Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wake me up, when September ends.


now i'm all awake for Octoberfest


Monday, September 27, 2010

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Damn, pray for me.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Misson 1 completed. Woohoo.

As FYI, i have finally reallocated back to my PJ office. I'm glad about it.

Not to say i dislike Shah Alam. Thr's pros and the cons. To be honest, after 2 months of exposure over there, i actually kinda like the ppl over there. Despite there are some who are pain in the arse, but i believe every company, big or small, there will be one or two. But i would say the ppl over there really took good care on me. Appreciate that.

I do not know if it's a sincere one or a two-face situation. Sometimes i felt that i was just being treated as someone out of the company. I see ppl got 'lessons' from others, but as far as i was there, my relationship with them was quite decent. Perhaps i was just trying hard not to involved in any politics. But once again, like i said, there are good and bad.

Also, avoiding the heavy traffic throughout the journey from home to office is always what i hope for since the day i start work. I'm glad that those crazy journeys are done for now. However, i'm really grateful with all the experiences i gained over there. In fact, i don't even have the time to show my appreciation to them where it was a very last minute decision. For the past whole week, my manager kept asking me 'so....Mike, will you be here or UOP tmr?', even till my last day.

As for now, i'm looking forward for the new environment. It's a whole different challenge i would say. At least the office is somewhere i fancy to work for, compare to a manufacturing site. However, i believe it is a challenge on the working environment or style over here (PJ). On my first day in PJ, i could feel the pace is tuning up. That made me felt that what i had experience in Shah Alam was just a small glimpse of the whole exposure, i would say a warm up or a kickstart. Also, i could foresee a huge patience test is there for me to handle over here. Challenge is the word i would use again.

If you notice the amount of 'challenge' i used, oh well, THAT'S LIFE.

Anyway guys, it's been a while. Good day aite.

mind the language, but love the music, cmon, nod with me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guess i don't have to try the original version.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's sickening. It's really sickening to see what's going on in my own country.

It was suppose to promote 1Malaysia but the goal seems to be demolishing. You attack me, me attack him, him attack them, them attack you. I'm referring to the recent racial issue in Malaysia. Everyone knows that it's not just a recent issue and all these while it does occur, and it has been kept in a time bomb.

I sure don't hope the 512 incident will go dejavu. To be frank, it's frustrated how it started, also it's ashamed how it was reacted. Also, with the recent outbreak with Indonesia, it's definitely a huge fall back to our country when one is not even united. We can't even respect our own fellow Malaysians, how would we expect others to respect our country?

Think ppl.