, Kenneth just popped up in my mind, with his Choo-choo train story in our Human Motivation class. Where how the train be motivated to continue the journey despite no matter what circumstances to reach to the top of the hill (also top of the lecture hall for Mr. Kenneth).

This post is purely for my salute towards this bloke, but somehow......I'm pretty determine for this coming semester. Can't wait to finish the course and start another chapter of my life, tho that only gonna happen after 7 months. But nvm, it's the climb.