Friday, October 30, 2009


What a day. As i already told myself that i want to stay away from home today although both ankle was real sore from yesterday's game, and i did it. Basically i gave myself a break today and i sure missed this kinda break.

But anyway, today can be consider as movie day for me. Watched 2 movies in a day.

First, watched Law Abiding Citizen with the uni gang. It was pretty awesome show. The mastermind of the movie is sure genius. When i was watching that movie, in my mind it's Scorfield vs Clyde. I don't wanna spoil the fun and shall let you ppl to experience the show. Awesome.

Then when i got home, i si beh tahan to see the stack of shirts left un-ironed. I decided to finally iron my own shirts but as usual, reason i don't like to iron my own shirt is because it's boring cause you do the same steps over and over again. That iron is quite heavy and i'm lazy to do some work out. It's boring if there is not other thing you could do besides ironing the shirt. Hence, i chose one of the movie i downloaded ages ago to entertain myself while ironing my shirts. I chose The Wrestler.

Well, this movie could be a boring movie but yet it could be an interesting movie too. Throughout the movie, i kept seeing fights over fights and i thought that's it. But the movie illustrate how important acceptance play a role in our life. Likewise some people said that they don't care how people see them, but deep inside, i'm pretty sure they want that acceptance too. For the character here, he just don't found any acceptance from his surrounding apart from wrestling. Hence, he don't even bother of his life and went back to where he feel he is part of the world. I'm sure everyone want to be accepted.

Go watch these movie if you feels like it, it's worth watching.

As for now, adiosa peeps.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

inner talk

There are a few phrases just running in my mind over the week.

"am i able to go through this smoothly?"

"it's not the first time, just move on"

"to work? to master?"

"i better be quick"

"gotta do something"

"buck up guys!"

"why luck always not there?"

"i gotta feeling"

*can confirm it's not emo, but just the thoughts that running over my mind*

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Land


Friday, October 23, 2009

PuuPuu (According to FB)

Geez, so many things to update but yet so less time to do so. It's been an long long week and perhaps even longer than i expected for the coming week too. If you do realize, blog has been quite dead since 5th of October (it's already the 23rd), a video posting with 2 uber short post. Not that i don't want to, but the timing just not right. When i feel like updating, there's time constraint; when i have the little bit of time, i don't feel like blogging.

Well, lemme reverse back abit. It all goes back to last Saturday. It was HELP Sailing Club's very first (izit consider first?) sailing event, HUC Goes Sailing!. It all went awesome, which explains my 1st from the list on my previous post. Throughout organizing the whole event, circumstances come, circumstances goes. The process is exactly like how u sail a boat! When u sail the boat out, u don't always expect there's wind for you to sail, and when there's no wind, it could be very frustrated cause things just don't go ur way, but if you be patient abit, the wind apparently will come and we can go smooth sailing again. When things doesn't go your way or it is stopping you from what you want, it could be very frustrating. Again, when ur boat couldn't catch any wind to sail, it doesn't mean u just wait there and pray for wind to come, okay, sometimes luck play a part, but you have to do some manoeuvre to try to catch the wind and get back on track. Luckily i have all the committee to do that manoeuvre that made it such a success. Good job and that explain the 2nd item from previous post.

The rest of the story of the event, will let selected pictures to give you a better idea on how success it was.

The main sail.

Somehow i love this picture, the sky is nice and the water doesn't look that dirty anymore.

Love the sky of that day. The clouds looks peaceful.

The crew of Rapscallion

The crew of Aili's platu

The crew of Vincent's platu.

The crew of Skybird.

And the full crew of the whole event! Awesome people.

My infamous speech. LOL. With everyone cheers with me with an empty glasses. Cheers!

Last but not least, how could we left out the most important people for the whole event? I literally can specify who they are.
(L-R: Aili, Ivy, Min Huei, Fariz, Mike; Kevin missing from the picture)
Finally we have our own club shirt. Yay!

Looking at all these pictures plus those in facebook, it really gave a great memory. The success of the whole event really gave me the sense of acheivement which explains the 3rd items of previous post; and that feeling is always fantastic (4th item of previous post).

That pretty much sums up everything about the event. Bravo!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Apart from that, i wanna blog abit about my futsal life lately. I am pretty sure i did mention before that i need to be slightly more aggressive or assertiveness. Not so sure bout assertiveness, but i think my aggressive level is generally increasing. That's what i observed. Not too sure if that's good or bad, but i guess i need to find the balance in it. People knowing me says that i'm a big man with a soft heart. But this soft side of me is moving, but towards where, i'm not sure.

We had a futsal league game on Wednesday, it was our 2nd lost in 4 games, but my 1st lost in 3 games. It all went pretty tension throughout the game where our team need maximum points to secure for knockout stage, where oponent is still struggling down there. To cut short the story, there is an arseho was being a real pain in the arse throughout the game; confronted players, confronted opponent's fans, confronted referee. Well, he is just a real pathetic guy who thinks everyone is going against him. And to cut the crap, i just could not take the fella's behavior and i myself commited a misconduct behavior and it all caused a whole lots of trouble to everyone. Don't know if it's because of the tension game that cause me adrenalin rush and triggers the fuse to cut short, or it's me myself that is changing. I sure hope it's not because of me. But those who did involved in that incident, i offer my sincere apology.

Speaking of that, another incident that showed my aggressiveness change. I'm not trying to show any hero behavior or what, but i found it funny. I came very close to stood up for a poor fella who got whack by a barbarian. The great thing is, everyone in class was literally starring at the incident and not doing anything. But in the end of the day, i only realize i was deceived. LOL.

Alright, gotta get myself to sleep now. Wish Action Potential luck for tmr's tourney. Fellow AP, let's roll.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

  1. Awesome
  2. Good job
  3. Sense of achievement
  4. Fantastic

Friday, October 16, 2009

I really hate things are in a mess, but somehow not everything you like goes to your way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't really have much time to update, but will do so when i am able to spare an hour to update. But before that, share this awesome song by Michael Wan....opps, i mean Michael Buble. Really awesome.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rap it up

Damn, a week really goes pass easily. But at least i think it was a pretty awesome week.

It starts off with my supervisor's generosity saved my arse. Helpful advice with handful of assistance. At least it ain't as stressful as how i thought it could be compare to last week. Honestly speaking, last week i was pretty paranoid.

Greenlight from Mr. Loh for our (HELP Sailing Club)'s pre-proposal on the upcoming event. Soon to be announced but it's a good start ahead.

Despite some technical error, somehow i had made a wise decision to call up NASOM's GM to check on the progress. Only manage to found out they did not received my email and now permission seems ot be on our way.

A family reunion on Mid-Autumn Festival will never be as awesome compare to any other thing. Mom haven't been cooking that much food since CNY. Oh, Happy Mid-Auntumn Festival peeps.

What more to finish the week by having a gathering with the friends and family? Couldn't ask for more. I always love to host some sort of party or gathering, despite it could be quite tiring, but i just enjoy the companion with the people i love. Honestly, i could see myself doing this quite alot in the future, eventhough when i have m own family. I just love that feeling.

That sums up my brilliant week, and it's time to get serious with work in this coming week. Well, by the time i post this post, it's already THE WEEK. It's all out or screw myself moment. I gotta get serious this time (bad goal setting), *hmmm...that wasn't the first time i said that....but i'm really gonna be serious....*well, neither that was the first time saying it. Whatever la, I'll do whatever i am suppose to do and get it done nicely.

*neither the last sentence has not come out from me before too.......RAWR!

Before ending it, I have been caught by this song's kinda cute.

men, men, men, men, menly men, men................

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Forgive You

This is really meaningful video i wanna share here. Life lesson material.

*As much i wanna talk more about this, but i have to put that on hold cause i'm running late for uni before Betsy going to gimme 10 missed calls and honk the whole Jalan Pudina. LOL*