Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Have to Search The Beauty!

Why didn't i know there is such place in KL?

i-City, Shah Alam, let's go!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Hobby

I think shower is my new found hobby.

It seems like it's never ending sweating!

Damn, i'm hot.

Friday, February 19, 2010

An Honest Answer From the Footballer

Journalist : What would you do if you're not a footballer?

Crouch : I will be a virgin.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tiger's Roar!

Roar!!!!! Happy Chinese New Year peeps!

May the roar of the tiger scare away all the bad luck and bring you and your family health, happiness and prosperities.




-Mike Horn-

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I just got home from class



Monday, February 8, 2010


Geez, i think i'm taking this semester for granted. Totally lost conscious of what is my priority at the moment. FYI, i just realized that i have an essay due this friday. And also only recently noticed that my mid terms are just around the corner, which will be the week after CNY break, shyt.

Anyway, other than that, everything seems good to me. Uni life still pretty good. BUT (Goh, 2009), those kiddos in uni are really pain in the ass, seriously! If hitting small boy is legal, i swear i will slap each of them real hard, let say a bitch slap, till they leave the computer lab and run home to their mama.

Seriously, with no offence, i always think that online games are damn childish, which explains why i never touch any of them at all. But these bunch of Soh toot~~~ really damn inconsiderate. How can u ppl use the uni lab for ur kiddy game? Get a life kiddo. Sorry to be harsh, but i think these kiddos are lack of breast milk when they are young, hence lack of brain development.

These ppl seriously gotta stop all these nonsense. I remembered while i was doing my thesis 1, i still able to get my space in the lab to do my work. But during my thesis 2, damn! Can't even spare some time in the lab to do my thesis. Not even one is available.

Seriously i f***ing hate these kids, i think all of them deserve a spank in their ass like how typical mom punish their child. Hence, i am coming up with 5 ways to treat these ppl, yea, i told u i can't balance my priorities.

  1. Go find the main connection of the internet, use that comp and stream video with PPStream. Then, sit back and enjoy the frustrating kiddos' expression instead of the video from PPStream.
  2. Find the peak hour of these kiddos' Happy Hour, off the electricity half way of their game. Make sure hire professional photographers to capture their OMG (Oh-My-Game) expression! Priceless! Send to TheStar for RM50. Each one on each day, and we can have beer tower till we drop.
  3. Post a huge, i mean real HUGE sign of 'Online game addicts, please come to KPD Block B for Counseling, HELP is always willing to help you poor kids.' I'm sure CBT could help these ppl out from hell. No wonder CBT therapist will be one of the top job of next decade.
  4. Con these kiddos by 'Buying' their account for real high price. But u know, i said CON. Sorry lah kiddo. Malaysia Boleh, apa-apa pun boleh.
  5. Mocking them by shouting 'kill! kill! kill!' when u are reading business news in any press site. I'm sure instead of them annoying u, they will be annoyed by ur syiok sendiriness. But u gotta have a real thick skin for this tho.
Yea, when i really hates something, i can be very evil. *devils* rawr.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Angels Cry

What a piece by Mariah & Ne-Yo. Awesome!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally Avatar

Finally watched Avatar today. It was pretty cool, though i thought it would be even cooler if it's in 3D. The Na'vi's World is so beautiful.

Apart from that, even before watching the show, been hearing comments bout the value of the show. Some say it portraits how others organisms sees humans. Some say it portraits the human ruining the global environment.

But for me, i see the other side of it. I see that people tend to attract to those who trusted them instead. For instance, Jake was at the anthropologist's side initially where he was trusted to be The Man to convince the Na'vis to leave the Hometree. But when he entered the avatar body, and was trained to be one of the Na'vis, he slowly acknowledge who are the real ones who trusted him. And since then, he turn his back over the anthropologists and befriended the Na'vis.

But come to think of it, it's pretty true ain't it? People likes those who trusted them. You like a certain friend more because u feel that u are being trusted and that certain friend can be trusted. Couples get into relationship because you feel secure under the arm of your partner, because he or she trusted you, or in fact, you both trusted each other. Some might feel hard to trust others, some might e learning how to trust, some might totally lost trust in this world, some might be trust others too easily, but no matter what, i think TRUST is the word that should always kept in not only our mind but our heart as well.

Trust' em.

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Than Just Sports

Aiyayaya. This sports world is getting sooooooo exciting outside the field!

It all started with this lad. (Of course i'm sure there are more before him, but he is one of the famous ones.)

Becks' infidelity behind Victoria and hooked with Rebecca Loos (She is half/born in Malaysia) instead.

Then, we have Ashley Cole....known as the Judas to the Arsenal fans.

Guess who's that chick! She is Ashley's wife, Cheryl Cole! Yupe! Girls Aloud's singer, X Factor's judge, and of course the girl who sang "Fight for This Love". Ain't she is a hottie?


Our little Ashley prefers Aimee the hairdresser instead.

Since then, links been popping up just like Becks. But if i not mistaken, it all started with him hooked with an aunty. Yea, i'm quite sure bout that.

Then, our very recent, Tiger Woods caught red handed. He can be as wild outside as he can be in the course. Putting things into the hole is what he does the best. Ok, that sounds very wrong. But this dude, hook with pornstars??damn.

The tiger suppose to be bitten more than these 7 kitties. 14? around there. it is still ongoing tho.

And now, the even more interesting case! Oh my oh my.

John the backbone Terry!!! Sigh.... Captain of Chelsea FC and also captain of the england team...cheated over his best friend, Wayne Bridge's girlfriend!!!

Wait, i suppose to say....our England skipper got his ex-teammate's girlfriend pregnant!!! And told Wayne's girlfriend to get into abortion? Damn disgrace Terry, plz stripped off your captain armband and hand it to Stevie G. If i'm Capello, i'm sure u won't make it to South Africa this Summer (South Africa World Cup 2010) because i ain't Sven Goran Erikson!

Gossips! Damn interesting!!! More interesting than celebrity's gossips!!!! Transfer Gossips are interesting at times, but these gossips definitely spice up the sports circle.

Behave ppl!