Tuesday, March 30, 2010


And here is a bonus stress buster widget to share with u all.

Monday, March 29, 2010


His armband proved he was a red
Torres Torres
you'll never walk alone it said
Torres Torres

We bought the lad from sunny spain
He gets the ball and scores again
Fernando torres
Liverpools number nine!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I love sports.

I want to try all sort of sports, not to be pro in it but at least to experience most of the sports. Of course if can be pro then it's a bonus.

Something adventurous always attract me. But one sports that i always would want to try or as i told myself i have to try this before i die is surfing. Of course diving is also part of my to-do-list before heaven's gate open up for me.

Albeit i admit that balancing ain't my best ability, but it's pretty cool to glide with the waves, especially strong high waves. Also, apart from the risk of being an easy target to the sharks, you can't imagine how gorgeous it is to surf with dolphins racing with you, just as it was seen in The Cove.....*whisper* also, you get the chance to see all the hot hoochi mama in bikini!

The only few spot to surf in Malaysia probably limited to Cherating, Sabah and the fake waves in Sunway Lagoon. But ideally speaking would be Cherating. I personally think the price is quite reasonable. They have packages for rookies inclusive accommodation too, check out from cheratingpoint.com. Good stuff. Let me set my goal, i'll try it within my next 5 years!

Pretty cool ain't it?

Next up, definitely diving. A diving license in near future. Then Sipadan and Mabul Island here i come!

As for now, totally looking forward to weekend sailing! Hope it all started well!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh Please Patrick

Patrick oh Patrick.

If you had yet have a clue why Patrick, because yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and i think it's just okay only.

So i manage to persuade a friend to go with me and to explore what is all about St. Patrick's Day. Well, basically, from what my observation, it's just another party. It's just another carnival in the garden. A carnival with the Irish theme where green is the colour. Of course black came into the mixture due to Guiness. Also, it's a carnival where u enjoy irish delicacy especially Guiness drought. Oh yea, not to forgot people dressing like a leprechaun. So there are live band, gigs, bazaar, games, people and people and people.

We missed the firework because we were in the mall having dinner but it SOUNDED quite cool. LOL. After dinner, went out to where the celebration was and walk around, bumped into a couple of friends and that's it. The crowd wasn't as what i expected, the theme also wasn't much what i expected too, not alot of ppl dressed up in green, which made me feel odd coz i had my green t-shirt and my green slippers on! So basically walk around for a while, watched abit of the gigs, check out the bazaar and that's it.....damn, Patrick u seriously need to bring in more chics!

We decided to leave and went to catch a movie. And damn, it's St. Patrick's Day, green is the lucky colour! Wanted to watch Green Zone but could not get any tickets! Haha. And we end our day by doing something stupid which is to watch a horror movie in the midnight. woots! Haunted in the Connecticut which is based on a true story. Go imdb yourself.

So that's what my first experience of St. Patrick's Day!

Oh yeah, before i call it off, i need to pass u all this msg where i read it in an article. If you ever came across any email telling you that your facebook password has been reset and need you to download an attachment to obtain a new login credential, PLEASE DO NOT EVEN BOTHER DOWNLOAD IT. I REPEAT, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. It's a malicious software where it will hack into your computer and steal all the passwords from your computer, which means if you have the habit of doing transactions through online, it's where they steal your money. SO PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT.

So long for now.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wokay, it's a comma means a comma, That's it.

I shall enjoy the remaining uni life.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day! Let's go!

Lets go green ppl! And drink like you are a leprecorn!

Type: Party - Night of Mayhem
Start Time: Friday, March 19, 2010 at 6:00pm
End Time: Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 12:00am
Location: 1 Utama, PJ

See u guys there!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Lucky 9 of The Week

Now now, haven't been blogging since a week ago. Not for the record but i guess things pop in and flush out in my mind, can't seems to bother to put hold on things and write it down.

But oh well, since it's a slow Sunday, i'll try to recall back things in my mind and keep it right here. Hence, simple point form would be lovely.

  1. This semester has and is still a honeymoon sem for me where i seems to be taking it for granted. Plenty of time for the remaining months. But one thing i found out throughout the half semester that i had gone through was the quality time i spent with my mom. Seriously, i realized that i spent more time with my mom as compare to last time when i was busy. Well, i must say that probably it's a convenient sampling for her where one of my sister is in Singapore working while the other spent most of her time doing her model in uni (which there are possible that i would not see her for the whole freaking day). But well, it's good to have some quality time with her especially getting to know more things that i don't know before. Also, when i start working, this kinda time can foreseen will be reduce.
  2. I think it's kinda waste that i did not do minor in Business. Somehow i believe it would be an extra advantage for you to climb higher when u are going to work, especially in the cooperate field. However, i'm not regretting it, just thought it could be an advantage, and i will fight my way till the top. Sir Mike Sdn Bhd on the way, woot.
  3. Geez, people have been saying i put off weight but it's not at all. Either something wrong with the eyes of those who said that or i'm being anorexic? I don't feel 'put off weight' at all, gosh.
  4. Since the step towards the working force ain't that far from now, career seems to be my priority at the moment. But before that, how do i find a perfect career? You don't change a job if you found the perfect career, thats what they said. But i don't think i wanna stick on working for one company at the moment. I mean, i'm still young, if given opportunities, of course i want a higher challenge. Of course it would be better if given a chance to work abroad, although i'm already planning to look into Singapore. But i wouldn't mind if some company from Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, China or any country that english spoken and appreciate english which offer a reasonable deal to me.
  5. I realized something throughout the CNY. After been visiting here and there, i realized that the old folks around me are getting really old and weak too, especially my own grandfather. Facing him everyday, noticing he is getting weak and weaker. Conversation that we had is getting lesser, and he is slowly erasing my presence in his mind. He just can't seems to remember who am i at times. Also, he has been losing alot of weight too, which don't think it's a good sign. He just has all the Alzheimer symptoms, it seems to be lah. It's quite saddening actually.
  6. Two and a Half Men seriously rock big time! I'm addicted to it. I worship Chuck Lorre.
  7. List no.5 leads to no.6 where i'm loving my new external HDD. Movies movies movies...Muahahaha.
  8. I need to go diet. How leh?
  9. To join the team or not leh?
So long and have a good week ahead. =)