Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disappointed but still hoping

A week to buckle up. Not me but our athletes in China now.

I think we are not going a good job yet in the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010. A week to go and our gold tally is still 3. If we can get be ranked 7 with 12 gold tally in the Commonwealth Games 2010 and 4th in SEA Games 2009 with 40 gold tally, i believed our national athletes could achieve a higher standard than 3 golds in Asian Games 2010.

But it seems that not much hopes left for us other than our squash team, our badminton doubles and our takraw team. So, potentially speaking, the max we could go couldn't even achieve 10 gold medal tally. Definitely below our expectation.

Oh well, just hope our remaining athletes could raise up their performance and prove us that they did their best. But i really hope for more consistency from our national athletes' performance. Remember back in Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games 1998, we only expected to reach 10 goals tally. Our national athletes did that with 10 golds and finished 4th, not to mentioned that we were rewarded for a public holiday.

I could see our national sports are picking up, slowly. Last time we used to put hope in only badminton and probably hockey. Now we have a very strong squash team, our cyclists are showing a promising sign, badminton team is still there, just some lack of consistency, our wushu raised their spirit, i believe bowling still somewhere up there.

So hopefully we all could step up and raise the performance. All upcoming athletes and already one, i pledge you all to follow the footstep of one national athletes. Nicol David. She really should be a person for everyone to find inspiration. Her hard work, her determination, her calmness, her humbleness, her consistency, her whole package is what we need. Only if all the athletes maintain a spirit and attitude of Nicol, i don't see any reason why our national sports standard couldn't raise rapidly. She deserves to be rewarded with the DATOship, not like some Bollywood start who dance his way in other country but given the Dato title.

I better stop from here, because if i really gonna continue to talk about our national sports, i think i can write a book about it. Ok, i'm off to watch our Takraw team fighting Thailand.

Hasta la vista, tienen un buen dia.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


There goes another week. I don't remember the time pace is as fast as this.

That made me realize that thou shall not waste time. Well, we do actually realize that but sometimes we just don't do it. I do admit that i do waste time knowing that time is precious.

Therefore, i want my weekends not to be wasted and try to do as much as i can, except work.

So, it was a trip to our KL town since dunno how many B.C years. I was impressed that the how much it changes since the last i actually walk around there. But it was nice to once explore our own culture despite the crowd and the dirts, it certainly a old school experience. One more thing, i realized that there is a graffiti wall beside the river along Masjid Jamid, too bad i only realized it when the LRT moves. But very creative of the graffiti artist who did this. It certainly made our town a colourful town, a happy place to go.

Unstoppable is gooooooood.

Like i said earlier, thou shall not waste time. I shall go for football now despite the rain outside. Hattrick here i come! rawr!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some say when one passed away, their soul is still with us.

Believe it or not?

Live long Bob Marley!