Sunday, January 31, 2010

From Sports to Animal

If you have been following my recent post, u could see the transaction from sports to animal. It was pig for the previous one and now is an unusual animal that people follow.

Jellyfish it is!

I personally think jellyfish is very pretty. It also could portray the reality of this society. It means, things could be so pretty but yet it is dangerous. But yet if you keep urself away from these dangerous species, it could be a very pretty species from outside. You go figure out the metaphor.

I hope i could have an aquarium of jellyfish, for real! Anyone have any idea where can we buy jellyfish except from markets? Baby jellyfish would be awesome. Oh yeah, especially those that can glow. Cehwah.

By the way, i love eating jellyfish with the fish sauce too. mmmmmm

The Pink Jellyfish

The Purple Jellyfish

The Blue Jellyfish

The school of pink Jellyfish. Don't they looks like tanglung?

The school of Aqua Jellyfish

This is the best among the rest! Looks so cool in that green.

The glowing Jellyfish

Okay, i don't know if jellyfish could be sold in any aqua shop. But at least, something look like jellyfish would definitely looks cool. By here i don't mean Jellyfish dolls. But perhaps maybe these will do:
Don't exactly know what is this. But it's a lamp that reflect a school of jellyfish shodow to your ceiling. How cool i that in a dark room!

As for this, don't think it's hard to find, but have to shop around cause the fish version can be seen everywhere. But yet again, this looks damn cool.

Lastly, no matter how cool is a jellyfish, plz plz plz don't be as lazy as a jellyfish!!!! wahhahaha...ok, i know it's lame -____-

Friday, January 29, 2010

Go Pork!

Do u know that eating pork could spice up one's sex life?

That's something new to me.

Argentine President, Cristina Fernandez said in her speech that eating pork is as good as viagra! Woot!

Now i think back, it pretty much explains the population of the Chinese up there. All these while i thought they are in a developing country, a third world country, hence they got nothing better to do other than playing with birds-and-bees.

Now i see it's not all about that! Ha.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Geez, i am way addicted to sports movies lately.

Goal 3 - ticked

More Than Just A Game - ticked

Jerry Maguire - ticked

More Than A Game - On the way

Invictus - On the way

The Damned United - On the way

Fuh, i'm getting inspired! I wanna be a sports agent! I wanna be a Manager! I wanna run Anfield!

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of myself.
- Nelson Mandela -

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Than Just A Game

I just watched it the night before when i was ironing my own shirt which i think it's damn boring to iron shirt without doing something else. Not really a long show but i highly recommend all sports or particularly football fans should watch this.

It's based on a true story back in 1960s where the apartheid regime the Robben Island. It portrait how these bunch of prisoners who was stucked in the Robben Island jail start the game of football from scratch. Simple by just a small incident, it triggers the idea of football and enthusiasm grows to a beautiful game, as we known it's called joga bonito.

Seriously it's a very inspiring show, from real life interview to real life show. From how they was inspired by the FIFA, and led them to inspired the rest with their story. Really, moral of the story was never give up one what u are passionate about. Hold firm on it.

Just got back from the sailing club's general meeting. It all went out pretty smooth. I must say it was an impressed one. New committee looks okay, still in their probation period, but i'm sure they gonna be okay. Hmm...maybe i should force them to watch More Than Just A Game to inspire-inspire them abit! LOL

So long for now.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ain't she is pretty?

In fact, this is it.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Online Gaming might save u.

Have been following the dragon boat capsized news lately. Poor boys and teacher who lost their life because they committed in such a sport. One of them was even there for the first time. Losing life like that can't blame on anyone, it's tragic. I have been seeing politicians trying to save face by blaming back the kids for not take safety precaution seriously. But it's accident and no one will predict that.

Those who knew that i have not been driving lately because my dad's car was knocked by a poor dude. For his case, no one knows that he will get into accident on the 3rd day upon receiving his new car. No one knows that he will lost his phone. No one knows that he will got lost and met into accident. Everything in front is just so grey that u can't see what will happen.

Well, that actually not the point. Back to the initial thought. I wanted to say that i saw an article regarding that case. One of the victim's dad actually blamed himself for not allowing the boy to play online games. If he did not nagged him to stop playing online games, he might not get out of the house and sign up for dragon boat race. But seriously, i know, u know, everyone know this is an unforeseen disaster. But it's quite sad to think that way. And it give me this thought that i made mistakes in the past too.

Those who know, my dad rarely allow me to drive his car. Well, at least it is better now. And i used to tell him that he cares about his own car more than me because that louyah Proton Saga can't go long distance. Now i realized i had done wrong. If i kept saying that to him and that already gone into his mind, one day, IF (*touch wood) i got into something bad outside, he most likely might blame himself which thats not what i hope to see. Well, my bad and i told myself not to do that again.

Alright, i realize i am running out of time, it's about time to go out. So long for now.

Remember ppl, think before u wanna say something.

Zhoi Kin

Sunday, January 17, 2010

No Comment

Rah rah ah ah ah, Roma Roma ah, Gaga ooh la la, I got no comment!

Yupe, i'm as nothing-better-to-say as Lady Gaga. It's all dried up.

Till i got back my AHA-moment!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things Happen in Such a Small World.

It's not the first time our country did this. It seems like everytime they gonna raise our country to a higher level, but somehow it just pull us back down. Need not say the past, just look at the example of the present.

1Malaysia was suppose to upraise the unity among our country, and it's all still at the early stage and might, i said might, turn out well. But i was not surprise, everything falls back to zero. Just look at all the local press, u don't even need to flip it to the next page and u already can tell what's wrong. It's so lame, there are much better things to be concern but yet they argue over one word. 1 Malaysia my ( , ) <- in English.

Well, i have much more important things to be concern.

Semester gonna start next week and i have yet to decide what subject i should take for my last honeymoon semester. Then i stumble upon this article and that seriously decrease my self-esteem. Ha. FYI, i'm turning 23 this year and only about to grad, but this dude...argh...this boy...this 10 years old boy is studying his degree in the same university as me! He is the world's cleverest 10 years old. Already started his degree in Singapore when he was 8 and i was still barely memorizing the times table at that age. Somehow i quite salute these kids, born talented.

Well, at least got something to brag about, Ha. World cleverest 10 years old studying in HELP, yea, my uni! LOL

This is a real AHA moment. While typing this, the name went very familiar in my mind. Then i only realized! His mom actually called me few days back to ask regarding the sailing club! And he actually emailed me regarding that! What a coincidence!

Such a small world. Indeed, everything can happen in such a small world.

So long for now. Have a fabulous weekend yo.

Horn signing off here!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sbohem Berger

Ha! First post of 2010 and it seems to be another goodbye.

Not to the 2009, but to my all time football idol.

A dude who was a former Czech Rep national hero. A dude who has the strongest left foot in the football world. A dude who kept himself a low prolific life who has his own unique way of life. A dude who once wore the number 15 in Liverpool and explains why my number was and is 15. A dude who impressed me on the first Liverpool game i watched. A dude that kills off Man Utd with his thunder bolt freekick. A dude that came on and assisted Owen to score the last minute winning goal that led Liverpool to lift the FA Cup. A dude who once scored a hattrick against another Premier League Big Four team, Chelsea. A dude who once ranked 79 among the 100 in 100 players who shook the Kop. A dude who recently named as the best left-side midfielder in the Liverpool's team of Noughties.

A dude who i always admire the way he plays. A dude who i always hope i have his powerful leg. A dude who is always in the Kops' heart.

This dude is Patrik Berger.

He retired yesterday, 6th of January due to long term injuries that he thinks its the better for himself to hang up his boots.

"You know, the greatest day in my football life was the day I signed for Liverpool. I couldn’t believe it. When I was young in Czechoslovakia, we didn’t see much European football, but my father’s friend went to England and he watched Liverpool. When he came back, he gave me the programme, the ticket and a scarf. I still have them all.

When I moved to Southport to live, my neighbour was Kenny Dalglish. Alan Hansen lived around the corner. I met them, they were normal guys, but they were my heroes. To me, it’s the best club in the world and when I am finished playing and I’m telling my children about it I will be proud to say that for seven years I was a Liverpool player."

- Patrik Berger, 2004 -

Well, i wish him all the best in his post-career life. You may remain one of the Kop hero, Paddy. YNWA!