Sunday, April 22, 2012

Call on me, I'll be there for you and you be there for me.
Forever it's you, forever in me, ever the same

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What on Earth...

The world has changed! People are going crazy and seems like the world is self destructing even without the comet hitting us.

My mom's handbag got stolen today. It seems to be a common case here, but i can't believe this happened in the temple. This happened while she was doing her prayers routine. She left her bag beside her left leg and start to pray with her eyes closed. While praying, she couldn't find the inner peace and felt something wrong which lead her to open her eyes and look for her bag. The next thing she noticed it's gone and saw a guy suspiciously left the temple with both of his arms clutch together. She was into her shock and did not chase after that fella. I was at the other end, and was too late for me to chase him when i found out what happened.

I curse that bastard whole life only have that small little amount of money that was stolen from my mom to use, doubt he will last for a year.

See, i try to look into a more positive way whereby i think that guy is in serious desperation. So let it be a donation for him. But i think that it's disgrace that one did not even put God into consideration, and commit a crime in front of God. Went to speak to the sergeant, she also said that nowadays alot of people has no God, the evil has took them away. This is sickening.

Guys, please stay alert out there. Not to scare you guys, but like what Murphy's law said, 'anything that can go wrong will go wrong'.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A brand new week, a brand new dream.

Hope all is well for everyone!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Life of Ours

Woke up early today, not a very common case in my current lifestyle, and somehow feels like jotting down something here. So here I am.

I really starting to miss my uni times, really. Despite all the rough nights of assignments and revisions, I actually think it's still fun. Hanging out after class, random dinner plans, random movie plans, futsal in between classes, futsal after classes, futsal tournaments, skip class if you don't feel like going it, skip class if you can't find a parking, group study end up chatting most of the time, organizing outings, events, trips and the fun list goes on. Life without much responsibility is so much better.

But oh well, people are like that. When we were back in the uni period, we said the same too whereby we miss secondary school life. So what does this actually tells? The younger we are, the more happy we are? Think about it through chronologically, and it seems like it. I have recently attended one talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from India and I remember he said something which caught me thinking for a while. He said that when we are a baby, we tend to be 100% happy, but when we grow on to elder children, our happiness tend to drop to 80%, and 70% when we were adolescent, and 50% when we are an adult, and this will goes on. Its so true that the older you are, the more you think, the more it makes you less happy.

Also, i have seen news in the papers recently that there are so many old folks are going through depression. Suicidal over another suicidal. All are very similar where they think that they are a burden to their younger generation and choose to let go their life and take away the burden from their child's shoulder. There's a case where a grandma killed her sick husband and tried to commit suicide but failed and now she is sentenced to death penalty at her 70ish, such a waste. Another ex-headmaster grandpa, wrote a suicidal note wishing his child to be happy and took away his life. You can see that how deep is their sadness deep down their heart.

Oh well, such is life. We all should just learn to live. Learn to live a better life.

Btw, i swear i did not think of blogging about this topic. The idea just came while i was typing. I have no idea what leads me here.

Friday, April 6, 2012


This is fucking hurt. I rather know the truth earlier than it's been hiding there. But anyhow, life moves on and good luck to you.

Only if something that i could have done, but it doesn't really matter anymore.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Soul Surfer

“Life is a lot like surfing. When you get caught in that impact zone, you need to get right back up because you never know what’s over the next wave.”

- Soul Surfer -