Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Fockers are back!!!!!!!

The Fockers are back!!!!!!!

Gay Focker! LMAO!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Waka Waka 2010

World Cup 2010 has started for a week, to be honest, it doesn't much amazed me. Apart from the time spending with friends for the games, i don't think this World Cup is entertaining, at least yet it is.

I barely got excited with any games other than Germany's game, which is a team that i very much hope that they will never succeed. Spain, the favorite, did not perform to their standard, letting a shocking opening game lost. Brazil, Holland, Argentina do not look convincing to give the World Cup a show. Underdogs parked their bus in front of the goal. Yupe, it's not entertaining. C'mon, entertain us!

Also, i thought the Vuvuzela could be a bonus to the World Cup and bring in some atmosphere. But it turned out quite annoying and controversial too. Apparently players and officials complaint that the Vuvuzelas are causing too much noise which made them deaf. News also report that the Vuvuzelas could cause one to suffer from ear impairment with it's 130 decibel volume. Don't know how it sounds like? u find out urself here. But i suggest if u're on earphones, remove it before u play it.

Download "vuvuzela" at

The World Cup better start their show, at least it's not too late. I don't wanna waste my chance of watching the World Cup without any pressures.

*pretending to blow the vuvuzela*


Sunday, June 6, 2010


As like most of my blogger friends, it seems that inspiration to blog seems to be drying up. Sometimes some random thought popped up and thought it's worthwhile blog about it, but then when i clicked on this site, the thought seems to be faded away. Even i tried to write, but somehow pressing the backspace button is more frequent than other keyboards.

Plans seems to be always change when days go by. Just like above, plan doesn't go how i wanted. But that statement doesn't only referring to me, but generally people around me. Maybe i am just too free and realized so many changes that exist.

Changes in plans such as those who initially planned to further studies and end up putting it on hold. Friends who planned to work and end up planning to pursue their advance studies. Friends who planned to work in overseas but end up working in local, not because unable to start a career there but just change of plans. Friends who never seems to step out from this region, planning to go abroad. Friends who has been so firm of heading towards a particular career end up going towards other direction. Friends who wanted to further their studies, but dropped out half way. Friends who dropped out, changed of mind and get back the strength to study. Just too much changes going through.

I remember during one of the class presentation, a friend came up or rather invented his own quote, Plan can't catch up with changes. Something between the line. But what he explained was referring to plans always change as time goes by. I won't fully agree with it because i still believe if one who knows how to plan, somehow they still can stick to it eventually. But also, there are always unforeseen circumstances. But one who knows how to plan nicely, think of short term and long term, even these circumstances are taken into considerations, i believe that they can stand strong with their stance.

As for me, i'm still yet to master that skill. I need to plan well on my path. But how so? Feel free to share ur two cents.

*ting* google. =P