Friday, May 28, 2010

El Galaticos

Wow wow. The next big thing is coming in 2 weeks time. June 11 is the date! Lets all go waka waka on South Africa.

Despite the excitement, there are more to come after that! Read today's paper and it seems that The Galaticos, aka Real Madrid is coming to town this coming August to play against our Harimau Muda. Woots! It's time to save up money for this (hmmm...tho saving money is not a good idea since i have no income at the moment). Also, although i'm a Barca fan, but how to resist to see an all star team in the town?

We are saying that we will be seeing these players! these players:

World Best Goalkeeper, Iker Casillas

Once a hero of Istanbul, Jerzy Dudek

A defender that would remain in my Dream team, Sergio Ramos

The most unwanted sold-out of Liverpool and it still hurts me alot, Xabi Alonso

The unsung hero that might or might not be coming, Guti

Dutch playmaker that share the similiar situation as Guti, Rafael van der Vaart

A player which i love him inside out! Kaka

The most arrogant player which no doubt one of the best, Cristiano Ronaldo. Don't u love his kangkang?

French most promising star that shocked the nation that he won't be travel to S.Africa, Karim Benzema.

Legend - Raul

But most important is this lad. The Special One, Jose Mourinho. A manager with full of confidence and charisma. A winner & a sore loser.

So who's in?!?!?!?!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thomas & Uber Lost Their Way to Msia.

Okay, everyone know that our Malaysia badminton team did not perform up to par in the Thomas Cup. Got a point after Nigeria pulled out, then lost to Japan and struggled on the victory over Denmark. Worst thing was being humiliated by the Chinese players, they totally overshadowed us.

But oh well, we must admit with such a performance, there is no chance we could beat the defending champions. So, we or rather i accept that lost. But the pissing me off is the attitude of Lin Dan. No doubt he is good and the only challenge for our dearly Dato. But can't he be any humble? No offense to all his fans, but really dislike his attitude.

First, he knows that our Dato is under pressure, so he took advantage over it, you can see through the way he played. Okay, understandable, thats sports, always take advantage on your opponent's weakness. Then, he took off his shirt after the victory. Alright, that's his own problem. But after i read it through the papers, he said he took off his shirt just to check if he is still as muscular compare to 2 years ago. WTF?!?! vain bastard. Lastly, he celebrated with a break dance. So you think u're Peter Crouch now?

Cmon, you are no where close to 'yeng-ness' with that. Okay, u beat world no.1, credits all goes to u, but with that celebration? go toot yourself. Why not do a handstand?

Cmon, brush up your own attitude if u ever wanna overtake our World No.1. If you think u deserve to overtake our Dato, show it with a good attitude. Now you are just making yourself with piles of pressure.

Same goes to the Malaysia badminton team, please improve yourself for the upcoming events. No doubt you guys are good, everyone know that. Consistency is all u guys need. I hope we can all shout 'Malaysia Boleh' with our heart out loud.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodbye Bid.

Okay, i think i am bored with writing a or 2 sentences and press the 'backspace' all the way.

Two friends or rather two close friends gonna leave this week.

One gonna be far but only a month or two. Another is not that far but for good., enjoy your trip and another, all the best to your future., rmb souvenirs and another, rmb my meal ;)

But most importantly, have a safe journey! Take care my buddies.

The twin from different placenta.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


woohoo. I Love Taimei

But yea, Taimei is some good stuff. There are various of packages offered. You can order their so called Jolin Tsai. Also, you can ask for their 'Small S'. There are hot ones and also sweet ones, it's all depends on your preference. And these packages are quite reasonable!

Guys, u just can't resist right!

Put aside all your Superego and ego. I'm sure everyone need to fulfill their basic needs. I'm sure Tai Mei can satisfy your need.

They can't have too many customers at a time due to limited resource but customers can bring them home. How convenient it is!

Yea, tho it can be quite dodgy. But once a lifetime, u need to hold on your guts and break the norm. You never try, you never know. Hantam only. Don't bother the others. After all, all the fun is on you, but not others.

Make sure u see this sign, then u go in. That is the sign that tell u where is all the good stuff in the street.


I Love Taimei serves the best oh lua mee sua (Oyster Mee Sua) in the Bugis Street of Singapore. Tho it's not a huge restaurant, the shop is just so standout in the dodgy street of Bugis. It might look suspicious, but damn, the mee sua is some good stuff. Eating with 2 sticks of satay sticks and a paper bowl, its just so creative of this Taiwanese owner. Should give a try if you're in Singapore. Good stuff.

They even come with packages with a reasonable price. And they named these packages according to taiwanese celebrities, pretty cool huh? They also serve with appetizer such as fried tofu with chilli powder on top, and also fried pumpkin which is sweet. But the only drawback is that there are limited tables because it's located beside the street, so you can choose to tapao the food.

I personally love the oh lua mee sua, perhaps you can try and speak for yourself.

MMMMmmmmmm.....I Love Taimei! 我爱台妹!