Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Day

Don't really know how to start this, but lets just see....

I haven't really watch the movie of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but kinda know what is it about. But i definitely experience the filmstrip of a real curious case.

He used to be the powerhouse of the family. Growing up seeing him working hard just to feed his loved ones. Yet he never ask for much but the word 'Union'. He's always in his strict expression, very rare we could see a smile on his face, but when it does, it proves that he is very happy that even his poker face can't hide it.

Then, he has became aging and was advised to retire. Getting all the 'old man disease', day by day, seeing his health deterring. From one hip bone problem to two, and from kidney to heart. From walking stick to walking stand to wheelchair. But yet his will was so strong to keep on going.

The reason why i compare his to Benjamin Button's curious case is because of his lifespan. Having to watch him in his middle age when i first born and slowly aging to his old age; and from old age onwards, watching his development inverted. From being a wise old man, he transit back to his adult like behavior, being very active inside. His energy level still very strong despite his physical deterioration. Then he turns into a child, being very vulnerable. Likewise a kid, he need someone to guide him what to do or when he should do. Until the very last few months, he starting to act like a baby. He seems to lost his knowledge on all the basic movements, he don't seems to know how to walk, he don't eat, his speech was babbling like a baby. Seeing an old man from outside but a baby from inside, my heart really felt sour.

One thing that is most regretful is that we couldn't have a really good communication. Our conversations are always like a conversation between a cow and a horse. What you want to say, i could understand, but what i wanted to tell you, you couldn't comprehend. The most important is that i couldn't able to say 'Thank you' to you.

But anyway, i'm sure he is in a better place without any sufferings now. Your good memories and laughters will always remain in our heart. Thank you for everything. Ye Ye, may you rest in peace.


On another note. Happy New Year to all. There goes another year and let's all leave all the negatives with 2010 and run with the positive momentum into a brand new 2011. Let us rock 2011!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The season is here!

Woohoo, holiday starts NOW! And it's gonna be a Christmas in the beach

Anyway, wishing everyone Merry Christmas. Let it be white Christmas, red Santa, Green Christmas Tree or the Silver bells, but may the warmth of this joyous season fill your heart with peace and happiness. God bless you.

Ho! Ho!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disappointed but still hoping

A week to buckle up. Not me but our athletes in China now.

I think we are not going a good job yet in the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010. A week to go and our gold tally is still 3. If we can get be ranked 7 with 12 gold tally in the Commonwealth Games 2010 and 4th in SEA Games 2009 with 40 gold tally, i believed our national athletes could achieve a higher standard than 3 golds in Asian Games 2010.

But it seems that not much hopes left for us other than our squash team, our badminton doubles and our takraw team. So, potentially speaking, the max we could go couldn't even achieve 10 gold medal tally. Definitely below our expectation.

Oh well, just hope our remaining athletes could raise up their performance and prove us that they did their best. But i really hope for more consistency from our national athletes' performance. Remember back in Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games 1998, we only expected to reach 10 goals tally. Our national athletes did that with 10 golds and finished 4th, not to mentioned that we were rewarded for a public holiday.

I could see our national sports are picking up, slowly. Last time we used to put hope in only badminton and probably hockey. Now we have a very strong squash team, our cyclists are showing a promising sign, badminton team is still there, just some lack of consistency, our wushu raised their spirit, i believe bowling still somewhere up there.

So hopefully we all could step up and raise the performance. All upcoming athletes and already one, i pledge you all to follow the footstep of one national athletes. Nicol David. She really should be a person for everyone to find inspiration. Her hard work, her determination, her calmness, her humbleness, her consistency, her whole package is what we need. Only if all the athletes maintain a spirit and attitude of Nicol, i don't see any reason why our national sports standard couldn't raise rapidly. She deserves to be rewarded with the DATOship, not like some Bollywood start who dance his way in other country but given the Dato title.

I better stop from here, because if i really gonna continue to talk about our national sports, i think i can write a book about it. Ok, i'm off to watch our Takraw team fighting Thailand.

Hasta la vista, tienen un buen dia.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


There goes another week. I don't remember the time pace is as fast as this.

That made me realize that thou shall not waste time. Well, we do actually realize that but sometimes we just don't do it. I do admit that i do waste time knowing that time is precious.

Therefore, i want my weekends not to be wasted and try to do as much as i can, except work.

So, it was a trip to our KL town since dunno how many B.C years. I was impressed that the how much it changes since the last i actually walk around there. But it was nice to once explore our own culture despite the crowd and the dirts, it certainly a old school experience. One more thing, i realized that there is a graffiti wall beside the river along Masjid Jamid, too bad i only realized it when the LRT moves. But very creative of the graffiti artist who did this. It certainly made our town a colourful town, a happy place to go.

Unstoppable is gooooooood.

Like i said earlier, thou shall not waste time. I shall go for football now despite the rain outside. Hattrick here i come! rawr!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some say when one passed away, their soul is still with us.

Believe it or not?

Live long Bob Marley!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Morning

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and finally weekend.

Since started work, weekend is the only days that i could chill around and do things that i wish i could have do it on the weekdays. Hence, weekends suppose to be work free day. And that should be a policy set.

I don't usually like to spend time at home as i think it's way boring. But now i'm feeling that spending some sweet relaxing time at home isn't that bad after all. Especially waking up on a Sunday morning and listening to some jazz. Spend some time to watch some movie that i had accumulated. It's something you can't do on weekdays.

Not to say that i'm keeping a distance from the society, but the fact of communicating with various kind of ppl on a daily basis, somehow you would just want your own personal space. You just hope that you could do something without anyone's distraction, or you could do things with people that you love without from people that asking you to do them a favor.

Ah, Sunday morning...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


RIP least you achieved something in your two and a half year lifespan...
No tako for a week as tribute to Paul

Monday, October 25, 2010

Peter Hodgson

Peter Lim.................................................Roy Hodgson

Now i see why an unknown rich Asian man wanna take over a troubled British club.

On a side note, it's great to know that the new owner know the lyric of YNWA. =D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

TV 1, Bullshit

TV 3, Bullshit

NTV 7, Bullshit

Channel 9, Bullshit.

That's what local TV offers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great, now i'm on the bad cop side. Fuck.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ten ten

a video that resembles today's date. =D

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Picture Say it All

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Banana Phone


Monday, October 4, 2010

Toasted skin

Dear fellow Laptop/Netbook users,

Thou shall not put your laptop/netbook on your lap while using it. Technically it was meant to be created to be able to fit on a lap, but practically it was meant to be mobile but not LAPtop.

Anyway, reason why i'm saying this is that i read an article saying that laptops can toast skin. It will caused 'toasted skin syndrome' where an unusual looking mottled skin condition would appear on the area where you constantly intact with the laptop. This is due to the long-term heat exposure that is 'toasting' your skin.

Don't do it if you don't want to walk around with 2 toasted loaf. Of course, particularly guys, don't do it if you wanna lose your "standmina". I shall not go further on that, don't understand? ask your own brother.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wake me up, when September ends.


now i'm all awake for Octoberfest


Monday, September 27, 2010

Click on the pic to find the msg of the post.

Damn, pray for me.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Misson 1 completed. Woohoo.

As FYI, i have finally reallocated back to my PJ office. I'm glad about it.

Not to say i dislike Shah Alam. Thr's pros and the cons. To be honest, after 2 months of exposure over there, i actually kinda like the ppl over there. Despite there are some who are pain in the arse, but i believe every company, big or small, there will be one or two. But i would say the ppl over there really took good care on me. Appreciate that.

I do not know if it's a sincere one or a two-face situation. Sometimes i felt that i was just being treated as someone out of the company. I see ppl got 'lessons' from others, but as far as i was there, my relationship with them was quite decent. Perhaps i was just trying hard not to involved in any politics. But once again, like i said, there are good and bad.

Also, avoiding the heavy traffic throughout the journey from home to office is always what i hope for since the day i start work. I'm glad that those crazy journeys are done for now. However, i'm really grateful with all the experiences i gained over there. In fact, i don't even have the time to show my appreciation to them where it was a very last minute decision. For the past whole week, my manager kept asking me 'so....Mike, will you be here or UOP tmr?', even till my last day.

As for now, i'm looking forward for the new environment. It's a whole different challenge i would say. At least the office is somewhere i fancy to work for, compare to a manufacturing site. However, i believe it is a challenge on the working environment or style over here (PJ). On my first day in PJ, i could feel the pace is tuning up. That made me felt that what i had experience in Shah Alam was just a small glimpse of the whole exposure, i would say a warm up or a kickstart. Also, i could foresee a huge patience test is there for me to handle over here. Challenge is the word i would use again.

If you notice the amount of 'challenge' i used, oh well, THAT'S LIFE.

Anyway guys, it's been a while. Good day aite.

mind the language, but love the music, cmon, nod with me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guess i don't have to try the original version.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's sickening. It's really sickening to see what's going on in my own country.

It was suppose to promote 1Malaysia but the goal seems to be demolishing. You attack me, me attack him, him attack them, them attack you. I'm referring to the recent racial issue in Malaysia. Everyone knows that it's not just a recent issue and all these while it does occur, and it has been kept in a time bomb.

I sure don't hope the 512 incident will go dejavu. To be frank, it's frustrated how it started, also it's ashamed how it was reacted. Also, with the recent outbreak with Indonesia, it's definitely a huge fall back to our country when one is not even united. We can't even respect our own fellow Malaysians, how would we expect others to respect our country?

Think ppl.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Picture says it all. That my country.

Selamat Merdeka Day !!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thou shall not complain. =P

Geez, guess 2 hours jam is nothing compare to 10 days!!!

Average 10km per day!


For more, read up here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Roast Pork Rice aka ???

*Sorry i cant help but post it!* *You know who you are*

Mandy: Sick of your char siew fan?

Michael: Nope, just like you not sick of Jared.

Mandy: How can you compare Jared with char siew fan?

Michael: Opps (LOL in mind)

P/S (paiseh): I really did not meant anything when i wrote that, Kok!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Blues

Haha, not much of Monday Blues actually. Just giving you attention to read on, makes u go thinking "whats with Mike being emo on a Monday?". Coz i actually got a question to ask.

Do you think your boss will believe that you were having a war with monkeys which caused you late for work? XD

Well, not creating story! I literally was trying to fight with monkeys which caused me late for work. My car was surrounded with monkeys while i was on my way out from house. While i was going closer to my car, the monkey step front closer to me. One particular monkey even show off his sharp teeth, which makes me feel like showing him the finger.

But the point is, i can't get into my car! One of my neighbour's maid even asked me to give away my breakfast as 'toll fee', but hell no! My lunch already consider quite sad, i don't wanna sacrifice my breakfast to a bunch of monyets. Stupid monkeys.

In the end, i called 911 to donate breads for the pathetic monkeys. And i was late for 15 mins.

How i wish~~~

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Season of Life


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


First of all, Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslim friends.

As i was driving home from work, i was listening to Fly fm. The Deejays were talking about the topic of 'what would you want to abstain from doing something' since all Muslims are gonna abstain from eating during the fasting month.

And this caller called and said something which i think was amusing and also causing herself troubles at the same time.

When she was asked on that question, she answered "my ex". Obviously she has yet to get over her ex-boyfriend, so the deejay gave her a tip or two by telling her that she has to find a new one to get over the old ones. And she agreed! So the deejay offer to help her by giving her a chance to introduce herself to all guys out there, and she goes 'i'm Lin, i'm pretty, i'm bla bla bla bla bla bla and I'M LONELY' *desperate~~~*

That's not all! The deejay asked her to give her contacts, or perhaps facebook. And she really did! She is asking ppl to search for her with the name of Linz Suhaimi! How amusing could that be right?

Well, all i could say is, all the best Linz Sohaimi.

*Damn, i want a lunch partner from today onwards.*

Friday, July 23, 2010


It's funny to see how stupid people still can survive in this world.

Darwin, ur theory failed!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

HONEY, are u WELL?

Well, as i had mentioned previously that i already starting my working life. But it was just a brief one and yet to have the chance to tell what am i doing. Basically, i'm working with a company called Honeywell if u ever heard of it.

Nope, not what it is in your mind right now. It is not a company that produce honey. We don't crack up bee hives and collect honey and sell it. Okay, this will explain what does me and the company do:

Whenever if u travel through flight, first thing comes into your mind is ur destination and the plane. But have u thought of looking around while u were seated in the plane? like what makes this vehicle fly, why would the plane's material is so solid till it can handle the high pressure up the sky? Well, basically if u ever seated on the plane, anytime it could be deal with Honeywell.

Honeywell do produce aeronomic parts, like engine, the materials and the fan. All small things that they do made up of the whole part of the plane.

Even if it's the engine, it also comprise of all small items that made up of a workable engine. All these parts could be done by them. Yea, so that's what the company does.

As for my position, i'll make sure the company got the right person. The right person to produce it and the right person to setup it and of course many other function.

And of course, applying gender equality. ;)

Apart from aviation, the company also plays a huge role in our very proud twin tower. Two things that impress you on the twin tower would probably the height and the lightings at night.

The company does help to setup the lightings of the twin tower in 48 hours (if i not mistaken). But i'm very sure that it took an average of 20 minutes per floor for setting up the lights.

Of course, apart from the lights, it comes with the switch and wiring of the building. The switch and sensors of the office has to do with where i'm currently working for the next 2 months which is MK Electrics. MK is a sub division of Honeywell.

And as for my job? i gotta make sure the right person is hired to do all these functions. From creating the lights and swtiches to setting up the wiring system and lighting. It's very much of talent management whereby u screen, train and maintain.

So, for the past first week of me working there was rather easy at the mean time. My job is very much on scouting talents from job portals. Reading resumes and making phone calls.

So that's very much on my first week. And it could be what i'm gonna do for the first 2 months, it could change after that. So i shall see how it goes. But overall, i'm good in working life apart from the darn jams. LOL

Good Day peeps.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Last Day.

Damn, time flies. It's already 11th day of July, which means 2 months since i completed my course. Although in my mind i still believe that i just completed last month. LOL. And FYI, it's already coming to the end of World Cup 2010, the countdown widget at the side already starting to countdown for Brazil World Cup 2014.

Alright, wasn't given much chance to tell all my friends about this, but some might already know by now. I will be starting work tmr. And i rmb someone asked me about this before but i just couldn't recall who, he/she asked me if i'm waiting for the World Cup to finish only want to start work. In fact, it did happen! Anyhow, tmr it's like a new life. At least i felt freshie, i don't even know what am i suppose to bring or do for tmr, just like those students back then. Of course, also a new life in the sense that there will be no more World Cup and back to normal life. And that explains on the title of this post. The last day of World Cup and also the last day of life being unemployed.

Lets rep it up with the World Cup then. I would say this World Cup was rather boring at the beginning. Upsets over upsets and again. Nothing special. Until they figured out the major highlight of the tournament, Paul the psychic Octopus. It made a huge fuss over the World Cup, causing many admirers and also haters too. Paul really outshined the big teams of the tournament and what more about the vuvuzellas which sounded like tons of bees flying in the stadium. Thats the specialty of this World Cup. But of course there are interesting games played, particularly by Germany and Uruguay. Given their full effort and fought for their pride. Hence, the 3rd placing game was rather on fighting for pride instead of the medal.

But i'm rooting for Spain, they are playing beautiful game as some say Joga Bonito. And thats why i go for Paul instead of Mani or Pauline. Yeah, Viva Espana.

As for now, i shall go sleep and wake up later for the game. Zombie in action on his first day!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

As i expected. Highlight of the day wasn't really Spain beaten Germany to book a spot in World Cup final. But it was Paul the Psychic Octopus!

I calculated those who updated their facebook status since the game and the number of ppl talking about Paul is:


And while i was shopping in 1U today, i saw a girl, one girl, sitting alone and eating fried calamari alone and it's one and only dish! I suspect there must be something to do with Paul.

But damn! Only if i open a Japanese restaurant. I confirm i'll earn big bucks by implementing a Tako promotion. Untung giler!

(_______) McCartney

Confirm highlight of the day is Paul the psychic Octopus. And we all love Paul!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Fockers are back!!!!!!!

The Fockers are back!!!!!!!

Gay Focker! LMAO!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Waka Waka 2010

World Cup 2010 has started for a week, to be honest, it doesn't much amazed me. Apart from the time spending with friends for the games, i don't think this World Cup is entertaining, at least yet it is.

I barely got excited with any games other than Germany's game, which is a team that i very much hope that they will never succeed. Spain, the favorite, did not perform to their standard, letting a shocking opening game lost. Brazil, Holland, Argentina do not look convincing to give the World Cup a show. Underdogs parked their bus in front of the goal. Yupe, it's not entertaining. C'mon, entertain us!

Also, i thought the Vuvuzela could be a bonus to the World Cup and bring in some atmosphere. But it turned out quite annoying and controversial too. Apparently players and officials complaint that the Vuvuzelas are causing too much noise which made them deaf. News also report that the Vuvuzelas could cause one to suffer from ear impairment with it's 130 decibel volume. Don't know how it sounds like? u find out urself here. But i suggest if u're on earphones, remove it before u play it.

Download "vuvuzela" at

The World Cup better start their show, at least it's not too late. I don't wanna waste my chance of watching the World Cup without any pressures.

*pretending to blow the vuvuzela*


Sunday, June 6, 2010


As like most of my blogger friends, it seems that inspiration to blog seems to be drying up. Sometimes some random thought popped up and thought it's worthwhile blog about it, but then when i clicked on this site, the thought seems to be faded away. Even i tried to write, but somehow pressing the backspace button is more frequent than other keyboards.

Plans seems to be always change when days go by. Just like above, plan doesn't go how i wanted. But that statement doesn't only referring to me, but generally people around me. Maybe i am just too free and realized so many changes that exist.

Changes in plans such as those who initially planned to further studies and end up putting it on hold. Friends who planned to work and end up planning to pursue their advance studies. Friends who planned to work in overseas but end up working in local, not because unable to start a career there but just change of plans. Friends who never seems to step out from this region, planning to go abroad. Friends who has been so firm of heading towards a particular career end up going towards other direction. Friends who wanted to further their studies, but dropped out half way. Friends who dropped out, changed of mind and get back the strength to study. Just too much changes going through.

I remember during one of the class presentation, a friend came up or rather invented his own quote, Plan can't catch up with changes. Something between the line. But what he explained was referring to plans always change as time goes by. I won't fully agree with it because i still believe if one who knows how to plan, somehow they still can stick to it eventually. But also, there are always unforeseen circumstances. But one who knows how to plan nicely, think of short term and long term, even these circumstances are taken into considerations, i believe that they can stand strong with their stance.

As for me, i'm still yet to master that skill. I need to plan well on my path. But how so? Feel free to share ur two cents.

*ting* google. =P

Friday, May 28, 2010

El Galaticos

Wow wow. The next big thing is coming in 2 weeks time. June 11 is the date! Lets all go waka waka on South Africa.

Despite the excitement, there are more to come after that! Read today's paper and it seems that The Galaticos, aka Real Madrid is coming to town this coming August to play against our Harimau Muda. Woots! It's time to save up money for this (hmmm...tho saving money is not a good idea since i have no income at the moment). Also, although i'm a Barca fan, but how to resist to see an all star team in the town?

We are saying that we will be seeing these players! these players:

World Best Goalkeeper, Iker Casillas

Once a hero of Istanbul, Jerzy Dudek

A defender that would remain in my Dream team, Sergio Ramos

The most unwanted sold-out of Liverpool and it still hurts me alot, Xabi Alonso

The unsung hero that might or might not be coming, Guti

Dutch playmaker that share the similiar situation as Guti, Rafael van der Vaart

A player which i love him inside out! Kaka

The most arrogant player which no doubt one of the best, Cristiano Ronaldo. Don't u love his kangkang?

French most promising star that shocked the nation that he won't be travel to S.Africa, Karim Benzema.

Legend - Raul

But most important is this lad. The Special One, Jose Mourinho. A manager with full of confidence and charisma. A winner & a sore loser.

So who's in?!?!?!?!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thomas & Uber Lost Their Way to Msia.

Okay, everyone know that our Malaysia badminton team did not perform up to par in the Thomas Cup. Got a point after Nigeria pulled out, then lost to Japan and struggled on the victory over Denmark. Worst thing was being humiliated by the Chinese players, they totally overshadowed us.

But oh well, we must admit with such a performance, there is no chance we could beat the defending champions. So, we or rather i accept that lost. But the pissing me off is the attitude of Lin Dan. No doubt he is good and the only challenge for our dearly Dato. But can't he be any humble? No offense to all his fans, but really dislike his attitude.

First, he knows that our Dato is under pressure, so he took advantage over it, you can see through the way he played. Okay, understandable, thats sports, always take advantage on your opponent's weakness. Then, he took off his shirt after the victory. Alright, that's his own problem. But after i read it through the papers, he said he took off his shirt just to check if he is still as muscular compare to 2 years ago. WTF?!?! vain bastard. Lastly, he celebrated with a break dance. So you think u're Peter Crouch now?

Cmon, you are no where close to 'yeng-ness' with that. Okay, u beat world no.1, credits all goes to u, but with that celebration? go toot yourself. Why not do a handstand?

Cmon, brush up your own attitude if u ever wanna overtake our World No.1. If you think u deserve to overtake our Dato, show it with a good attitude. Now you are just making yourself with piles of pressure.

Same goes to the Malaysia badminton team, please improve yourself for the upcoming events. No doubt you guys are good, everyone know that. Consistency is all u guys need. I hope we can all shout 'Malaysia Boleh' with our heart out loud.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodbye Bid.

Okay, i think i am bored with writing a or 2 sentences and press the 'backspace' all the way.

Two friends or rather two close friends gonna leave this week.

One gonna be far but only a month or two. Another is not that far but for good., enjoy your trip and another, all the best to your future., rmb souvenirs and another, rmb my meal ;)

But most importantly, have a safe journey! Take care my buddies.

The twin from different placenta.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


woohoo. I Love Taimei

But yea, Taimei is some good stuff. There are various of packages offered. You can order their so called Jolin Tsai. Also, you can ask for their 'Small S'. There are hot ones and also sweet ones, it's all depends on your preference. And these packages are quite reasonable!

Guys, u just can't resist right!

Put aside all your Superego and ego. I'm sure everyone need to fulfill their basic needs. I'm sure Tai Mei can satisfy your need.

They can't have too many customers at a time due to limited resource but customers can bring them home. How convenient it is!

Yea, tho it can be quite dodgy. But once a lifetime, u need to hold on your guts and break the norm. You never try, you never know. Hantam only. Don't bother the others. After all, all the fun is on you, but not others.

Make sure u see this sign, then u go in. That is the sign that tell u where is all the good stuff in the street.


I Love Taimei serves the best oh lua mee sua (Oyster Mee Sua) in the Bugis Street of Singapore. Tho it's not a huge restaurant, the shop is just so standout in the dodgy street of Bugis. It might look suspicious, but damn, the mee sua is some good stuff. Eating with 2 sticks of satay sticks and a paper bowl, its just so creative of this Taiwanese owner. Should give a try if you're in Singapore. Good stuff.

They even come with packages with a reasonable price. And they named these packages according to taiwanese celebrities, pretty cool huh? They also serve with appetizer such as fried tofu with chilli powder on top, and also fried pumpkin which is sweet. But the only drawback is that there are limited tables because it's located beside the street, so you can choose to tapao the food.

I personally love the oh lua mee sua, perhaps you can try and speak for yourself.

MMMMmmmmmm.....I Love Taimei! 我爱台妹!