Friday, July 23, 2010


It's funny to see how stupid people still can survive in this world.

Darwin, ur theory failed!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

HONEY, are u WELL?

Well, as i had mentioned previously that i already starting my working life. But it was just a brief one and yet to have the chance to tell what am i doing. Basically, i'm working with a company called Honeywell if u ever heard of it.

Nope, not what it is in your mind right now. It is not a company that produce honey. We don't crack up bee hives and collect honey and sell it. Okay, this will explain what does me and the company do:

Whenever if u travel through flight, first thing comes into your mind is ur destination and the plane. But have u thought of looking around while u were seated in the plane? like what makes this vehicle fly, why would the plane's material is so solid till it can handle the high pressure up the sky? Well, basically if u ever seated on the plane, anytime it could be deal with Honeywell.

Honeywell do produce aeronomic parts, like engine, the materials and the fan. All small things that they do made up of the whole part of the plane.

Even if it's the engine, it also comprise of all small items that made up of a workable engine. All these parts could be done by them. Yea, so that's what the company does.

As for my position, i'll make sure the company got the right person. The right person to produce it and the right person to setup it and of course many other function.

And of course, applying gender equality. ;)

Apart from aviation, the company also plays a huge role in our very proud twin tower. Two things that impress you on the twin tower would probably the height and the lightings at night.

The company does help to setup the lightings of the twin tower in 48 hours (if i not mistaken). But i'm very sure that it took an average of 20 minutes per floor for setting up the lights.

Of course, apart from the lights, it comes with the switch and wiring of the building. The switch and sensors of the office has to do with where i'm currently working for the next 2 months which is MK Electrics. MK is a sub division of Honeywell.

And as for my job? i gotta make sure the right person is hired to do all these functions. From creating the lights and swtiches to setting up the wiring system and lighting. It's very much of talent management whereby u screen, train and maintain.

So, for the past first week of me working there was rather easy at the mean time. My job is very much on scouting talents from job portals. Reading resumes and making phone calls.

So that's very much on my first week. And it could be what i'm gonna do for the first 2 months, it could change after that. So i shall see how it goes. But overall, i'm good in working life apart from the darn jams. LOL

Good Day peeps.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Last Day.

Damn, time flies. It's already 11th day of July, which means 2 months since i completed my course. Although in my mind i still believe that i just completed last month. LOL. And FYI, it's already coming to the end of World Cup 2010, the countdown widget at the side already starting to countdown for Brazil World Cup 2014.

Alright, wasn't given much chance to tell all my friends about this, but some might already know by now. I will be starting work tmr. And i rmb someone asked me about this before but i just couldn't recall who, he/she asked me if i'm waiting for the World Cup to finish only want to start work. In fact, it did happen! Anyhow, tmr it's like a new life. At least i felt freshie, i don't even know what am i suppose to bring or do for tmr, just like those students back then. Of course, also a new life in the sense that there will be no more World Cup and back to normal life. And that explains on the title of this post. The last day of World Cup and also the last day of life being unemployed.

Lets rep it up with the World Cup then. I would say this World Cup was rather boring at the beginning. Upsets over upsets and again. Nothing special. Until they figured out the major highlight of the tournament, Paul the psychic Octopus. It made a huge fuss over the World Cup, causing many admirers and also haters too. Paul really outshined the big teams of the tournament and what more about the vuvuzellas which sounded like tons of bees flying in the stadium. Thats the specialty of this World Cup. But of course there are interesting games played, particularly by Germany and Uruguay. Given their full effort and fought for their pride. Hence, the 3rd placing game was rather on fighting for pride instead of the medal.

But i'm rooting for Spain, they are playing beautiful game as some say Joga Bonito. And thats why i go for Paul instead of Mani or Pauline. Yeah, Viva Espana.

As for now, i shall go sleep and wake up later for the game. Zombie in action on his first day!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

As i expected. Highlight of the day wasn't really Spain beaten Germany to book a spot in World Cup final. But it was Paul the Psychic Octopus!

I calculated those who updated their facebook status since the game and the number of ppl talking about Paul is:


And while i was shopping in 1U today, i saw a girl, one girl, sitting alone and eating fried calamari alone and it's one and only dish! I suspect there must be something to do with Paul.

But damn! Only if i open a Japanese restaurant. I confirm i'll earn big bucks by implementing a Tako promotion. Untung giler!

(_______) McCartney

Confirm highlight of the day is Paul the psychic Octopus. And we all love Paul!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010