Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Day

Don't really know how to start this, but lets just see....

I haven't really watch the movie of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but kinda know what is it about. But i definitely experience the filmstrip of a real curious case.

He used to be the powerhouse of the family. Growing up seeing him working hard just to feed his loved ones. Yet he never ask for much but the word 'Union'. He's always in his strict expression, very rare we could see a smile on his face, but when it does, it proves that he is very happy that even his poker face can't hide it.

Then, he has became aging and was advised to retire. Getting all the 'old man disease', day by day, seeing his health deterring. From one hip bone problem to two, and from kidney to heart. From walking stick to walking stand to wheelchair. But yet his will was so strong to keep on going.

The reason why i compare his to Benjamin Button's curious case is because of his lifespan. Having to watch him in his middle age when i first born and slowly aging to his old age; and from old age onwards, watching his development inverted. From being a wise old man, he transit back to his adult like behavior, being very active inside. His energy level still very strong despite his physical deterioration. Then he turns into a child, being very vulnerable. Likewise a kid, he need someone to guide him what to do or when he should do. Until the very last few months, he starting to act like a baby. He seems to lost his knowledge on all the basic movements, he don't seems to know how to walk, he don't eat, his speech was babbling like a baby. Seeing an old man from outside but a baby from inside, my heart really felt sour.

One thing that is most regretful is that we couldn't have a really good communication. Our conversations are always like a conversation between a cow and a horse. What you want to say, i could understand, but what i wanted to tell you, you couldn't comprehend. The most important is that i couldn't able to say 'Thank you' to you.

But anyway, i'm sure he is in a better place without any sufferings now. Your good memories and laughters will always remain in our heart. Thank you for everything. Ye Ye, may you rest in peace.


On another note. Happy New Year to all. There goes another year and let's all leave all the negatives with 2010 and run with the positive momentum into a brand new 2011. Let us rock 2011!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The season is here!

Woohoo, holiday starts NOW! And it's gonna be a Christmas in the beach

Anyway, wishing everyone Merry Christmas. Let it be white Christmas, red Santa, Green Christmas Tree or the Silver bells, but may the warmth of this joyous season fill your heart with peace and happiness. God bless you.

Ho! Ho!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

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